There are essentially three principal ways the birth control pill prevents the sperm from fertilizing the egg:

1) Suppresson of Ovulation - the pill’s hormones attempt to prevent the ovum from being released from the ovary each month. 

2) Cervical Mucus Change- the cervical mucus of a woman’s body becomes thicker and more difficult for the sperm to reach the ovum.

3) Thinning of the Endometrium- the pill weakens the lining of the womb and thins it, preventing the fertilized egg from attaching (implantation).

Women have 28-day cycles and thus have 13 cycles/year (365/28 = 13.3).

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute 10,410,000 U.S. women are current pill users, a figure that constitutes 26.9% of all those using some method of contraception.

Dr. Don Gambrell notes that there is a 14% breakthrough ovulation rate in females taking the 50 microgram pills (10,410,000 x .14 = 1,457,400 ovulations each cycle). (1)

1,457,400 x 13 cycles/year = 18,946,200 possible exposures to pregnancy each year.

Since the normal fecundity rate (chance of pregnancy without using contraceptives) for the average couple is 20%, and if we were to suppose that the cervical mucus change cut down the sperm reaching the ovum by 50% (a very generous allowance), that means that there would be 20% x 50% x 18,946,200= 1,894,620 fertilized ovums that would have otherwise implanted in the walls of the uterus.

Of this number, the accepted rate for “pill pregnancies” is 3-5 per 100 women years i.e 3%-5%. (2)

This means that 95-97% of these unborn babies were prevented from implanting in the lining of the womb because of the oral contraceptive’s thinning of the endometrium (#3 above).

In other words, approximately 1,800,000 (95% x 1,894,620) babies die every year through the use of oral contraceptives in the U.S. alone.

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there were 854,122 legally induced abortions in the US in 2003.

Therefore the ratio between BCP abortion vs. conventional abortions is 2.2 : 1. 

This means that for every  ONE woman aborting through conventional means, more than TWO women are aborting through the use of oral contraceptives.



(1) When women missed only two tablets during their cycle, escape ovulation was indicated in 14% of women during the first cycle and in 36% of the same woman during the fourth cycle. The omission of two tablets, either intentionally (as in this study), or accidentally (as in real life) indicates the precarious hold that the pill has on ovulation. (Source).  This 14% break-through ovulation rate is consistent with the 3-5% failure rate model adopted in this analysis (see footnote 2 below).

Rough Calculation: 1 missed pill / 30 days x 80% non-fecundity rate = 2.64%  failure rate; 2 missed pills / 30 days x 80% non-fecundity rate = 5.34% failure rate. 

(2) The U.S. FDA cites oral contraceptives failing 1-2% of the time without human errorWith human error, the rates climb anywhere from 3% – 13%.


Response to Joel Goodnough MD, “Redux: Is the oral contraceptive pill an abortifacient?” (Must Read Smackdown)

Excerpt in appendix to article:

Gregory Pincus was the steroid guru of his day and was internationally acclaimed. I reviewed only 4 boxes (#’s 93,107,142, and 145), but the contents were most revealing. With regard to the issue of the abortifacient nature of the BCP, the following correspondence is enlightening. It is a letter from Albert Segaloff, M.D., dated September 4. 1964. He must have been an editor for Steroids, an international journal. He writes: “Dear Goody, I am enclosing your manuscript on `Further Studies on Implantation Inhibitors: I want to thank you for submitting this most fascinating paper on a very interesting series of compounds to Steroids.” The opening paragraph of this paper co-authored by Upendra K. Banik and J. Jacques of the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology and the College de France reads: “Twenty-three compounds injected on day I or days I through 3 of pregnancy in rats have been tested as possible inhibitors of implantation. Among them eight have proven active at total doses of 1.5 mg per rat or less. Administration of some of the active compounds by gavage has also led to implantation inhibition. The group of compounds found to be active were also the most potent in uterotrophic assay in immature mice. Among them a highly active compound, A-nor-androstane-2a, 17a-diethyny-2b, 17b-diol (V) has been examined in detail. It appears to act primarily by causing expulsion from Fallopian tubes and uterus of the free, pre-implantation ova (sic), and was ineffective in the usual sterilizing dose in terminating implanted embryos.” In 1965 in the World Health Organization Technical Report Series No. 303 appeared an article titled “Mechanism Of Action Of Sex Hormones And Analogous Substances: Report of a WHO Scientific Group.” On page 17, paragraph 5.1 reads: “Both the steroid hormones and the synthetic analogues, when used during long periods, have effects on the reproductive tract that need evaluation. In the normal female, endogenous hormones are secreted cyclicly (sic), involving the interrelated rise and fall of oestrogen and gestogen; this seems to be a protective mechanism of considerable significance. If there is continuous exposure to even low doses of oestrogens, either endogenous or exogenous, pathological effects are produced, the endometrium becoming hyperplastic. On the other hand, if progestogens and gestogens are given continuously at even low levels, amenorrhea and sterility result, with regression of the endometrium to a thin layer having scant if any secretory activity.” This finding has been known for a long time.  In Dr. Pincus’ files was a paper by Professor L. T. Samuels, a temporary member of the WHO Scientific Group. On page 5 of his paper we note: “Excess oestrogens can interfere with either fertilization, blastocyst formation, or implantation, depending on the time after ovulation when the high level occurs.” And later on the same page he adds: “The retention and rate of development of the blastocyst in utero has long been known to be progesterone-dependent. Oestrogens inhibit the blastocyst stimulating effect of progesterone. It is, of course, well known that excess oestrogens prevent implantation, just as they prevent gestogen-induced deciduorna formation in experimental animals.” I found several other references verifying these findings, but sufficient to clinch the long-known fact of the abortifacient nature of sex steroids under certain circumstances is another letter from Victor A. Drill, M.D., Director of Biological Research for G.D. Searle & Co. It is dated July 14. 1954 and addressed to Dr. Pincus. On page 2, one finds this paragraph: “We will not send any compounds for anti-ovulatory or anti-implantation tests this month. If you need any for the following month, this, of course, will be indicated on your list of requested numbers of compounds.”6

The Birth Control Pill: Abortifacient and Contraceptive.  See endorsers below. 

Marie A. Anderson, M.D., FACOG
Tepeyac Family Center
Fairfax VA 22033

Paddy Jim Baggot, M.D.
Geneticist, Perinatologist
Pope Paul VI Inst., Omaha NE

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Assoc. Clinical Professor of
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Medical College of Wisconsin

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Diplomate, American Board of
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Medical Director, Tepeyac Family
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George Washington University
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Mary L. Davenport, M.D.,
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Hans E Geisler, M.D., FACOG,
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Kim Anthony Hardey, M.D.
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Obstetrics and Gynecology
Lafayette LA

David R. Harnisch, Sr., M.D.,
F.A.A.F.P., J.F.A.C.O.G.
Beavercreek OH

23 Responses to “The Birth Control Pill already is the Abortion Pill”
  1. reshma says:

    i thinking i am two months pregnant can i take birth control pills for abortion , and can you please tell me the name of birth control pills which are available in medical store.

  2. Druk says:

    Without using an oral contraceptive, more than 25% of fertilized ovum do not implant in the lining of the womb. These fertilized ovum die. So does this means that all sexually active people are serial killers?

    That’s a little strong, I mean…there was no active effort to kill the ovum in this case. Although this article does mention that contraceptive users would be considered serial killers, as they are actively seeking to make the womb lining uninhabitable.

    But in the USA, parents are considered legal guardians of their offspring until such a time where that obligation is legally transferred to another party. Thus instead of all sexually active people being considered serial killers, they would only be guilty of a measly multiple cases of child abuse resulting in death.

  3. Myra Sutter says:

    Thank you for this information. When tis reality becomes fully understood by people, many will be horrified.

    Go bless

  4. xy says:

    “Women on BCPs [birth control pills] have 28-day cycles and thus have 13 cycles/year (365/28 = 13.3).” – what kind of logic is this?? I haven’t ever used BCPs and I’ve always had a (healthy) 28-day cycle.

  5. Pacheco says:

    It was badly worded. I’ve fixed it.

  6. Aihk says:

    Response to Druk:

    Even if there wasn’t an active effort to kill the fertilized ovum, this does not mean that the the embryo is not killed. One does take the active effort to take an oral contraceptive.

    If we went by your logic, there are many (natural) miscarriages during a late term pregnancy, then would it be permissible to intentionally abort that baby at that stage as well because it does sometimes happen naturally?

  7. Dan says:

    Do you ever wonder why most people not under the iron thumb of the Vatican think you people are crazy? Do you really think that having 18million plus unwanted children born every year would be a good thing? Will God take care of them the way he takes care of the millions of starving, neglected or abandoned children in the world now? Such thoughtless advocacy of irresponsibility is truly astounding. You people need to try thinking things through and stop blindly following the pronouncements of Christ’s (Hitler youth) Vicar on earth.

  8. Pacheco says:

    The problem is not with us, but with you. Open your heart to children and then they become wanted.

    The solution is to love and to want to love. The solution is not death.

  9. Dan says:

    I raised three of my own and I love children. However many people who have children–or who you would compel to have children–do not. Nice sounding words do not put food into a starving child’s belly, nor do they comfort the abused or abandoned children. It takes alot more than rhetoric, what else is your organization doing besides condemning those who know they do not want children. How many of the starving millions are you feeding and caring for?

  10. Dan says:

    I have a question. The Pope is elected by the college of Cardinals, right? At what point from Priest, to Bishop, to Archbishop, to Cardinal, to Pope, does the human in the robes become the infallible channel of God’s will?

  11. Pacheco says:

    I raised three of my own and I love children. However many people who have children–or who you would compel to have children–do not. Nice sounding words do not put food into a starving child’s belly, nor do they comfort the abused or abandoned children. It takes alot more than rhetoric, what else is your organization doing besides condemning those who know they do not want children. How many of the starving millions are you feeding and caring for?

    Well, Dan. All of what you say is perfectly correct. I have no disagreement for any of it. Abortion is not created in a vacuum. There’s no special “social program” to fix it. The problem is a cultural one which has demoted the value of the human family and is completely ignorant of the meaning behind the sexual act. If the human family is arbitrary and sex is really just for entertainment, abortion is hardly a surprise. A healthy and mature view of the human family and sexuality would essentially fix the problem of abortion. We also have no appreciation of sacrifice. That`s another big factor in the millions of babies which are butchered each year in the world.

    None of this, of course, changes the facts. And the facts are that life and human dignity begin at conception. Once we acknowledge this, the beliefs which stem from this admission are merely logical.

  12. Pacheco says:

    I have a question. The Pope is elected by the college of Cardinals, right? At what point from Priest, to Bishop, to Archbishop, to Cardinal, to Pope, does the human in the robes become the infallible channel of God’s will?

    Technically speaking, the Pope himself is not infallible. It is the superintendance of the Holy Spirit which guards him from teaching error in matters of faith and morals that is infallible.

    This is based on Jesus`s promise to the Church that She will never teach error. As the mystical body of Christ on this earth, the Church cannot be separated from Her founder and therefore She cannot teach error.

    That doesn`t mean, of course, that her members are impeccable – far from it. It just means that no matter how bad things get, we will never be taught error from the Pope and the bishops united with him.

  13. Nicky says:

    This article really ticked me off, for one I am a birth control pill user and i do not appreciate the bcp being called an abortion pill. The bcp prevents conception from taking place therefore it is not an abortion pill. An abortion pill would terminate a pregnancy ie; conception has occurred and the embryo has attached to the uterus. How dare you presume to tell us women that we shouldn’t be using birth control, excuse me but this is not the middle ages and women are not baby factories no matter what some people on this forum think. For your information contraception has existed for as long as human civilzation, and contraception will continue to exist as long as humanity exists.

  14. Pacheco says:

    Nicky, with all due respect, you need to educate yourself on some basic definitions.

    Life begins at conception. Once conception occurs, that is a PERSON. One of purposes of the birth control pill is to prevent implantation by weakening the lining of the womb and thining in it, thereby killing the conceived human being.

    What PRECISELY are you objecting to in the above definition?

  15. Pacheco says:

    My advice to you is to get off the Pill…and all contraception completely.

  16. Steve G says:

    John is right. Get off the Pill, for your own sake. Recent research suggests that the Pill deforms the brain of women who take it:

  17. deep says:

    i have a question i am nw 2 month pregnant , can i take birth pill so that i can abort the child. plz ans to me. thank u

  18. Pacheco says:

    Do not murder your child. The birth control pill will not work when you are already pregnant.

    Please do not get an abortion. It’s a terrible sin.

  19. kitty says:

    First of all if the pill blocks the sperm from getting to the egg how is that killing a child? Conception takes place when the sperm and the egg meet. Technically, if the sperm and the egg never meet it is not in fact an abortion. Would you classify using a condom to prevent pregnancy abortion? Because this item also blocks sperm from entering the body and prevents a pregnancy.

  20. Garry Sahl says:

    When women get into a habit that is hard to break, and run out of eggs, then they may regret their bad habit if they decide to have children and cannot.

  21. kitty says:

    What do you mean a when you say, “when women get into a habit that is hard to break?” What habit is hard for us to break? Also, you never answered my question before.

  22. Pacheco says:

    Kitty, you have not read the blog entry carefully. The pill works by thinning the uterine lining and preventing implantation.

    “3) Thinning of the Endometrium- the pill weakens the lining of the womb and thins it, preventing the fertilized egg from attaching (implantation).”

    The egg is ALREADY fertilized; that is, it’s already a human being.

    As far as breaking a “hard habit”, I think Garry is referring to being drugged up on the PIll as the”habit”.

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