Cursor up and then down.

To affirm the unique and exclusive place of the Catholic Church in Christianity is to witness to the truth, Fr. Rosica.  The majesty and splendor that is the Catholic Church is self-evident to those who hold the Faith, and therefore, those who wish to share that truth to the world do not live in a “Catholic Ghetto”.

Still, it was the ’80s.  Maybe he’s gotten over it.

2 Responses to “Shared Communion?”
  1. squeaker says:

    With that relativistic frame of mind, he should not have been ordained.

  2. The Catholic Church is unique and superior to all other systems of belief – for She alone has both the fullness of the Sacraments established by Christ and the fullness of Divinely Revealed Truth given to the Apostles.

    When Fr. Rosica was in seminary, in many cases education there and then was defective, not teaching the fullness of the Faith that seminarians should learn.

    That obviously was the case where Fr. Rosica was in seminary, or else he would not have said what he did in that article (for who in understanding the Eucharist – Jesus Christ, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity – under the appearances of bread and wine – would put Protestant denominations on the same level as the Catholic Church).

    Let us hope that with age and experience (along with some enlightenment from the Holy Spirit), his views have since shifted towards being more orthodox.

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