OK. So it looks like I am not going away, but only restructuring my time a bit. If Gilles Duceppe can survive for his bone-headed move into Quebec provincial politics, I figure people can cut me some slack too. I appreciate all the e-mails of support that I have received over the last few days.

By the way, I am in the process of moving over my blog to this location. Since Blogger does not have an effective backup mechanism, then I figured it was time for me to skeedaddle. I have uploaded some old articles that I have written to the new site (note the posting dates).

Next step will be to import my postings on this account to my new account. I am having problems, however. Anyone who has done something similar with WordPress recently and has experienced this error: “Connection refused (111)”, I would greatly appreciate some assistance.

I will post a notice on this blog account when the move is finalized.

3 Responses to “Pulling A Gilles Duceppe”
  1. Leonard says:

    Great decision!

  2. SUZANNE says:


    All you need to do is scale back. You don’t have to fight every battle or even the big ones. Just do the small things that you do– like blog and post– because you do it so well.

  3. Ti-Guy says:

    Don’t listen to la Nitouche. She’s a psycho.

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