…So Canada will have GSAs from Niagara to Nunavut; and for the lonely and unsocial, the lumpy and awkward, real bullying will proceed undisturbed in the shadows; and ideologically-compliant faux-bullying will explode, as a generation of children is conscripted into a youth corps of eternal victimhood, alert to every slight, however footling. In New York, where children are bullied with gay abandon, the school board recently proposed banning from its tests 50 hurtful, discriminatory words such as “religious holidays,” “birthdays” and “cigarettes.” From such an environment come a cowed, pliant herd and a cadre of professional grievance-mongers, but not a lot of functioning, freeborn citizens…(Source)

When you’re bought and paid for like the citizens of this culture are, then you’ll believe and do anything the chattering classes tell you to believe and do.

We sell out real freedom for cheap sexual license.  Just what kind of society makes that kind of exchange?

2 Responses to “Pink is now the colour of conformity”
  1. Luke says:

    What do you mean by bought and paid for?

  2. Paycheck says:

    Socialism. The government gives you goodies in exchange for your freedom.

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