So, now, darlings, you will have to hold #1 and #2 until you get home.  That’s the price of the great new society.

“It begs the question: If a transgendered woman with a penis busts a female Islamic swim class in downtown Toronto, whose human rights take precedence?”  “It was a question I wanted to ask Hall,” Blizzard said. “Sadly, though, she did not want to be interviewed for my column Tuesday. A call to her office elicited the response that Hall said everything she wanted to in her letter.”

How’s that workin’ for ya?

One Response to “Ontario rights chief defends man’s ‘right’ to be nude in women’s changerooms”
  1. Helene says:

    This is lunacy!!! What about the woman’s right to privacy in a women’s washroom or change room? These elitist fascists, like Hall, need to be removed from their positions. She can invite the drag-queens to her own private washroom and leave the rest of us Canadian women alone.

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