This is interesting.  During a speech before the LGBT Delegate Luncheon, Michelle Obama, the wife of US President Barack Obama, says that Kenya is her husband’s home country.  You’ll hear it at 0:45 of the video.  As you may know, the US Constitution states that the President must be a natural born American.

One Response to “Obama's wife admits that Barack's home country is Kenya”
  1. I I had a feeling God would reveal this sooner than later as He
    brings all Truth into His Light. Let’s see what is done about it.

    I find it disturbing, that a person can be stopped in the U.S. if He or She looks suspicious, and demanded of, to present I.D., i.e. birth certificate, verifying their Citizenship, and how we cannot cross the border, without valid
    passports and I.D. but a man was elected President and it was not know where He was born .

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