Obama administration supports Vatican over sex abuse lawsuit

By: Dan Bergin
Independent Catholic News

Posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 11:14 pm

President Obama’s government has taken the side of the Vatican over a lawsuit that is calling for the Holy See to be held responsible for the sex abuse crisis.

In a brief for the United States Supreme Court last Friday, the administration said that the standards for an exception to the immunity that foreign governments enjoy under American law have not been met in the case.

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I’m not a legal expert, but at first glance this seems like good news.

Some victims and lawyers have been trying to sue the Vatican for big bucks by claiming that they were ultimately responsible for the sex abuse scandals.  They fail to understand that the local bishop is responsible for his priests.  The Vatican cannot possibly keep tabs on 400,000 priests worldwide.

One Response to “Obama administration supports Vatican over sex abuse lawsuit”
  1. Pacheco says:

    First glances can be deceiving. I see this as a political ploy only. There is no chance of success for the lawsuit, so Obama is playing this to his advantage in some forum.

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