19,500 Turn Out At March for Life

Pro-Abort Class, Breasts & All

March for Life  Doubled In Size from Last Year –  Police

March for Life “Massive”

Abortion Poll – Get On It Busters!

March for Life Media Roundup

In-depth report on the Canadian March for Life


Over 15,000 Emboldened Pro-Lifers Declare at the March for Life: “The Debate Is On”

Petition to the CBC to Report the Truth – Index Page

The numbers game: How many really attended the 2011 Canadian March for Life?

March for Life Media Roundup

March for Life 2011 Youth Video Contest Winner


The rise of a new hope

March For Life, 2010: The Year Abortion Politics Shifted in Canada

The End of the World is Near…

March for Life 2010 Official Footage

Mainstream Media Coverage of The March for Life…Getting Better

12,500 Gather on Parliament Hill for Canadian March for Life

March for Life 2010 Video


10,000-12,000 brave the rain and the wind at the March for Life

National March for Life: Exodus 2009 – A Future Without Abortion

March for Life: Exodus 2009

March for Life 2009 Videos


March for Life 2008 – 8,000 Attend

March for Life 2008 Video


Press keeps March for Life going and going

Marching at the March for Life

March for Life Music Videos

Silent No More Speeches

Media Drops the Ball Again on the March For Life

March for Life – Huge Success, Media Largely Absent

One Response to “March for Life Through The Years”
  1. RRBILL says:

    Until the Catholic Church comes out against cigarette smoking, I fail to believe that it really is a pro-life organization. I write as a COPD sufferer, who never had a smoke in his life…but was married to a smoker. So much for marriage.

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