Zollitsch, who has led the German bishops since 2008, is referring to a plan by the prelates to allow remarried Catholics to make a “responsible decision in conscience” to receive sacraments after consulting their priest. (Source)

Waterloo is coming for +++Francis’s papacy.  I have no doubt that the church’s perennial and divine doctrinal teaching will remain unaltered, and it might have the effect of giving +++Francis a whole new perspective on the virtual apostasy in the Church.

Let’s pray for the Holy Father and the Church.

One Response to “German bishops defy Vatican prefect over Communion for divorced”
  1. Karl says:

    The man is too deeply in love with his own voice and the man who looks back at him in the mirror to begin to understand the truth.

    This man is just what an apostate Catholic Church deserves; its mirror image!!

    Yes, I am more Catholic then the Pope!!!

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