Let us rally to “FREE MARK WARAWA” on Monday, April 15, 2013, High Noon, the 1st day of the new Parliament sitting. It will be a greeting for the MP’s to remember.

Let us all rally around the “Freedom Flame” on the grounds of parliament hill in peaceful and respectful defiance of these dangerous suppressors of Free Speech and their leader, Harper. And let’s do it this Monday! The urgency is great, for our fundamental freedom is being eroded quickly and dramatically by the muzzling of our elected MP’s, and then the rest of us eventually in turn.

5 Responses to ““Free Mark Warawa” Rally”
  1. Cy Winter says:

    Hi John:
    I forgot to put the time of the rally at the beginning of the article;

    12 noon.


  2. Squeaker says:

    Great idea, but on such short notice I expect the turnout to be very low, so low that it could be spun by our opponents as a show of weakness rather than if strength.

    • Cy Winter says:

      I’ve sent out about seventy emails. Many of the recipients have dozens, and some have thousands of contacts. The grapevine in the age of TWITTER can be amazingly quick, especially if there is a determined group. The “Gosnell” trial news got Tweeted 27,000 times on the first day. Outrage is a powerful motivator. A lot of prayer works even better because God listens and inspires people of goodwill who love Him. “Nothing ventured; nothing gained”. GBY.

  3. Cy Winter says:

    Will priests and ministers rally the troops at Sunday services?

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