Play time is over.

10 Reasons why ++Burke is the man to be Pope.

First stop:  Archdiocese of Toronto to be welcomed by ++ Colins and to pay a friendly visit to Fr. Rosica.

2 Responses to “Ding, Ding, Ding.”
  1. Neal says:

    O Kevalt! the hat!!

    That being said. I agree with all the points the writer made about why Cardinal Burke SHOULD be Pope…. But there is one BIG Strike against him…. His nationality.. A second strike. he should speak Spanish. Latin America is being raided by evangelical Protestants. THAT needs to be dealt with.

    Apart from that , I look forward to him slapping down dissenters wherever they may be found if he’s elected.

  2. Southern quebec says:

    Love the outfit. Does it go with little red shoes?

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