There is a book called the Pink Swastika.  It’s written by two Jews.  You should all read it because it’s what’s for supper in the coming years here in North America.  It recounts lots of jaw-dropping similarities of what’s happening now in the homosexualist movement in North America to what happened in Nazi Germany back in the 1920s and 1930s.  I read it a number of months ago, and I was soiling myself as it compared in great detail how the Homosexualist progression took place in Nazi Germany with how it is advancing here in North America.  The book was first published back in 1995.  In 2011, it has turned about to be spot-on in its predictions.

Did you know that many of the first influential Nazis met in a Gay Bar?  Did you know that the Nazi salute was a Gay Youth salute?  I betcha you didn’t know these things.  The book alleges, in fine detail, how many high ranking Nazis were violent homosexualists and homosexuals, citing credible and many homosexual sources. It takes you through the history and the philosophy under girding the homosexualist movement in Nazi Germany.  It will be sure to explode many myths that you were once accustomed to hearing from Gay propagandists.  I always thought that homosexualists were pacifists, but that is a myth.  I always thought that the Nazis persecuted homosexuals.  Not quite.  It’s true on one superficial level, but in this book, you’ ll soon read the fine print about how it was principally “butch” homosexuals persecuting “femme” homosexuals.  And there are many other very enlightening and very disturbing facts and analysis in the book.  The book is not about bashing gays, but it is about exposing a sexual political agenda that rolls over anyone (gay or straight) that stands in its way.

Why is this relevant to the Catholic Church and the current debate over gay “marriage”?   Well, simply to point out that what appears to be opposition in the Catholic Church to the gay agenda is really not opposition at all.  It’s just for show, for political theatre, and for cover.  But it’s not real opposition.  Remember Bishop LaheyBetcha didn’t know that he was a staunch opponent of gay “marriage“, did you?

You see, folks,  when you see a bishop come out strongly against gay “marriage”, it really doesn’t tell us too much about what he really believes.  In fact, many of these bishops just talk a good line in order to give themselves political “cover” against the “conservative” factions of the church.  Sure, they’ll sign a strong statement defending marriage or put out a strongly-worded press release.  They might even go on a radio program to defend the Church’s teaching, but wink-wink, nudge-nudge, it’s really all for show. No one is going to get hurt here.  There’ll be no excommunications. There’ll be no disciplinary action. There’ll be no stripping of the name “Catholic” from schools or organizations who betray the faith.  In short, it’s all about paper opposition.  It’s just another uncomfortable, political issue that will be water under the bridge in a week or so.  Time to move on. More important things to address, you know.  And so it goes…issue after issue…decade after decade.

And why do you think that is? In the case of our Ontario schools, if you were a father, would you not do everything and anything in your power to stop this kind of lethal sexual indoctrination of your children?  If push came to shove, would you not sell everything you had and take whatever measures were necessary to preserve your children’s purity and innocence?  Of course you would.

So why have not the Ontario bishops taken basic steps to preserve Catholic education for our children? 

For the simple reason that many of them are homosexuals themselves, or at the very least homosexualist sympathizers.  When you eliminate all of the other possibilities, the remaining one, however improbable or inconvenient, is the truth.

If you don’t think so, watch for no repercussions at all for Catholic politicians who voted for gay “marriage” in New York.  Just like there was no repercussions here in Canada.

All the world’s a stage.

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  1. Sean says:

    For me, I’ve felt this way for almost 30 years. I could see what was happening in our society and it was and is frightening.

    The victim card was played over and over. Oh there’s bashing going on, homosexuals are committing suicide because of a lack of acceptance by society. I believe this article right here demonstrates how we are being lied…

    Then when you look at how many homosexuals are actually getting their government approved so-called marriage, it makes you ask more questions. I remember reading an article and I can’t find it right now but it stated that in one of the years since homosexual marriage passed, there was only one conducted in a year in Toronto. One. That should cause people who even support homosexual marriage to wonder why. The clear answer is that most are not in a monogamous relationship. Another point to make is that they wanted homosexual marriage so as to attack those who don’t follow their dogma which mainly are Catholics. Eventually, you will see further attacks.

    Homosexuals and their supporters also deny that they’re trying to recruit our children. This is just one example.

    Another one is this article that has input by Joseph Ben-Ami.
    I find it so baffling though how supposedly smart (educated) people can’t see what we see and at times don’t want to see so they hear no evil and see no evil. I believe that is why God has chosen the unwise and the simple for his message and I guess it is true from the surveys that the educated people are atheists. It comes down to ego, and they have it so large that they refuse to open their mind (imagine saying that to an atheist, they would freak out) to listen to God.

  2. Steve G says:

    Wow. That factoid about Bishop Lahey puts things into perspective.

  3. Valerie says:

    Please tell me this is satire. There probably were some gay Nazis, as there are gay anti-gay pastors and politicians who occasionally get caught out nowadays – overcompensation can be quite destructive. The idea that Nazi leaders were pushing some kind of “gay agenda” is beyond laughable – Hitler was pretty clear about what motivated him, and his actions prove that while he was evil, he didn’t make a secret of what he believed about Jews, Poles, etc., etc., etc…

    Secondly, the idea that North America resembles Nazi Germany is equally false. If you want proof, consider that you no one has come to your house and murdered your family because you publish this blog. MSNBC, CNN and Fox news can happily despise and mock the American president or congress, and no one blocks their TV signal. In the US, both the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street can wear silly costumes and say angry things and they are not arrested unless they do something illegal (in which case, they receive due process and a slap on the wrist). For their part, neither of those movements has been especially violent a la brown shirts. I gather your Canadian, but unless that hockey riot in Vancouver was actually about Jews, gays, etc., etc. etc., I think you’re doing fine too. Many more people were interested in cleaning the city and identifying thieves than smashing windows. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to promote life over death, but stuff like this doesn’t help.

    Sounding insane doesn’t really help the pro-life movement. Calling the Nazis “gay” makes you look like a 7th grader, and just gives your opposition the ability to paint you as nuts.

    Finally, what does the fact that the book was written by “two Jews” have to do with anything? Am I suppose to assume that simply being Jewish gives you automatic credibility for all things Holocaust? The thing that gives you credibility is expertise and diligent, peer reviewed, research.

  4. Pacheco says:


    You have not even read the book. You have no idea of the evidence it presents or the very insightful and accurate predictions of what has transpired since the book was written.

    Before you critique a book, you should read it.

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