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This video below makes an amusing comparison of human health care vs. pet health care. It makes some good points, most of which are applicable to Canada.

Health care is a complicated field. It’s not quite as simple as portrayed below, but there are certainly some lessons to be learned from the video.


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During the previous summer, I was in Kingston visiting my parents. While there, my youngest daughter, Sophia (aged 3), was running in the house, tripped, fell down, and hit her forehead on the corner of a door. There was a small gash.  I dreaded going to the hospital because, having experienced long wait times before with our other kids, I knew the drill: wait for many hours before we get to see a doctor.  But I thought this would be different since she was bleeding and required, in my opinion, immediate attention.  Much to my unsurprise, however, we also “took a number”.  Apparently, to the hospital staff, my little daughter’s gash was not a big deal after all.  So we waited…and we waited…and we waited.  Four and half hours later, when the wound had already started to dry up and stabilize, we finally got to see a doctor.  The doctor cleaned up the wound, applied some gel, and slapped a bandaid on her.  He didn’t even give her a stitch.  It was too late for that.  I could see that he was apologetic, but that’s the way things are today in Canada’s health care system.  As I left with my wife, I remarked that we could have done the same damn thing he did, except save ourselves 5 hours in an emergency room on a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  I wouldn’t have minded waiting, if we had receive proper medical treatment which we did not.  To this day, my little one has a 1/4 inch scar on her forehead, and it will take years for it to go away (if it does go away).  For a lousy $100 or so, that scar did not have to be there.   But the health czars in this country demand that it be there in order to service their sick and twisted ideology which prohibits me from obtaining health care for my family.

That scar is a constant reminder to me of how pathetic our health care system is.  And it scares the shit out of me to think of what might happen when one of my kids really does need medical attention.  I can see a lot of people taking medicine into their own hands because, like the instances in this video, people just don’t even bother going to the clinics and emergency rooms anymore.  They just stay home and take their chances — all to serve a failed and corrupt moral and social utopia that is falling apart at the seams.  Socialized medicine does not ensure universal access. It ensures universal suffering — except for those rich Canadians who can afford to go to the U.S. for treatment (like Jack Layton).

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