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Folks will recall that Socon or Bust has not only complained about D&P’s abortion and contraception positions, but we have also complained about the Marxist organizations they support.

And it looks like they are not letting up….not one bit.

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Story here.

I don’t get it.  Why don’t they just co-operate and save themselves the huge credibility issues they have?  Beats me.  Oh well, I guess they know best.

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LifeSiteNews contacted Development and Peace by e-mail and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops by phone and e-mail on February 25 to ask about D&P’s partnership with Women for Change. By the morning of February 28 LifeSiteNews had received no response, but Development and Peace’s website no longer listed Women for Change. (Find a screenshot of Women for Change listed on D&P’s website last week here.)

Seeking an explanation, LifeSiteNews phoned Rene Laprise, the CCCB’s communications director, and Bishop John Boissonneau, chairman of the CCCB’s Standing Committee on Development and Peace, and both directed questions to Development & Peace.

D&P Communications Officer Kelly DiDomenico told LifeSiteNews by phone Friday morning that she had not received the February 25 e-mail and asked that it be sent again. In the afternoon, she wrote by e-mail: “I’ve forwarded the message to the appropriate instances.” LifeSiteNews had received no reply by press time on Tuesday and was unable to reach DiDomenico. (Source)

Women for Change was actually covered by Socon or Bust back in 2011 (see “Give us your money, and don’t ask too many questions“).

It’s listed as Group number 33 on our list.

If a name like “Women for Change” doesn’t ring any bells with you, you should not be in charge of giving away Catholic money in 2014.  Sorry to be so blunt, but you really belong with Aunt Mae, knitting something, and by saying that I don’t mean any disrespect to Aunt Mae.

Squeaker made some observations about LifeSite’s report here.

Nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, has changed with the modus operandi of Development and Peace.

1.  They are still funding pro-abort groups and not just Women for Change.

2.  They are not listing all of their pro-abort groups on the website.

3.  They are still scrubbing their website when they get caught partnering with abortion-pushers.

4.  The Canadian bishops are still promoting Development & Peace, and side-stepping their moral responsibility to clean up the social justice charade.

5.  Canadian Catholic donations are still going to fund the promotion of the slaughter of unborn children.

6.  And lastly, Socon or Bust still is asking faithful Catholics to put a BIG ZERO on the Development & Peace envelope and put some some pro-life literature in it.


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It grieves me to report that despite improvements made in recent years, Development and Peace is still not trustworthy yet. As a result Socon or Bust recommends that the boycott of D&P continue during this upcoming Lent. Consider instead making your donations to Chalice, a faithful and well-managed charity.

The D&P website shows very, very, very few partners, so you really don’t know where your money is going. Despite this, there remain anti-Catholic, anti-life partners on their website.

Worse, officials I spoke with recently insisted that these partners were clean, despite the incontrovertible evidence Socon or Bust had uncovered against them some time ago. This suggests that some people are either still in denial or just too naive.  Either way, the cleanup at D&P still has a loooooong way to go.

Don’t be played for a fool. Put your donations in a safer place.

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Once again, Chalice has score most excellently in the MoneySense annual ranking of international development charities. They received an overall score of A+, the only international development charity with such a high grade. That makes them tops in Canada!

  • They scored A+ on efficiency, the most important category in the evaluation, with more than 92% of donations going directly to programs and less than 8% used for administration costs. That’s awesome stewardship.
  • They scored A on fundraising efficiency, as it only cost them $3.90 to raise $100 of donations.
  • They scored A+ on governance, meaning that they have excellent procedures in place to monitor the use of money, they are transparent about what they do and they make sure their programs are effective. Moreover, the highest paid person in the whole organization earned just over $64,000, hardly a fortune.
  • Finally, they scored A+ on the “reserves” grade, because they have just the right amount of reserves set aside. Other charities were penalized for having either too little funds to weather any lull in donations, or too large of a stash sitting unproductively in a bank account.

More importantly for Christians, Chalice’s programs are entirely in keeping with the moral and social teachings of the Church. They remain Socon or Bust‘s preferred charity for international development. Thank God for Chalice!

So how did Development and Peace score? They didn’t make the list. Keep in mind that MoneySense doesn’t publish the ranking of every charity in the country. It only publishes the top 100, which are grouped into eight broad categories. D&P falls into the International Aid and Development category, within which MoneySense published rankings for 14 organizations. D&P is not part of the list. I guess it was a bad year.

In 2012, you may recall, D&P trumpeted with much fanfare that they had achieved an overall score of A- in the MoneySense ranking, up from their previous score of B. However, in the ever important category of Overall Charity Efficiency, they had scored just a “C+” back in 2012. That was the worst score among the charities published in International Aid and Development category. So if MoneySense found that D&P was doing a lousy job of stewardship, how did they get an overall score of A-? Part of it is attributable to a laughable score of A in transparency. Anybody who has followed the D&P scandal over the last 4½ years knows that D&P is anything but transparent. I surmise that in 2013, MoneySense took a closer look at D&P transparency’s practices and gave them a much lower score, resulting in D&P dropping from the published list. That’s my gut feeling.

More importantly than all these considerations, we still don’t have any assurances that D&P is operating in accordance with Church teaching in its overseas programs. Less than a year ago, Socon or Bust was still discovering partners of D&P engaging in anti-life programming. I still don’t trust them. They haven’t earned back our trust. And they never will if their management of funds continues to be so opaque that you feel that your donations are being sucked into a giant black hole.

So in the meantime, let’s rejoice in the continued outstanding performance of Chalice. Let’s give thanks to God that we have such dedicated people doing authentic social justice work while running a thrifty and transparent operation. Bravo!

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This is a surprising development and a great victory for the Filipino people. See the video below. It’s also a great defeat for the three Development and Peace partners that were pushing for this bill.

I haven’t been able to locate the reasons for the Supreme Court’s decision.



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Development & Peace, the Canadian Bishops’ Social Justice organization, has lost a lot of support from all quarters over the past several months - in the pews, among their own members, from their Leftist allies in politics and media, and even from the Government. The only place that their support has stayed largely in tact has been with the Bishops of Canada who have stubbornly refused to make any meaningful reforms. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sign the Petition. Spread it.

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What does that mean in practise? Canadian Catholics would hear in those words a particular urgency, as the annual collection for their overseas development agency — Development and Peace — is being taken up in these days. The desire of Francis for a Church that does not abandon the proclamation of Jesus Christ to become only a charitable agency would challenge the standard operating procedure at Development and Peace for decades, where the Christian faith has been downplayed in favour of generic good works. (Source)

Well, Father. Here’s the thing.  LifeSite News, this blog, and a smattering of other blogs have covered this story from the get-go.  We’ve striven to bring this scandal to the public’s attention and, for the most part, we’ve been left dangling by the bishops and their bureaucratic CCCB Borg.  (Note to the Borg:  the clean-up of the bureaucratization of the Church does not just need to happen in Rome).  There’s not one single bishop in this country who has come to our defense in public – not one, even though LSN and ‘Bust been slandered and lied about by D&P and by the Quebec press.   Not a single peep.  All we’ve seen is the circling of the wagons and official support for Development & Peace.   Whoops…that’s not entirely correct.  My apologies.  LSN has been banned twice by the CCCB’s otherwise useless Plenary – more evidence of the dialogue envisioned by Vatican II, no doubt. Read the rest of this entry »

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I just checked my box of envelopes and it turns out that the collection for Development and Peace is taking place this weekend at St. Patrick’s Basilica.

Don’t be played for a fool. Find out when your parish is doing the D&P collection. If you’re not sure, withhold donations until the end of Lent, at which point you can make a large donation to compensate for the weeks you missed.

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PEMBROKE, Ontario, March 7, 2013, ( – A Canadian bishop is committed to withholding all funding from the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace as the organization remains enmeshed in an abortion funding scandal.

For the third year in a row, Bishop Michael Mulhall of Pembroke has urged that the faithful to contribute to other worthy Catholic apostolates in the developing world that have been vetted by the diocese instead.

News of the bishop’s decision comes as has launched a new project urging prayerful support of the effort of Canada’s Bishops to reform Development and Peace. The Charity in Truth Project, based at, is raising awareness about the ongoing D&P scandal with a video, petition, and other resources.

In a February 20, 2013, letter to the faithful, Bishop Mulhall wrote, “We will continue with the practice of sharing the collection with religious communities and apostolates that have a connection with the diocese to be used in their efforts with the poor.”… (Source)

Mulhall is the only bishop in Canada who’s got the guts to do as he ought. The only one.

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When are we going to see some action with Development & Peace?  Just how long does it take to obey what the Pope says?

Justice delayed is justice denied.

Sign the petition, everyone! launches project promoting Pope Benedict’s reform of Catholic charities

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The show must go on.

There’s a “program” in Haiti, but curiously no group is mentionedWhy could that ever be?

Check out their slide show:

Slide 2:  90 partners, 22 countries.  Big reduction from the over 300 “partners” they had.

Slide 6:  D&P down to $7.4 Million?  What happened to the $35 Million Budget?

Slides 3-6:  7 themes, but sadly no mention of the Unborn.  They. just. can’t. do. it.   They can’t even mention the word ‘abortion’ – even if they didn’t allocate any money to fighting it.  It grates them.  It’s not their problem.  Human Dignity, after all, has its limits.

Trees are more important than the unborn.  They get a mention and some money.  The unborn get nothing except more of the same.

D&P still has not come clean…4 years to the month since their scandal broke.

And the bishops have done little more than smoke screen it away.  But we won’t forget and we won’t let them forget.

Shame. Maximum shame.

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“Human Dignity” without mentioning the Unborn in any of their literature.

Maybe someone should clue them into the Bishops’ latest “Social Justice” document:

“The right to life from conception to natural death is the basic human right, the condition for the exercise of all other human rights…” (Source, No.1)

Or perhaps, D&P is showing us once again how they prefer not to put THE FIRST RIGHT and the CONDITION of all other rights where it belongs.

Why do the bishops not mandate the mention of the plight of the unborn when their official organs talk about social justice?

Isn’t that their job? To safeguard and explain the Faith?

Why is that so difficult? Can someone tell me?  If D&P doesn’t want to tow the line, then, please, show them the door. It’s not that complicated.

If you’re not pro-life, you’re not Catholic. Repent!

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…In his post, Duceppe says he has supported D&P “for years” but stopped this year because the organization has too closely aligned itself with the Vatican’s moral stance on contraception and abortion, and the Harper government’s “ideological obsession” that is “inspired by a certain religious right.”…(Source)

I don’t know what is a greater indictment….the actual evidence against Development & Peace or the fact that proto-Communist, Gilles Duceppe supported them all these years.   I actually think the latter is more damning.

You’re known by the company you keep, friends.  That’s a maxim the Left likes to use a lot…but hey, this street goes both ways.

D&P is getting purged….inside and out.  This is going to be a looooooooong surgical operation, but it’s getting done.   And by my watch, my prediction will probably be about right….it’s gonna take 10 years.   The first 4 were spent exposing…the last 6 will be spent unwinding.

Either way, the D&P might want to continue on with their trajectory, but it won’t last forever.  They’re peeling support every day.


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ROME, Jan. 22, 2013 ( – Pope Benedict XVI says Catholic agencies must sometimes refuse partnerships that would even indirectly support activities opposed to the Christian view of the human person.

We must exercise a critical vigilance and at times refuse funding and collaborations that, directly or indirectly, favour actions or projects that are at odds with Christian anthropology,” the Pope stressed in a Jan. 19th address to the Pontifical Council Cor Unum and its president, Cardinal Robert Sarah, in excerpts released by the Vatican Information Service….


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Story here.

The fact that CIDA thinks D&P was just swell proves very little. It’s just a yawner and hardly surprising, considering that they are a pro-abortion tentacle of the Federal government.

The really sad part is D&P’s smack-down had very little, if anything, to do with the Bishops’ efforts, but Caesar himself who found other priorities.


Development & Peace and so-called “Catholic” Education in this province are two prime examples why Episcopal Conferences as they currently operate should be suppressed by Rome and disbanded.

So many of these apparatuses in the Church are scandals unto themselves.

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The CCCB is in the final stages of drafting a document that will guide Development and Peace’s activities. It will be released in early 2013. Controversy has buffeted Development and Peace over some of its overseas partners since 2009 allegations that the development agency funded projects operated by groups, or affiliated with groups, that supported abortion.

“There are divergent opinions out there,” Smith said.

Yeah, just like there are divergent opinions on whether religious freedom is really under attack.  It’s all a matter of perspective and definition, after all.

“What did become clear in those conversations is that what I’ve been reading about in the mainstream media is not representative of the broader Development and Peace membership I have seen,” Smith said.

“What I’ve seen confirmed is a real passion for the mission of Development and Peace to help out, to reach out to the poor and to advocate on their behalf. I met a real desire for them to be in communion with the bishops as they do so.”…(Source)

If it was just about the poor, there would be no controversy, but it’s not just about the poor as the recent fallout and disintegration of Development & Peace has shown.  22 employees have left since May 2012, which is a big chunk of their overall staff.  Beaudin likens it to a “coup”.

The good news is that hopey-changey is coming, no matter what spin is put on it or how much Koolaid is served.

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Amid the ongoing revelations of dissenting partners still being funded by Development and Peace, there are some signs of hope too.

The recent resignation of a “theologian” at D&P, Michel Beaudin, provides valuable insight into their internal struggles. Beaudin wrote an interminable resignation letter that reads mainly like a rant, but which also reveals some useful insider information. Key takeaways:

  • Good riddance to Beaudin who really doesn’t understand Church teaching and refuses to assent to it. He notably denigrates Pope Benedict’s Caritas  in veritate and resents the fact that self-avowed pro-choice Fr. Arriaga (remember him?) got booted out of Ottawa by Archbishop Prendergast.
  • The Canadian bishops are quietly but persistently trying too wrestle D&P from the clutches of the Spirit of Vatican II generation that they begot.
  • Dissenters are being isolated and muscled out of the organization. Apparently 22 employees have left since May 2012, which is a big chunk of their overall staff. Beaudin likens it to a “coup”. Resistance appears futile.
  • Fr. Thomas Rosica was tasked with writing the new rules of engagement with partners, called “Partnership Policy Framework”. We’ll have to keep an eye on that.

Sadly, the situation is far from resolved and the internal fight continues. So the boycott on donations must continue, especially since dissenting partners are still on the payroll.

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The motu proprio continues the Church’s ongoing reflection on how best to exercise its diaconia or service for those in need.

Here’s something to reflect on: 

1) Stop giving money to pro-abort pimps,

2) Try a little transparency by revealing the identity of the groups that you give Catholic money to. 

I suppose the Borg thinks these are unreasonable demands.

p.s. More bureuacracy, business as usual.  Looks like the biological solution is the only way out of this mess.

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