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Modernism threatens the Church like no other heresy because modernism refuses to argue the Church’s doctrines openly and directly.  Instead, modernism attempts to sap the Church of its relevance.   Rather than attack the doctrines of God openly like previous heresies, modernism simply distracts the modern man by offering the allure of materialism. For example, instead of flatly denying the existence of God with philosophical arguments, moderns learn to embrace agnosticism by asserting that religion is not as important as other things in life like patriotism or “making a better world for our children.”  (Source)

When you just can’t put your finger on the foundation of movements like Free the Children, it all comes into focus when you remember what modernism really is.  Without Christ at the Center and focus of all our corporal acts of mercy, the social justice movements just become an exercise in philanthropy (which is fine in and of itself but that is NOT what the Catholic Church or its Mission is about)….and when you throw in family planning and promoting abortion…it becomes diabolical.

The devil is no dummy.  He knows how to mix water and wine.

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There may be some people wondering if the Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) is morally required to comply with the request from the bishops of Kenya asking Canadian Catholics to stop funding a contraception-distributing clinic in Kenya run by Free the Children. After all, some would argue that the OCSB falls under the jurisdiction of the Canadian bishops. Is the request from the Kenyan bishops morally binding on the OCSB?

Evidently, the answer is yes: the OCSB is morally obliged to comply, otherwise both the organization and the Board members risk compromising their communion with the Catholic Church. Let’s see how. Read the rest of this entry »

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Folks will recall that Socon or Bust has not only complained about D&P’s abortion and contraception positions, but we have also complained about the Marxist organizations they support.

And it looks like they are not letting up….not one bit.

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by squeaker

A spokeswoman for the Ottawa Catholic School Board says they are not changing their partnership with Free the Children, despite a vibrant plea from the bishops of Kenya asking Canadian Catholics to stop funding Free the Children’s “contraception-distributing” clinic in Kenya.

Presented with the letter on Friday, the OCSB again defended its partnership with the organization. Mardi de Kemp, OCSB’s manager of communications, told LifeSiteNews by e-mail, “Our position has not changed on our Board’s association with Free the Children.” (Source)

This is astonishing. They are choosing to ignore a direct request from the local bishops!

Call me naive, but I thought that the social justice work done in the schools was intended to help countries in the Global South. So when people on the ground, namely the Kenyan bishops, tell you to please stop because you’re inflicting evil on their families and their society, I would have expected a more compassionate and considered response.

I had read that the relationship between parents and the school board had improved recently. Being a realist, I wasn’t expecting the school board to immediately drop all ties with Free the Children. But it strikes me that the charitable thing to do would have been for the school board to say something like “we’re re-evaluating the situation in light of the new information.” But no. Mardi de Kemp says the board is not budging.


How Catholic can this board be if it doesn’t heed the passionate plea of bishops? These aren’t small time bloggers like me. They’re the successors of the Apostles. Perhaps a little refresher is in order to summarize what this all means:

“Whoever listens to you listens to me, and whoever rejects you rejects me, and whoever rejects me rejects the one who sent me.” (Luke 10:16)

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The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) is pleading with Catholics in Canada and the United States to stop donating to Free the Children’s “contraception-distributing” Baraka Health Clinic in Maasai Mara, Kenya, because of the “evils caused to families and society in Kenya by the use of contraception”. Instead, they are asking that donations be directed to Catholic health facilities that do not distribute contraception, and respect the Church’s teaching.

Free the Children has come under fire during the past few years for its backing of abortion-supporting and contraception-dispensing initiatives.

siu1Socon or Bust has obtained a copy of a letter, addressed to a concerned Ottawa parent and ratepayer and written by Bishop Paul Kariuki Njiru, the Chairman of the Catholic Health Commission of Kenya, an official body of the KCCB. He contradicts an earlier statement made by Free the Children co-founder Marc Kielburger, who suggested that all public health clinics in Kenya are required by the government to distribute contraceptives and that even Catholic institutions are dispensing them.  Kielburger wrote the following text to the OSCB in October of last year:

“Because our clinic in Kenya is certified and supported in-part by the government of Kenya, the Baraka Health Clinic is mandated, by law in the country of Kenya, to stock provide contraceptives to patients should they personally request them,” he wrote… He claimed that “the Catholic Mission Hospitals and Catholic Mission Clinics in our region have also adopted this same policy, and have contraceptives on hand in their own clinics as well, as mandated by the government.” (Source) (Emphasis ours)

Not so, according to Bishop Njiru:

“There have also been claims by Free the Children that all health facilities in Kenya are required by the government to stock and distribute contraceptives for family planning. While the government and other secular health facilities in Kenya provide contraceptives, it is not a requirement by law and as such, Catholic health facilities do not stock or distribute contraceptives for family planning.” (Emphasis ours)

Bishop Njiru also pleads with Catholics in North America to stop supporting contraception-distributing health facilities that are causing great harm to Kenya, and to instead opt for the ethical alternative:

“Considering the evil caused to families and society in Kenya by the use of contraception, Catholic Bishops in Kenya through Catholic Health Commission of KCCB request that donors in Canada and the United States direct their generosity to Catholic health facilities and not to contraception-distributing institutions and programmes such as Free the Children’s Baraka Medical Centre. We are requesting that this be done through the Catholic Health Commission of Kenya who the Catholic Bishops hold responsible for the Catholic Church’s health apostolate.” (Emphasis ours)

The Bishop also attached a two-year plan developed by the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops outlining their strategy to deliver enhancing maternal, neonatal and child health while upholding pro-family Catholic ethics in the face of “heightened programming by pro-choice organizations that are fostering anti-family principles in Kenya’s health sector.

In light of this development, it would appear that Catholics in North America have been misinformed by Free the Children into financially supporting the distribution of contraceptives.  Moreover, if Catholics truly intend to help the people of Kenya, it is doubtful how anyone could justify providing support through a contraception-distributing health facility, when support can just as easily be offered through Catholic facilities that respect the integrity of the person and of their sexuality.

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Story here.

I don’t get it.  Why don’t they just co-operate and save themselves the huge credibility issues they have?  Beats me.  Oh well, I guess they know best.

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The Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) today posted an advertisement on their Facebook page to promote a fundraiser for the pro-abortion Stephen Lewis Foundation taking place at St. Joseph’s parish.

Although this is sad and tragic, it is hardly surprising considering the close ties between St. Joe’s and the OCSB, as well as the support of the OCSB for organizations like Free the Children.

Please note: this is not the personal Facebook page of a teacher or a student. No, it’s the page of the school board itself.

Some background on Stephen Lewis:

Lewis, the former UN Special Envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa, is a long-time proponent of abortion, and has publicly attacked the Church’s efforts to promote a culture of life.

At the infamous Cairo conference on population and development in 1994, Lewis slammed the Vatican for opposing abortion and contraception, calling their statements “torrents of thinly veiled misogyny.”

Also a major advocate of condoms, Lewis has said that Pope Benedict XVI, in opposing condoms in the fight against HIV/AIDS, is “sending a message which ultimately kills people.”

“His words were, frankly, irresponsible and damaging and it was like inviting death,” he said.

On the same issue, he has said that the Pope is “living on the moon,” and presents “another example of complete indifference to the vulnerability of women, who are so hugely and disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS.” (Source)

Try to wrap your head around it: a “Catholic” school board and a “Catholic” parish helping raise funds for a group that says Catholic teaching “kills people” and “invites death.”


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The Kingdom of Heaven is like a man who found a great pearl….

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LifeSiteNews contacted Development and Peace by e-mail and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops by phone and e-mail on February 25 to ask about D&P’s partnership with Women for Change. By the morning of February 28 LifeSiteNews had received no response, but Development and Peace’s website no longer listed Women for Change. (Find a screenshot of Women for Change listed on D&P’s website last week here.)

Seeking an explanation, LifeSiteNews phoned Rene Laprise, the CCCB’s communications director, and Bishop John Boissonneau, chairman of the CCCB’s Standing Committee on Development and Peace, and both directed questions to Development & Peace.

D&P Communications Officer Kelly DiDomenico told LifeSiteNews by phone Friday morning that she had not received the February 25 e-mail and asked that it be sent again. In the afternoon, she wrote by e-mail: “I’ve forwarded the message to the appropriate instances.” LifeSiteNews had received no reply by press time on Tuesday and was unable to reach DiDomenico. (Source)

Women for Change was actually covered by Socon or Bust back in 2011 (see “Give us your money, and don’t ask too many questions“).

It’s listed as Group number 33 on our list.

If a name like “Women for Change” doesn’t ring any bells with you, you should not be in charge of giving away Catholic money in 2014.  Sorry to be so blunt, but you really belong with Aunt Mae, knitting something, and by saying that I don’t mean any disrespect to Aunt Mae.

Squeaker made some observations about LifeSite’s report here.

Nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, has changed with the modus operandi of Development and Peace.

1.  They are still funding pro-abort groups and not just Women for Change.

2.  They are not listing all of their pro-abort groups on the website.

3.  They are still scrubbing their website when they get caught partnering with abortion-pushers.

4.  The Canadian bishops are still promoting Development & Peace, and side-stepping their moral responsibility to clean up the social justice charade.

5.  Canadian Catholic donations are still going to fund the promotion of the slaughter of unborn children.

6.  And lastly, Socon or Bust still is asking faithful Catholics to put a BIG ZERO on the Development & Peace envelope and put some some pro-life literature in it.


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It grieves me to report that despite improvements made in recent years, Development and Peace is still not trustworthy yet. As a result Socon or Bust recommends that the boycott of D&P continue during this upcoming Lent. Consider instead making your donations to Chalice, a faithful and well-managed charity.

The D&P website shows very, very, very few partners, so you really don’t know where your money is going. Despite this, there remain anti-Catholic, anti-life partners on their website.

Worse, officials I spoke with recently insisted that these partners were clean, despite the incontrovertible evidence Socon or Bust had uncovered against them some time ago. This suggests that some people are either still in denial or just too naive.  Either way, the cleanup at D&P still has a loooooong way to go.

Don’t be played for a fool. Put your donations in a safer place.

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Fr. Z has the story here.

But Socon or Bust called this back in November.

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November 12, 2013 – In response to the devastation in Philippines by typhoon Haiyan, (Yolanda), Chalice is collecting funds to assist with humanitarian efforts. A shortage of food, medicine and shelter is impacting families in the city of Tacloban and surrounding areas of Central Philippines, both immediate and ongoing support will be needed. Chalice’s focus is on the recovery and reconstruction of the affected communities.

Chalice would like to reassure sponsors that our Sponsor Site in Samar was not affected by the storm. This Site received heavy rain but there was no loss of life or damage to property and all our children are well.

Although our sponsored children are safe from harm, this disaster affects the country as a whole and Chalice will continue to work with trusted partners to deliver assistance where needed.

“For over 15 years Chalice has worked with our partners in the Philippines to alleviate the suffering of those in extreme poverty,” states Fr. Pat, President of Chalice. “Right now, even as we speak, Chalice is mobilizing and directing all our efforts to rebuilding homes and supporting families devastated by this tragedy.”

The Canadian government is matching donations by individual Canadians for the Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund. All donations given to Chalice in support of our Philippines Disaster Relief Fund between November 9 and December 9 2013 will be submitted for matching by the government.

For the last four years Chalice has been recognized as the top International Aid and Development charity in Canada by MoneySense Magazine.

Click here to donate, or call 1-800-776-6855.

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Once again, Chalice has score most excellently in the MoneySense annual ranking of international development charities. They received an overall score of A+, the only international development charity with such a high grade. That makes them tops in Canada!

  • They scored A+ on efficiency, the most important category in the evaluation, with more than 92% of donations going directly to programs and less than 8% used for administration costs. That’s awesome stewardship.
  • They scored A on fundraising efficiency, as it only cost them $3.90 to raise $100 of donations.
  • They scored A+ on governance, meaning that they have excellent procedures in place to monitor the use of money, they are transparent about what they do and they make sure their programs are effective. Moreover, the highest paid person in the whole organization earned just over $64,000, hardly a fortune.
  • Finally, they scored A+ on the “reserves” grade, because they have just the right amount of reserves set aside. Other charities were penalized for having either too little funds to weather any lull in donations, or too large of a stash sitting unproductively in a bank account.

More importantly for Christians, Chalice’s programs are entirely in keeping with the moral and social teachings of the Church. They remain Socon or Bust‘s preferred charity for international development. Thank God for Chalice!

So how did Development and Peace score? They didn’t make the list. Keep in mind that MoneySense doesn’t publish the ranking of every charity in the country. It only publishes the top 100, which are grouped into eight broad categories. D&P falls into the International Aid and Development category, within which MoneySense published rankings for 14 organizations. D&P is not part of the list. I guess it was a bad year.

In 2012, you may recall, D&P trumpeted with much fanfare that they had achieved an overall score of A- in the MoneySense ranking, up from their previous score of B. However, in the ever important category of Overall Charity Efficiency, they had scored just a “C+” back in 2012. That was the worst score among the charities published in International Aid and Development category. So if MoneySense found that D&P was doing a lousy job of stewardship, how did they get an overall score of A-? Part of it is attributable to a laughable score of A in transparency. Anybody who has followed the D&P scandal over the last 4½ years knows that D&P is anything but transparent. I surmise that in 2013, MoneySense took a closer look at D&P transparency’s practices and gave them a much lower score, resulting in D&P dropping from the published list. That’s my gut feeling.

More importantly than all these considerations, we still don’t have any assurances that D&P is operating in accordance with Church teaching in its overseas programs. Less than a year ago, Socon or Bust was still discovering partners of D&P engaging in anti-life programming. I still don’t trust them. They haven’t earned back our trust. And they never will if their management of funds continues to be so opaque that you feel that your donations are being sucked into a giant black hole.

So in the meantime, let’s rejoice in the continued outstanding performance of Chalice. Let’s give thanks to God that we have such dedicated people doing authentic social justice work while running a thrifty and transparent operation. Bravo!

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This is a surprising development and a great victory for the Filipino people. See the video below. It’s also a great defeat for the three Development and Peace partners that were pushing for this bill.

I haven’t been able to locate the reasons for the Supreme Court’s decision.



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This is the first reference that I personally found in the Gospel of poverty as an ideology. The ideologue does not know what love is, because they do not know how to gift themselves.”

Sounds like the ideology of Development & Peace.

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Fr. Z’s commentary here.

What I predicted is coming to fruition.  The Left are getting their social justice Pope, but not in the way they expected.

While both men share the same Faith, they have different priorities and they emphasize different things.  So God uses them to speak to both sides of the political spectrum to communicate a message of return and to remind us all that the Catholic Faith cannot be put into a political box that cannot possibly hold it.   It is a message neither the Right nor the Left particularly want to hear:  the Church is not about awarding a political faction power over the other.  It’s about holding fast to the Faith once delivered to the saints.

If some parts of the Faith don’t challenge us and shake us out of complacency, then either we’re mega Liars or we’re Saints.  Accepting a Pope that isn’t our favourite flavour will make us all grow in sanctity, unity, and truth.  And guess what? Not all of the Pope’s pastoral decisions are necessarily going to be good ones.  So what?  Suck it up and take one for the team because where he might fail in one area, he’ll score hansomely in another place – a place which God thinks is particularly important to heal right now.

Pope Francis is the answer to the socialist cabal that run the joint in the West today.  They will not be able to dismiss this Pope lightly (as they might have with Benedict) because Francis has walked the talk of championing the rights of the poor.  But while he “speaks their language”, he doesn’t march to their beat.  His view of social justice is radically different from theirs, and I think he will show them up for the hypocrites they are. (Source)

Pope Francis is turning out to be the Left’s nightmare.  They can’t write him off or ignore him without showing themselves up to be politicians.

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The Pope “always saw the people who live in the slums from a different point of view” from promoters of liberation theology, said Father Pedro Brunori. “His interest wasn’t in resolving structural problems with the economy, but helping these people address the concrete problems of their lives. It was a pastoral perspective.”

“One can certainly understand the great injustices that gave rise to liberation theology, but sometimes it was missing the dimension of personal charity, of concern for the concrete person in front of you,” Father Bruroni told journalist John Allen. “That’s the sense in which I think the Pope tried to orient the pastoral work in the slums of Buenos Aires. His idea was the every single one of those people ought to interest the Church, equally. He actually walked in these places.”

“He spoke about the importance of the laity a great deal, though without confusing laity with priests,” Father Brunori added. “He didn’t want to ‘clericalize’ the laity. His primary interest wasn’t in having more lay ministers of communion, or things like that. He wanted everyone in their proper place, doing the things that pertained to their area.”

After discussing the Pope’s simple and direct leadership style and willingness to delegate, the priest also spoke of the Pope’s willingness to hear confessions.

“More than once, someone would call him up and say, ‘I’m sick, I need a priest to say Mass for me,’” Father Brunori recounted. “He’d tell them not to worry, I’ll take care of it, and he’d go to say the Mass himself. Sometimes he’d bring another priest, while he heard confessions. For him, confession is about the mercy of God. There are a lot of parishes in Buenos Aires, and they sometimes don’t have enough priests to hear confessions. Quite often, he would go and do it himself, while a priest celebrated the Mass. He would also go to hear confessions in the slums.”

In recent days, Allen has also interviewed others who know the Pope, including the archdiocesan spokesman, the Pope’s sister, and a Nobel Peace Prize nominee.

“I was raised in a kind of Catholicism that was very spiritual on one side, praying and going to Mass and the sacraments, but on the other side it was also very socially minded, interested in helping the poor and meeting the concrete needs of the people,” says Nobel nominee Juan Carr. “Here in Argentina, for this generation, Bergoglio has been the one who brought these two dimensions of the faith together – the spiritual and the social.”


The correct version of “social justice” is what we need to aim for; that is, an emphasized focus on personal charity and not on “structural problems” and “group love” i.e. socialism.  The latter focus has been the one that Development & Peace has been obsessed with for the past 45 years.

Besides the social justice misapplication these past 45 years, there has been a massive imbalance between the spiritual and the social.  Not too much spiritual and way too much wrong-kind-of social. 

We need the right social justice and the right balance of it with the spiritual.  Then, we’re in business but not before.

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Development & Peace, the Canadian Bishops’ Social Justice organization, has lost a lot of support from all quarters over the past several months - in the pews, among their own members, from their Leftist allies in politics and media, and even from the Government. The only place that their support has stayed largely in tact has been with the Bishops of Canada who have stubbornly refused to make any meaningful reforms. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sign the Petition. Spread it.

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