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Because, you know, a sterilized government feminist who has no kids but just really knows what’s good for your kids, is always a better judge than parents.

Another branch of social justice gone complete bonkers.


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But that smaller, more orthodox Catholic Church will have a huge inbuilt advantage – what French Canadian Catholics used to call “revenge of the cradle”.
Many orthodox Catholics I know have 3 or 4 children – that’s not a recklessly high number, but in a society where the atheist fertility rate is around 1 child
per woman, that advantage will show over a few decades, especially since orthodox Catholics have a far smaller drop-off rate than their liberal brethren.

Today we view the ancient world’s attitude to infanticide as barbaric and incomprehensible, but perhaps future generations will look at our attitudes to abortion in the same way – that’s not because pro-lifers would have won the argument, simply that (in addition to the effect of the Pill) abortion is killing the atheists of tomorrow. (Source)

Hey, this guy gets it!  The Pill is killing off the Atheists and the Secularism.

Eastern Europe’s Christian Reawakening

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To tax is to destroy.

When the government uses the tax system to attack its citizens, you can be sure that social disintegration is on the way.

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While the West gives up religious schools, other countries are asking for it.

No wonder the socialists are having a hairy fit.  If Hungary recovers and does well, this radical idea that religion has a part to play in education could catch on.

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His background will be of no consequence to the Main Stream Media.

If he was a Christian gone lulu, “Devout Christians kills dozens” would be front page news for a year.

The Culture of Death keeps rolling without acknowledging that no civilization can ultimately survive without God.

I predict more of the same.

Mad Max is coming.

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It sounds great, but I wonder if it’s just the other side of the same coin.

The opposite of the multi-cult is fascism. Real fascism. I hope that I’m wrong, but if this movement does not have Catholic roots, it’s a trick of the devil.

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 In what pro-life leaders are calling a stunning and unprecedented attack on religious freedom, Ontario’s Education Minister has apparently declared that Catholic schools can no longer teach that abortion is wrong.  Laurel Broten, who serves under Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty, said Wednesday that Catholic schools are barred from teaching this core moral belief because Bill 13, the government’s controversial “anti-bullying” law, prohibits “misogyny.”…(Source)

See? When there’s no push-back, then the feminists run rough-shod over you.  You get what you tolerate, what you vote for, and what you pay for.

Understand this clearly:  the amount of totalitarianism and wickedness in a culture is directly correlated to the health of the Church and the Church’s leadership.  And that, in turn, is dependent on a people’s Faith.

There is no mistake or coincidence to this. Please, don’t look so shocked.  There is nothing to be shocked about.

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I can see a new Crusade coming. And it’s not against the Muslims.

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The abortion agenda, he argued is being driven by a sort of “secular religion” and neither the police, the courts nor civil libertarians are prepared to tolerate blasphemers.  While civil liberties groups often intervene in cases like this, none are listed under Ms. Gibbons’ file on the Supreme Court’s website.  Mr. Hunter suggested that the same people who stand up for G7 protesters when they’re moved off a street corner are simply turning a blind eye to Ms. Gibbons.  “What’s offensive about her is that she is reminding people of what they don’t want to think about,” he said, noting the same goes for Conservative MP Stephen Woodworth who is behind the unpopular abortion motion on Parliament Hill. “They’re calling into question the sacred orthodoxy which is abortion must be available in Canada without examination, without explanation, without legal restriction.” (Source)

The honest person today understands that we all have our own religions.  In Canada and the West, however, some religions are more protected than others.

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The real nuts are the Secularists. 

Not only are they nuts, they’re dangerous since they are trying to impose their godless pseudo-science religion on us by banning a sacred religious rite.

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And yet, can anyone name ONE BISHOP in this country who actually admits the obvious truths of what Fr. de Souza and Steyn and the rest of us see?

Not one. 

It’s just more social justice, big government solutions to “social injustices”. 

Which is another way of saying that much of the Church’s leadership has abandoned Faith in Jesus Christ for Faith in the State.

If this is not the Great Apostacy, it’s not too far off.

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One way or another, the secularists are going to learn all about math.

Secular schools are dropping like flies.

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Many of you probably already received emails of this article.  Melanie Philips is an agnostic but Barbara Kay in Canada is respectful and appreciative of what Christianity (and Judaism) has done for the West and fearful of what the loss of Christian faith is now doing.  Also like Kay she is a secular Jew.

KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: What’s notable about the current “apparent mass departure from rationality”?

MELANIE PHILLIPS: What I have found so striking is that, in this supposed age of reason, there is such an implacable refusal, over a wide and disparate range of issues, to acknowledge the authority of factual evidence over opinion, or distinguish truth from propaganda and lies, or differentiate between justice and injustice, victim and victimizer. More than that, this phenomenon is confined to the supposed custodians of reason, the intelligentsia; and some of the most prominent of these often-militant “rationalists” propound assertions that are demonstrably irrational.

Even more striking is that this repudiation of reason is associated with the most fashionable and progressive causes — anti-imperialism, anti-Americanism, anti-Zionism, environmentalism, moral and cultural relativism, multiculturalism, scientism. Yet they promote not just irrationality but a return to primitivism, pre-modern levels of social disorder, and the persecution of dissenters.

LOPEZ: What does a self-described “agnostic” care about God?

PHILLIPS: You don’t have to be a religious believer to understand that if religion — more specifically, the Hebrew Bible and the Christianity that built upon it — underpins Western civilization and the codes of right and wrong — putting others above yourself, freedom and equality, and belief in reason — that form the bedrock of that civilization, then eroding or destroying that religion will erode or destroy those virtues and the civilization they distinguish.


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Theodore Dalrymple on the narcissistic self-referentialism that rules in most public and private dialogue and its effect of shutting down any real debate.  In a supposedly free society there are so many taboo subjects that people are afraid to discuss. Dalrymple is a great cultural observer because he has not been desensitized by constant exposure to television and movies.  I remember watching a bit of Jerry Springer once many years ago and realizing its dangerous effect on most people.  Most people lack strong formation in Christian morality or the ability to think things through based on sound moral principles.  So what do they mostly go on?  Visceral reactions.  If they see or hear about something that is emotionally upsetting they think it wrong.  But what happens when they are constantly exposed to bad or outrageous behaviour?  They become inured to it.  Having no strongly negative emotional reaction they become indifferent or even accepting of the action.  After all they have seen it before and even worse things.  Meanwhile the state barrages them with messages that “intolerance” and “judgmentalness” are wrong and “openmindedness” and “pluralism” are good, increasing their mental handicap.

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I do not pray that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from evil. Even as you sent me into the world, so I send them into the world (John 17: 15-19)


As Pope John Paul II has taught (Christfideles Laici #14-17) echoing Vatican II, to live our vocation as lay people in the Church naturally means doing so with a lay mentality or secular outlook. The consecratio mundi rather than the contemptus mundi.

The role of the laity in the Church is to sanctify the temporal order from within. By their very vocation [lay Christians] seek the Kingdom of God by engaging in temporal affairs and by ordering them according to the plan of God. They live in the world, that is, in each and in all secular professions and occupations.. They are called there by God … to work for the sanctification of the world from within, like leaven by fulfilling their own duties (Vatican Council II, Lumen Gentium, n. 31).

So the mission of the laity in the Church is to sanctify secular structures, to act as salt, light and leaven, seeking to restore all things in Christ from within the very heart of civil society. By virtue of their Baptism, all Christians, including the laity, are called to participate in the Church’s mission to save all souls (cf. Vatican Council II, Lumen Gentium, n. 33). This evangelizing action of making Christ known to others is referred to as the apostolate.

What is particular to the layman is the secular character of his apostolate, which derives from his being an ordinary Christian immersed in professional, family and social occupations. This allows the Catholic layperson to do apostolate in places where the official apostolates of the Church cannot reach: the board room, the factory, the law firm, the business office, the university, the House of Commons, the stock exchange, the film studio, the media, the world of fashion, etc. If the Faith is going to permeate and influence the society, the culture and public policy it is crucial for the laity to assume their role. Furthermore, if they are truly going to be salt, light and leaven, they must live out their secular vocation as Christians with naturalness.

In an age of Faith, the Church has an impact on the culture through its ordained ministers. People go to Church and frequent the sacraments. They listen to the teaching of the priest and generally try to ensure that public morality respects the natural law. In such a society there are many Christian politicians who form a bulwark against attempts to undermine public morality. This was the situation that prevailed in the United States and Canada until the mid nineteen-sixties.

In a pluralistic society and secularized culture, however, it is all the more crucial for the laity to assume their role as leaven, salt and light in the heart of society; for in this kind of society and culture public morality has ceased to reflect the natural law and far fewer people listen to the Church’s teaching. This is the situation in which we now find ourselves. And it is precisely in this attempt to have a well formed laity assume their role that the battle for the Faith and for the Catholic Church is being fought and will be fought in the 21st Century. The arena or forum for that battle has shifted from the church building to the very heart of secular society. And it is the laity and those who can form the laity in this secular spirit and help them to live it with naturalness who will be at the forefront of the battle.

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LONDON, August 5, 2009 ( – The British government will force thousands of the “worst” families in the country to live with 24-hour CCTV surveillance in a bid to cut back on child abuse and neglect, the Children’s Ministry has said. In the next two years the government plans to expand an existing family monitoring program from 2000 families to 20,000 at a total estimated cost of £400million.

Despite growing complaints that New Labour’s new Britain has in the last ten years become the most spied upon nation in the world, ahead of even China, the Labour government announced late last month that 20,000 “problem families” who have run afoul of social services officials will be watched around the clock and subjected to surprise inspections by government agents.

The new rules will begin by focusing on truancy, alcohol abuse or reports of malnutrition. Parents will be monitored to make sure children go to bed on time, eat proper meals and attend school.

“This is pretty tough and non-negotiable support for families to get to the root of the problem. There should be Family Intervention Projects in every local authority area because every area has families that need support,” said Children’s Secretary Ed Balls in announcing the massive expansion of the surveillance program….

This is the price of not submitting to, and refusing to live within, the confines of the truth. 

When a civilization attacks the traditional family, the tyranny of the State seeks to correct the imbalance caused by deadbeat parents who have long abandoned their responsibilities.  The State helped create the problem of family breakdown by their promotion of liberal values, and now it seeks to “correct” the abuses they have wrought by taking a page out of Orwell.

It only goes to show that if the State and its citizens do not respect traditional morality, there will be a steep price to pay.  How ironic it is that the “Apple of False Freedom” which started the sexual revolution has turned out to be so sour by taking away the freedoms that it purported to extol and protect.

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Spain, June 26, 2008 ( – What began fifteen years ago as a fringe cause of the most extreme wing of the environmentalist movement has just yesterday been given an unprecedented level of recognition by the government of a developed Western nation.

A Spanish parliamentary committee yesterday gave its support to a resolution that would grant so-called “great apes” the rights to life, liberty and freedom from torture….

When you don’t believe in God or an immortal soul, it kind of affects public policy.

How long do you think circuses are going to last? 

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Tokyo (AsiaNews) – Over 33,000 people took their lives in Japan last year, the tenth consecutive year in which the 30,000 mark was reached, this despite a government campaign to reduce what is one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

The information comes in a report issued by Japan’s National Police Agency on Thursday which showed that 33,093 people killed themselves in Japan in 2007—the second-largest number on record after 34,427 in 2003—mostly because of debt, family problems, depression and other health issues.

Police point the finger at the new methods of suicide that have appeared in the last three years. In addition to hanging and ritual disembowelment, which are somewhat “accepted” in Japanese culture, more and more cases involve inhaling poisonous gases, prepared with ordinary household detergents, with the Internet providing how-to instructions to people who want to kill themselves. “This extremely regrettable situation has been going on for a long time,” chief government spokesman Nobutaka Machimura said of the data. “It’s a very hard problem, but we want to do as much as we can,” he added.

Japanese culture does not encourage suicide, but is also does not have any taboos against it. If performed honourably, suicide offers people in difficulty a way to cleanse their conscience. In many Internet forums young students do complain in fact about gas-induced suicide because it does not allow the body to remain in a dignified position for when it is found.

In the last few years the government has acknowledged that suicide (which is covered under national insurance schemes) is a “serious problem” and seems poised to do something. Since January 2002 the Labour Ministry has been handing out a 38-page booklet to companies with what-to-do instructions to help company executives identify and assist workers with suicidal tendencies.

However, this step does not appear to have been made much of a difference since suicide remains one of the leading causes of death in Japan. (Source)

When you don’t believe in God and this world is all there is, suicide becomes a real option for a small minority of the population.  It is a sign of a hopeless and faithless generation.  This world and its allurements are only a death trap for the unsuspecting.  Even here in our own country – and in particular Quebec – suicide rates are near epidemic proportions.  We see suicide rates go up where God has been marginalized. I predict an explosion of suicide centers around the Western world if it does not return to the Christian faith.  If you look at how our society treats and values human life today, I think we can safely say it’s going to be rather inevitable.

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