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Now you know why there is so much fury against Christians.  The Devil just can’t take it.  He’s losing his grip.

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The archbishop also criticized the one-sidedness of the West, “though always with you when it comes to the so-called gay rights in Nigeria” you run, but to the ongoing terror attacks by the Islamic militia Boko Haram you only stammer. “Constantly new violence, burned and mutilated bodies, women and children who are killed in a terrible rhythm: this is the emergency afflicting our country,” but nothing from Europe on this. But for  “gay rights”  the EU, the European Parliament and other international institutions will mobilize. (Source)

Why does it take an African bishop to speak with such clarity?  Have we ever heard a bishop in this country speak like this?

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Get ready. This is the future of the West.

H/T Big Blue Wave.

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Kidnapped Syrian Nuns still live.  The Religion of Pieces has demurred from removing their heads from their shoulders for the time being and are using them as pawns instead.

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If there was ever a reason to dump the public Catholic system and all the non-practising professional katholics who feed at its trough, this is it.

I am more and more convinced, because of this story and others like it, along with the slut vaccine that is being introduced, the public Catholic system is actually an impediment to Catholic formation and might even be, in many cases, an occasion of sin.

It’s time to pull the plug and put the onus back on the bishops to get serious about Catholic education.

Renounce Caesar and his money and strike out alone.  It would certainly help align diocesan finances and ensure parents and the Church know where their bread is buttered.


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In a number of interviews Hamberg has expressed her disappointment that not even the top leader of the church will clearly profess a Christian faith but wavers between Jesus and Muhammed.

Still…it’s not all bad news:

The bishop of Lund’s preference for Allah has prompted one of the church’s most preeminent theologians, professor Eva Hamberg, to leave her post as a member of the church’s theological council in protest against bishop Antje Jackelén’s failure to stand behind the Church of Sweden’s profession of faith. As a reaction to what she calls ”the inner secularization of the Church of Sweden”, she has also renounced her position as priest and her membership of the church.

Womyn clericalism just doesn’t work.  Nor does dumping what Christianity is all about.

The Good news is that the Catholic Church will become more and more the only real player in Western Christianity.   All of the national churches and mainline denominations are slouching towards nirvana and Sodom.

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We tried to tell the Feminists, but they just wouldn’t listen.

Now there’s no more conservatives or Christians to beat on and marginalize…and now the consequences are before them.  The sad thing is the people experiencing this violence now had little to do with inaugurating the grand multi-cult experiment.  Typical liberal:  hit and run.

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Another great editorial from the Wall Street Journal on Islamic terrorism.

I don’t blame Western leaders. They are doing their best to keep the lid on what could become a meltdown of trust between majority populations and Muslim minority communities.

But I do blame Muslim leaders. It is time they came up with more credible talking points. Their communities have a serious problem. Young people, some of whom are not born into the faith, are being fired up by preachers using basic Islamic scripture and mobilized to wage jihad by radical imams who represent themselves as legitimate Muslim clergymen.

I wonder what would happen if Muslim leaders like Julie Siddiqi started a public and persistent campaign to discredit these Islamist advocates of mayhem and murder. Not just uttering the usual laments after another horrifying attack, but making a constant, high-profile effort to show the world that the preachers of hate are illegitimate. After the next zealot has killed the next victim of political Islam, claims about the “religion of peace” would ring truer.

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Interesting.  I am of the opinion that Our Lady of Fatima will signify to the Muslims what she did to the Aztecs in Mexico under Our Lady of Guadalupe.

There is no other explanation as to why Our Lady chose the Muslim-significant town in Portugal to appear.

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Catastrophic failings by police and social services allowed a Muslim child sex trafficking ring to sexually torture girls as young as 11 for eight years, all because law enforcement didn’t want to offend Muslim sensibilities, or worse, be accused of racist-islamophobic-bigotry. (Source)

Any culture which refuses to acknowledge its roots is a culture that’s dead in all but name.  These secular-Islamicist-ass-kissers are killing us.

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Keith Porteous Wood, executive director of the National Secular Society, said the long-term reduction of Christianity, particularly among young people, was now “unstoppable”.

“In another 20 years there are going to be more active Muslims than there are churchgoers,” he said.

“The time has now come that institutional Christianity is no longer justified, the number has dropped below critical mass for which there is no longer any justification for the established Church, for example, or the monarch going through a religious ceremony at coronation.

Keith, I hope secularism feels the boot of Islam on its neck.  Then maybe you will be disabused of your rather stupid ideas of how bad Christianity was.

Of course, it’s we Christians that will be left to suffer Islam.  The Secularists don’t reproduce.  They just screw the culture up and then die.

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Pope Francis not afraid of telling the truth and “offending” Islam.

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Giving credit where credit is due. Kudos to the imam for reporting suspicious behaviour.

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As you’ve probably heard in the news, law enforcement authorities foiled an alleged terrorist plot to blow up a train route in the Greater Toronto Area. Two suspects with links to Al-Qaeda are in custody.

On the news this evening, CFRA radio interviewed David Harris, an expert on terrorism. During the interview, he explained that moderate Muslims are feeling increasingly distressed because they are “out-flanked and out-numbered” within their own community.

I hope he misspoke. “Out-numbered” would imply that moderates are a minority in the Canadian Muslim community. I don’t know what data he’s using to back up that statement, but it would be very disturbing if true. David Harris is no bozo. He used to be a senior manager Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).

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… but your gut already knew, right? See the story from Fox here.

Yet, the consensus media is once again very quiet about the subject. Surprise surprise. They won’t give you the facts because you might just go out and develop your own opinion. We can’t have that. Only the consensus opinion is allowed.

A number of American Islamic groups have publicly denounced the attack. Good. But we need a lot more than denunciations whenever a bomb goes off. What’s more important is what happens in between terror attacks, when every mosque should be pounding home the message that terrorism is not part of Islam.

While it’s true that only a minority of Muslims approve of these violent acts, that small group is doing an awful lot of damage. The two terror suspects in Boston had been living in the US for quite some time and were worshiping at a local mosque. So there was plenty of opportunity for them to hear about the peaceful Islam. Did they? This doesn’t mean that the local mosque is to blame, of course. They can’t read minds and couldn’t know the intentions of the two suspects. But the roots of Jihadism run deep in Boston. Remember that two of the planes that crashed on 9/11 took off from Boston. There appears to be an active jihadist network there.

If the world is ever to be rid of Islamic terrorism, the solution will likely have to come from within Islam, with the moderates converting the radicals. Jihadists certainly won’t listen to Christians or secular politicians. Only moderate Muslims have a chance at reaching them.

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Gang rape her while chanting “God is Great”.

Pigs.  But, you’ll never hear a liberal raise a peep in objection.  After all, it’s Catholicism which is extremist.

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More here.

The good news is only liberals and the brain-damaged would swallow this crap.

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Story here.  More from the “Religion of Peace” coming to a town near you.

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