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Bahahaha.  Hey, this is just priceless.

The problem with atheism is that honest people hearing its loudest mouths end up in the other camp.

How those Martians doing, Dick? (Starts at 2:50)

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But that smaller, more orthodox Catholic Church will have a huge inbuilt advantage – what French Canadian Catholics used to call “revenge of the cradle”.
Many orthodox Catholics I know have 3 or 4 children – that’s not a recklessly high number, but in a society where the atheist fertility rate is around 1 child
per woman, that advantage will show over a few decades, especially since orthodox Catholics have a far smaller drop-off rate than their liberal brethren.

Today we view the ancient world’s attitude to infanticide as barbaric and incomprehensible, but perhaps future generations will look at our attitudes to abortion in the same way – that’s not because pro-lifers would have won the argument, simply that (in addition to the effect of the Pill) abortion is killing the atheists of tomorrow. (Source)

Hey, this guy gets it!  The Pill is killing off the Atheists and the Secularism.

Eastern Europe’s Christian Reawakening

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Big surprise there.

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In a number of interviews Hamberg has expressed her disappointment that not even the top leader of the church will clearly profess a Christian faith but wavers between Jesus and Muhammed.

Still…it’s not all bad news:

The bishop of Lund’s preference for Allah has prompted one of the church’s most preeminent theologians, professor Eva Hamberg, to leave her post as a member of the church’s theological council in protest against bishop Antje Jackelén’s failure to stand behind the Church of Sweden’s profession of faith. As a reaction to what she calls ”the inner secularization of the Church of Sweden”, she has also renounced her position as priest and her membership of the church.

Womyn clericalism just doesn’t work.  Nor does dumping what Christianity is all about.

The Good news is that the Catholic Church will become more and more the only real player in Western Christianity.   All of the national churches and mainline denominations are slouching towards nirvana and Sodom.

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Dumb-ass atheists and liberal  just don’t get it.

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I guess it was pretty widespread around the world, too.

Funny, when you feel an earthquake, what’s the first thing to come to your mind?

Mine is God.  What does an atheist think?  Oh goodie….I get to go six feet under for eternity?

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Blowback against Obama and the Secularists.  Good.  Let’s get it on.

This is all about God, anyway.  All of the social battles are really about this, in any case.

Heaven vs. Hell.  Crystal clear.

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Check it out here.  Pretty lucid and hard-hitting preaching.

I’ve never taken a “position” on Evolution because the topic has never really interested me.  But as the years go on, I am more and more inclined to oppose the predominant theories on it – even the “theistic” kind.

I have a stupid question for any Catholic evolutionist out there:  if ALL suffering and death (i.e. human and animal) entered the world because of sin, then how can that be reconciled to “spontaneous soul injection” of Adam and Eve after a few billion years evolution i.e. with the suffering and death that accompanied it?

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…it’s worth watching.  Cursor down and watch the video.

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Better to dialogue and hold hands, I suppose.

Good to see The Catholic Register is feeding the flock good stuff.

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Good read.

It’s great to be Catholic.

And guess what? If you’re an agnostic or atheist and are smart and honest, one day you’ll be Catholic too…or you’ll likely go to hell.

There’s no in between.

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They look like fools…and this atheistic meme that is endemic in the Democratic Party is not exactly a vote-getter among the undecided.

This was just sweet to watch their befuddled and foolish looks.  They don’t even know what to do with it.

The MSM, of course, is not reporting on this incident.  Big surprise there.

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Hungary’s Ambassador to the Holy See is rather perplexed by the negative reaction of some European figures and institutions to his country’s new Constitution — a document he sees as offering a possible impetus to a “Christian renaissance” in Europe.

“We think it’s a little bit strange to hear such voices,” Ambassador Gábor Győriványi told ZENIT March 27th. “The real founding fathers of the European Union planned to base the Union on Christian values, and expressed the notion that European democracy can only be viable if constructed on the Christian basis.”

The preamble of the new Constitution, or “Fundamental Law,” which came into force Jan. 1, contains references to God, Christianity, and traditional family values. It further stipulates that the life of a fetus be protected from the moment of conception (abortion remains legal, however, in cases where the mother’s health is threatened).

The Constitution states that it recognizes the role of Christianity “in preserving nationhood”; it requires that marriage only be between a man and a woman; it assigns parents, rather than the State, primary responsibility for protecting the rights of the child; and it holds that “the family and the nation constitute the principal framework of our coexistence.”

In sum, it marks a refreshing change in stark contrast to a Europe suffering from increasing secularism and a European Union that only a few years ago tried to push through its own Constitution, which conspicuously omitted references to God or Christianity. It also points to the positive contribution some former Eastern bloc countries could make to the spiritual well-being of the continent….

And yet the new law, drafted by the ruling centre-right Fidesz party and its coalition partner, the Christian Democratic People’s Party, has drawn hyperbolic criticisms both domestically and internationally. Often these attacks are driven by liberals, greens, socialists and secularists – particularly in the European Parliament – who have labelled some of the Constitution’s laws “extremist,” hard line and a threat to democracy…(Source)

Looks like Hungary will not be made a Colony of the European Union.  Good for them. Obviously this country isn’t afraid of displaying its Christian heritage. As Canucks, we need to get some of that Hungarian in us!

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The ad blames the Catholic Church for promoting “acute misery, poverty, needless suffering, unwanted pregnancies, overpopulation, social evils and deaths.” It says the bishops are “launching a ruthless political Inquisition” against women. It talks about “preying priests” and corruption “going all the way to the top.” In an appeal to Catholic women, it opines, “Apparently, you’re like the battered woman who, after being beaten down every Sunday, feels she has no place else to go.” (Source)

For all of the hubris we hear about “hate” these days, the only true hatred left of any real substance in the West is the hatred of the Catholic Church.  The silver lining in all this is that all of us useful idiots in the pews are going to start to wise-up really quick to the new realities.

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The CBC and all of the other anti-Christian and anti-Conservative media bigots never let a tragedy go without squeezing every little bit of bigotry out of it.

The problem is, the guy was a Darwinist and Mason (check him out on the left here in full Masonic rigalia) with nostalgic “Christian” culture roots who didn’t go to Church or consider himself “religious”.

Those media bigots, of course, never let the truth get in their way. In fact, if you read what this guy was really about, he seems to fit the profile in many places of a Liberal Christian who doesn’t like immigration and who decided to take the next logical step in his skewed and warped form of Darwinist religion.

It is therefore essential to understand the difference between a ‘Christian fundamentalist theocracy’ (everything we do not want) and a secular European society based on our Christian cultural heritage (what we do want).

Yeah, he sure is a Bible thumper all right.

Note for the ignorant baboons in the media: you can’t be a Christian and be Mason at the same time…at least not by any kind of historical standards.

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no liberals.

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Great quote from Blessed Pope John Paul II:

There are in the lives of human beings many more truths that are simply believed than truths that are acquired by way of personal verification. Who, for instance, could assess critically the countless scientific findings upon which modern life is based? Who could personally examine the flow of information that comes day after day from all parts of the world and that is generally accepted as true? Who in the end could forge anew that paths of experience and thought that have yielded the treasures of human wisdom and religion? This means that the human being—the one who seeks truth—is also one who lives by belief.

h/t The Catholic Breadbox

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A thoughtful article from Fr. Tim Moyle here.

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The Wall Street Journal recently published an excerpt from a book called “The Grand Design” by physicists Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow. Both appear to be atheists. The title of the article is “Why God Did Not Create the Universe” The purpose of the article was to “demonstrate” that science can explain the origins of the universe without resorting to God. Yet, after reading the article, I was more convinced than ever that our wonderful universe must have been designed by an intelligent Creator.  And it’s all based on atheist science!

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