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Read below and weep.

Why the hell is the government recommending that kids up to grade four show their genitals to other people and touch the genitals of adults? They’re obviously not talking about the parents because they already bathe their kids and see them naked. So they’re talking about other adults in the kids’ lives.

Tell me something. If a six-year old kid of your acquaintance asks if he/she can show you their genitals, would you say yes? I didn’t think so. What type of adult do you think will take these kids up on their offer? What kind of adult would let the kid touch their own genitals? Exactly. Does the government not realize that they’re inviting pedophiles to take advantage of children under the auspices of a government-endorsed parenting guide?

The kids haven’t even reached puberty and the State wants them looking at porn, masturbating, pretending to be the opposite sex and sticking objects up their rectum? Is this some sick joke?

Forget China. This is state-sanctioned child abuse right here in Canada. The PEI government should be sued. 

Excerpt from the PEI guide:

“Natural and Healthy” behaviours for children up to age five include:

- “Touches the ‘private parts’ of familiar adults and children with hand or body.”
- “Puts something in own genitals or rectum one time for curiosity or exploration.”
- “Plays ‘doctor’ inspecting others’ bodies, including ‘private parts .’”

“Natural and Healthy” behaviours for children up to grade four include:

- “Plays ‘doctor’. The child inspects another child’s body, including ‘private parts’.”
- “Shows others his/her genitals in a private location.”
- “Plays games with same-aged children related to sex and sexuality.”
- Pretends to be opposite gender.
- “Wants to compare genitals with peer-aged friends.”
- “Looks at nude pictures on the Internet, videos, magazines, etc.” (Source)


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Further, the investment rules of the Church specifically allowed for such investments stating “The Church’s fund can invest in a company which holds up to 25% investment in industries such as pornography, gambling and pay-day lending, as well as 10% in weapons.”  (Source)

Alrighty then.

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…“Contraception and pornography are the fuel of the abortion industry because both say I want my pleasure, but I don’t want the consequence of what this act may give,” he said… (Source)

I think I’m going to soil myself.  Another person has connected the dots. 

Hey, what about a 40 Days Against Porn!

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You know it must be really bad when the secular media has to lament about it.

Some men are so addicted to pornography that they can’t get aroused by a real woman anymore. I say “real” because many of those porn pictures are doctored to make the women look better, in addition to the make up.

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Now, now, Steve.  Don’t be so hysterical.  Let’s not overreact now.  All these nasty rumours from us Taliban Catholics.  Everyone knows that it’s all of us unprofessional, basement bloggers that are causing all of these problems for CanChurch.  There’s nothing, absolutely nothing behind that curtain!  It’s all just petty gossip.  After all, we have our official Catholic media to inform us of the really important stories out there.  If it were true, they would certainly, certainly report it.

You know, folks, obviously this is sick, but hardly surprising.  In fact, we’re so shell-shocked now with these pimping bishops that absolutely nothing will surprise us.

The substance of it is sick, but it’s the denial, the flippancy, and the unrepentance of their disposition that really leaves me with absolute disgust.   They can be busted 12 ways to Sunday but nothing – absolutely nothing - registers.  They just ship it off to the Episcopal Division of the Ad Hoc Committee of the  Ecumenical Council of the Plenary Assembly of the Provincial Institute of the National Conference to get at the root of the problem!

Do you know why we don’t trust our bishops any more?  Because they rejected Humanae Vitae and they still reject it to this day.

It’s about trust and how contraception has broken down our trust with them. Contraception is the sacrament of porn.  Let me repeat it again: contraception is the sacrament of porn.  There would be no porn without contraception.  They don’t reject contraception and that’s why they have no problem with porn.

Are you sick of this story?  Send a message to the bishops of this country and all of the bishops of the world, sign the petition to get at the root of the problem.

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