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Give Barry the Boot!  Give’r.

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Notice the kids in the background and what they’re doing and who they’re not paying attention to?

Obama is so yesterday.

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Appearing with Wolf Blitzer Thursday on CNN, Michele Bachmann said she is one of the victims of Obamacare who is losing their health insurance and must try to find a new plan.

You know things are really screwed up when the politicians don’t take care of themselves.  Obamacare is a real disaster.

It also serves as a relevant reminder to the social justice clerics and lesbian religious in the Church who want to get into public policy debates, especially the bishops who pushed this thing a little too much.   They need to take responsibility as well.

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Well, I’m not one to celebrate other people’s misfortune, but what were you thinking lady?

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You’ve probably heard that the US House of Representatives passed a bill to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. The interesting thing about this bill is that babies reaching 20 weeks are pretty much viable if delivered. This means that those difficult cases where the woman’s life is in danger don’t apply. After 20 weeks, you can just deliver the baby and save the mother at the same time. So that argument becomes moot.

Yet, pro-aborts are vociferously opposed to this bill. Let’s rephrase that to make sure we understand the implications. Say we have a woman at 23 weeks pregnancy. The pro-aborts would rather that this woman go to a clinic and have the baby killed instead of going to a clinic and have the baby delivered and given for adoption. How extreme and ideological can you be?

The scary thing is that President Obama is part of this extreme group. He has threatened to veto this bill if it ever reaches his desk. Here’s what Fr. Frank Pavone of Priest for Life had to say about Obama: Read the rest of this entry »

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A great witness by retired Baltimore Ravens center Matt Birk, who won the Superbowl a few months ago:

“I have great respect for the office of the presidency but about five or six weeks ago, our president made a comment in a speech and he said, ‘God bless Planned Parenthood,’” Birk, a former Minnesota Viking, told a local Minnesota sports blog . “I’m very confused by [Obama's] statement,” he explained. “For God to bless a place where they’re ending 330,000 lives a year? I just chose not to attend.”

Birk said he’s a pro-life Roman Catholic. “Planned Parenthood performs about 330,000 abortions a year,” he said. “I couldn’t endorse that in any way.” (Source)

God bless Matt Birk.

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It’s all part of the Obama master plan:

  • First, unleash the IRS hounds on your political opponents.
  • Then, abuse your power by strip-searching the media.
  • Send to FBI to investigate pro-life groups as if they were terrorists.
  • Turn the army from a fighting machine into a sensitivity-training camp.

You see the pattern? This President is so oppressive. Americans should wake up fast. It’s not as though he deserves to be in power because he’s doing an awesome job on the economy, either.

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Obama’s oppressive thuggery is kicking into high gear.

After what happened in Boston, you’d think the FBI would be focusing their resources on real terrorists, eh?

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Last week, the Wall Street Journal ran several great editorials on the IRS scandal in the US. One article presented the sad irony of the Administration’s defence strategy against the scandal.

President Obama’s former senior adviser, David Axelrod, told MSNBC recently that his guy was off the hook on the IRS scandal because “part of being President is there’s so much beneath you that you can’t know because the government is so vast.”

In other words, the bigger the federal government grows, the less the President is responsible for it. Mr. Axelrod’s remarkable admission, and the liberal media defenses of Mr. Obama’s lack of responsibility, prove the tea party’s point that an ever larger government has become all but impossible to govern. They also show once again that liberals are good at promising the blessings of government largesse but they leave its messes for others to clean up.


If the President isn’t accountable, then we really have the tea party nightmare of the runaway administrative state accountable to no one. If Mr. Obama and his aides are to be taken at their word, that is exactly what we have. (Source)

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From 2001 to 2003, when Barack Obama was a senator in Illinois, he voted against and eventually managed to kill a bill that would have banned the killing of babies born alive during a botched abortion — the type of post-birth killing Gosnell was doing.

Although Obama claimed the bill had deficiencies, his lies were eventually debunked so he had to change his excuse for voting against the bill.

Read the whole story about the Aborter-In-Chief here.

Do you still think Obama is mainstream?

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More here.

The good news is only liberals and the brain-damaged would swallow this crap.

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Religious Freedom is an important issue.  But, it’s the WRONG defense in the fight over Obama’s mandate.

And here is a perfect explanation why that is so, found in one of the comments in this YouTube clip:

“…As you may know Jehovah Witnesses do not believe in blood transfusions.  Do you think a Jehovah Witness business owner should be allowed to deny blood transfusions to their employees?”

How would we answer that from a purely religious freedom perspective?  Not very well. We only win, ultimately, on the SUBSTANCE of the issue at hand which means getting into the nitty gritty of the morality of things.

Blood transfusions are morally licit.  Contraceptives are not.  If we convince people of these truths, we win.

We will never win on the basis of religious freedom alone.  It’s a waste of time.

Something tells me that God is going to take down 2 huge problems in the Church today:  contraception and a false idea of religious freedom.  I don’t know how He’s going to do it, but I have a strong belief that that’s what going down here is some mysterious way.

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Hey, Pete, have you ever thought of the unborn child as a person?

Here, Pete, check this out.  Obama has been the most pro-abortion President in the history of the U.S.

But the Unborn don’t count, right?  Just like the Jews didn’t count.  It’s all about messy definitions of who qualifies as a person, and who deserves protection and who doesn’t.  You’d think that you’d have figured that out by now, Pete, since you’ve belonged to the Consensus media all these years.  Everything, as you know, is all about being relative to the definitions and boundaries we place on things, Pete.

Now consider Obama’s record concerning the Unborn and compare that to what Stalin and Hitler did to the undesirables in their era.

“Uncle Joe” and Hitler had “noble” intentions too….they just didn’t let humanity stand in their way.

And don’t worry, Pete, you’ll never get 11 billion reading what you have to say like Drudge has.  The Consensus Media never really think outside of their box. Rarely do they tell the full truth. And are all about pushing an agenda while pretending to be “objective”.  Really, Pete, if it wasn’t for the government funding the CBC…you’d be out of a job because nobody would really care what you have to say.

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Yowzer. Good one!  Let all of the Progressives out there tell us with a straight face how the massive March for Life in the U.S.A. is not a big enough story for the MSM to cover.  They haven’t in the past…and bets are they won’t cover it this year, either.  But that’s a two-edged sword.  The more they ignore, the more we can burn calories.  And the more we burn calories and get into shape, the quicker we win the race. Either way, we’re gonna win, baby, just win!

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Our hope is in Jesus Christ – not in any politician.  The pro-life movement has made extraordinary gains in the last few years in a number of individual States. That trend will continue.

Today’s a new day. We keep our eye fixed on the prize and remember that politicians come and go.  Switching leaders does not win the game.  Changing the culture does win the game, and we have as much opportunity in that arena as our opponents do.

God’s ways are not our ways and we have to be content that where one door closes, others are opened.  Despite what the mockers of God might believe, our prayers were answered last night, just not in the way we think.  God has focussed our strategy in other arenas so that, when the time comes, our victory will be secured in His time and not ours.  For all we know, Romney’s election could have displaced a better man for the job in 2016 and ruined everything.  Besides, perhaps the establishment Republicans will have learned a lesson with their “moderate” choices of McCain and Romney.

Flipping Obama a bone in a dead-duck presidency is not exactly a huge concession, and the Church is not likely to fall back asleep.

Our hope is in Christ, not in political messiahs.

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Please vote yes it was right to cancel the Catholic Education Pimping for Obama trip.

Ask any of those students who they would be voting if they were American citizens, and they will tell you quite openly, “Obama”.  Ask them if it mattered to them if they were doing a little campaigning for Obama when they were down there and not simply being “observers”, they would tell you, “No, we’d quite enjoy it”.

And, that, my dear friends is the ultimate indictment of the pseudo-Catholic education of the pseudo-Catholic system.  It’s also an indictment on Church leadership over the past 50 years.  A greater disaster could hardly have ever been imagined.

In the private sector, when you fail at your job, you get fired.  Unfortunately, the Catholic bishops of this province and this country will never be held accountable by anyone except when they die. 

But, when that happens – boy oh boy, there’s going to be one hell of an accounting to be had.

There’s no free lunch for Bishops who refuse to discipline and take responsibility for the flock, or for anyone who votes for politicians who push the murder of the unborn child.

Did you catch what McGuinty said on this fiasco?  What will you hear from the Bishops of this Province or the Archdiocese of Ottawa?  Absolutely nothing (or as good as)…as has been the standard fare for the past 50 years as Kennedy Catholic politicians have effectively defined the Faith for a generation of pliable Catholics.  Dad’s missing in action and Big Brother is running the show.  It’s a disgrace.

Everyone will be held accountable.  And there are eternal consequences to voting for an Obamanation.

You have been forewarned.  Think about it.

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LSN scores in the MSM.

If what LSN alleges wasn’t true, why was the trip cancelled?  Things don’t get cancelled unless there is truth in the report.

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…Most leaders have not been acting as though there really is an ongoing and expanding slaughter of innocents. And this attitude (with some notable exceptions) has been sustained for 40 years. We must not be getting it right after all these years. Why are we always so serious about abortion, euthanasia, the spread of the gay culture and all that?…

Precisely.  This disconnect between the person and what they politically represent has to end.  I’m all for loving the sinner and hating the sin, just like the next guy.  But I’m also very aware that the sinner wants to use the Church to destroy what the Church teaches.  Sometimes, separating the sin from the sinner isn’t that easy to do, especially when the sinner thinks the sin should be imposed on the Church.

Barring some huge wake-up call for the Church, we’re going to have to wait for another generation (or even two) before the new evangelization gets off the ground.

With the exception of our Popes and a smattering of bishops and cardinals here and there, we’re not batting so well.

Cardinal Dolan needs to relearn the virtue of prudence.

But with decisions like this, are we really that surprised that the Church is in the State that it is? C’mon. Let’s get serious.

I guarantee you that millions of unborn children will never smile and laugh like ++Dolan did at his Social Justice Banquet, thanks to his “honourable” dinner guest - the most powerful pro-abortion human being on the planet and in the history of the world.

There’s a good chance that ++Dolan’s successor won’t be able to attend the Al Smith Dinner because…uh…he’ll be in jail.  But let’s not let a good time go to waste!  Let’s not make this personal, shall we?  We’re all professionals here.

And what’s there to laugh about, precisely?

I can’t help but notice the great “here-we-go-again” moment between social justice and pro-life.  Once again, the Catholic Church’s bureaucracy and its duped hierarchy is stepping on the bodies of dead babies (or as good as) in order to further the goals of “social justice”.  It’s a theme we’ve seen repeated over and over and over again for the past 40+ years.

Please pray that Rome starts to wake up to this fact and start appointing men who were born after 1960 to the episcopacy.

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