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Sad. Very Sad.

Mike, in case you read this post, here are four things you need to ‘git:

1.  Please stop the pornography of victimology that you fraudulently try to trump up, creating a caricature based on the gay fantasy of your opponents.  It’s really becoming a source of fatigue.  You know, as crazy as it sounds, people can actually disagree with you without being hatey-haters.  Shocking but true!

2.  No one claimed you were “intimidated” into buying the Gay line.    You are simply in a difficult situation, having to choose between a close family member or friend and the Truth. You chose the former.  We’ll keep praying for  you, but please understand that your choice has consequences (Matthew 10:37).

3.  You cannot evolve on this “single subject” because this “single subject” – if you are honest – will force you to accept other sins which the Catholic Church categorically rejects.

4.  “Sin” and “disorder” are indeed ugly terms, but that doesn’t mean they should not be used.  The Catechism uses them a lot  – especially in talking about homosexual acts.  Have you heard of the Catechism, Mike? It’s a big book which John Paul II called a “sure norm for teaching the Faith”.  Check it out some time.

By the way, if you must carry on about your new evolution, please be so kind as to distance and disclaim any association with Catholic teaching on the subject.  I trust that you still value integrity.  We expect you to show it.

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Pope Benedict – a hero of the Catholic Church.

Remember what the New York Times did to him?  Won’t ever forget that one.

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….to declare Mandela a saint!

Via Catholic Register.

It really is an astounding thing and shows in a crystal clear fashion how the vast majority of the institutional and professional Catholics in the Church simply do not put any sort of moral weight on abortion or those who advocated for it. 

Is it any wonder why we have not made any headway in society with abortion?  It’s because the Catholic Church, its leadership and its Press are the REAL PROBLEM.  They have to be evangelized first.  They have to be confronted first.  They have to be challenged first and asked quite simply just why the hell are they canonizing and blowing daffodils and roses up the ying yangs of pro-abortion politicians?

Do the bodies of unborn children mean so little to them that they cannot reflect for a moment on what they are doing?  Can they not see that their words of unqualified praise for a pro-abortion politician have cheapened human life and given scandal?

You see, folks, it’s all quite simple.  There is no hesitation for the the go-along gang to trample over the unborn in a rush to get to the parade of the next secular saint.  Whether it’s Jack Layton or Nelson Mandela, when the time is right and their partners in the secular press say “let’s all give praise and thanksgiving for a great man of human rights!”, everybody in officialdom grabs their violins and tambourines because it’s time for a parade, man! 

Everybody luuuuuuuuuuuuves a parade, even if that parade path is lined with the innocent corpses of unborn childrenBut don’t the balloons and floats look marvelous, darling?

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Now we all know why Popes should not do interviews with liberal reporters or engage in too many off-the-cuff chats.

In future, prepared texts only or unscripted remarks in public, if you please.


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I sure ain’t defending Rob Ford, but I know a double standard when I see one.

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Times are changing. Fox News has gone libertarian.  They’re just economic conservatives now I guess…or at least that’s the way it’s trending.. Yawn.

Well, I guess IgniteTV has picked up another demographic – U.S. Conservatives – that wasn’t there before.  Fun times ahead.


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The latest poll shows that only 36% of Republicans and 34% of Independents support a strike on Syria, while the percentage among Democrats has risen to 55%.

This debunks another media myth that Republicans are always the ones that want war.

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He didn’t fail to cover it.  He was just doing what the media normally does.  Ignore it if it hurts. Broadcast if they can score points.


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 Sun News Network’s bid to be carried on basic cable across Canada was rejected by the country’s communications regulator today after it said the network failed to “clearly demonstrate its exceptional nature”, a move that could jeopardize the future of the network. (Source)

This is just another reason why we need another Conservative “TV” station in Canada.  The liberal machination of the CRTC and the rest of the corrupt media establishment are never going to play by the same rules.  Therefore, we need to create our own rules and play outside of the box.

And that’s what we’re gonna do too.  It’s called IgniteTV.  I hope you will all support it.  We’re gonna kick some ass, but we’ll need your boots to do it.

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The Left’s oppressive streak keeps rearing its ugly head. This time it’s a disabled journalist in PEI that’s being hounded by the CBC. The Left is typically friendly to groups supporting the disabled. But in this case, the journalist exposed media bias on the part of the CBC, among other things, which turned him into an enemy of the State.

CBC Blocks Human Rights Hearing

The CBC has filed a court application in the PEI Supreme Court to stop a Human Rights Panel hearing into a complaint of disability discrimination against a local journalist with a disability.


PRLog (Press Release) - Jun. 18, 2013 - The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, a publicly funded broadcaster, has filed a court application in the Supreme Court of Prince Edward Island to stop a Human Rights Panel hearing into a complaint of disability discrimination against a local journalist living with a disability.

Stephen Pate, an internet journalist, filed a complaint against CBC News producer Donna Allen and other members of the Press Gallery of the PEI Legislature after they took away his press pass in October 2009. Read the rest of this entry »

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The National Post is worried about new poll results on the Rob Ford controversy. They should be:

Respondents were presented with two options: that the “alleged video showing Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine with drug dealers … exists and is real”; or that it’s “just a hoax and part of a conspiracy by the Mayor’s opponents to discredit him.” Fully 45% chose the hoax/conspiracy option. Meanwhile, 49% said they believed Mr. Ford when he said he “does not smoke crack cocaine”; and 49% agreed, either “strongly” or “somewhat,” that “this is another example of a persistent agenda by the Toronto Star and other media outlets to bring [Mr. Ford] down because they don’t like his agenda.” Read the rest of this entry »

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By squeaker

By now you’ve all heard about the controversy brewing around Rob Ford, the mayor of Toronto. I won’t take any position on whether Rob Ford is a good mayor or even if he’s used crack or not. But I will comment on due process.

The Globe and Mail severely crossed the line on Friday when they published an article by Chris MacDonald, who says that Rob Ford must resign now even if he’s innocent. Why? Basically because the controversy has grown so much that it’s a full-blown crisis.

This is very disturbing from Canada’s biggest national newspaper. Just take a step back and look at what has happened in this whole controversy:

  • First, the leftist media cooked up a story without providing a shred of evidence.
  • They then proceeded to speak of nothing else for two weeks and whipped Toronto into a frenzy, thus manufacturing a crisis
  • They then conclude that since there’s a crisis, Ford must resign even if he’s innocent. Read the rest of this entry »

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Well, I think that little statistic says it all. The March for Life number is the RCMP estimate of the March’s size which is inaccurate and wrong.  However, for the purpose of this exercise, it will serve to highlight what everyone who has an appreciation of reality will concede.  The chart above shows – in a crystal clear presentation – the obvious media bias in this country.  The other stories listed below the March got major media attention (some of which because it fit the media meme), and yet, even by the reported numbers listed above, the March had 3 times the size of its next competitor and it got virtually ignored.

Like good Socialists, the mainstream media in this country thinks it can continue to either ignore or distort the truth in reporting about the pro-life momentum in this country.  They have this sort of god-like idea that there will be no consequences to them or their profession.  They’ve married themselves to the abortion ideology and, come hell or highwater, they’re going to be buried with it when (not if) abortion goes does down in this country. 

What’s good for the Goose is going to be good for the Gander.  One day very soon the media establishment is going to wake up in this country and realize that they’ve become irrelevant in their reporting and become the ghetto where the brainwashed end up.

If they think that SunNews will be their only competitor, they’re going to be in for a big surprise.  Things are in the works now to make them even more irrelevant than they are.

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Well, folks, here we go again.  After modest gains in the past few years of coverage for the March for Life, if you visit the websites of the CBC, Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, CTV News, you’ll find bupkis on coverage for the March — or close to it. 

This is very bizarre.  It’s 11AM on the day after the March and what do we hear?  Yesterday, Sandy Rinaldo’s lead story was about the Senators’ expense claims.

What are we to make of this?  Well, the most logical explanation is that the Media are sensing a real shift on the abortion question and that’s why they are putting the lid on covering it.  In years past, they would cover it but try to spin it.  But for this year’s March, they have realized that the topic of Female Gendercide and the huge numbers that turned out are too much of a risk to the pro-abort establishment.

Does anyone really believe that if 25,000 people showed up on Parliament Hill for any other issue which did not threaten their sacred cow of abortion or any other secular sacrament that they would not be covering it around the clock?  Pulease. We all know the answer to that.  100 anarchists show up for any of their pet causes and it’s a major media frenzy to get the word out, man!

This is so pathetic that it’s embarrassing.

I don’t think they understand that every time they pull a stunt like this, they become that much more irrelevant.  But like all good socialists, they refuse to acknowledge that failing to live up to one’s responsibilities has consequences.

The CBC truck showed up and was there the whole March, but for some strange reason, their filming and other equipment wasn’t working so well.

I seriously considered filing a complaint with the CBC Ombudsman before the March happened because I knew this was going to play out…like it did in 2011 – except in 2011, the CBC actually covered the event.  This year, the CBC and the rest of the liberal MSM soiled themselves at the prospect of covering the largest annual political rally in this country’s history.

CBC’s “Truth Truck” at the March for Life in 2011:

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There was a march in Washington in support of traditional marriage. The Washington Post wrote: “A thousand or more demonstrators were in this festival, chanting and cheering the gay-rights speakers — crowding out the few dozen opponents of gay marriage who stood, sullen and surrounded…”

Watch the video for yourself and tell me if it’s just a few dozen.

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Great article from Henninger in the Wall Street Journal:

Somehow it became a conventional view in contemporary American politics that it is non-urban conservatives who in every case have to accommodate their beliefs to a national culture created by people who live somewhere else. “They” must adjust on abortion, guns, school prayer, sexual mores and all the rest of it. Liberals, meanwhile, not only feel no need to concede anything but use the commanding heights of the press and academia to define anyone who dissents from their ever-evolving national culture as a political fringe obsessed with people, one might say, who aren’t like them.


Political correctness—the silent code that decides whose side of the story gets elevated and whose side gets buried—has been a blunt but effective weapon, which the dominant liberal culture has used to achieve a lot of victories over “them” the past 40 years. But the wins have come at a price. That price is the return of an unmistakable, growing and potentially destabilizing bitterness in American politics.

A fairer-minded media would be the best way to level the playing field. Absent that, our politics will be leveled by other means. What the major media think then, if they’re still around, won’t matter. (Source)

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… but your gut already knew, right? See the story from Fox here.

Yet, the consensus media is once again very quiet about the subject. Surprise surprise. They won’t give you the facts because you might just go out and develop your own opinion. We can’t have that. Only the consensus opinion is allowed.

A number of American Islamic groups have publicly denounced the attack. Good. But we need a lot more than denunciations whenever a bomb goes off. What’s more important is what happens in between terror attacks, when every mosque should be pounding home the message that terrorism is not part of Islam.

While it’s true that only a minority of Muslims approve of these violent acts, that small group is doing an awful lot of damage. The two terror suspects in Boston had been living in the US for quite some time and were worshiping at a local mosque. So there was plenty of opportunity for them to hear about the peaceful Islam. Did they? This doesn’t mean that the local mosque is to blame, of course. They can’t read minds and couldn’t know the intentions of the two suspects. But the roots of Jihadism run deep in Boston. Remember that two of the planes that crashed on 9/11 took off from Boston. There appears to be an active jihadist network there.

If the world is ever to be rid of Islamic terrorism, the solution will likely have to come from within Islam, with the moderates converting the radicals. Jihadists certainly won’t listen to Christians or secular politicians. Only moderate Muslims have a chance at reaching them.

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The Gosnell story keeps taking the most unexpected twists.

The latest comes from Snopes, that website specializing in investigating weird stories and urban legends to determine if they’re true or a hoax. I guess many people had been reading about Gosnell on the web but hadn’t seen anything in the media, so they starting inquiring from Snopes if this was a hoax or not. Snopes finally posted a lengthy article confirming that the story is true.

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There’s a great song by Switchfoot called Selling the News, from their album Vice Verses (2011). Very à propos in light of the Gosnell non-coverage. My favourite line:

When nothing is sacred, there’s nothing to lose
When nothing is sacred, all is consumed
We’re still on the air, it must be the truth
We’re selling the news

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But I understand why my readers suspect me, and other pro-choice mainstream journalists, of being selective—of not wanting to cover the story because it showcased the ugliest possibilities of abortion rights. The truth is that most of us tend to be less interested in sick-making stories—if the sick-making was done by “our side.”

Of course, I’m not saying that I identify with criminal abortionists who kill infants and grievously wound their patients. But I am pro-choice.

What Gosnell did was not some inevitable result of legal abortion. But while legal abortion was not sufficient to create the horrors in Philadelphia, it was necessary. Gosnell was able to harm so many women and babies because he operated in the open.

… If I think about it for a moment, there are obviously lots of policy implications of Gosnell’s baby charnel house. How the hell did this clinic operate for seventeen years without health inspectors discovering his brutal crimes? Are there major holes in our medical regulatory system? More to the point, are those holes created, in part, by the pressure to go easy on abortion clinics, or more charitably, the fear of getting tangled in a hot-button political issue? These have clear implications for abortion access, and abortion politics.

… Moreover, surely those of us who are pro-choice must worry that this will restrict access to abortion: that a crackdown on abortion clinics will follow, with onerous white-glove inspections; that a revolted public will demand more restrictions on late-term abortions; or that women will be too afraid of Gosnell-style crimes to seek a medically necessary abortion. (Source)

It’s a whole new game in town, folks, a whole new game in town.  Where ever abortion is, we need to stick Kermit’s face to it.  Identity politics.  If the glove fits, you must convict.

The hand wringing will continue for some time into the future.  We simply cannot let this opportunity go by.  It cannot simply be about one case, but about ALL abortion cases.

Because ALL abortions are gruesome. ALL abortions kill an innocent human being. ALL abortions are always wrong.


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