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We can take heart from what we see happening now in the pro-life movement.  Back in the early 1970’s, just before the Court issued its infamous Roe vs. Wade ruling, public support for abortion was growing rapidly.  And as with marriage redefinition today, a generation gap opened up in the polls, leading many to predict that opposition to abortion would literally die off.  That was the future; before long, it would not even be an issue.  Instead, something unexpected happened.  A relatively small band of faithful believers held the line on the sanctity of human life in the womb, and today, two generations later, the pro-life movement is flourishing like never before.  We now have the most pro-life generation of young adults since the infamous Roe decision.  People have figured out that it is a human life that is within the mother’s womb, and that abortion, yes, really does harm women; they’ve figured out that it’s good to cherish that human life and surround the mother with love and support so a truly happy choice can be made, the choice for life. People, too, will figure out that a child comes from a father and a mother, and it’s good for the child to be connected to his or her father and mother.  These truths may seem obvious to us, but they aren’t to everyone while in the heat of controversy.  They will figure out this truth about marriage, though, because it, too, is in our nature, and it is a key to individual and societal flourishing.  All we have to do is look around and see that our society is broken and hurting in so many ways; there is so much work to do to fix it and bring healing.  Yes, it is very complex, and many different things need to be done: we need to fix our economy; we especially need to pay a living wage to working class families; we need to fix our broken immigration system; we need to improve our schools, especially those that are failing children from poorer families.  Yes, we need to do all this and more.  But none of these solutions will have a lasting effect if we do not rebuild a marriage culture, a culture which recognizes and supports the good of intact families, built on the marriage between a man and a woman committed to loving faithfulness to each other and to their children.  No justice, no peace, no end to poverty, without a strong culture of marriage and the family.  This noble cause is a call to love we cannot abandon, that we will not give up on, and that in the end we know will triumph.

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Fr. Z has the scoop.

Let’s hope that by the time Rome convenes the Synod, the whole gutting of marriage train gets derailed.

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Pope Paul VI was considered a weak Pope by many in Traditionalist circles in the Church – and not just because of the reform of the Liturgy.  However, I think he’s given a bad rap in many respects.  Check this out:

The word of God is the message that we proclaim; it is the criterion of our preaching; it is light and direction for the lives of our people. We have no hope outside of God’s word. Apart from it, there are no valid solutions to the problems of our day. The faithful preaching of God’s word-in all its purity, with all its exigencies, in all its power-constitutes the highest priority of our ministry, because all else depends on this. Aware of its relevance in our day, we do not hesitate to repeat the solemn charge Paul made to Timothy with apostolic seriousness and with great simplicity and confidence: “Before God and before Christ Jesus . . . I put this duty to you . . . . proclaim the message and, welcome or unwelcome, insist on it. Refute falsehood, correct error, call to obedience-but do all with patience and with the intention of teaching” (2 Tim. 4, 1-2). And with a realistic awareness of certain challenges today to Catholic teaching, not least of which is in the field of sexual morality, we add: “Far from being content with sound teaching, people will be avid for the latest novelty and collect themselves a whole series of teachers according to their own tastes; and them, instead of listening to the truth they will turn to myths. Be careful always to choose the right course; be brave under trials; make the preaching of the Good News your life’s work, in thoroughgoing service” (2Tim. 4, 3-5).

Brethren, these words are a whole program of apostolic charity. They are the expression of love, and when followed, they constitute a great pastoral service to our people. They were an inspiration to John Neumann; they were a holy challenge to every Bishop who ever lived. They represent fidelity to Jesus Christ, and to all his words, which are indeed “spirit and life” (Io. 6, 63). The most profound pastoral understanding, the deepest human compassion exist only in fidelity to God’s word. There is no division, no dichotomy, no opposition between God’s commands and our pastoral service. If all the exigencies of the Christian message are not preached, our apostolic charity is incomplete. (Source)

The bishops of the Church should heed well Pope Paul VI’s admonition as they gather in Rome to discuss marriage and the family later on this year.  In particular, they should pay particular attention to the Pope’s teaching that there is no division between doctrine and “pastoral service”.  How could there be?  The fact that we are even contemplating this BS as a legitimate option is completely idiotic.  This is particularly important given the ruminations of Cardinal Kasper who wants to drive a Mack truck through them and separate doctrine from practice.  Don’t buy the pastoral solution baloney.  John Paul II condemned this idea in Veritatis Splendor:

A separation or even an opposition, is thus established in some cases between the teaching of the precept, which is valid in general, and the norm of the individual conscience, which would in fact make the final decision about what is good and what is evil.  On this basis, an attempt is made to legitimize so-called “pastoral” solutions contrary to the teaching of the Magisterium, and to justify a “creative” hermeneutic according to which the moral conscience is in no way obliged, in every case, by a particular negative precept. No one can fail to realize that these approaches pose a challenge to the very identity of the moral conscience in relation to human freedom and God’s law. Only the clarification made earlier with regard to the relationship, based on truth, between freedom and law makes possible a discernment concerning this “creative” understanding of conscience. (VS, 55)

Bishops!  Remember your promise to hold fast to the Gospel!

H/T Toronto Catholic Witness

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I predict God will send a holy bishop to Pope Francis that will save our collective arse in the end.

However, the last time “expectations were raised”, it was the 60s and the topic was contraception.  We all know how that turned out.

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“My question – not a solution, but a question – is this: Is absolution not possible in this case? And if absolution, then also Holy Communion?

He asserted that “there are many themes, many arguments in our Catholic tradition that could allow this way forward.”

It was at this point that the cardinal stated that the average Christian is not meant for heroism.

Saying that for divorced and remarried persons to live and brother and sister is heroic, he added that “people must do what is possible in their situation.” (Source)


To answer your question, your Eminence, let me offer these remarks:

1.  No. A divorced and “remarried Catholic” cannot be absolved in their sin until they turn away from the relationship they are in and renounce it.  It would be tantamount to an imposter insisting that absolution be granted to him, but he still refuses to renounce his deceitful ways and believes it is a legitimate way of life.  This concerns basic moral theology and logic, but sadly today among the Princes of the Church, all that glitters is apparently not gold.  Where precisely did these theologians go to school?

2. The remarks about heroism say more about what the Cardinal believes about his own ministry more than it does about what a Catholic is called to.

3.  Cardinal Kasper appears to accept “situational ethics” – a basic moral error expounded by the great heretics of bygone centuries.

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That’s what Matt says.

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As many of you know, Jim Flaherty recently passed away.  By all accounts, he was very much respected as a person and a politician.  From all of the condolences and praises offered about him,  it is pretty clear that he was a pretty remarkable man.  As a Finance Minister, I think he was one of Canada’s best, and Canadians owe him a great deal of thanks for his steady hand in steering us through the financial collapse of 2008.

However, because he was a public official and politician, it behooves us to, while acknowledging his many accomplishments (and they were many, both public and private), consider a few things from a perspective of Faith which, in the end, is really all that matters. Read the rest of this entry »

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Story here.

I think we have a real possibility of a major rebound happening once Kasper and the liberals are defeated.

The Church will never accept what Kasper is proposing….never.

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Rome ( / KNA) Ignorance of Catholic doctrine among bishops and theologians is in the opinion of Cardinal Walter Brandmüller (photo), the main reason for the current “chaos” in the Church. Given the internal Church debate on marriage and family the “unadulterated Catholic doctrine” is in danger, said the German cardinal and ecclesiastical historian of the Italian newspaper “Il Foglio” (Thursday).

I’m sure glad I didn’t say this.  You know, ’cause I wouldn’t want to be described as a reactionary or somethin’. :roll:

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Cardinal Müller: I’m not involved as a private theologian, but it is in this function, the CDF is indeed the only one of the Roman congregations, which immediately has a share in providing the Magisterium of the Pope, while others who register here, even if they are of the cardinal rank,  are simply speaking personally for themselves and not to make an official statement.

Tastes great. Less filling.   Talk about a dress-down.  Ooooo-ah.

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Cardinal Ruini was also very critical.  He [also]added: “I don’t know if I understood well, but at this moment, about 85% of the Cardinals have expressed opinions apparently contrary to the layout  of the report.”  He added that among those who did not say anything  -  therefore could not be classified – he took from their silence that: “I believe they are embarrassed”.

Let Cardinal Kasper have clenched teeth all he wants.  He’ll have to answer to the Lord for even suggesting “Adultery-by-any-other-name” as an option.  The fact that this man was even given a platform – even for a second – to discuss his pet issue from the 1970s is very disturbing.

Still…we have to give thanks that 85% are against his heretical opinion while the other 14% are too embarrassed to say anything.

Here’s the gong which Socon or Bust has been bonging for some time now:

Cardinal Ruini:  “It would be a fatal mistake” to  follow the pastoral approach without referring to doctrine.

Like no kidding.  Almost every liberal impetus these days in the Church is ass-backwards.  The pastoral approach is supposed to be BUILT on DOCTRINE, the teaching of Christ.  You cannot have an opposite pastoral approach from doctrine…otherwise you simply look like a fool and a hypocrite.


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I think this kind of frank talk is long needed.

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At long last, we find a bit of spine (and logic) in some of the faithful Cardinals in Rome.

Speak now.  And do it with the full vigour and responsibility that your office demands!

Fight dammit and blast the stupid diplomacy and deference.  There’s way too much at stake!

The work of the Devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, and bishops against other bishops.  – Akita (approved apparition)

Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that if marriage were overturned tomorrow, the vast majority of the Episcopacy in this country wouldn’t bat an eye?  Rolling with the punches is a phrase I just can’t get out of my head in that eventuality.  You know, for the sake of our faux unity for pastoral sensitivity. 

Speaking of practical and – ahem – “pastoral” effects, I wonder how all those dolt Catholics who forsook second “marriages” for the sake of the Kingdom are going to feel?  Maybe, instead of the useless and stupid surveys the Vatican is collecting these days, it can take a real one and learn what the effect of this disastrous diddling is going to do with REAL faithful Catholics who live celibate lives after broken marriages.  What about them and their sacrifices?

What do we say in response?  Ah well, sorry about that.

I remember hearing from one young man recently – rock solid Catholic – when I pointed out the shenanigans going on in Rome.  “If they do that”, he says, “I’m leaving.”  Just like that.  No apology or excuse or fraudulent “nuance”.   It’s not all lovely roses that Kardinal Kasper is proposing, you know.

I told him not to worry, but I am now starting to wonder if the regular Joe Six-Pack really buys the distinction between doctrine and a largely fraudulent pastoral sexual provision.  It’s a hard sell, and frankly, I’m not going to be the salesman for it, either.

I’m sure many of my contemporaries share my sentiment:  You’re on your own, boys. 

Eucharist, Confession, Last Rites and then exit stage right for me.  And it’s really going to do wonders for the NU Evangelization, donchaknow.

So, uh, what exactly are we converting to now that doesn’t already exist in the greater culture for all intents and purposes?

As for the rest, Bob’s your uncle and where’s the nearest pub?

This man’s canonization can’t come none too soon.  Don’tknowwhatchagottillitsgone.


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BERLIN (AP) — The new leader of Germany’s Roman Catholic bishops is signaling support for allowing some divorced but remarried Catholics to receive Communion after a “penitential period.”

Cardinal Reinhard Marx, who also sits on a panel that helps advise Pope Francis on Vatican reform, was elected Wednesday to head the German Bishops’ Conference.

Church teaching holds that unless their first marriage is annulled, remarried Catholics can’t receive Communion or other sacraments. The church is now discussing anew how to handle such cases.

In an interview with the Welt am Sonntag newspaper released Saturday, Marx cited a prominent theologian’s proposal that “divorced people who recognize their failure can, after a penitential period, seek readmission to the sacraments.” He’s quoted as saying cardinals’ reactions were varied but he personally considers it “a viable path.” (Source)

It’s not a coincidence that as contraception has become a byword in the Catholic Church so too is marriage to become it – not in terms of doctrine, but as part of the whole “pastoral shtick” floating around in Rome these days.  And the wedge between what the Church formally teaches and what the Church formally practices is driven wider and wider apart.  It’s the new heresy for our days.

I call it….

The Two-Faced Heresy.  Trying hard to believe Pope Francis will squash it.  Really. trying. hard. to. believe. it.

We are becoming as Catholics – not as light to the world, but rather the consummate….


Perhaps it’s time that Pope Francis spend less time in trying to remove the sliver of petty gossip among the courtiers in Rome, and instead focus on the log in the eyes of his favourite Cardinals who are trying to destroy the very basis of civilization and the foundation of Church life which is the family and marriage.


My dear friends, we are here today to affirm the goodness of marriage. We are here to affirm and recognize the inherent dignity of the human body and the complimentary nature of men and women in marriage. We are here to admit the necessity of respecting our own basic humanity. We are not here because of hate – we are here because of love. Love for our country. Love for our children. Love for our faith. Love for our family. Love for freedom. And yes, even love for our opponents. But love does not say “yes” when the truth says “no”.

 My fellow Canadians, marriage and freedom are built on the same foundation of truth. If, as a nation, we deny the very union which sustains our country, what hope will we have in defending our country against attacks on civil and religious liberties? If we will not defend marriage, then we will not preserve freedom. If our government can redefine something so basic and timeless as marriage, they can also re-define our freedoms.
If Bill C-38 becomes law, the fundamental cornerstone of our society will have been toppled. And when a nation fails to recognize the most basic objective moral and physiological truths, democracy itself will be emptied of its power so that only an empty shell will remain. And when a strong wind blows, I ask you, what will happen to that empty shell?

My fellow Canadians, at this critical moment in our history when our country is on the brink of moral collapse, all of us are faced with the central question: Shall we defend marriage or shall we retreat? If we retreat to buy a little time, what will become of our freedoms when our opponents seek to dictate what is taught in our schools, our churches, and even our homes? And what will be left for our children and their posterity? What will become of their freedoms? Of their divine right to practice their faith and enjoy their civil liberties? Will we lie to ourselves today and say it won’t impact us because we fear the sacrifices that come with it?

Ladies and gentlemen, this day is not just about Bill C-38 but about us. We need to look inward, and ask ourselves: How much are we prepared to sacrifice for our country? How prepared are we to recommit ourselves to our marriages, to our children, to our churches, and to our communities? The sacrifices to defend our freedoms are not only fought on the battlefields of far off lands, but also within our hearts and resolve. When Monday morning comes and all of the excitement of this day is gone, will you remain steadfast and move today’s conviction into tomorrow’s action? If we leave here today, and fail to transform this culture – politically, socially, and spiritually – this day will have meant very little.

But I sincerely believe that this is not going to happen, because on this day, those of us united here will rise up and defend this nation and its matrimonial heritage against the forces which seek to tear it down. And if we have to go down and lose on this vote and on this issue, then let’s go down together in unity and solidarity, knowing that after death comes resurrection and new life and freedom!

My Canadian brothers and sisters, in the Christian Scriptures, there is an event which Christians refer to as Pentecost. The followers of Jesus are in the upper room. They are afraid. They are timid. And they are somewhat divided. Suddenly a gust of wind descends upon them and they are emboldened to proclaim their Gospel.

Ladies and gentlemen, this day in our nation’s history is our Canadian Pentecost. The Gospel is Marriage. And all of us here – Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, Sikh – indeed all Canadians – are the Apostles of Marriage. And now the time has come for us to stand and defend the good news of marriage as being only the union of one man and one woman. In the words of the Pope John Paul II: Be not afraid.

Thank you and God Bless you all.

April 9, 2005

Audio version here.

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It’s no secret that the greatest cause of poverty today in the Western world is marriage breakdown and the ideological perversion that single parenthood is just as good as the marriage of a man and a woman.

The facts, however, say something quite different.

It’s not politically correct to say that, of course.  But we’re not interested in liberal sensitivities.

Socon or Bust is indeed “one to judge”.  And, we’ll do it, as the Good Lord instructed us to do:

Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly. (John 7:24)

This, however, does not mean that all single parents are to blame. What we are talking about here is the ideology of single parenthood which is pushed as normal. That, and that alone, is what we condemn.

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Real communion and love….with the truth of human biology and physiology to back it up.

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Why You Shouldn’t Sleep With Your Boyfriend

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