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Get your kids out. Now.

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No less the fate for abortionists and their supporters.

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Read below and weep.

Why the hell is the government recommending that kids up to grade four show their genitals to other people and touch the genitals of adults? They’re obviously not talking about the parents because they already bathe their kids and see them naked. So they’re talking about other adults in the kids’ lives.

Tell me something. If a six-year old kid of your acquaintance asks if he/she can show you their genitals, would you say yes? I didn’t think so. What type of adult do you think will take these kids up on their offer? What kind of adult would let the kid touch their own genitals? Exactly. Does the government not realize that they’re inviting pedophiles to take advantage of children under the auspices of a government-endorsed parenting guide?

The kids haven’t even reached puberty and the State wants them looking at porn, masturbating, pretending to be the opposite sex and sticking objects up their rectum? Is this some sick joke?

Forget China. This is state-sanctioned child abuse right here in Canada. The PEI government should be sued. 

Excerpt from the PEI guide:

“Natural and Healthy” behaviours for children up to age five include:

- “Touches the ‘private parts’ of familiar adults and children with hand or body.”
- “Puts something in own genitals or rectum one time for curiosity or exploration.”
- “Plays ‘doctor’ inspecting others’ bodies, including ‘private parts .’”

“Natural and Healthy” behaviours for children up to grade four include:

- “Plays ‘doctor’. The child inspects another child’s body, including ‘private parts’.”
- “Shows others his/her genitals in a private location.”
- “Plays games with same-aged children related to sex and sexuality.”
- Pretends to be opposite gender.
- “Wants to compare genitals with peer-aged friends.”
- “Looks at nude pictures on the Internet, videos, magazines, etc.” (Source)


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It’s not a victimless pursuit.  If you’re watching the smut, you are partly responsible.  Stop it.

That’s someone’s daughter and son.

When I read some of the sad stories on this site, I want to take a bat to the hustlers…but then they are victims too, in their own demented way.

How so very important is a Christian culture to protect the vulnerable. When the culture goes to crap, many people suffer and die needlessly.

God help us for letting this garbage happen.  Shame on us for allowing the left to define sex.

Warning: Video is disturbing and shows explicit (blurred) footage of standard abuse on a porn set.

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…shine again.

So..uh…why do you want to send your kids to these places?  Are you mental?  You want your kids to be taught by whom, precisely?

And so they can get a slick piece of paper that says how clever they are?

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Every year, my family and I venture out to our rented cottage for a week  of some relaxation and fun.  It’s also the week that I have available to actually read a novel.  For me, it’s a nice break from the madness in society and in the Church.

This year, I chose to read a novel by a local writer and journalist, Deborah Gyapong (pronounced ”japong”).  Deborah writes for a few Catholic publications like The Catholic Register and other Christian publications. She’s even a convert from the CBC religion, having spent more than 25 years in TV, print and radio, including 12 years as a producer for the CBC’snews and current affairs programming.

The novel in question is called The Defilers In 2005, it won the Best New Canadian Christian Fiction Award.  Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s time to move in for the kill.

Even the CBC, of all people, is reporting on the public furor over the sex-hibition at the Museum of Science and Technology. Check it out:

Canada’s Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa has raised the age limit for admission to a controversial sex exhibit after dozens of complaints about the content.

As well, animated video informing children about masturbation has been removed.

The moves followed complaints about the exhibit called Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition.

“The museum has received a higher-than-expected amount of expressions of concerns from the public,” spokesman Yves St-Onge told Reuters. (Source)

Reuters? Good grief! You mean the whole world now knows about this? They must think Canadians are a bunch of pervs!

Heritage Minister James Moore spoke out against the exhibit during Question Period, but his spokesman went even further:

Moore’s spokesman, James Maunder, had earlier said the purpose of the Museum of Science and Technology is to foster scientific and technological literacy.

“It is clear this exhibit does not fit within that mandate,” Maunder told CBC News. “Its content cannot be defended, and is insulting to taxpayers.”

My sentiments exactly.

I even saw CBC covering it on TV this evening! Clearly we’ve rocked the boat big time. Give credit to the Ottawa Sun for doing an excellent article on it yesterday, from which I drew inspiration for my complaint to the government.

For those of you that haven’t complained yet, give yourself the satisfaction of dealing the fatal blow. My earlier post gives you the email addresses you need.

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OTTAWA, Ontario, May 17, 2012 ( – Canada’s federal government says a tax-funded “tell-all” sex exhibit at Ottawa’s Museum of Science and Technology “cannot be defended” and they are calling on LifeSiteNews readers to complain to the museum. The raunchy exhibit at Ottawa’s Museum of Science and Technology, which encourages youth to practice anal sex and advertises that 14-year-old children can obtain abortions without parents’ permission, sparked an uproar this week in the run-up to its Thursday opening. One of the sections of the sex exhibit displays dildos covered by condoms. The museum falls under the jurisdiction of the federal government’s Ministry of Canadian Heritage and receives about $30 million per year in funding from taxpayers….(Source)

$30 Million for a Museum that sponsors Condom application over Dildos?  The Conservative Government couldn’t find any more savings in the budget, eh?

We’re in a deficit position, our health care is going down the tubes, our seniors are getting their OAS cut back, people are losing their jobs, and we’re funding how to orgasm?

WTF is this? 

I can tell you something. If I was elected PM, the Dildo enthusiasts, abortion-pushers, and everyone else who makes a living off of sterile orgasm would be on the street without a dime in public funds.

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Here’s my letter to Tony Clement, President of the Treasury Board (, with a c.c. to the Prime Minister ( I suggest our readers point out the abortion connection to the Prime Minister. That’ll get his attention ;-) You can also write to the Heritage Minister, James Moore (

Hon. Tony Clement
President of the Treasury Board

cc. Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Dear Tony,

I appreciate the efforts you’re making to cut unnecessary spending and balance the budget. However, I’m greatly distressed that taxpayer money is being used to fund a sex-hibition at Ottawa’s Museum of Science and Technology. The official name is “Sex: A Tell-all Exhibition”, but the content is very disturbing.

The “Erecto-matic” display contains a felt dissection of part of a limp penis. Press a button and the penis becomes erect. Is this how our hard-earned taxes should be employed?

Then there’s a display with a picture of two girls around the age of 13 pressed together naked, looking at the camera as if the viewer has just discovered them showering. Most normal Canadians would call this child porn. Do you want to be bankrolling this crap?

Then there’s the abortion issue. There are two audio stations where you can press a button to receive an answer from a health professional to a series of prepared questions. One question asks what to do if you’re pregnant with an unwanted child. The woman simply explains that in Quebec you can have an abortion without parental consent at the age of 14. She does not mention adoption. Since when is the federal government in the business of counseling abortions? I thought the Prime Minister didn’t want to talk about abortion?

Tony, even in the best of times this spending would be an outrage.  But at a time when the government is cutting more than $5 billion in annual spending and laying off thousands of public servants, this spending is just plain insulting.

As you know, museums will be flooded with kids on Canada Day, as admission is free and parents have the day off. I trust you can put an end to this disgrace before then.


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From Lilley…

It is a victory for common sense, a victory for the taxpayers.

CBC has gone soft on Hard.

You remember Hard, the pornographic show from France that CBC used your tax dollars to purchase the Canadian rights to. They then posted the program on the Internet because apparently they think there is not enough smut online.

We’ll they have changed course and pulled out of their relationship with French pornographers.

When we broke the story we showed you just a portion of the racy video because when we spoke to people about the fact that CBC was showing porn, many people did not believe us.

Even after we showed the first batch or video, all from one online program, many did not believe us.

Then we showed footage from another episode, this one an orgy. There was little doubt left that CBC, the state broadcaster had turned into filth peddlers. Read more…

Don’t matter. We’re gonna cut you off, anyway.  Sooner or later, the CBC is going to go impotent….forever.

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You would think that when a cabinet minister of any political party was asked about a government body broadcasting pornography and using tax dollars to do that, they might be a little shocked and demand answers.

Not current Conservative MP and Heritage Minister James Moore:  He attacked the messenger.  “I know you’re in the business of just going after the CBC, but I can’t comment on something I haven’t seen,” Moore told QMI Agency reporter Kris Sims when asked about CBC’s French arm showing pornographic material on one of its websites.

First, he’s responsible for CBC, which is using tax dollars to import pornography from France to post on its website. As if the Internet didn’t have enough porn to begin with. By dodging questions and attacking the messenger, Moore is dodging responsibility.

Asking about CBC paying a private firm in France for the rights to broadcast porn on a government-owned website is a legitimate line of questioning.

With Wednesday’s response, he has shown that even when it comes to taxpayers funding smut, he’d rather attack a reporter and a private media outlet than question his cherished state broadcaster. (Source)

It’s a very sad day indeed to see the Conservative Party sink so low that they don’t even have the moral backbone to resist the open, tax-payer funded smut by the porn-pushers at the CBC. We know that Stephen Harper will never, ever open the abortion debate or tackle any social issue that is even remotely contentious.  But failing to deal with state-sponsored porn?  Just how limpy can you be, Steve?  Is this your idea of Canadian culture and fiscal prudence, Mr. Moore?  Blow jobs on our dime? Read the rest of this entry »

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