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I told my wife she shouldn’t have gone to that Conference and left me with the kids. Now look!  Shit, I missed the Spring clearance sale on the new duds.

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This is rich.  Yo!  Your Eminence! We need to check out our own backyard social justice cabal and start moving against it before we start telling everyone that society has a problem.

It’s a bit much….really.

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WE must, therefore, awaken the highest concern for attempts to redefine the understanding of marriage and the family, especially by the advocates of a gender ideology and publicized by certain elements of the media. In view of the increasing attacks of this ideology aimed at different areas of family and social life we feel compelled on one side to firmly and unequivocally stand in defense of the Christian family and the fundamental values ​​that it protects and, on the other, to warn against the dangers of promoting a new type of forms family life.
The gender ideology is the result of decades of ideological and cultural transformation, strongly rooted in Marxism and neo-Marxism, promoted through certain elements of the feminist movement, as well as the sexual revolution. Genderism promotes principles completely contrary to reality and the integral understanding of human nature. It claims that sex – biologically understood – does not have a social basis, and that before all else, it is cultural, which a person may individually fashion and define irrespective of biological determinants. According to this ideology, a person may: determine whether one is a man or a woman; may also freely choose their sexual orientation. This voluntary self-determination, which does not have to remain static, is to lead to a society that accepts the right to create new types of family, for example, built on a union of a homosexual character.


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In Canada, there will be no banning. It’s against the law to stop the Trans from walking all over your rights to pee in freedom.  Fun times ahead for not only conservatives, but even some liberals.  There might be a few who might still feel slightly uncomfortable.

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It won’t work…and we know it won’t work because the whole thing will come crashing down.

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Tolerance for me but not for thee.

You know it was just a matter of time.  The Gender Benders are totalitarian at their core, because at their core, they hate the truth and they hate God.

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…In the wake of the pope’s recent World Day of Peace address and Christmas address affirming that abortion and homosexual ‘marriage’ are incompatible with true peace, Mexico and Spain’s top bishops are seeking to renew the fight for the values of life and family in their countries.

Only days after Pope Benedict XVI released the text of the address, Mexico City’s Cardinal Archbishop Norberto Rivera Carrera held a press conference assuring reporters that the Catholic Church would continue the fight for the values of life and family—values that have been under attack by recent Supreme Court decisions permitting abortion and homosexual “marriage.”

“The Church will continue to proclaim and to follow this doctrine, this truth, this road of family as the unit of the society, of human life as a fundamental right, to those who wish to follow them, and others will follow other roads which we judge to be a way of death,” stated Rivera…. (Source)

It’s not so much what the Cardinal says the Church will continue to proclaim that has got me all excited.

It’s the nasty “judgement” that he makes about the “other roads”.

I’m just dizzy with euphoria over such a proclamation.  It means that the Church Militant is back in the game and unconcerned with offending the secular political establishment, and most especially, the Episcopate is bringing the words and the strut to go along with it.

¡Ándele! ¡Ándele! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba! ¡Epa! ¡Epa! ¡Epa! Yeehaw!

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From a reader….

So apparently 7 years ago the Liberals were defeated and that paved the way for the Conservatives to get in power. But now Conservatives are spending like the Liberals would if no one was watching and supporting crap like the bathroom bill. Most of caucus is opposed but I’m told that the events described in the story below came about because the centre pulled MPs opposed to the bill and put in MPs who support it.

If Conservatives won’t act conservative on fiscal issues, will cut defence spending quicker than cutting the CBC and act like Liberals on social issues then what the hell has the point of the last 7 years been.

I’d rather have a Liberal government that was actually a Liberal government than a “Conservative” one that is Liberal in all but name.

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