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So, now, darlings, you will have to hold #1 and #2 until you get home.  That’s the price of the great new society.

“It begs the question: If a transgendered woman with a penis busts a female Islamic swim class in downtown Toronto, whose human rights take precedence?”  “It was a question I wanted to ask Hall,” Blizzard said. “Sadly, though, she did not want to be interviewed for my column Tuesday. A call to her office elicited the response that Hall said everything she wanted to in her letter.”

How’s that workin’ for ya?

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At last we’ve come to it, the great human rights battle of our age (cue the sarcastic grin). The two poster children of the Human Rights Commissions will duke it out. In one corner, a progressive lesbian. In the other corner, a conservative Muslim. Socon or Bust had been expecting this inevitable clash for a while.

How did it come to this? The story is really simple: Read the rest of this entry »

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It’s pretty sad what today’s youth is becoming. Check out this quick video.

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…So Canada will have GSAs from Niagara to Nunavut; and for the lonely and unsocial, the lumpy and awkward, real bullying will proceed undisturbed in the shadows; and ideologically-compliant faux-bullying will explode, as a generation of children is conscripted into a youth corps of eternal victimhood, alert to every slight, however footling. In New York, where children are bullied with gay abandon, the school board recently proposed banning from its tests 50 hurtful, discriminatory words such as “religious holidays,” “birthdays” and “cigarettes.” From such an environment come a cowed, pliant herd and a cadre of professional grievance-mongers, but not a lot of functioning, freeborn citizens…(Source)

When you’re bought and paid for like the citizens of this culture are, then you’ll believe and do anything the chattering classes tell you to believe and do.

We sell out real freedom for cheap sexual license.  Just what kind of society makes that kind of exchange?

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Censorship Case at Carleton University Heats Up
Carleton University Applies to Strike Pro-Life Lawsuit a Second Time

December 8, 2011. Carleton University has brought a second motion to strike the lawsuit against them put forward by two pro-life Carleton students, Ruth (Lobo) Shaw and John Nicholas McLeod in February 2010. In October 2011, Carleton University had (Lobo) Shaw and McLeod arrested for attempting to exhibit a pro-life display thereby violating the rights of the students to freedom of expression, freedom from discrimination and freedom of security. The Statement of Claim, which is the document initiating the lawsuit, claims that Carleton University is acting as a delegate of the Province of Ontario in providing post-secondary education to the general public. Read the rest of this entry »

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Great quote from Janet Smith:

A woman who sets her rights, the supposed right to privacy or right over her own body, above the life of another human being is saying that a woman’s rights are superior to human rights. She has put herself above the human race, she has made herself the executor over life and death. Is that a woman’s right?

(h/t Catholic Breadbox)


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A few weeks ago, Socon or Bust reported about sportscaster Damian Goddard who was fired by Rogers for tweeting his support of traditional marriage.

A new development has occurred in this case:

TV personality Damian Goddard, who was fired after tweeting his support of the Catholic church’s stance on gay marriage, will file a complaint with the human rights commision against his former employer, Rogers Communications Inc. (Source)

Ha! I couldn’t help but smile on this one. Read the rest of this entry »

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Some sanity here.

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Some very strong wording in this ruling. I don’t blame the judge. The tribunals make the whole justice system look bad. They’re an embarrassment to Canada. They need to be eliminated ASAP.

That’s why we need to vote for Tim Hudak and his Conservatives who have promised to abolish the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal.

Out with McGuinty and his corrupt hacks.

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The Canadian Blood Services is considering lifting the lifetime ban on gay blood donations.

They’d better have irrefutable evidence that they can flawlessly detect any pathogens in a donor’s blood, otherwise we’re gonna have a contaminated blood system. We’ll have to boil the blood before accepting a transfusion.

Don’t let this go down as another instance of political correctness overriding sanity and public safety. Express you concerns today, before your loved ones need a blood transfusion:

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From the you’ve-gotta-be-kidding-me file.

A New Brunswick judge acquitted a francophone man of a drunk-driving-related charge because the police did not offer him the option of being arrested in English, a decision that exposes the challenges in cracking down on impaired driving in Canada’s only bilingual province, where tensions between French and English communities run high.

An RCMP officer found Donat Robichaud passed out at the wheel of his truck in a convenience store parking lot in Shippagan on New Brunswick’s predominantly francophone Acadian Peninsula in June 2007, according to the court ruling.

When the officer woke him, Mr. Robichaud spoke to him in French. He was later charged, in French, with failing to provide a breath sample.

In the French-only ruling, Provincial Court Justice Yvette Finn lambasted the police for not respecting Mr. Robichaud’s rights to be served in the language of his choice, even though he clearly understood French. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives special status to New Brunswick’s bilingualism, rights that are “inviolable,” she wrote. (Source)

So a francophone, who addresses the police in French and is responded to in French, has been “victimized” because they didn’t offer to speak to him in English.

Who are these judges? This phony human rights crap really ticks me off.

This drunk-driver is now a free man. Bravo. What if he gets drunk again and kills somebody in an accident? Will the judge contact the family of the victims and offer them her condolences –in the language of their choice, bien sûr?

Warning to our readers: this blog is written in English and we make no apologies for not offering to translate our posts to any other language. :-)

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This is an insightful piece by Michael Coren.  I think he puts his finger on the precise reason why lefties, who usually get worked up about “human rights violations”, can’t seem to get passionate about the regular mauling of Christians by Muslims:

To criticize an Arab government, to condemn the actions of Muslims, to side with suffering Christians, is seen as playing into the hands of the United States and Israel. It’s a distorted and disturbed logic, but it’s extraordinarily influential. Added to this is the neurotic smugness of a post-Christian society that sees Christianity as the religion of mum and dad, power elites and conservatives. Such people cannot, in the eyes of the typical secular and radicalized North American, be victims. It simply doesn’t fit.

If you want to know the true state of the soul of our society, consider how people get enraged at a professional football player mistreating dogs, but yawn at the news of hundreds of Christians being blown to shreds by Muslims. What does that reveal about the inner thoughts of these so-called progressives? It tells me that they suffer from “selective sympathy”, i.e. they only care for things they like. This might be a natural human inclination, but it doesn’t jive with their “official” stance progressive stance on human rights.

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Here’s a thoughtful piece by Tasha Kheiriddin of the National Post on the story I reported yesterday about the Quebec Human Rights Commission convicting Bombardier for denying  flight training to a suspected terrorist.

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An interesting story broke last week:

A Quebec human rights tribunal has ordered Bombardier to pay more than $300,000 for refusing to train a Canadian pilot whom U.S. transport safety officials had labelled a threat to aviation and national security.

The fine includes $50,000 in punitive damages — the most ever awarded by the tribunal, which also ordered Bombardier to ignore U.S. “standards and decisions” when determining whether a pilot can train in Canada. Read the rest of this entry »

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