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Disturbed Argentinian feminists burn Pope in effigy.

The honeymoon is over.  Like I said, what was the point of getting their hopes up?

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If you can’t get the feminism and lesbianism out of the Girl Guides, show some courage and some class:  leave and start something new.

American Heritage Girls adds Catholic committee

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In a number of interviews Hamberg has expressed her disappointment that not even the top leader of the church will clearly profess a Christian faith but wavers between Jesus and Muhammed.

Still…it’s not all bad news:

The bishop of Lund’s preference for Allah has prompted one of the church’s most preeminent theologians, professor Eva Hamberg, to leave her post as a member of the church’s theological council in protest against bishop Antje Jackelén’s failure to stand behind the Church of Sweden’s profession of faith. As a reaction to what she calls ”the inner secularization of the Church of Sweden”, she has also renounced her position as priest and her membership of the church.

Womyn clericalism just doesn’t work.  Nor does dumping what Christianity is all about.

The Good news is that the Catholic Church will become more and more the only real player in Western Christianity.   All of the national churches and mainline denominations are slouching towards nirvana and Sodom.

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He said that overall his words have been twisted into being anti-woman, when in fact believes his comments to be empowering.  “I see a lot of women without kids, in their 40s, who are miserable and I see a lot of women after they have children saying, ‘what the <expletive> was I doing? Why was I doing fashion PR? I was doing seating plans for a fashion show telling what people sit in what chair. Now I’m shaping human life,’ he explained. (Source)

You go, Hipster! Preach it brother!

McInnes explained that his children — ages 9 months, 5 years, and 7 years — made him believe in God and become pro-life….“It made me religious. I was an atheist most of my life and now I am a God-fearing Catholic, because of the miracle of life. And I’m pro-life,” he said, noting that he used to be pro-choice and became pro-life with the birth of his first child.

On the flip side, McInnes said that men have become less masculine, ironically as a means to get more women. “I think men are becoming beta males because feminists have told them to, but you’ll notice feminists don’t <expletive> those guys,” he said. “I think they are doing this and being submissive…because they are trying to get laid. “If women said men who dress in clown costumes are hot and cool, then they would <expletive> stick a red nose on.”

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“Yeah, mine is 14 now. But I’ve had a career the whole time as well. I can’t imagine being a stay at home mom. I would get so antsy. [Giggles] What does she DO all day?”

I could say something really cute right now, but I have too much respect for women who need to work to help support their families.  Still, this butch needs a two-fer right upside the head…and this guy does it rather well:

It’s true — being a mom isn’t a “job.” A job is something you do for part of the day and then stop doing. You get a paycheck. You have unions and benefits and break rooms. I’ve had many jobs; it’s nothing spectacular or mystical. I don’t quite understand why we’ve elevated “the workforce” to this hallowed status. Where do we get our idea of it? The Communist Manifesto? Having a job is necessary for some — it is for me — but it isn’t liberating or empowering. Whatever your job is — you are expendable. You are a number. You are a calculation. You are a servant. You can be replaced, and you will be replaced eventually. Am I being harsh? No, I’m being someone who has a job. I’m being real.

If your mother quit her role as mother, entire lives would be turned upside down; society would suffer greatly. The ripples of that tragedy would be felt for generations. If she quit her job as a computer analyst, she’d be replaced in four days and nobody would care. Same goes for you and me. We have freedom and power in the home, not the office. But we are zombies, so we can not see that.

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A study was published in 1994 examining the impact of parents’ church attendance on the future church attendance of their children once they become adults. While the study is a bit old, the results are probably still very actual because basic family dynamics don’t change that much. The results indicate that future church attendance of children is much more heavily influenced by the father’s religious practice than by the mother’s. Fr. Robbie Low, who was an Anglican minister at the time, summarized the results: Read the rest of this entry »

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Many men are still asking young women out, going on dinner dates, calling, and adhering to the other “gentlemanly” rules established for them in a much older age and still outwardly pined for by certain female critics. What they’re finding is that young women are becoming less and less responsive to this behavior—the more serious the men get, the more distant the girls begin to make themselves, ostensibly fearing for their “independence”.

Given such a reality, what is the appropriate male response?

Quit going on dinner dates. Quit asking girls out in a formal manner. Don’t call. Cease all manner of “gentlemanly” behavior you may have learned as a child via your parents or the Disney Channel. Replace dinners and other traditional dates with bar/pong dates, and allow late night “booty-call” texts to supplant phone calls and traditional methods of asking a girl out. In short, do less. (Source)

Feminism…just keeps on destroying.

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Have you ever heard of the Feminist movement attacking Islamism?  No.

That’s because they hate Christianity and will support. no matter what or who, Christianity’s enemies.

Weak Christianity means weak West and strong Islam = Feminism’s fault.

Here’s another little example of what’s going to happen because men were cowed into letting the Feminists have their way.

And all for what? Sterilized sex. That’s what.

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…well, ladies, you have your answer right here.

When you create wimpy, narcissistic men via “reproductive rights”, you get what you paid for.

Feminism:  the biggest sucker punch to the head.

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Story here.

Remember, your social justice dollars help propagate this madness.


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…Less than one in 10 (nine per cent) of those aged 25 to 29 identified with it.

Feminism was more popular among an older cohort, however, with a quarter of older women aged 45 to 50 described themselves as a feminist.

According to the survey, two in five women want to ‘celebrate difference’ rather than be equal to men.

Meanwhile, the survey showed that a significant majority of those surveyed (69pc) said that the top priority for modern women is to reinstate the value of motherhood….(Source)

Feminism is dying.  It was a false view of femininity and womanhood.  Nothing that is false can survive indefinitely.  The thing about truth and error is that truth is unchanging while error must change to survive.

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…Rona Ambrose is a better feminist than the women who criticize her. She is one of the few people in power who is not afraid to call out culturally-motivated misogyny. The so-called feminists who upbraid her on the abortion file have made a pact with an intellectual devil. They have sold their feminist souls, repeatedly and pointedly ignoring the travails of their sisters from regions where women are devalued, in order to maintain the by-now corroded principle of unregulated and uninterrogated abortion. Any woman who defies the feminists’ dogma on abortion gets long rhetorical knives in the back. But these faux feminists should know that Ms. Ambrose is made of sterner stuff than the male politicians they are used to cowing…(Source)
Feminism is dead.

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A Catholic Woman’s Journey with Contraception.

The Catholic Church remains, as she has always been throughout her history, the greatest defender of women’s true dignity and “feminine genius”.

That’s why most of our saints are women.  From the most humble and pious and simple to the most brilliant…and everywhere in between.

The magic pill was a sham and trick to destroy women and their liberty in Christ.  The Catholic Church called it for what it was. She was maligned and laughed at, but She took the hit and persevered in that teaching when almost all the non-Catholic Churches caved on the question.  Everything she said would happen, happened.

But, in the end, She was right. She’s always right when it counts.

Contraception breaks ALL of the Ten Commandments. Everyone single one of them. But it breaks the Commandment against lying, first, before it breaks any Commandment.

Contraception is the BIGGEST LIE since the Garden.  It lies in what it promises and it lies to us when the language of sex is consummated.

St. Ann, most holy Grandmother and Mother of the Immaculate Conception, pray for us who have recourse to thee!

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Poland’s Bishops’ Conference has denounced a Council of Europe convention aimed at prohibiting violence against women and urged the country’s liberal government not to sign it.

“This convention is built on untruthful ideological assumptions,” the bishops said in a declaration on Monday. “It mixes the proper principle of anti-violence with an attempt to interfere dangerously and suggests violence towards women is systemic and has roots in religion and culture. Polish law has enough tools for resisting instances of violence, including aggression towards women.”

The bishops spoke out as the centre-right Government of Prime Minister Donald Tusk prepared to sign the April 2011 “Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence”, which creates the world’s first comprehensive legal framework for curbing psychological and sexual violence. (Source)

In today’s politicized social climate, the Leftists like to use names and phrases that disarm their opponents.  The pro-Gay, pro-abort “Human Rights Watch” is a perfect example.  The same is true about the social justice causes of our day.  We all know about “pro-choice”, don’t we?  Who can be against “choice”?  Who can be against “human rights”?  Who can be against “eco-justice”?  Well the short answer is:  Catholics.  Because all of those phrases have a lethal undercurrent to them that actually endorse the exact opposite of what they are really about – although in the case of “eco-justice”, it really is all about worshipping the environment at the expense of authentic reproductive freedom and against the population controllers.

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the train wreck that just keeps on wrecking

Can someone tell me what’s so good about Ecumenism again? 

The only Ecumenism that I’ve ever seen work is opening some door for other Christians to come into the Catholic Church…and certainly not the kumbaya garbage that has dominated “ecumenical dialogue” for the past 50 years.

Here’s the bottom line:  we’re not contradicting any defined teaching.  If you can’t accept it, don’t bother coming to the table.  We’ll save a few water bottles that way.

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LONDON, June 20, 2012 ( – Cherie Blair, wife of the former British prime minister, has said that she worries young women are turning their backs on feminism by regarding motherhood as an acceptable alternative to a career.

“Every woman needs to be self-sufficient and in that way you really don’t have a choice – for your own satisfaction,” Blair told Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women event held at Claridge’s in London last night, according to The Telegraph. “You hear these yummy mummies talk about being the best possible mother and they put all their effort into their children.”

“Yummy mummy” is a UK slang term typically used to describe young, attractive women who live on their husband’s wealth, staying home full-time with their children…. (Source)

Cherie Blair is like the rest of the pathetic feminist cabal.  Their lives have passed them by and now they are seeing what they’ve lost in true feminity and motherhood.

As for “yummy mummies”, I love that phrase! 

Can’t wait to use that phrase with my wife.  I’m glad she’s a “yummy mummy”. It makes me feel like a man. I guess that makes me a sugar daddy. 8-)

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Ms. Feminist, how’s it workin’ for ya?

The single-mother revolution has been an economic catastrophe for women. Poverty remains relatively rare among married couples with children; the U.S. census puts only 8.8% of them in that category, up from 6.7% since the start of the Great Recession. But more than 40% of single-mother families are poor, up from 37% before the downturn. In the bottom quintile of earnings, most households are single people, many of them elderly. But of the two-fifths of bottom-quintile households that are families, 83% are headed by single mothers. The Brookings Institution’s Isabel Sawhill calculates that virtually all the increase in child poverty in the United States since the 1970s would vanish if parents still married at 1970 rates.

Women and their children weren’t the only ones to suffer the economic consequences of the single-mother revolution; low-earning men have lost ground too. Knowing that women are now expected to be able to raise children on their own, unskilled men lose much of the incentive to work, especially at the sometimes disagreeable jobs that tend to be the ones they can get. Scholars consistently find that unmarried men work fewer hours, make less money and get fewer promotions than do married men.

Experts have come to believe that these are not just selection effects — that is, they don’t just reflect the fact that productive men are likelier to marry. Marriage itself, it seems, encourages male productivity. One study by Donna Ginther and Madeline Zavodny examined men who’d had shotgun marriages and thus probably hadn’t been planning to tie the knot. The shotgun husbands nevertheless earned more than their single peers did.

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