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A moving video below.

They make an excellent point: once euthanasia is legalized for kids, parents will be pressured to accept the diagnosis of their doctor, even if it’s a wrong diagnosis that means killing the child.  Not everybody will be as fortunate as this little girl, whose dad was also a doctor.

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IgniteLIVE – Show #3 PROMO 11/27/13 from Damian Goddard on Vimeo.

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I must say, I’m shocked that the court would rule in our favour.  Great work by Alex Schadenberg and the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition

The BC Court of Appeal has struck down the decision by Justice Smith and upheld the current laws which protect Canadians from euthanasia and assisted suicide.
The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition (EPC) intervened in the BC assisted suicide case in order to uphold the principles of Parliamentary sovereignty and basic human rights. EPC is pleased that the Court has followed the lead of Canadian Parliament, the Supreme Court of Canada, and of the majority of Parliaments and Supreme Courts around the world in finding that the prohibitions against assisted suicide represent an important protection against abuse of vulnerable people. (Source)


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…Since then, my life has changed considerably. Up until now, I am still trying to understand how it is possible for euthanasia to be performed on physically healthy people without even contacting their children….(Source)

The triumph of raw will over reason and love.  No, there is absolutely no generation preceding this one which is more perverse and wicked.

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A Canadian man who was believed to have been in a vegetative state for more than a decade, has been able to tell scientists that he is not in any pain.

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July 16, 2012 ( – The courts should not interfere with doctors who want to dehydrate to death incapacitated patients who are a drain on scarce financial resources, according to an editorial in this week’s edition of the prestigious British Medical Journal.

Raanan Gillon, emeritus professor of medical ethics and former chairman of the Institute of Medical Ethics governing body, wrote that a ruling last year by the High Court against dehydrating an incapacitated patient to death was “profoundly disturbing” because it took the life and death decision-making power out of the hands of doctors and required that the principle of the “sanctity of life” take precedence over other considerations. (Source)

Imagine that, actually having to respect the principle of sanctity of life. What a revolutionary concept! These doctors seem to think they’re gods, with the right of life or death over their patients. They should be put on a forced famine for a week, with no food or water, so they can experience the horrific pain they’re advocating for their patients. Once they’ve recovered, they should be fired.

I think normal people, if they turn off the TV for 30 seconds and take the time to think about what’s being advocated, would realize that dehydrating and starving people to death is not civilized. Unfortunately, most people don’t want to think. We need to force them to think by raising this issue at every turn.

As for the gods that refuse to see the light, a clash of the titans is on the way. They’ll all be gone in a few decades and Britain will be barely recognizable from its former self. Contraception sealed their extinction.

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Culture of death in full bloom.

Without Faith in God, we would be completely demoralized at this incredible evil.

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Charge the doctors with conspiracy to murder.  That will put them straight.

Savage culture.  That’s what we’ve become.  And abortion led us here.

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Mississippi is not alone in the modern debate over the sanctity of life. More  than 4,000 miles away, the Netherlands is caught up in its own controversy over  a proposal from the Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) to expand the definition of  who may qualify for assisted suicide — including for the first time such  nonmedical factors as loneliness and financial struggles… (Source)

What a sick and twisted society the Netherlands is….and this exit strategy is soon coming to Canada, too, just you wait and see.  I give it 10 years….provided civilization is still around as we know it.

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Sorry, but your “right to die” becomes thousands of people’s “duty to die”.

That’s how it’s played out in Europe. And it’s not a pretty picture.

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Excellent article de Jeanne Smits.

La pente glissante de l’euthanasia est bien huilée.

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The United Nations is debating injecting euthanasia into the right to health and is considering a new treaty on the rights of the elderly to end their own lives for the “benefit of society”.

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Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston is urging Catholics to opposition a ballot initiative that would legalize assisted suicide in Massachusetts.

“We hope the citizens of the Commonwealth will not be seduced by language [such as ] dignity and compassion, which are means to disguise the sheer brutality of helping people to kill themselves,” he preached at a September 18 Red Mass. “Allowing physicians to prescribe the means for their patients to kill themselves is a corruption of the medical profession. It even violates the Hippocratic Oath, that has guided physicians for thousands of years.”

“We as a society will be judged on how we respond . . . to those who believe their lives have diminished in value,” he added. “Most people, regardless of their [religious beliefs] know that suicide is a tragedy, one that a compassionate society should work to prevent.” (Source)

But you’ll still give the politicians who advocate for this crime a public funeral mass, your Eminence.

When you get serious about obeying the Church’s laws and letting those laws impact your pastoral practice, then maybe we’ll all take you more seriously when you preach.  Until then, it’s all just talk.

Talk. Talk. Talk.

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Very good news.

Harper won’t reopen the abortion debate, but at least I don’t expect the culture of death to make any legislative gains during his mandate

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WINDSOR, Ontario, April 21, 2011 ( – Baby Joseph and his family arrived in Windsor, Ontario on a medical transport flight from St. Louis, Missouri this morning. He is now at the family home, according to Brother Paul O’Donnell.

On behalf of Baby Joseph’s family, Brother O’Donnell told LifeSiteNews that that their son was weaned off ventilator support 12 days ago and has been successfully breathing on his own since then. 

Baby Joseph, who has been at the center of an international right-to-life debate over the past few months, has defied critics by responding so well to treatment.  After the Ontario hospital treating Joseph’s progressive and terminal neurological disease threatened to remove his life support against his parents’ wishes earlier this year, pro-life groups rallied to Joseph’s cause….

How sad that there are so many institutions that give up on life.  If we were to have left this up to the London hospital and the Diocese of London, Baby Joseph would have likely been dead by now.  Thank God for faithful priests like Fr. Frank Pavone.

Once again this underscores the real need for REPENTANCE in the Catholic Church in Canada and around the world…starting with the bishops.

Thank you, Lord, for revealing your truths to mere children and keeping them from the wise.  In their foolish speculations, you have been vindicated. 

It is fitting we are entering the season of the Resurrection.  Let Baby Joseph remind us all that life is a gift from God — to be respected and cherished.

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Baby Joseph Maraachli Heading to Pediatric Hospital Soon

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Our prayers have been answered! Baby Joseph has been transferred to a hospital in St. Louis.

Thanks to all who prayed and fasted.  Praise God!

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Socon or Bust is calling for a North American Fast to save Baby Joseph’s life .

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The family only asked to bring Joseph home; but to do so would require Joseph to be capable of breathing on his own. This is why they requested that a tracheotomy be done. A tracheotomy is not a difficult procedure; it is not futile, burdensome or extra-ordinary. (Source)

This whole tragedy would have been avoided if the parents retained their proper authority in our current culture of death.  And what stops the parents from exercising their authority in this matter?


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Let me get this straight.

Baby Joseph is about to have his tubes pulled which will mean he will die.

Fr. Pavone, the American pro-life priest and head of Priests for Life, has offered to pay to have Baby Joseph moved to a U.S. hospital.

The Washington-based Christian Defense Coalition announced Tuesday that they and the Terri Schiavo Life and Hope Network are holding two prayer gatherings in London, Ontario this weekend for Joseph. The prayer and public witness events will be on Saturday, March 5, from 12:00-2:00 p.m. and Sunday, March 6, from 1:00-3:00 p.m. in front of the London Health Sciences Centre’s Children’s Hospital.  They will be held on the corner of Wellington and Commissioners Rd. There will also be a rally in support of Joseph’s family on Saturday from 4:00-6:00 p.m.  Location to be announced. (Source)

So the Americans are coming into our own backyard to save a Canadian baby?

Do I have that right?

Where is Bishop Fabbro, the Chair of the Ad Hoc Commitee for Life and Family, in all of this? This whole drama is happening in his own backyard (London) and there has not even been a press release or statement from the Diocese expressing support for the family in a very important pro-life battle in this country.  There does not appear to be anything on their flashy new website about anything concerning Baby Joseph or the controversy at all.  Am I missing something? Surely the diocese has said or done something about this crisis. 

There’s a lot of talk about “stepping up” on pro-life issues by our bishops, but when a REALLY, REALLY BIG ONE PRESENTS ITSELF, nothing gets said or done.  We always have to pull and drag them, sometimes kicking and screaming,  to do their jobs.

Not surprising, of course…considering.

And what about the CCCB?  There’s nothing about it on their website either – just the “big news” on which bishops get shuffled where.  Here we have our own case of Terri Schiavo and the Canadian Church, once again, is missing in action.  We’ve got international attention on our death panels. We’ve got Americans coming over here to take control, and our <ahem> “leadership” is MIA.  All of this previous talk by the bishops about “taking a leadership” role in the pro-life fight is just slick PR for the hierarchy and the bureaucratic machinery.  We have this tragic drama playing out before our eyes and there has not been one Church leader (from what I have seen to date) that has raised a finger to help.  Where’s Salt+Light TV, by the way?  Any coverage of it on their station or their blog to date? Nope. Too controversial, you see.  After all, as Fr. Rosica says:

“We never set ourselves up in opposition to something or someone. We’re an alternative to what’s out there on television.” (Source)

Memo to our bishops and other influential church politicians:  if you want credibility on Life Issues: TRY ANSWERING THE DOOR WHEN THEY ARRIVE ON YOUR DOORSTEP


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