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‘I would like to be a mother one day so I can finally have someone I’m genetically related to, but if I can’t have children naturally I would never have one through donor conception,’ says Gracie. ‘I wouldn’t put anybody else through what I’ve  been through. (Source)

After the “me” generation is gone, what will our culture look like?  Dear Lord, just make this nightmare end sooner rather than later.  That’s all I ask.

Future generations will look back and condemn this one. They might even create a monument of “how not to do society”.

We’re the most technologically “connected” society in history, and yet the most jaded and separated one too…where it counts…in the family.

That’s the problem when you reject God. Everything starts to fall apart.

Note to all single women who think they don’t need a man:  THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A “RIGHT” TO A CHILD.  That’s the problem when we start commodifying human life.

And you can thank contraception for starting it, too.  Hello Winnipeg Statement!

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This was one of my favourite cartoons, growing up (1978).  Check out what is said at the 5:44-5:58 mark.

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Q: Are you talking about the distances women have to travel because in parts of the country, abortion is essentially unavailable, because there are so few doctors and clinics that do the procedure? And also, the lack of Medicaid for abortions for poor women?

JUSTICE GINSBURG: Yes, the ruling about that surprised me. [Harris v. McRae — in 1980 the court upheld the Hyde Amendment, which forbids the use of Medicaid for abortions.] Frankly I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of. So that Roe was going to be then set up for Medicaid funding for abortion. Which some people felt would risk coercing women into having abortions when they didn’t really want them. But when the court decided McRae, the case came out the other way. And then I realized that my perception of it had been altogether wrong.

Oh, please.  If any poor slob who did not support abortion and gaydom said this, the media would be ranting 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  But when a liberal justice says it, nobody bats an eye-lid.  It just goes to show, there’s two kinds of eugenics and racism:  the one’s that support abortion and those that don’t.  If you belong in the latter group, you’re up the creek if they find you.  If you are in the former group, Bob’s your uncle and pass the popcorn.

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Charge the doctors with conspiracy to murder.  That will put them straight.

Savage culture.  That’s what we’ve become.  And abortion led us here.

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The London Telegraph newspaper features a story on little Taya Kennedy, a 14-month-old girl who has Down’s Syndrome but has taken the modeling world by storm. The camera loves her and she now has her own modeling agency that is booking her gig after photogenic gig.

Kennedy is just another example of the joy such children and people with Down syndrome bring to the world but who, tragically, see their lives snuffed out by abortion at a 90 percent rate.

From the story:

‘Taya is an incredibly photogenic, warm and smiley child, and that shines through in her photographs,’ says Alysia Lewis, owner of Urban Angels, the prestigious UK model agency that has signed her up.

‘We only open our books twice a year and select just a few new children each season.

‘The standard is high; the desire for places strong. Taya is one of 50 children we chose from 2,000 applicants.

‘That she has Down’s Syndrome did not enter the equation. We chose her because of her vibrancy and sense of fun. Not all children are comfortable in front of a lens and with a photographer looking at them — especially when they are so young. But Taya was so relaxed and happy. She was just what we were looking for.’…(Source)

Love them. Don’t Kill them.

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Action Life’s Blog is back on.

Check out this revealing little tidbit back in 1967.

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My local parish, St. Maurice Parish, hosted a Seniors’ spring luncheon on May 1 for the isolated seniors within our parish boundary.  Among the volunteering churches, besides St. Maurice, were the local Anglican, United, and Presbyterian communities.  It was a sizable crowd, approaching 200 people.  The purpose of the event was to help isolated seniors from the local community to get to know one another and also the various church related senior activities hosted by these churches.  It was a wonderful thing to see such Christian solidarity and mutual support for the elderly.  It was also important for our parish to lift up the dignity of the elderly, and treat them with the respect that they deserve.  That stands in stark contrast about what happens today in our culture.

As the culture of death squeezes the margins of our society through abortion and euthanasia, we need to strike back and remind the culture that every person from conception to natural death has intrinsic dignity.  The eugenic tendencies of the pro-abort establishment to exterminate the unborn, disabled, and elderly because of inconvenience or utility must be roundly condemned and opposed in any and every way possible.  We are facing a new and pernicious eugenics movement which perversely masquerades as a force of compassion.   The slogans they use, “freedom of choice” and “death with dignity”, of course, are merely euphemisms to push their death peddling agendas to satisfy a wicked narcisism that is simply out of control.  The people of God must use whatever means are possible to protect the dignity of the elderly as the next fight for human dignity enters into another dark age of the times we live in.

Little occasions like this Seniors’ day help to combat the dehumanizing efforts of the culture of death.  My little girls were eager to oblige and say “thank you” for the elderly’s service and witness to our country. And that even now, they have much to offer.  Thank you for your sacrifices.

Jesus, You Are Life To Me!

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Ads that proclaim “Black Children Are An Endangered Species” are raising eyebrows in Atlanta.


Hey Mr. and Ms. Pro-Abort! 

Tick, tock.  Your number is coming up. 

When you least expect it…the whole abortion edifice is going to come crashing down.

Why?  Because the greatest civil rights movement in history is only beginning to gather steam.

Abortion rights?  It’s so passé in the human rights gig these days.

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They were stolen from their homes, locked in chains and taken across an ocean. And for more than 200 years, their blood and sweat would help to build the richest and most powerful nation the world has ever known. But when slavery ended, their welcome was over. America’s wealthy elite had decided it was time for them to disappear and they were not particular about how it might be done. What you are about to see is that the plan these people set in motion 150 years ago is still being carried out today. So don’t think that this is history. It is not. It is happening right here, and it’s happening right now. (Source)

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