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Ever feel like that?

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A prophet warned us, warned the bishops.  We didn’t listen.

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The kiddies are good targets for the Ottawa Che School Board.

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From a reader…

“great for politics and ensuring the FMLN get elected next month!”

Just like the planned Obama trip last yr.. now we know that they are fundraising and going on trips to ElSal to support the FMLN party!!
Salvaide/Compadres/CISPES/FMLN are all one happy leftist party…
the OCSB is engaging in party politics!!
Shame on the OCSB and Sister Shelley!!
Please note that there is a federal election in Feb2014
SalvAide would also like to recognize the tireless commitment of Sister Shelley Lawrence, the St. Francis Xavier – Cinquera program founder, who retires in 2013 as St. Francis Xavier’s Chaplain. We sincerely thank Sister Shelley for her solidarity and wish her nothing but the best in her much deserved retirement!

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If there was ever a reason to dump the public Catholic system and all the non-practising professional katholics who feed at its trough, this is it.

I am more and more convinced, because of this story and others like it, along with the slut vaccine that is being introduced, the public Catholic system is actually an impediment to Catholic formation and might even be, in many cases, an occasion of sin.

It’s time to pull the plug and put the onus back on the bishops to get serious about Catholic education.

Renounce Caesar and his money and strike out alone.  It would certainly help align diocesan finances and ensure parents and the Church know where their bread is buttered.


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So, just like we said from the beginning of the GSAs, they are being used in Catholic schools to further the radical Gay agenda. Note the Egale paraphernalia.

I am just amazed, really and truly amazed, on how there could be such a lack of good judgement, lack of testicles, and lack of concern for Catholic children from our supposed Catholic trustees who let this abomination into our schools. It is an abomination that is going to destroy countless innocent lives.  And one day, the Bishops, the trustees, and the rest of the fools who permitted this garbage into schools bearing the Catholic name are going to have to account for their colosal failure to protect the kids.

All for faux human respect, your Grace.  In CanChurch, seeking after worldly human respect trumps the care of souls.

Shame on them.

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For Immediate Release:

Halton Catholic HPV Policy a Blow to Parental Consent

 (TORONTO, November 7, 2013)  Parents As First Educators (PAFE) and many parents with children in Halton Catholic District School Board are outraged that board trustees voted 6-2 to overturn the ban on the HPV vaccine to Grade 8 girls at Halton Catholic schools on Nov. 5th.  “The Board chose to listen to the spin from vaccine advocates over the wishes of a packed boardroom of parents,” said PAFE President, Teresa Pierre, PhD.  


            “Trustee Morrison wondered aloud why he hadn’t been contacted by Trustees in other boards where parents have expressed concerns over vaccine side effects.  This completely misses the point,” said Pierre.  “Halton Trustees had been contacted by hundreds of parents, many of whom took the time to be in the boardroom that evening.  Their input is what they should be considering, not what other elected officials have to say.”


            Pierre added that the legal opinion obtained from the firm Keel Cotrelle spelling out the limits of parental consent over minor children’s health care shows that minor children have the final say.  The report says:  “It is likely that most Grade 8 students eligible to participate in the HPV Vaccination Program would be found to have the capacity pursuant to the Health Care Consent Act, 1996 to independently consent to receiving or not receiving the HPV Vaccination.” 


“Parents have no way now to ensure that their consent is respected, even if consent forms are used,” said Pierre.


The benefit of the HPV vaccine ban was that when parents had to take their children to get the vaccine parents were empowered to act in their rightful role as custodian and now that role has been usurped by public health.  


For the most part board parents don’t appear to be interested in the vaccine.  Said Pierre


“This is the really aggravating thing about this.  The low rates of HPV vaccination in the Halton board demonstrate that it isn’t a huge concern for parents.  The fact that the vaccine was made an issue in the Halton board this fall was entirely the work of an external group, HPV Canada.  One could detect no sympathy for the HPV Canada delegation among parents present at the meeting and no parent spoke in favor of vaccination that night.  How much evidence do we need that the wool was pulled over the eyes of these Trustees on November 5th?”


             “Parents do trust their kids to abide by Catholic teaching on chastity before marriage and that is really the message we wanted Trustees to endorse in their policy,” said Pierre.  Parents think that “teaching abstinence and self-control is the best way to prevent the physical, spiritual, and psychological damage early sexual encounters may cause.  We regret the board has chosen a policy that undermines the value of chastity.”


Burlington resident and Catholic missionary Stephen Norman said Catholic schools must not let the medical side of the debate overshadow the pressing responsibility of Trustees to teach children to practice abstinence, “If the physical needs of our children become more important than their spiritual needs, it seems to me the Catholic school board has forgotten some of its Catholic responsibilities.”


            PAFE supporters do not believe in HPV Canada’s case for the medical need for vaccination when most cases of HPV resolve themselves spontaneously and most cancer cases can be prevented by regular PAP screening.  In addition, parents fear their children may inadvertently end up suffering long term side effects from the vaccination, such as strokes, muscle pain and Guillian Barré Syndrome.  The lead developer of the vaccine, Dr. Diane Parker, has herself said these risks may outweigh the benefits of the vaccine.


            Pierre says she has been contacted by Tad Brudzinski, a parent in Simcoe Muskoka Catholic District School board, who says the consent form they received for the HPV vaccination this fall was addressed to students, not parents.  “Parents are right to be concerned by the law’s failure to protect them as custodians of their children.  Trustees in the Halton Board dropped the ball and let down their committed supporters.  When Trustee elections come around in the not-too-distant future parents will remember the two Trustees who stood by them:  Anthony Danko and Jane Michael.”



Teresa Pierre, PhD, President

Parents As First Educators

Phone: (416) 889-5396


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Despite the mother of vaccine victim Kaitlyn Armstrong telling the board that her daughter suffered from round the clock pain as a result of the vaccine, Trustees did not prevent another student from suffering the same issues in the future.   In  favor were Trustees Iantomasi,  Rowe, Marai, Viana, Morrison and  Rabenda.  Trustee Alice LeMay was absent due to  illness.  (Source)

Because the god of sex must rule.  IgniteTV will be covering this with video coverage.

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From a reader…

1) Contraception

 The OCSB refused my Freedom of Info request to see how much they are spending on contraception per year. Unfortunately, my appeal to the Ontario Info Commissioner was denied on a technicality – apparently the legislation doesn’t cover “benefits”
2) Mark McGowan
There is an OCSB PD Day this Friday (“Christian Community Day”). All teachers will be at the Convention Center ($$$$) for a meeting. Sadly, the main speaker is Mark McGowan. He was involved with the “queering” of St Mike’s College in Toronto and slammed Peter Kreeft for presenting the Catholic Church’s position on homosexuality. Exhibit A and B.
He is also a big supporter of Bill 13 GSAs and criticizes the Bishops’ Respecting Differences document (page 7):
Wouldn’t you rather have Peter Kreeft presenting to the OCSB in Ottawa?
3) Grandmothers to Grandmothers
There are lots of organizations with tables at the Christian Community Day. Along with the usual Dev and Peace, there will be the pushers of the El Salvador trip to visit Cripdes/Cordes/Equipo Maiz. The Ottawa groups are Salvaide and Compadres “Collective”
In addition, the Stephen Lewis Foundation group “Grandmothers to Grandmothers” will be there. When you donate to G2G, you write a cheque to SLF.
G2G is a direct arm of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

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 The Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) will continue its partnership with Free The Children in spite of a group of parents who urged the board last month to cut ties with the charity due to its and its founders’ support for contraception and abortion. (Source)

Well, it comes down to getting real with yourself and with your beliefs.  If you want to be treated like a fool, then keep believing the official response.  It’s amazing. The evidence is all out there like it was with D&P and we get the same lidless-eye crowd just bald-faced lying to us…in the age of the internet no less!

The old line:  “Who are you going to believe?  The Bureaucracy or your eyes?” comes to mind.

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Uh. No you don’t.  This is Obamanation.

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He said the privacy concern is a red herring because the board already intervenes in the doctor-patient relationship by requiring a medical note before covering sexual stimulants like Viagra. “Why is there a privacy concern when the topic is contraception but not there when the topic is Viagra?” he said.

Hat tip to my good friend Andy Pocrnic who has really become the cat’s meow here in Ottawa in carrying the Catholic and conservative torch.  But if he wanted an answer to his question, he really only needs to realize that Viagra is not a pseudo “medical necessity” like contraception is supposed to be. 

The ironic thing, of course, is that Viagra is morally licit (although perhaps imprudent), while contraception is not.

Just goes to show that, once again, the Catholic School board doesn’t know “s— from shinola” when it comes to making a moral decision for its kids or for its employees.

Tell me why, again, we should have a separate system when the separate system is not that separate after all?

Best way to change the pseudo Catholic Board’s mind is to start campaigning for one public system.  Once they understand that their bread won’t be buttered anymore, they’ll “get religion real fast”, eh?

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Julian Hanlon is the Director of Education of the Ottawa Catholic School Board. Here’s his permissive approach to having guest speakers and partners that oppose Church teaching:

“If we have blanket statements that anybody that opposes the Catholic or ever says something contrary to the Catholic Church teachings, we would never have anyone come into the schools.” (Source)

That’s how we end up with speakers like Justin Trudeau and partners that push for contraception.

Now here’s what the Archbishop of Ottawa, Terrence Prendergast recently said on the same topic: Read the rest of this entry »

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The Catholic Diocese of Whitehorse has obeyed an order by the Yukon government to remove Church teaching on the sinfulness of homosexuality from its policy on pastoral care for same-sex attracted students in its publicly-funded Catholic schools.  Critics have pointed out that even in the title of the new policy, the ‘truth’ has been removed….(Source)

I have a really simple question for this bishop and any bishop, really.  Why bother being a bishop?  Just what are you “protecting” by such a capitulation?  You don’t please the government or the gay storm-troopers and your saturation of the Faith is anathema to parents who believe in the Catholic Faith.  So, what dear Fathers is the point, exactly?  Government money?

It seems that the number one job of a Catholic bishop these days is to run away from the Cross and from Confrontation.  The ultimate cardinal sin today for any bishop is not to get along with everyone.  I guess the Spirit of Vatican II has gone to their heads.

This is why the Catholic education system is in the gutter.   This is why the bishops are basically figureheads.  This is why the holy firewall has gone up in Catholic homes all across this country and much of the Western world.  This is why the Catholic faithful already have one foot in the underground, and the second foot is sure to drop within the next 5-10 years.

It appears that Faithful Catholic parents have to uphold and teach the faith themselves, and make sad excuses for why the bishop won’t properly witness to it.

That’s why in my house, I am the ultimate teacher of the Faith – not because of design, but because of necessity.

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My friend Andy Pocrnic has done a yeoman’s job in shining the light on the pro-aborts scamming Catholic education.

Good job, Andy!

After the presentation, one trustee asked Pocrnic if he had “listened [to] or heard the Pope’s latest statement and clarification”, according to a recording of the presentation obtained by

Last week in an interview with La Civilta Catholica in partnership with America magazine, the pope had said that it is “not necessary” to talk about the issues of “abortion, gay marriage and the use of contraceptive methods” “all the time”, emphasizing at the same time that Church teaching on these matters is “clear” and that he is a “son of the Church”.

While the secular press has interpreted this as a call for the Church to downplay, or even abandon its teachings on controversial moral issues, Catholic commentators have argued that the pope only said that those issues should be placed in their proper “context.”

Concerned parent James Doak told LifeSiteNews that Pope Francis’ statements do not give Catholic schools a pass to partner with pro-abortion groups, especially in light of Francis’ most recent condemnation of abortion one day after the release of his La Civilta Catholica interview.

“It’s as if the trustee was saying: ‘You caught us working with pro-aborts, but we want to misinterpret Pope Francis’ talk last week to give us wiggle room because we love Free the Children so much’,” he said. (Source)

One thing the Pope’s comments have done is ferret out all those dubious Catholics who had previously kept their mouths shut on abortion and contraception since Humanae Vitae.

When the Pope’s comments about abortion and gay sex were spun by the liberal press, they thought they had some play with the Pope.  Turned out that they were wrong as +++Francis clarified things for them the very next day.  But in so doing, they showed their cards and their true colours.


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Come out and ask questions.  Lots of them.


If you agree that the board should be offering students role models that see human life as a blessing and treat female fertility as a gift then join us at the board meeting tomorrow night to support our parent delegate:
The Catholic Education Centre 
570 West Hunt Club Road, Nepean
Tuesday, Sept. 24, at  7:30 p.m 

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During the hearing, Perron’s defense lawyer admitted that the principal used “wilful ignorance” to “overlook” the actions of his homosexual lover….Principal Perron was accused by staff of “foster[ing[ a climate of intimidation, manipulation, retaliation, threats and criticism”, making it difficult for anyone to raise a voice against him or his actions….Yvonne Monto, a teacher, secretary, and technician at the school, described the school as having “an absolutely toxic, unbearable atmosphere” because, she said, Perron controlled everything….  (Source)

Well, ladies, what do you expect when you keep voting for pro-homosexualist politicians?  Eventually, there are very personal consequences.  Opening the closet is not as benign as you were told.

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By squeaker

Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa was recently at Wayside Academy to for their annual gala dinner.  He gave a brief address at the event, which is available here.

There are several great quotes from his address that outline his vision of Catholic education and the primordial role of parents.

The Church teaches that Catholic education is “an extension of parental education; it is extended and cooperative home schooling.” Parents, not schools, not the State, and not the Church, have the primary moral responsibility of educating children to adulthood.

If, as the Church believes, parents are the primary educators of their children, then the fact that your school was founded by parents, and remains largely directed by parents is a sign of the seriousness with which you take the task that has been entrusted to you. (Source)

Two important points here. First, the fact that he speaks so highly of parents’ active involvement in Wayside Academy suggests that he has a positive view of recent efforts by all Ottawa parents to restore some catholicity to their school board. This is a very encouraging sign for Ottawa parents. Your struggles have not gone unnoticed.

Second,  I see an allusion to  the excellent work done by Parents as First Educators (PAFE) in the excerpt I highlighted in red. He basically cites PAFE by name. Wink, wink. I think the Archbishop wants PAFE to know that he recognizes and very much appreciates its efforts.

This is the great call for all of us in the 21st century, both as individual Christians and as a school: to become authentic witnesses of the message and person of Christ. The authenticity of any school will “shine forth” from its teachers and families, by the way they are living the Gospel. (Source)

We all know that the Catholic school board is composed of many people who openly reject the Church’s teaching on several important matters. Archbishop Prendergast is clearly cognizant that the behaviour of teachers and parents is detrimental to the quality of Catholic education. But he goes even further:

Fourth, Catholic schools should be imbued with a Catholic worldview. As Archbishop Miller said, “we might be tempted to think that the identity and distinctiveness of Catholic education lies in the quality of its religious instruction, catechesis and pastoral activities,” but it is not so. Rather, a Catholic education is Catholic “because it provides an education in the intellectual and moral virtues, because it prepares for a fully human life at the service of others and for the life of the world to come.”[7] In other words, a particularly Catholic “take” on reality should permeate the whole life of a school, every subject, every activity, and every interaction. Be inspired by a supernatural vision. Be founded on a Christian anthropology. Be animated by communion and community. Be imbued with a Catholic worldview. Keep up a constant search for wisdom and truth. (Source)

Very well put.

Look, the Archbishop is an intelligent man. He’s not oblivious to the fact that this vision is not currently being implemented in the Ottawa Catholic School Board. And he’s certainly not indifferent to this deficiency. We know that he intervened in recent weeks to insert some language into the Board’s new policy on partners. When he mentioned “every activity” in the paragraph above, he probably had activities with external partners partially in mind. I really think he’s trying hard behind the scenes to fix the schools.  Just because we don’t see more on his part doesn’t mean stuff isn’t happening.

That being said, many parents aren’t happy with the speed at which change is happening. They can’t wait 10-20 years because their kids will be out of school by then, with who knows what scars on their soul. By the time their child leaves the school system, they may have lost their faith and may never recover. Those are very good points. The speed and approach are legitimate subjects of debate and parents should continue to voice their concerns as they have done. There are indeed grave risks to the slow-and-steady approach.

However, parents need to be smart about reforming the school system. Following the release of the new school board policy, some parents spoke to secular newspapers about the changes. I don’t think this was a good move because it just drew attention to our resolve and stirred the secularists to call for increased dilution of the Catholic schools. It would be best if we operate under the radar, especially knowing that the Board is very sensitive to media attention. I don’t know why parents would talk to the secular media on this. I don’t see the upside. Somebody will have to explain it to me.

Let’s keep up the pressure on the Board. We have some momentum and we’re gaining traction with the trustees. The pendulum is starting to swing back.  But let’s also be discreet about it with respect to the secular world.


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It was disgusting enough that Justin Trudeau was invited to speak several times at Catholic schools in recent years, but now we learn that Catholic institutions were paying big bucks in speaker fees to Trudeau — fees that came from our Catholic tax dollars, also known as education property taxes. That makes you and me the useful idiots once again. Will it ever stop?

OTTAWA, June 20, 2013 ( – From 2006 to 2010, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau took in $82,500 in speaking fees from Catholic organizations, according to records he released earlier this year.


Here is the full breakdown, as reported by the Ottawa Citizen:

  • April 20, 2006 – Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association. $7,500
  • May 17 & 18, 2007 – Niagara Catholic District School Board. $15,000
  • February 5, 2008 – Peterborough Victoria Northhumberland Clarington Catholic School Board. $10,000
  • February 9, 2008 – Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association. $10,000
  • May 21, 2008 – Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School. $10,000
  • November 6, 2009 – Waterloo Catholic District School Board. $15,000
  • May 7, 2010 – Algonquin & Lakeshore Catholic District School Board. $15,000 (Source)

If you do the math, you’ll see that four events were hosted by Catholic school boards and one by a Catholic high school. Those five events add up to $65,000 of our tax money. And these numbers don’t include travel and other related expenses. They’re purely the speaker’s fees.

Those are tax dollars that we entrusted to our schools for the education of our children, not for teachers and principals to bring in a politician who serves as a horrible example to our kids.

Maybe we should start a revolt and ask the school boards for a refund of these misused tax dollars. What do you think?

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