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Modernism threatens the Church like no other heresy because modernism refuses to argue the Church’s doctrines openly and directly.  Instead, modernism attempts to sap the Church of its relevance.   Rather than attack the doctrines of God openly like previous heresies, modernism simply distracts the modern man by offering the allure of materialism. For example, instead of flatly denying the existence of God with philosophical arguments, moderns learn to embrace agnosticism by asserting that religion is not as important as other things in life like patriotism or “making a better world for our children.”  (Source)

When you just can’t put your finger on the foundation of movements like Free the Children, it all comes into focus when you remember what modernism really is.  Without Christ at the Center and focus of all our corporal acts of mercy, the social justice movements just become an exercise in philanthropy (which is fine in and of itself but that is NOT what the Catholic Church or its Mission is about)….and when you throw in family planning and promoting abortion…it becomes diabolical.

The devil is no dummy.  He knows how to mix water and wine.

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Details here.

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Gets thrown overboard by the Educational system.    It’s becoming a common theme these days….as well as the typical “neutral” and spineless Episcopal reaction.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that our current Catholic leadership across the board is really quite pathetic.  It’s so pathetic that it poses a real danger to the Faith itself.

I am more and more convinced that the rest of us really do need to move on from the Establishment and the fraudulent system they prop up as Catholic.  Have lots of children.  Teach them the Faith.  And let attrition do the rest.  I don’t think the Bishops and the Educational establishment quite get it.  They are creating two societies in the Church by not applying Catholic teaching to pastoral practice and “on the ground” witness.  That’s very dangerous, but it’s exactly what’s starting to happen.

We’re sick and tired of our children and the Faith being thrown under the bus, because of servile cowardice to big money, loud-mouth activists, and gay media shills.

It’s Getting Awful Crowded Under that Bus. Another Catholic School Apologizes for a Speaker Teaching Catholic Morality

It will be over my dead body before you hear Socon or Bust apologize for one iota of Catholic teaching.

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As a lover of history, I wondered about Henry VIII. I couldn’t believe someone so reportedly terrible could really be all bad. He had to have some humanity somewhere, right? I decided to dig and find it. He was maligned, I was convinced of it. During these studies, I finally truly became aware of what Protestantism was, or so I thought. I also couldn’t understand why Katherine of Aragon or any self respecting woman could tolerate his behavior. Then I discovered she was Catholic and cringed. Still, why was she also so unswervingly loyal to an oppressive church that hated women? (Source)

The paths to the Catholic Church are wide and varied.   What feminists really want is what they hate the most.  And yet, this lost daughter of the Kingdom found her home, once all the lies were brushed away.

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These days, everyone gets a blessing.  Carry on, Kathleen.  Good job.

“There’s no risk from our government in terms of the Catholic education system,” Wynne told The Catholic Register. “We’ve said all along we’re going to continue to support the education system as it exists and make it the best in the world. That’s what we’re doing.”

What’s not to support?  The GSAs are doing just fine and the subversion of the formerly Catholic system is well underway.  When it’s all said and done, the “Catholic” system will be no different from the public one AND as a bonus, the homosexualists will have won the name ‘Catholic’ too!  That’s just swell.  What’s not to like about that as a propaganda tool?

If anything, there is no way that Kathleen and the gang will want to give up the Catholic name.   Why should they?  It’s as much theirs now as it is the Bishops of this Province.  In fact, what Kathleen and the Rainbow Coalition have shown us all is how they can own our schools, our name, and our ass all at the same time and leave us standing there without any recourse.

Blessings apparently don’t mean the same thing as they used to.  Today, any politician who advocates for the most perverse sex program for our kids gets the blessing of Almighty God from the highest levels in the Church.

The blessings of the Church, once reserved for those seeking after God and trying to live a holy life, have gone the way of holy marriage:  just about anyone can get them these days.  There’s generally no discrimination whatsoever….and neither is there any meaning or value either.  It’s not too different from going to the Fair:  when I was a kid, it would be damn hard to win a prize.  Now with China in the mix, every kid gets a booby prize…just for showing up.

Everyone’s a winner, babe.

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There may be some people wondering if the Ottawa Catholic School Board (OCSB) is morally required to comply with the request from the bishops of Kenya asking Canadian Catholics to stop funding a contraception-distributing clinic in Kenya run by Free the Children. After all, some would argue that the OCSB falls under the jurisdiction of the Canadian bishops. Is the request from the Kenyan bishops morally binding on the OCSB?

Evidently, the answer is yes: the OCSB is morally obliged to comply, otherwise both the organization and the Board members risk compromising their communion with the Catholic Church. Let’s see how. Read the rest of this entry »

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Story here.

I think we have a real possibility of a major rebound happening once Kasper and the liberals are defeated.

The Church will never accept what Kasper is proposing….never.

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When the rest of the world and most of the professional Catholics are making excuses why they keep funding pro-aborts and contraception-pushers, stand for Jesus and the Church and refuse to give the Nazi salute.

In the light of eternity, God really doesn’t care that you are in the minority when the majority is going to hell in a handbasket.

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As Squeaker pointed out yesterday, the Ottawa Catholic School Board is choosing to ignore the direct request of the Kenyan bishops who have asked Canadian Catholics to stop funding Kielburger’s contraception-dispensing clinic.

Presented with the letter on Friday, the OCSB again defended its partnership with the organization. Mardi de Kemp, OCSB’s manager of communications, told LifeSiteNews by e-mail, “Our position has not changed on our Board’s association with Free the Children.” (Source)

I’m not sure just how the Archbishop of Ottawa is going to take this bold declaration by Mardi de Kemp. Just who is this person and what kind of authority does she have to declare that it’s business as usual with Free the Children?

Is the OCSB now above the Episcopacy?  Do not the bishops of the Global South have any say whatsoever on what’s happening in their own backyard?  What kind of Catholicism subjugates and openly dismisses Episcopal authority?  Just who does the Ottawa Catholic School Board think it is to so readily dismiss the clear and unambiguous direction from the Kenyan bishops?

And if they have the effrontery to ignore the Kenyan bishops, what about the Canadian ones?  Will they ignore them too?  And if they ignore them and not the Canadian ones, we have to ask is why that is.

If the OCSB thinks this is just going to blow over, they have another thing coming.  They ain’t seen nothing yet.  The Kielburgers are on the way out.  The only question is the timing.  Sooner or later, the end is coming.  Remember what happened to D&P?  After the Catholic blogosphere and LSN were done with them, it was a whole new game in town.

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Yes it is.

National churches – like the ones that exist in all but name today – need to be disbanded.  That one move might very well save the West.  Get rid of it….at least in the rich western countries. Let the Africans and Asians keep them, but for the corrupt West, OUT!


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Now, folks, what you are about to read is what every bishop should be doing when they are confronted with evil.  The plan is not to play defense, not to ignore, and not to find excuses why they can’t do anything.  The plan is to go on the offensive.  Take the game not only to the abortionists but also to those groups and businesses that prop them up.  Check this out. 

We cannot be silent in view of the grave injustice presented by the abortions that will be performed at the proposed Planned Parenthood facility. The archdiocese is obliged to remind every person and organization involved in the acquisition, preparation and construction of this or any abortion facility that they are cooperating with the evil that will take place there. For this reason, the archdiocese, including its churches, schools, apartments for the elderly and nursing homes, will strive in its privately funded work not to enter into business relationships with any person or organization that participates in actions that are essential to making this abortion facility a reality.   This policy applies to all businesses, regardless of religious affiliation or non-affiliation. Our fidelity to Church teaching and our conscience necessitates this stance.  There is no justification, including economic hardship that will make a direct or indirect relationship with Planned Parenthood, or any abortion provider, acceptable. Additionally, affiliation or support of Planned Parenthood by Catholics is a matter of serious scandal. (Source)


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by squeaker

A spokeswoman for the Ottawa Catholic School Board says they are not changing their partnership with Free the Children, despite a vibrant plea from the bishops of Kenya asking Canadian Catholics to stop funding Free the Children’s “contraception-distributing” clinic in Kenya.

Presented with the letter on Friday, the OCSB again defended its partnership with the organization. Mardi de Kemp, OCSB’s manager of communications, told LifeSiteNews by e-mail, “Our position has not changed on our Board’s association with Free the Children.” (Source)

This is astonishing. They are choosing to ignore a direct request from the local bishops!

Call me naive, but I thought that the social justice work done in the schools was intended to help countries in the Global South. So when people on the ground, namely the Kenyan bishops, tell you to please stop because you’re inflicting evil on their families and their society, I would have expected a more compassionate and considered response.

I had read that the relationship between parents and the school board had improved recently. Being a realist, I wasn’t expecting the school board to immediately drop all ties with Free the Children. But it strikes me that the charitable thing to do would have been for the school board to say something like “we’re re-evaluating the situation in light of the new information.” But no. Mardi de Kemp says the board is not budging.


How Catholic can this board be if it doesn’t heed the passionate plea of bishops? These aren’t small time bloggers like me. They’re the successors of the Apostles. Perhaps a little refresher is in order to summarize what this all means:

“Whoever listens to you listens to me, and whoever rejects you rejects me, and whoever rejects me rejects the one who sent me.” (Luke 10:16)

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Gotta love those anti-woman, anti-science Catholics, huh?

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This is not about style or mere form. It is about doctrine. The sacred ministers, especially bishops, are conformed to Christ the Head, and do represent the Church. Indeed, they represent Christ Himself, regardless of their personal worthiness of that dignity.

Socon or Bust is first a servant of the Church, before it is a servant of its own purpose.   Time to rethink how I approach things, I think.  But it’s so damn hard sometimes when we just keep running into brick walls, and there is absolutely no admission or concession from our Shepherds who provoke some of us bloggers to wrath.  Methinks they will have an accounting to render, as well.  And I really don’t think they take it as seriously as they should.

The substance of what we do will not change.  The delivery will change somewhat, in some respects.

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That’s more like it.

What happened to this poor Sister is *precisely* what happens to the Faithful when the previous generations have not been taught by our Shepherds.

The persecution is going to become very intense in the future….IF the Church stands firm to the Faith once delivered to the saints.

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It’s not easy being a Catholic activist today.  When you stand up for what Jesus and the Church teach against our opponents and  even against misinformed and confused prominent Catholics (like Michael Coren), you risk being labelled as a “bigot” or a “homophobe” or “angry” or in “darkness”.    This occurs even when you take great pains to explain the Catholic position over and over again to attempt to convince your opponents that their objections are totally baseless and without merit.   But in the end, it really does not make any difference to them.  You can bring up all of the facts you want, it’s simply not going to change their opinion.  They will simply label you a bigot in order to “win” an argument, even if that label is completely bogus.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Beautiful story of the Black Madonna visiting Mary Wagner, a pro-life heroine and political prisoner in Canada.

Funny, but last time I checked I didn’t see Amnesty International too concerned about Mary’s fate. They’re too busy actually trying to promote abortion.

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Folks, I have just had a Facebook discussion with Michael Coren on his descent into supporting gay civil unions and even worse.  He’s a very confused man, and won’t answer some basic questions.  He got tired of me insisting that he tell me what his position was on Humanae Vitae and finally “unfriended” me, claiming I was “angry” and in “darkness” (like he has done with virtually all his opponents on this issue).  

Please pray for Michael.  I think there is more here in his dramatic shift than first meets the eye.  These sorts of shifts normally happen because of guilt and love of a personal family member or close friend.  Michael deserves our love and prayers for the situation he finds himself in.  For these sorts of predicaments, sometimes it’s better just to keep your mouth shut on the issue and pray, thereby not exacerbating a strained relationship but also not giving public scandal and leading others astray. 

Here is the Facebook thread in question.  Note: I’ve noticed that Michael has started deleting at least one of his responses on the thread.  Please be aware of that when you are reading it if something doesn’t quite follow.

I was unable to post my final comment. Here it is here:

Well, Michael, I am sorry for you and how you have digressed and have fallen away from sound doctrine. I hope that is not the case, but that is the impression that you are leaving here. I entered this little chat because I care about you and those who are influenced by you. This is not about you and me. The fact that I will accept correction from the Fathers in the Faith and you will not (because you know that you will indeed be contradicted and corrected if you did) is a witness against you, and I call that as a witness to anyone reading this thread as to the soundness of your Catholic witness. People who disagree with you, including myself, are not necessarily angry and in darkness. I think you have been hanging around with our opponents a bit too long and have adopted their lingo. It’s obviously bewitched you and you have fallen for the victimology that they employ to bully their way into brainwashing the culture and our children into their destructive way of life. Like I said, it is you who have a major problem with what the Faith teaches.

1) You won’t accept correction from your Spiritual Fathers


2) You won’t answer my challenge on Humanae Vitae.

I think that basically settles the point I was trying to make. You are not showing Catholic sensibilities on true, Godly obedience, nor are you willing to broach the subject of opposing contraception while supporting sodomy. If you want to talk about darkness, Michael, you need to open a window yourself and accept EVERYTHING the Church teaches and not just those teachings that stroke your fancy.

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Jorge, despite all your gaffes, sometimes these genuine acts of Christian life wipe them all away.  The papacy is like a box of chocolates.  Sometimes, you don’t know what you’re gonna get.

Pope Francis Breaks Tradition and Stuns Thousands With Bold Move

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