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The poor Faithful simply don’t know where to turn anymore when the Shepherds have all but abandoned the Faith.

I guess the hierarchy want to protestantize us in all but name and make religion a purely private matter.

What’s the point of calling yourself a bishop when  you renounce the natural law and the Catholic Faith?  Why should we follow you?

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Details here.

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It is evident that the definition of marriage in a faith context needs to evolve and reflect the reality that most marriages have already begun well before the sacrament, and that many end in divorce, and that marriage is not always forever . Formation of the married life is a continuous effort and should be given the same rigour and support as that given to clergy. Retreats, sabbaticals, conferences should all be offered annually to the married. Less effort should be extended to the pre-married, and more on the married.

It’s all very predictable. Yawn.

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Fr. Z has the story here.

But Socon or Bust called this back in November.

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The world isn’t like that, my brother,” Rodriguez said in a German newspaper interview, rhetorically addressing Mueller in a rare public criticism among senior Church figures…..”You should be a bit flexible when you hear other voices, so you don’t just listen and say, ‘here is the wall’,” Rodriguez said in an interview with the daily Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger.

So, your Eminence, if the world isn’t like that…the answer is to become more like the World?  Am I tracking that right?

Sorry, but I demur.  The problem with Churchmen like Cardinal Rodriguez is that it’s not so much that they like to “hear other voices”, but rather it’s because they don’t understand what “no” means.

For them, the wall is always moving….like the pews in NuChurch.

Another scandalous witness by a Cardinal.  Yawn.  It’s cold today in Ottawa, don’t you find?

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Well, here it is.  Exhibit A of the “I told you so” files.

What did the Church expect from the old liberals who dominate these kind of parishes?  I just luvvvvv being told not to use my condoms!

These people are so far gone, what’s the point of calling St. Basil’s a Catholic parish?  And really, is this really about them or rather the massive failure to teach over the past 50 years?

Read their document here… Read the rest of this entry »

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From a reader…

A prominent blogger in Toronto (former resident of Ottawa) has written several posts on St Joe’s. He forwarded to me an email from a former parishioner who has seen the light and wants to expose more abuses. She was active in the parish for 8 years. The list seems very credible as I have reported many of the same things. I can confirm that the one partner of the Lesbian couple running the LGBT group  is also on the parish council and works as a teacher at an Intermediate school in OCSB.

 Some of the abuses include:

 - There is a gay pride/alliance group that openly meets at the church and has taken part in the pride parade. This is run by a lesbian couple, one of whom is an employee at a Catholic middle school in Ottawa.

- using rice crackers for the Eucharist for those with wheat and gluten intolerance

- using a kind of cookie for the Eucharist that is made by members of the parish. The cookie is dark brown and, depending on who makes it, is flavoured with different spices and honey/molasses. The children will make their own little loaf to use for their first Communion. 

- Several times I have witnessed Extra-ordinary Eucharistic ministers/altar servers take the crumbs left in the basket after Mass (they do not use a paten) and shake them in the garbage. Crumbs would fly all over the place. They would also offer any person walking by to help them eat the leftovers. 

- During a funeral I attended there, they allowed a group of Muslims to lead in prayer in Arabic for the deceased during the service.

- There are NO kneelers in the church other than one row in the back. The congregation never kneels but instead stands during consecration, etc.

- Women and laity regularly will give a reflection in place of a priest’s homily, often material goes against teachings of the Church.

- The prayers of the faithful have included praying for lobsters and sea creatures (seriously) .

- There are NO confessionals in the Church. One confessional in the back left (if facing the altar) is actually a huge door that opens up into a kitchen. The rest of the confessionals are used to store music equipment and chairs. They will offer general absolution during Lent and Advent but other than that one has to make an appointment.

- Members of the choir often practice in the sanctuary and are not respectful at all. I have witnessed the leader of the choir dancing and running around in front of the altar.

- The decorations in the church do not include a crucifix anywhere. Instead they have had gay rainbow flags, giant dream catchers, banners, etc.

- There is a snack time in the back of the sanctuary after Mass. No reverence at all for the holy space.

- Liturgical ‘dance’ by children using neon coloured birds and butterflies on a stick during the processional in the early morning Mass.

For completeness, I also mention some things from the Parish Guidebook ( )
- yoga with chants
- Healing Touch (ie. Therapeutic Touch) – by Clara Nasello CND. “Therapeutic Touch™ is an energy-field modality that is a contemporary interpretation of several ancient healing practices”
EVERY bulletin is full of bizarre things:
(Note the special outreach from OCSB teachers to student teachers)

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The more the Church prostrates itself before the false “wisdom” of the world, the more that world will ignore it, and the more souls will fall away from Her saving embrace. These souls who are so poignantly writing to diocesan officials with their tales of woe are already far, far outside the Church.  Even should the Church, I know not how, succumb to their desires and pretend their sins are not (this is really an impossibility, but for argument’s sake), few if any of these souls will return.  They will simply feel smug self-assurance in knowing they were right all along, and if that silly institution made up of old fairy tales was so wrong about so much for so long, what could it possibly have to offer them now, in our uber-modern and sophisticated (heh) times?

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Pavel Reid, the archdiocese director for “life, marriage and family,” says the pope’s remarks about Catholics’ “obsession” with individual moral issues follows the example set by Jesus’s apostle, Paul, who “went after busybodies … people who spend too much time minding other people’s business.”…As Reid read through letters from anguished Catholics, he reaffirmed it’s been extremely “not helpful” for the Vatican to label homosexuality a “disorder.” (Source)

The official church and its talking heads are doing the unofficial apostasy.

My goodness, can it get any worse?  You betcha.

Here comes everybody.  The grime of the Church which has been suppressed all these years is now starting to float to the top.  I think we are starting to see just how low the Church and the Papacy can sink without officially declaring error.  Wow.  It is scary to watch.

Did anyone actually believe that the results of this survey would be anything but an attack on the Church’s solemn teaching on marriage?  Pulease.  Who ever thought it up knew exactly what they were doing.  For the 10% of the people who have a legitimate gripe, the other 90% take it as an opportunity to unload.  C’mon, we all saw this coming…or at least should have.

With an archdiocesan “director for life, marriage, and family” like this, you might as well flick the switch of the firewall and keep your kids indoors.

Pray for the Church and the Pope.  They need prayers now more than ever.

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Well, if this story is to be believed and you were Pope Benedict, wouldn’t you abdicate to?

Maybe Pope Francis is just what the doctor ordered.  Shut the whole damn thing down and let the cards fall where they may.

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Zollitsch, who has led the German bishops since 2008, is referring to a plan by the prelates to allow remarried Catholics to make a “responsible decision in conscience” to receive sacraments after consulting their priest. (Source)

Waterloo is coming for +++Francis’s papacy.  I have no doubt that the church’s perennial and divine doctrinal teaching will remain unaltered, and it might have the effect of giving +++Francis a whole new perspective on the virtual apostasy in the Church.

Let’s pray for the Holy Father and the Church.

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The few excepts below are part of a speech given by Fr. Tom Rosica at the CCO event on December 31 here in Ottawa.  My comments to some of Fr. Rosica’s observations follow herewith.

7.  Politics and Catholic Voices

Pope Francis rejects the reduction of Catholicism to hot-topic moral issues. He does not want to reduce the church to discussions of abortion, gay marriage, contraception and homosexuality.

It is rather bizarre, I think, to suddenly change course when for the past 35+ years, the last two Popes have basically set the agenda on this front and called us to actively oppose the “Culture of Death“.  Remember that phrase?  That’s not something some pro-life ranting banshee, like yours truly, made up. Read the rest of this entry »

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From a reader…

Just returned from ‘Rise Up’ in Ottawa, attended by over 700 Catholic Youth from across Canada. Father Rosica was the key note speaker on New Year’s Eve. I fluctuated between tears and nausea as I listened to him lob cryptic pot shots at Orthodox Catholics and use this opportunity as a platform to elevate Development and Peace. This has to be one of the saddest things I’ve ever witnessed since coming into the Church. The worst part about it is that the nasty comments denouncing ‘doomsday prophets’ and criticizing ‘pro-life’ Catholics, completely flew over everyone’s heads and he got a STANDING OVATION!  :-( Please excuse me while I RUN to the bathroom to have a conversation with the big white phone.

My goodness, what happened to all of the peace, unity, and fraternity talk that the Church is now embracing?  The organizers for the Mad As Hell Tour  didn’t get the memo, apparently.

Like Barry O’s regime in the secular world, everyone’s welcome these days in NuChurch except everyone who doesn’t fit the NuChurch mold.  If you work in the pro-life movement or insist on a little bit of moral and doctrinal coherency in the New-tered evangelization, you’re now a pharisaical zealot who needs to be muted or even booted to the curb.

It turns out that the Who am I to judge? lens only focuses on active homosexuals but not so much on Pro-life activists.  It’s open season on the latter.

Mercy, it appears, only applies to Citizen Sodom.  The latter dopes, unfortunately, have this REALLY BIG target on their chest to be excoriated by the new Kindness and Mercy Militia of the Catholic Church.  (Excuse me while I remove that rock, implanted in your head, you poor Pro-Life dufus!)

If you can stand to listen to the Militia long enough, you will hear the Pro-Life Movement being branded as the new pariah of the Catholic Church…you know the super meanie, “obsessed ones”, while the social justice crowd – even official dissenters - are now the “fair and balanced” darlings of the Catholic Church, the paragons of virtue.   Contributing to Vatican II gives one a pass to believe in virtually anything these days.

For all the talk of peace, mercy, and love, the new regime really does know how to mix it up and alienate just about anyone who isn’t a Pollyanna, a socialist,  a liberal, or  who can count to ten.

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Run for the hills. The other additions and deletions are also noteworthy.  All in the wrong direction, in my humble opinion.

Can someone tell me why I feel less and less in Communion with the hierarchical Church as every day goes by?

Guess I’m one of those Pharisees.

If you listen to ++Wuerl, there’s really nothing you can say or do for him to deny you Communion.  It’s the pastoral approach….where the pro-abort heresy (yes it is a heresy) is tolerated and accepted.

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What’s the difference here between the Left and the Right, aside from their political affiliation?

The guy on the Left gets slobbered over by the Catholic Church on his death, while the woman on the right got peanuts.

Both were pro-abortion, although Lady Thatcher was much less so.

If you’re on the Left, you can expect the carpet to be rolled out, but if you’re on the right, death is a very private affair indeed.

Either way, the Catholic Church and its official representatives should say NOTHING AT ALL or at the very least make sure that it isn’t just another cheerleader in the secular parade.  It should calmly and charitably point out how that person departed from the moral truths which demanded to be upheld in our time, so as to not confuse the Faithful and the world with the (anti-God) cult of  man that it is helping to erect.   Is that so much to ask?


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….to declare Mandela a saint!

Via Catholic Register.

It really is an astounding thing and shows in a crystal clear fashion how the vast majority of the institutional and professional Catholics in the Church simply do not put any sort of moral weight on abortion or those who advocated for it. 

Is it any wonder why we have not made any headway in society with abortion?  It’s because the Catholic Church, its leadership and its Press are the REAL PROBLEM.  They have to be evangelized first.  They have to be confronted first.  They have to be challenged first and asked quite simply just why the hell are they canonizing and blowing daffodils and roses up the ying yangs of pro-abortion politicians?

Do the bodies of unborn children mean so little to them that they cannot reflect for a moment on what they are doing?  Can they not see that their words of unqualified praise for a pro-abortion politician have cheapened human life and given scandal?

You see, folks, it’s all quite simple.  There is no hesitation for the the go-along gang to trample over the unborn in a rush to get to the parade of the next secular saint.  Whether it’s Jack Layton or Nelson Mandela, when the time is right and their partners in the secular press say “let’s all give praise and thanksgiving for a great man of human rights!”, everybody in officialdom grabs their violins and tambourines because it’s time for a parade, man! 

Everybody luuuuuuuuuuuuves a parade, even if that parade path is lined with the innocent corpses of unborn childrenBut don’t the balloons and floats look marvelous, darling?

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Finally, a little balance.

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No longer, Reese writes in the issue of the journal released Nov. 25, should those in the leadership roles be bishops and cardinals.

“Not making curial officials bishops or cardinals would provide a severe blow to careerism in the Vatican,” Reese states. “Priests could no longer look at working in the Vatican as a way of moving up the ecclesiastical ladder. If they want to be a bishop or cardinal, they would have to leave the curia.” (source)

So what Fr. Reese is basically saying is that if a priest or layperson is head of one of the Congregations, and issues a decree of some kind, the bishops and cardinals have to obey.

Talk about gutting the very nature of the Catholic Church.

But, thankfully, that’s all it will be….just talk, talk, talk. What man proposes, God disposes.

Then again, if I’m elected as the head of the Congregation for Bishops, first order of business will be disbanding all the Episcopal Conferences.  Not the worst outcomes, these new proposals, eh?

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