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A few words that I offered to the rather encouragingly larger crowd assembled:

“Blessed are they who are persecuted for the sake of righteousness, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Why is it, do you think, that there are those who persecute people who seek righteousness?  It is, I suppose, in one sense, a great mystery as all sin is a great mystery. And yet, if we look deeper into why abortions happen, we can see that at its root is pride, as it is with all sin.  Read the rest of this entry »

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We celebrate the conclusion of the 40 Days for Life campaign – a time of prayer and fasting to end abortion. Join us at the closing rally, Sun Nov 3 at 7 pm at the corner of Bank and Sparks Streets. for information call Campaign Life Coalition 613-729-0379.

We are happy to announce that Archbishop Terrence Prendergast will be present. As well we will have sharings from Doris Gagnon, head of sidewalk counselling and director of Helpers of God’s Precious Infants, Amy Beaudoin, currently doing her co-op placement at Campaign Life Coalition and John Pacheco, our communication advisor.

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This Sunday, October 20, we are holding the 40 Days for Life mid-point rally at 7:00 pm at the corner of Bank and Sparks Streets. Join us as we have now reached the half-way point of our 40 days. We are pleased to have on hand, local activist, Frances Wilkinson and pro-life hero recently released from jail, Linda Gibbons.
For more information call Campaign Life Coalition at 613-729-0379
(Mrs) Wanda Hartlin
Communications Coordinator
Campaign Life Coalition Ottawa
Assistant Co-ordinator, 40 Days for Life Ottawa
860 Campbell Avenue, Ottawa ON K2A 2C5
phone: 613-729-0379 fax: 613-729-7611
Meditate well on this: Seek God above all things. It is right for you to seek God before and above everything else, because the majesty of God wishes you to receive what you ask for. This will also make you more ready to serve God and will enable you to love him more perfectly (St. Paschal).

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So this past year has been rather brutal for me and my family on almost every front imaginable.  If I was a paranoid religious nutter, I would say the Devil was out to get me.  Like no kidding.  Consequently, blogging took a back seat and so did many of my “priorities”…which was kind of good in a way because sometimes we all need that holy two-by-four right upside the head to check us back to reality.

Anyhow, the past several months have been extremely frustrating for me because I could not do my activist gig as I wanted.  I was like a helpless by-standard, paralyzed to do much of anything. That’s why the blog went quiet.  But sometimes that’s a good thing ’cause God wants to show us that “you ain’t all that”.   This Summer was particularly painful for me personally, as I met with some serious rejection which I had to deal with.

I finally got out to the 40 Days for Life prayer vigil on Wednesday for an hour and a bit.  I’ve been anxious to go because I felt I wanted to share my small suffering of rejection with that unborn child – although my small experience with rejection is nothing like that unborn child feels when he or she meets with the ultimate rejection. 

When you are praying at Ground Zero, remember to unite your suffering with that of the unborn.  We all go through suffering in life, and more times than not, the suffering we are feeling is, in some fashion, being experienced by that unborn child.   If you do, your time there will be exponentially more significant for you personally and for your sacrifice while there in prayerful witness.

It’s our sliver to that unborn child’s Cross.

Below, a father and his two children who took over from my shift.

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We have been asked why we call the vigil site on Bank Street across  from 65 Bank St. Ground Zero

During a weekend retreat with Monsignor Riley, founder of God’s Precious  Infants, he explained what happened in the New York area on Sept. 11,  2001.  Mgr Riley’s basilica is situated in Brooklyn, NY. When the planes  hit the twin towers, every priest and member of the clergy who could, made  their way to the tragic sight.  The devastation was incredible … Mgr.  Riley said the location of an abortuary is our “ground zero”.
This term has been used since 1947 and there is no copyright on it.
Here is the definition from the Collins, World English Dictionary :
Ground Zero 

1.  a point on the surface of land or water  at or directly above or below the centre of  a nuclear explosion


2.  a scene of great devastation


3.  the  name given to the devastated site of the collapsed World Trade Center towers in  New York city after September 11, 2001.




4.  abortuary  (to be added to the Dictionary at some point in the future)

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The next 40 Days for Life campaign starts tomorrow in 306 locations … with more than 20 brand-new cities on board for the first time:
Six years ago, when 40 Days for Life was first launched as a coordinated effort, our national director David Bereit and I were hoping 20 cities would take part. But God moved people in 89 cities to join that campaign. 
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Details here.

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Glorious story here.  Like I said, we’ve got the momentum right now.

The Pro-Life Movement in Canada is becoming the cat’s meow.

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When I spoke at the Bridgeport vigil, I noticed that some of the abortion facility workers came out to listen to what I was saying.

Since we are in the last week of the campaign, I talked about how the abortion workers who leave their jobs during 40 Days for Life usually do so during the last part of the campaign.

I also shared how we are there for these workers … and how our message to them is one of hope and love – two things they will not find inside an abortion facility. (Source)

It’s all just falling apart for them.  You know, the pro-life movement has been fixated too much on the law and not on this sort of thing.  Sooner rather than later, all of these abortion chambers are just going to close down….without any government intervention.

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They’re not?  Then why was there a baby saved at Ground Zero yesterday?

Seems to me that we’re making some gains.

One life saved is saving the world entire.

Keep up the prayers, everyone.  We’re gonna win this thing…one life at a time.


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A prayer volunteer in Hackensack posted a note on the 40 Days for Life blog about her first time praying in front of the abortion center.

“I didn’t get there early enough to see the customers arriving, but I was there when they were exiting,” she said. “Every woman was crying. Every one. I was not prepared for that. And this is ‘women’s rights’?”

She had another profoundly sad realization as well. “Every woman was brought in by a man. The parking lot was full of men pacing, smoking or sitting in their cars. For every abortion, there is a man — a father — presiding over the death of his child.”

She recalled the TV shows of years ago, where nervous fathers paced in hospital waiting rooms, reacting with joy when the nurse came in to say, “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!”

“What a contrast to this scene,” she said, “where all these men were waiting to hear one thing: ‘It’s over,’ which is followed by taking a weeping woman home. God have mercy.” (Source)

But doesn’t that just say it all?  Abortion is not about women’s rights. It’s about a very small number of feminists who have sold out to the culture of death and permitted men to dictate to women what their “choice” will be.  That’s the ugly truth of it.

Abortion is not about “women’s rights”.  It’s about the domination of women by perverse people.

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Greetings everyone!

1) Ground Zero Report:

  • Midpoint Announcement Rally: Sun. Oct.14, 7:00PM – 8:00 PM @ Ground Zero 65 Bank Street – Candlelight Vigil – Archbishop Prendergast to give a reflection, John Pacheco (Pro-Life Activist & Blogger), Doris G. (Helpers of God Precious Infants), Deacon Charles and Marcel Dion on Vocals!  Come out for an awe inspiring event as we mark the Year of the Faith in the Pro Life Movement! Read the rest of this entry »

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Greetings everyone!

1) Ground Zero Report:

Please be sure to send us your observations, reflections, and any other pertinent information you would like to share with the other 40 Days for Life Participants. Your identity will be kept anonymous. Pictures: please also share any pictures of your experiences at Ground Zero with us, but PLEASE, when taking pictures, please be very discreet and expeditious. Take pictures of the vigilers only (with their permission). Never take pictures of our opponents (unless they are violent) or women going in for abortion.

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So today, I headed over to Ground Zero to put in my hour for my parish, St. Maurice.   Took the 7AM slot as no one had signed up. When I arrived there, however, there were already two people there.    Said my hellos.  Hung the sign around my neck. Pulled out my rosary.  And got down to business.

This hour had to be the most uneventful of all of the hours I’ve spent down at Ground Zero.  An eerie silence is how I would describe it – much like the silence before the violence that an unborn child experiences.    The people walking by are completely oblivious to what is going on just a few feet from them as they pass the abortuary, much like that unborn child has no clue that his sanctuary is about to be invaded and he is going to be ripped apart from head to toe.

No warning.  No preparation.  It was just another day in mummy’s tummy.  But there would not be another day.

So remember, everyone,  if nothing happens and no one notices you or really cares, if they think that you are now part of the street furniture, do not be discouraged.   Rather, prayerfully unite yourselves with that innocent silence of the unborn.  Your witness speaks more than you will ever know…and it will one day be the wind in the trumpet blast that blows over abortion in Canada.

God forgives, but He doesn’t forget.  The time is coming soon that abortion, not the unborn, will be destroyed forever.

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Today parishioners of the Annunciation of the Lord Parish in Ottawa were at ground zero to pray for an end to abortion.  Many from across the city came to pray with us including Frances and Eileen who are there almost every day…more

This sucker’s going down.

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Today The Good Shepherd was at Ground Zero and there was an average of five people per hour. Many people from across the city came to pray with us, including Frances from Silent no More. Thank you to all who came to Ground Zero today!

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Here’s another homily Fr. Wertin gave some time ago during 40 Days for Life… Read the rest of this entry »

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Greetings everyone!
Socon or Bust list subscribers are welcome to follow on our campaign at
1) Ground Zero Report:
  • Day 2 – Forgiveness Not Revenge September 28, 2012
It was cold and sunny at Ground Zero at about 11 am when I showed up. I brought my youngest daughter with me in a stroller. She was very good — she did not fuss for a whole hour as I walked back and forth on Bank Street. More»

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Tuesday night saw the launch of the sixth 40 Days for Life Campaign here in Ottawa.    The first couple of campaigns were met with great enthusiasm, but as the task set in that we were in this for the long haul, some of that participation has unfortunately waned in the last few years.  The good news is that the numbers have stabilized and I believe we are going to start to grow again.  Last night about 200 people attended the launch. 

But the numbers, of course, are not what is important.  God can move mightily with very few numbers and indeed He sometimes insists on it to achieve the victory.  Remember Gideon?  And so it is with the Pro-Life movement. We don’t need large numbers. We need tenacity and faith.  At first the numbers will not be there, but when the time is right, we will see a flood of “converts” to the cause – those who were formally pro-abortion will turncoat and be the greatest defenders of human life.  In fact, that’s exactly what is happening today in the Pro-Life movement.  David Bereit and Abby Johnson are arguably the most prominent pro-life activists today and they did not come from our ranks originally.  Bereit was an agnostic who stumbled on abortion while Johnson was an Planned Parenthood Clinic manager. 

The Pro-Life Movement today is on the move.  I don’t think that I’ve ever seen so much activity, prayer, success and hope in any other time since I’ve been activist.  It’s very exciting to be on the climb to the top of the mountain.  We can begin to see the peak, and that’s all we need for encouragement and perseverance.

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From Big Blue Wave

40 Days for Life was launched yesterday in Ottawa and it was a very sober and prayerful event. I estimate that there were about 200 people in attendance...

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