When I ran against Baird in 2006, I told everyone that he would do much more damage being a Conservative than if he were a member of the Liberal Party or NDP.  I see that I was right yet again.

3 Responses to “Canada’s Gay Foreign Policy and its Czar”
  1. Leacock says:

    I looked up your run against Baird on Wikipedia, I am curious why you ran as an Independent Conservative instead of attaching yourself to a socially conservative party like the CHP, do you disagree with the CHP or did you think it would be better to run as an independent? I am just curious.

    • Paycheck says:

      I did not run for the CHP because they require members to sign on, declaring that the bible is the sole authority for faith and morals. As a Catholic, I could not do that.

  2. Sean says:

    He is a homosexual right? No wonder.

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