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A homily given by a priest in Kingston, Ontario…

Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

Today Jesus tell us “No slave can serve two masters”, and in addition, he stresses, “You cannot serve both God and wealth”

How does that affect us today? Let me tell you how I see it.

As you know, I have just survived a bout with Prostate cancer. 

A Deacon who trained with me at the same seminary is already dead of the disease. It is not a trivial thing. Not everyone is as fortunate as I.

Did you know that over the last 40 years or so, the incidence of prostate cancer has risen by over 500%?

Just a few weeks ago, a healthy young couple that I know well, had to go to a fertility clinic for an in vitro fertilization. The reason was that the young man had a low sperm count. Did you know that the average sperm count in young men has fallen by over 50% in the last 40 years?

I have also read that genital abnormalities in male babies have risen 500% over the same period.

What is the reason for these alarming trends? It is the birth control pill. Read the rest of this entry »

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by Chris Beneteau

The mystery of motherhood was never more apparent as I sat nervously and stroked the face of my wife as she gave birth to our ninth child (Lila) by caesarian section.  This is a mystery that we fathers can never truly understand because, while we may experience the pain of seeing one of our loved ones suffering, we can never willingly embrace pain so that new life will emerge from our bodies. Read the rest of this entry »

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Peter’s speech won top 3 in his class and was chosen to go to the gym….sooooo on Friday he will recite it in front of all the school, teachers and parents who choose to go and watch! His teacher phoned and was telling me about it and saying it was an exemplary speech and it got high A etc………can’t believe it !! 

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How would you feel if the government wiped out an entire city the size of Kingston, and everyone in it every single year?  The majority of Canadians would probably not agree with this idea.  In fact there would probably be riots in the streets.  Yet that is precisely what is happening in hospitals and clinics all throughout Canada each year on a much smaller level.

In 1969, the Canadian government struck down all Canadian laws restricting abortion in Canada.  Many people mistakenly believe that abortion is legal in Canada, when in reality; we are the only western nation that simply does not have any law restricting abortion.  The result has been a steady increase in the number abortions performed each year in Canada, since 1969.  There are now around 100,000 abortions performed in Canada annually.

Abortion has seen a steady increase around the world, for example in China, families who choose to have more than one child are fined, punished, and the mothers are often forced to have abortions and are sterilized.  Since males are highly valued in China, girls are aborted at a much higher rate.  Girls that are fortunate enough to be born in China are often discarded and left to die.

Catholic teaching on the matter of abortion is very clear. In the book of Jeremiah chapter 1:5, it says “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you.” This forms the basis of section 2270 in the catechism of the Catholic Church which states “Human life must be respected and protected absolutely from the moment of conception. From the first moment of his existence, a human being must be recognized as having the rights of a person. Among which is the inviolable right of every innocent being to life.” This teaching is very clear, abortion is always wrong, with no exceptions. While some people may not be prepared to be mothers and fathers, abortion is never the answer. The end never justifies the means; in other words, you can never commit an evil act (such as abortion) to ease the burden you are currently carrying (in this case the baby).

Many famous Catholics and non Catholics have spoken out against abortion.   Mother Teresa wrote “Abortion is a crime that kills not only the child but the consciences of all involved.”  Former US president Ronald Reagan once said “abortion concerns not only the unborn child; it concerns every one of us.”  And finally in a very harsh tone Martin Luther once said “those who have no love for children are swine, stocks, and logs unworthy of being called men or women.”

There are a number of things that each of us can do in order to help reduce the number or abortions in this country.   We can pray for the doctors and there associates who perform these evil acts.  We can also pray for the mothers and fathers who have chosen to avoid bringing one of their children into the world.  And then we can pray for the family members, grandparents and relatives who have been touched by abortion.  The more fearless among you could write a letter to your member of parliament or your local newspaper.  Or you could join my family and I as we attend the 14th annual March for Life in Ottawa this May 13th where thousands of ordinary Canadians will gather on Parliament Hill to prayerfully and peacefully to tell the government that we do not have social peace on abortion.  There will never be peace in the world while we allow children to die in the sanctuary of a mother’s womb.

Peter Beneteau, 13 years old,  received an “A” for this speech.

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Letter to Editor (Catholic Insight Magazine),

Re: Doctor’s Praise of Contraception

Possessing a university degree is hardly a measure of intelligence, so every morning when I wake up, I pray that God will give me the gifts of wisdom and understanding.  After reading Dr. Wilbur’s recent letter to the editor (Re Birth Control, March, 2010) I am pretty sure that this is not the prayer that leaves his lips each morning.  In fact, it would seem that his letter demonstrates that intelligence and wisdom are not mutually exclusive.

Here we have a man whom God has supplied with the gift of healing, and he chooses to honour his profession by bashing the Catholic Church’s position on birth control and by extension implying that he knows better than God. In this writer’s humble opinion, Dr. Wilbur has a duty to determine how he has wrongly reasoned and erred.  My hope is that this letter will be a stimulus for further exploration on the part of Dr. Wilbur.

A large part of the letter is devoted to Dr. Wilbur’s thesis that the Catholic Church has  failed to recognize the “dramatic change in society as it affects the family.”  In fact, not only does the Church recognize the change, it knows the cause and it has the  solution.  The cause is the widespread use of contraception.  The effects include, but are not limited to: rampant promiscuity, divorce, abortion, euthanasia and ultimately a  freely chosen racial/cultural suicide.  These evils have increased greatly over the past 100 years and they correspond directly with the widespread use of contraception that  began about 100 years ago when the Anglican Church allowed contraceptives to be used by
married couples. Read the rest of this entry »

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As proud parents of five children, my wife and I are often amazed at the comments and reactions that we receive when people discover the size of our family. Many of our readers have surely experienced some of these reactions as well.

The following is a list of some of the most common remarks with some of my own remarks in parentheses.

“Are these ALL yours?”

“I don’t know how you do it.”

“You two are amazing.” (Sarcasm is usually detected with this comment)

“I can barely handle one child.”

“I wanted more but my husband got fixed.”

“We tried NFP but it didn’t work for us.” (i.e. “We don’t know what the hell we’re doing”)

“Are you done yet?”

“So how many children do you want to have?”

“Well God bless you.” (In this case God’s name is usually not invoked out of reverence)

“You’re crazy!” (If the people making these statements are ‘sane’ then call me crazy any day)

“Just what do you two do in that bedroom anyway?” (I usually respond to this type of remark by saying, “the same thing that you and your wife do, but we get results”)

“Have you two ever heard of birth control?” (For them, that means “no births and no control”.)

“Is your wife pregnant yet?”

“Don’t you two have a TV?” (I guess modern marriages consist mainly of contraceptive sex and excessive television viewing)

“Oh you must have had your kids 6 months apart!” (Some poor souls can’t even get the facts of life right!)

“And you STILL want more kids?!?!” (This usually comes every time you are seen to be having a little less than a perfect day with your kids!)

“You just want to try for a girl, right?….Your husband needs one”….or “if you get a girl THIS time will you stop?”

“These are my neighbours…they want to have SIX to EIGHT kids!” (As if this needed to be told to all who met us.)

The list goes on and on. I should point out that we do receive some positive comments and reactions. Most are usually made by our peers who share our views or by those individuals who received a Catholic education before 1968.

Sometimes I must admit that my male ego likes the attention – be it positive or negative. It is hard to stand out in this day and age. More traditional rebellious behaviours such as tattoos, piercing, tight clothing, and drugs have become mainstream. When you contrast these conformist activities with those of a large family, it is obvious who the true rebels are in this day and age. Stay married to one woman, have more than two children, attend Church on a regular basis and people treat you as if you are from another planet. The big difference between the old rebels and the new rebels, however, is that we are rebels with a cause. The cause being to pass the gospel message on to our children, and to set a living example of authentic faith so that the Church in North America can become strong once again.

Each week as I sit with my family during mass, I quickly become aware those staring eyes. I used to wonder what they were thinking. Now, I have a pretty good idea because of a recent incident at the local fast food restaurant.

It all started as the seven of us walked through the door of our local McDonald’s restaurant. I had become momentarily separated from my wife as she struggled to get our newborn daughter out of the car seat. As a result, the four older brothers and myself entered the restaurant ahead of their sister and their mother.

Sitting at a booth by the door was a mother, father and their two young children. As I stood holding the door open waiting for my wife and my daughter, the children and their parents gave us a big long stare. One of the boys in a very loud voice blurted out,

“Mommy, daddy look at the size of that family.”

The other boy then piped up and said, “Look there are four boys.”

At this point, the parents noticed that I was holding the door open. As my wife made her way through the door with our daughter, a look of utter shock was clearly visible on both of the parent faces. Their children then went ballistic and I heard them say,

“O my God, there are five kids.”

In order to avoid making a scene, the parents quickly moved to quiet their children down. A little embarrassed, my wife and I, along with our five children quickly moved to find the nearest booth. As I glanced back over my shoulder, I noticed that all four family members were staring at us. The most interesting part of this story is what occurred after we had sat down. My wife noticed that we had become the topic of conversation for the duration of their meal.

I like to think that maybe, just maybe we planted a seed in the minds of the parents. Wouldn’t it be something if the parents thought to themselves, “if they can have more than two children, why can’t we?” I think that a large family can reawaken a truth within people that has been smothered by the matrix of secularism. It’s as if they know what they have been doing is wrong, but it took a dose of the truth to wake them up.

The future is truly in the hands of large families. As the birth rates in North America and other developed countries continue to drop, children from large families will fill the gaps left by the families that chose voluntary extinction.

The comments and attention outlined above serve to remind my wife and I just how blessed we are. We are also reminded that maybe our children will grow to share our pro-life views and hopefully fill the twilight of our existence with numerous grandchildren. What the secular society fails to understand is that love never divides – it multiplies.

Chris Beneteau
November 6, 2003

Editor’s Note: Chris and his wife now have eight kids.  That’s bad news for the future of social liberalism. 

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Right on.

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So the media drumbeat rages on.  Pro-lifers are responsible for the death of George Tiller.  We are nothing but a bunch of terrorists.  The Catholic Bishops used mind control to influence  the gunman, blah, blah, blah…  When are we going to stop defending ourselves and instead go on offence for a change.   Is this really too hard to figure out?  Like I wrote in an earlier post, the media will never be on our side.  With this in mind, maybe we should turn the tables.  If someone in the press accuses us of being responsible for the behaviour of one deranged individual, we should reject the premise and instead blame them for the millions of abortions that have been performed in North America.  Let’s name names.  After all, their silence on the issue, along with the fact that they cover up crimes committed by these so-called doctors would at least make them accessories to murder.  The truth is that the mainstream media is partially responsible for the death of at least one medium size city each year in Canada.  They are nothing but abortion enablers.

 Chris Beneteau 

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Over the past 24 hours, various pro-life organizations and religious leaders have publicly denounced the murder of late-term abortionist George Tiller.  It is almost as if these groups and individuals believe that they can lessen the impact of some of the negative, even hateful media attention.  It won’t work folks.  In fact, it will just make things worse.  As pro-lifers we need to reject the very premise that we are prone to violence.  We should not have to defend ourselves.  Our peaceful nature should be a given.  It is kind of like when we defend ourselves from charges of ‘homophobia’ by saying that we have gay friends.  We know that we are not hateful, and if the kool aid drinkers in the media don’t get it, well too damn bad.  We need to stop throwing ourselves at the mercy of the media.  They will never be on our side.

Chris Beneteau  

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Pro-lifers better get ready for a media onslaught over the next few days.  The murder of late-term abortionist George ‘the killer’ Tiller will reinforce what the Department of Homeland Security in the United States already believes; that pro-lifers are potential terrorists.  We will undoubtedly see numerous pundits and talking heads say things like “maybe homeland security is right, ” or “we need to restrict the activities of these groups.”  The knives will be out, and this time there is an administration that may actually attempt to restrict the freedoms of peaceful pro-lifers.

Chris Beneteau

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‘Kumbaya’ Christianity really bugs me.  You know the ‘let’s all hold hands, find common ground and sing songs of peace’ for the global community tripe.  Oh yeah, and let’s just forget the ‘controversial’ issues of the day.  You know the one’s that divide us such as abortion, euthanasia, and gay marriage.  After all we wouldn’t want our neighbour to feel uncomfortable.  Why if we spread the gospel message, some of our Pagan friends may ‘gasp’ convert.

Most homilies are full of feel good platitudes with very little substance.  Over the past weekend I was fortunate enough to listen to a homily that was bold, brave, truthful but most of all refreshing.  Below is the text of the homily written by a local Deacon.  It’s main message is that not all beliefs have to be accepted or accommodated.  In fact, as Christians we are called to outright reject religions and their practises that are contrary to the Gospel.  Should we be rude and disrespectful?  Of course not.  But we should not be afraid to speak the truth.  In fact, we are obligated as Christians to label evil as evil.  It is not an act of love to let our neighbours wallow in sin.  Enjoy.

Chris Beneteau

Brothers and sisters in Christ 

Those of you who are students of the bible will know that St Mark actually ended his Gospel with Chapter 16, the last sentence of which reads, “They said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.” He intended to challenge his listeners to do better. 

Our Gospel today is part of the longer ending which was added by the Church Fathers at a later date. It is no coincidence that we hear “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature.” which is so similar to the Great Commission reported in Matthew’s Gospel.  

The Church Fathers chose to repeat the sentiment because they considered it to be of such high importance. Today, it is we who must obey and proclaim the Gospel to the world.  

However, sometimes I think we are too embarrassed to press the case for Christianity. Think of that! Our forbearers faced torture and death, for the sake of Jesus, and we worry about embarrassment! 

Perhaps we have been so taken with the notion of political correctness, that we are reluctant to say that Jesus is the way – and the ONLY way to God. Perhaps we think it is more “correct” to respect “other cultures” even if they are Heathen. 

Let me tell you a true story. 

 I used to belong to a prayer group, and gained a small reputation as a healer. 

One day we were joined by a young woman from
Africa who called herself Jenny in the
USA. She pulled me aside, and asked for private prayer.
It turned out that she had been married for 3 years, and had not become pregnant. Her husband’s family were becoming angry, and were talking about a refund of the bride price. Her self-esteem was very low. 

So we prayed together, and God was good. She conceived that very month, and later had a beautiful little girl. Jenny named her Omeleye, which meant “Peace in the family” 

I went to visit Jenny in the maternity ward, and was allowed to hold Omeleye in my lap, after Jenny informed the staff that I was Omeleye’s grandfather. This caused some confusion, I must say. 

Anyway, some three months later Jenny’s mother-in-law arrived in town, and to my surprise took Omeleye back to
Africa for a “holiday”. That holiday went on and on, and it was a year before Omeleye returned home.

Jenny brought her back to the prayer group, as a toddler, and she introduced me to Omeleye as her grandfather. Only when I took her in my arms, did it dawn on me what they had done to her. She had been mutilated, perhaps with a piece of a broken bottle, in a procedure that is illegal in every Christian country on earth. 

Whenever people ask me to participate in non-Christian rituals, I think of my poor Omeleye, and I refuse to grant such affairs any legitimacy.Jesus Christ is the only road to God, and we should never be embarrassed to proclaim God’s word. 

Saint Paul said we have duty to proclaim the Gospel, and should expect no reward. On the other hand, failure to proclaim the Gospel will be punished.

We say, “In the thoughts, and in my words. In what I have done, and in what I have failed to do.” Each step a little more serious! Jesus said, “Nothing is impossible for God”. He also said, “Nothing is possible without God.” 

It answers a question for me. I read from “Das Kapital” – the Communist manifesto – “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs” and I think – that sounds like a good idea. So I ask – why did Communism fail? 

However, I also read in the same book, “Religion is the opiate of the people”, and that answered my question. 

It is this latter repudiation of God that explains why Communism is no more than a failed experiment, for “Nothing is possible without God” 

Yes, we know that communism failed miserably. All we have to do is to compare the different histories of East and
West Germany, or more latterly, North and
South Korea.

The Russians have abandoned the Godless philosophy, and so have the Chinese – although less explicitly. Communism is close to disappearing. 

Let us think about what we are saying. “Nothing is possible without God” Do you think that
Canada is slowly forgetting this basic truth?
I think the Godless in
Canada are pushing forward, and making gains.

Did you imagine when we were children that it would become legal to kill children? 

Did you imagine when we were children that acts of homosexuality would not only become legal, but would be given the protection of a legal marriage? 

Did you imagine that Catholic schools would be under attack? That prayer in school would be banned? That atheists and pagans would be allowed to push their agendas on good Christian people? 

That people would advocate killing the elderly when they become a nuisance? 

Did you imagine that pagan “First Nation” ceremonies would be celebrated in a Catholic church? 

I could go on, but you know full well what I am saying.How long before African immigrants are demanding the right to practice female circumcision?  So many groups think that their beliefs are as valid as Christianity. Let me be clear. They are not – even if it does sound non-Politically correct! 

Canada used to have a Christian, law-abiding and stable society. We took it all too much for granted, and have not been on our guard.
Read the
Toronto Star if you want to see how far we have fallen.

We must obey God’s call, and preach the Gospel.  And yes, move from a less than successful policy of defense, to an aggressive policy of expansion. 

I will be hosting a Parish Mission next week, starting at 7 pm on Monday. It is about the Call to
Saint Paul, and by extension the call to every one of us.

I encourage you all to come, to talk a little more about the wonderful Faith that we share, to lend your voices to the singing, and maybe, in some way, to think about what God expects from us!”

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Having never actually taken drugs, I can now see why my parents made such an effort to keep me away from them.  In honour of earth day (yeah I know it was yesterday) I thought that I would provide the readers with some comic relief.  Actually, after watching this video I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.  O.K. I laughed (my side is still sore), but make no mistake these people are serious.

This is the face of the militant environmentalist movement.  It is serious.  It is dangerous.  It hates humanity and it worships the earth.  Don’t let anyone try to convince you otherwise.  This religion would have us all living in huts, using leaves for toilet paper, washing our laundry (loincloths) in a muddy river and smacking them against a living rock (watch the video and you will see what I mean).

Chris Beneteau

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Carrie Prejean, otherwise known as Ms. California,  stood up to homo-fascist establishment within the popular culture and she won.  Not the Ms. America pageant mind you, but a pageant in which her crown will be rewarded not in this world but in the next.  Unfortunately, she will face many trials and will suffer much for her defense of traditional marriage.  Christians of good will can help to ease some of her pain.  We can stand by her while she carries this cross.  We can storm heaven with our prayers that God will give her the strength to carry on.  We can tell our friends and neighbours how proud we are of her, but more importantly we can learn a great lesson.  We should not be afraid to shout our beliefs from the rooftops.  We should not be ashamed to proclaim what we believe to the world.  We must stand for truth or we will fall for lies. 

Chris Beneteau         

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My Development and Peace envelope will once again be going into the collection plate this Sunday.  Unfortunately, instead of giving money, a message will be written on the envelope and this is what it will say: I will never give another penny to this organization unless it stops funding ‘partners’ abroad that support abortion and/or undermine Catholic teachingIt will be given to the local food bank instead.  As the old saying goes, ‘money talks’ so hopefully this envelope will get the attention of someone within D&P.

Chris Beneteau   

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The controversy surrounding the distribution of funds to pro-abortion groups around the world has really struck a chord with me.  Thankfully, a number of Bishops have issued measured and cautious statements supporting investigations into the activities of Development and Peace.  Unfortunately, it has taken some courageous individuals and one news organization in particular to point out what the Bishops should have known for a long time.  It is no secret that D&P has not exactly been cheerleaders for the life of the unborn.  It therefore would have been wise for the Bishops conference to have employed at least one pro-life activist to oversee the activities of this organization.  In fact, any organization that receives funding from the Catholic Church should be subjected to regular reviews and oversight.  This would ensure that the funds are not being directed to groups that oppose the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Shepherds must ensure that wolves in sheep’s clothing do not mix with the flock.

In addition, we seem to have things backwards in the Church today.  The laity, in many instances, seem to be better teachers and shepherds than the Bishops.  The wishy-washy, lukewarm responses by many of these successors to the apostles are almost cringe worthy.  Yet at the same time when I read a story by or rebuttal by fellow Catholics, I find my self saying, “why don’t the Bishops say this stuff?”  When it comes to contraception and abortion, many Bishops, to put in politely, are missing in action.  Sure, some may release timid statements reaffirming the Church’s teaching on life and the family, but what I wouldn’t give to hear a Bishop shout from the rooftops that certain behaviours are intrinsically evil and that those who promote, encourage or practice such behaviours put their souls and the souls of their neighbours at risk.

Some of the Bishops seem to be aware of my concern and are starting to join the fight, but many others need to stop taking the Rodney King ‘can’t we all just get along’ approach when dealing with the culture.  It is not easy taking a stand, but I have little doubt that the Bishops would be surprised at the support they would receive if they would just boldly speak the truth.   

- Chris Beneteau   


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By reversing a ban on the federal funding of embryonic stem cell research and forcing health care workers to participate in abortions despite their religious/moral convictions, president Barrack Obama has become the most pro-abortion president in the history of the United States. The reversal of the embryonic stem cell ban is completely unnecessary. All it does is force taxpayers to flip the bill for research that has already been funded by the private sector. In addition, many people believe that George W. Bush banned research on embryonic stem cell lines. He did not. The former president only banned the research and experimentation on embryos that were created after the year 2001. He reasoned that embryos produced prior to the year 2001 would be wasted and therefore might as well be put to good use. In many ways it was a compromise position, using the ends to justify the means.

The sad part is that scientists have seen no tangible benefits from the research and experiments conducted using these existing lines. In contrast however, adult stem cells – those taken from one’s own body, have proven to be very promising with breakthroughs having occurred in a relatively short time.

In light of this evidence, one is left to wonder if there is not a more philosophical or sinister motive at work here. President Obama and his allies have gone on record to say that the lifting of this ban will allow science to move forward without political interference. It would seem to me that the political interference is coming from those who support the reversal of the ban. What I am suggesting is that their motives may be more ideological than scientific.

It would not be unreasonable to suggest that a ban on embryonic stem cell research reinforces the belief that life begins at conception, otherwise what would be the point of the ban. And if life does begin at conception, abortion supporters may be worried that this will lead to further restrictions on abortion. This is something that many on the radical pro-abortion side of this debate will not tolerate. To acknowledge that an embryo is a human life is an abomination to these people and thus the stem cell ban would serve to remind them of this fact.

Finally, it would not be unwise to consider what Dr. George W. Corner, the great endocrinologist and research scientist had to say in 1940′s about the beginning of life:

“The fertilization of an egg by the sperm is one of the greatest wonders of nature, an event in which magnificently small fragments of…life are driven by cosmic forces to their appointed end, the growth of a living human being. As a spectacle, it can be compared only with an eclipse of the sun, or the eruption of a volcano. It is in fact the most common and nearest to us of nature’s cataclysms, and yet it is very seldom observed because it occurs in a realm most people never see – the region of microscopic things.”

Unfortunately, the consciences of those who advocate abortion on demand have been so seared that they refuse to accept what their eyes can see and their hearts know to be true. All life is precious and should be protected from conception to natural death.

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If anyone doubts that radical environmentalists have a diabolical agenda, then I suggest everyone check out the link here:

The site discusses the Georgia  Guidestones which are located in Elbert County, Georgia.  The stones are huge monuments about 20 feet high and made from pure granite.  The stones contain 10 messages.  The first one says:

  • Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

This ‘commandment’ along with the other nine are an assault on everything that the pro-life movement holds sacred.  The scary part is that radical environmentalists and global governance types are not even trying to hide their beliefs anymore.  

Scary stuff. 

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As the only practicing Catholic in my workplace, my ‘lifestyle choice’ is frequently a topic of discussion. The majority of my co-workers simply do not understand the Church’s teaching around contraception and family planning. Most know that the Church officially condemns all forms of contraception, but they also understand that many Catholic’s choose to ignore the Church’s prohibition regarding contraception.

In many ways, my workplace could be seen as a microcosm of society. There is a pervasive ignorance about why the Church teaches what it does. There is also a misunderstanding of how some Catholics are able to conform their will to these teachings. It is therefore imperative that married Catholic couples be able to explain the Church teaching as well as how they have been able to live up to it.

One approach is to call a spade a spade when confronting the current culture. In other words, you tell the pagans why they are wrong, why you are right and why they will go to hell if they don’t stop doing what they are doing. While this approach may have its place (i.e. telling a priest who should know better to stop promoting homosexual behaviour) in most cases, it would lack charity. Additionally, I would argue that many individuals who contracept probably do not meet all of the conditions necessary to be committing mortal sins.

With this in mind, faithful Catholics must discern how they should go forth and make disciples in their everyday lives. In my experience, I have found that it is better to discuss what the Church is for rather than what the Church is against. The old saying that you attract more bees with honey is the idea here. Secondly, we must also be able to explain in simplest terms the philosophical difference between contraception and natural family planning so that more people will see NFP as a viable alternative to contraception.

In his book Sex and the Marriage Covenant, John Kippley provides a simple explanation for those who argue that NFP is nothing more than a Catholic form of contraception. Kippley points out that the end does not justify the means; that is, the same end or purpose does not make all the means of achieving that goal moral. For example, owning a nice car is a reasonable goal, yet no one would argue that stealing a car or working five days a week at McDonalds in order to buy the car are morally the same. Secondly, Kippley says that there is an infinite difference between DOING and NOT DOING. The couple that uses contraception is DOING something that acts to prevent the possible creation of a new human being. In contrast, the couple using NFP to avoid or postpone pregnancy is simply NOT DOING intercourse during the fertile times.

Ultimately, however, I have found that people respond positively to stories of love. Any story that compels the listener to consider the divinity of Christ is the most effective means I know to change the culture.

When explaining the difference between natural family planning and contraception to my co-workers, I encourage them to visualize a scenario that was described to me a few years ago. I begin by telling them to imagine for a moment that Christ has come to the door of their home. Christ then knocks on the door and desires to come in to your home and have dinner with you and your family. The NFP couple that desires to have a child has left the door open and they rush to the front door upon hearing the gentle knocking of Christ. They then fully embrace Him and invite him to share a piece of his cross with them. If the NFP couple does not want a child at that time, they have at least left the door unlocked. They recognize the depth of their sin and may not want Christ to enter their home. In their hearts however, they say to Christ “We are not worthy to have you in our presence, however, if you so will it, come on in, the door is open.” In contrast, those who use contraception lock the door to their home and ignore the One who desires to come in. In essence they say, “go away, for you will be a burden and we will have to feed you.” The motivation for the NFP couple is an uncertain future, but one that is filled with trust. The contracepting couple, in contrast, is motivated by fear and in some cases selfishness.

Make no mistake about it, contraception, if taken to its logical conclusion, is the death of the human race. Throughout centuries of war and conflict, Satan has always sought this end, but to no avail. Contraception is a hidden war as the body rages against itself. It is a re-ordering of the natural biochemical processes within the body so that there is conflict and chaos. Death enchroaches on the beginning of life through stealth as if life itself was the enemy.

While the future looks bleak, we must remind ourselves that there is always hope. Life will spring forth from those who leave the contraceptive culture and the forces of light will grow strong again. NFP couples will bring forth new reinforcements for the culture war. The new recruits will stand firm until Christ makes his return. Victory is assured, although many souls will be lost. Recalling the last instalment of the Lord of the Rings, the poor, deluded souls who serve the contraceptive culture will share the same fate as the orcs at the gates of Mordor: after the defeat of Sauron and the return of the KING, they will be swallowed up into the abyss.

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20/20, a popular cable human interest television show, recently had a piece about the growing popularity of so-called “re-borns”.  These very life like baby dolls that many women spend a small fortune to acquire, are then dressed, nurtured, and taken for walks in strollers.  Some women create elaborate nurseries and even celebrate their birthdays.  This absurdity must be a direct consequence of the culture of death.  Some of the women interviewed said that they received all the joys of motherhood without the poopy diapers, crying and sleepless nights.  It would be very interesting to find out just how many of these women have had abortions or deeply regret their decisions to limit the size of their families.  Some may have even waited too long and their fertility has passed them by.  Guilt must also be a part of this twisted reality in some way or another.  A popular conservative talk show host made an interesting observation.  Maybe Planned Parenthood should offer a new re-born with each abortion in order to lessen the guilt of their clients.  The slogan could be something like this, “all the nurturing without the mess” or “all the love, without the financial burden” or maybe “no diapers and lots of sleep, who wouldn’t want this baby to keep?”  Sad, truly sad.      

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