About Us

Socon or Bust is short-hand for Social Conservative or Bust.  We chose this moniker to emphasize how social conservative principles are absolutely necessary for a healthy culture and society. This blog seeks to advance the principles of social conservatism in Canada, primarily through political and social activism. Social Conservatism is a moral and political philosophy which holds to the dignity of each human person from conception to natural death; the right to religious and civil freedom within the public square, provided that the common good is respected; the institution of marriage between one man and one woman to the exclusion of all other relationships; and the primary place of the traditional family of mother, father, and children within society.

The bloggers who write for Socon or Bust are active in various political and social activism events, including organizing rallies and demonstrations, engaging in political campaigns, initiating grass roots movements, providing a news service, conducting research into social questions, and engaging the public in debate.

Our mandate is to advocate for natural rights and natural freedoms, including the right to life from conception to natural death as well as the freedom of conscience and religion among other socially conservative principles and beliefs. Its objectives are to

  • advance the principles of social conservatism in Canada;
  • provide a network among social conservative organizations for mutual awareness and for collaboration on common goals;
  • encourage co-operation and partnership among Christian churches and communities and other religious groups who share the principles of social conservatism;
  • offer an avenue to discuss and establish principles for a new social and cultural order for a new Canada, including creating and seeking a political means for change;
  • challenge and defeat the current social liberal dogma which threatens Western principles such as respect for the human person, religious freedom, and marriage;

We believe that a healthy and prosperous society can only exist in the long term by preserving and promoting traditional moral values and upholding the sanctity of human life and the family. The basic building block of a civilization is the conventional family of father, mother, and children as history has proven over thousands of years. No other model, whether natural or artificial, will be able to sustain a culture in the long term if it does not recognize this fact. Our basic human physiology, of which the natural family is born, only serves to witness to this truth.

Moreover, the fight for freedom of speech and association, along with religious freedom, is inherently tied to the struggle to preserve the conventional family. Dictatorial and tyrannical ideologies invariably stem from something that is manufactured, artificial, and against the natural law. That is why the push for the culture of death by social liberals also is accompanied by their oppressive laws and so-called “human rights” and “hate law” regimes.

It is our mandate to engage our culture on the merits of social conservatism and to work with other groups who advance these same principles. SCU and its staff seek to engage the culture in a discussion and debate over the future of Canada, as well as providing a collective avenue for mass social conservative activism.

The principal blogger is Catholic and social conservative activist, John Pacheco.

Originally a native of Kingston, Ontario, John (b.1969) has lived in Ottawa, Ontario since 1996, and is employed in the commercial real estate development industry. He obtained his Bachelor of Commerce Degree with Honours from Queen’s University in 1992 and went on to obtain an advanced financial designation. As a part-time social conservative activist, John has been actively involved in promoting and defending social conservative ideals for many years. His activities include running for political office five times (4 times provincially for the Family Coalition Party of Ontario and once Federally as an Independent candidate) in defense of human life, marriage, and the family; organizing large rallies in defense of marriage and freedom; co-founding a private Catholic school and promoting private Catholic education in Ontario; serving on the Board of Directors of a pro-life organization; directing the development of a charity which helps poor children in South America; organizing conferences and other initiatives which expose the harmful effects of contraception; exposing the fraudulent tactics of fascist government organs like the Canadian Human Rights Commissions; confronting his own Church’s corrupt development and aid agencies which enable anti-life movements in the developing world; organizing grassroots efforts to pray for the end of abortion in Canada; mobilizing other social conservatives to uphold social conservative values.

John is married to Lara and has four young daughters: Clarissa, Emma, Tonya, and Sophia.