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An Ottawa-area mom says she is “incensed” that a teacher at her daughter’s Catholic school has organized a trip to Ohio in the final days of the U.S. election to support the re-election of President Obama.

Fifty-two students from St. Peter’s and St. Matthew’s high schools in Ottawa are set to make the trek across the border this week to Boardman, Ohio, accompanied by civics teacher Scott Searle…(source)

Ontario Catholic education: pimping for Obama.  Big surprise there.

But even this is over the top.

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Check this article out.

A friend of mine started telling me about how DDT was starting to eradicate disease and how it was subsequently banned.

As soon as he said it was banned, I knew where he was going….population control….and I was right.  He confirmed my suspicion even before he told me the whole story.

Humanity is a wicked lot at times.


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Blah, blah, blah, blah.

We’re not interested in your declarations if the facts say otherwise.

We’ve got your number.  And your number is up.

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They screwed up.  And finally, they are admitting it.

“The reality is that we as a Church have failed to teach the truths of the faith in a clear and convincing manner to the Catholic faithful…”

It’s a refreshing change from the “Isn’t everything just great and see what a wonderful job I’m doing” crowd?

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Because it’s not about you….

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Socon or Bust will be hosting an initimate little gathering in support of CCBR’s James Shaw and Ruth Lobo Shaw on Thursday November 29 at 7:30pm.

This little Champagne Soirée will be limited to a dozen or so people who would like to meet yours truly and my family, along with these two young pro-life heroes.

This is a chance for some of the secret admirers of Socon or Bust to come out to this event.  Rest assured that your identities will be kept confidential.  (There are many “respectable” people in the Catholic and pro-life communities who are secret fans of Socon or Bust, but need to keep a low profile for obvious reasons.)

A free-will offering will be taken up, and we hope that attendees will consider a monthly pledge to James and Ruth’s important pro-life work.

James and Ruth will be doing a little presentation on their work.  There are two demographics that we are trying to attract:

#1 – Pro-lifers who are not yet convinced of CCBR’s approach.

#2 – Pro-lifers who are willing to financially support them in their work – either through a one-time donation or an ongoing committment.

The evening is a chance to have a congenial discussion among pro-lifers on this very important movement, while enjoying frienship, a few laughs, and some fine food.  The Pacheco Family will be your hosts.

If you are interested in coming out and can drop a few bucks in the collection basket or, better yet, offer a monthly donation for their efforts, you are most welcome to join us.

I really do hope that you will consider coming out.  The pro-life needs people like James and Ruth, and they need you to support them.  Abortion will not get defeated with empty platitudes but by God’s grace and some cold hard cash.

Interested inquirers may e-mail me at

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EDUCATION IN ONTARIO: The Ontario government’s Equity Policy and Accepting Schools Act (Bill 13) have created a hostile environment for students and families with traditional and/or faith-based values. Being publicly funded, Ontario’s Catholic schools are not exempt. Some parents in Ontario have been prevented from being informed about their childrens’ education with respect to religion, sexuality, and gender identity.

Come and hear pro-family, Christian hero Dr. Steve Tourloukis share his experience of religious discrimination in the education system in Hamilton and how he’s fighting back. Presentation followed by question-and-answer. Refreshments provided. Bring your cheque book to help him in his fight.

Saturday November 17 at 7:30 PM, Holy Trinity Hall, 58 Arthur Street (north off Somerset between Booth & Bronson).  Poster here. 

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A 20-year-old Brazilian student has sold her virginity in an online auction to a Japanese man named Natsu for £483,000, or $772,000 in U.S. dollars. Catarina Migliorini’s virginity was bid on by 15 people. Lucas Zaiden placing the starting bid of $1 earlier on the Web site Virgins Wanted…(Source)

The Catholic Church, of course, sees sex and virginity as both something as divinely ordained and sacred.   It is no coincidence, I assure you, that when we lose our respect for virginity, we lose our respect for sex and we lose a sense of our human dignity.

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As the head of Greece’s largest oncology department, Dr Kostas Syrigos thought he had seen everything. But nothing prepared him for Elena, an unemployed woman whose breast cancer had been diagnosed a year before she came to him.

By that time, her cancer had grown to the size of an orange and broken through the skin, leaving a wound that she was draining with paper napkins.

“When we saw her we were speechless,” said Dr Syrigos, the chief of oncology at Sotiria General Hospital in central Athens.

“Everyone was crying. Things like that are described in textbooks, but you never see them because, until now, anybody who got sick in this country could always get help.” (Source)

If Greece had taken care of business 10 years ago, they wouldn’t be in this mess. Ontario and the US are headed in this direction, slowly but persistently. Obama and Biden like to claim that the Republicans’ budget plans don’t add up. That remains to be proven. However, we know with certainty that the Obama-Biden plan doesn’t add up, because they’ve been in power for 4 years and the US budget deficit has exceeded one trillion dollars each year. A trillion is 1012 or $1,000,000,000,000. And Obama’s latest budget plan, despite it’s optimistic assumptions, didn’t forecast getting anywhere near a balanced budget for the next 10 years. That’s as far as their forecasts go, so we actually don’t know how long it would take for them to balance the budget. Maybe 15, 20, 30 years? Maybe never?

When you hear lefty parties hesitate at the prospect of eliminating the budget deficit, remind them of Elena. Greed and miscalculated compassion lead to greater pain down the road. I say greed because budget deficits mean stiffing future generations so that the current generation can get its fill.

Please pray for Elena and others like her.

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Vox has it over here.

For decades, Msgr. Foy, Canada’s priest hero, has waged a very lonely war against Baum and the liberal ecclesial establishment.

Well, he’s got some reinforcement now in us bloggers and independent news services.

There’s no more free lunch for Baum or his friend Fr. Tom Rosica.  We’re going to fight them tooth and nail right to the end.

I firmly believe – without the slightest doubt whatsoever – that Msgr. Foy has enjoyed a very long life (he must be around 98) to be God’s witness against the liberal elite who control the Canadian Church.  I also have this hope that God will not call Msgr. Foy home until well after the Winnipeg Statement is retracted.  If the phrase “Well done good and faithful servant” means anything, Msgr. Foy’s picture is right beside it.


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…“This decision by our leadership undermines the credibility of our movement and renders it impossible to recruit new members or to maintain engagement among our youth groups,” wrote nine francophone youth representatives who met in Montreal just before the fall education campaign launched Oct. 15.

In a “declaration” issued Oct. 16, the representatives claim the way in which the bishops maneuvered Development and Peace into compromising its plans caused them to question the prophetic role of the organization within the Church.

“We have cried and shared our suffering and anger,” they wrote….

Pass the tissues, dear.  It’s only going to get worse from here on in, kiddies.  This will not be some radical socialist instrument with a Catholic face anymore.  Times are changing.   The days of milking us dry and pushing the Agenda are now behind you.

There’s no more money.

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Received via e-mail….

You guys may be aware that —  has been intimately involved in helping The Parental Rights In Education Defense Fund (PRIEDF) get off the ground so it can provide financial assistance to parents whose inherent parental rights are violated by school board or government policies. You’re also aware that the first legal action in which PRIEDF is assisting, is that of Mr. Steve Tourloukis, a father of two elementary school children who has filed a legal action against the Hamilton-Wentworth Public School Board for refusing to give him advance notice of lessons on marriage and human sexuality which may contradict his religious beliefs as a Greek Orthodox Christian.

Donations coming into the legal defense fund have been slow despite the fact that — has been promoting it everywhere we go and that Mr. Tourloukis has had numerous media appearances to discuss his cause. In order to fundraise to finance his case, Tourloukis is embarking on church speaking tours wherever he is invited, in order to raise awareness of the deprivation of parental rights that he and so many Christian parents are facing across Ontario.

In the 2nd or 3rd week of November (precise dates to be determined), he will be going to Ottawa to speak at some Orthodox Churches. Those speaking engagements are being organized by Kathleen M. from the local PEACE chapter and Emily Wehbi, an anti-bill 13 activist in Ottawa whom I worked during the public consultation meetings for The “Accepting Schools Act”.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide in getting his message out to a wider audience while he’s in Ottawa.

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…Fr Küng, who has clashed repeatedly with the Vatican and specifically with Pope Benedict XVI during his career, announced at a meeting of reform-minded church groups in Frankfurt last weekend that he would be “withdrawing from the big stage and making room for the next generation”…. (Source)

Hans, don’t you see?  There is “no next generation”.  Your theology and morality has exterminated your own base.  There’s nothing to pass on for you.

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LifeSiteNews has just done a great piece on Fr. Thomas Rosica’s recent interview of excommunicated dissenter Gregory Baum.  Socon or Bust first broke the story a couple of weeks ago.   

The words that came out of Fr. Rosica’s mouth during that interview shed the clearest insights to date on what the CEO of Salt and Light envisions for the Catholic Church.

First off, he said the following to Gregory Baum, the excommunicated ex-priest who endorses contraception, same-sex “marriage” and fornication:

“I’ve certainly admired very much your theology, your writings but also your love of the Church, your love of Christ, and you helped to keep alive not only the spirit of the Second Vatican council, but also the authentic teaching of the Council.” (Source)

A key facet of Baum’s theology has been to portray Vatican II as an abrupt rupture from the past, almost like a revolution, on matters related to moral doctrine and the authority of the Holy Father. For Baum, Vatican II was like a giant Reset button that granted leeway to cast aside 2000 years of consistent moral teaching and embrace the moral standards of modern society. Not surprisingly, all faithful bishops and the Popes have fought hard to dispel this distorted theology for the last 50 years. Pope Benedict has been particularly vocal on this matter. But Baum has obstinately persisted in fighting to keep alive his version of the “spirit of the Second Vatican council.” So it’s very telling when Fr. Rosica applauds Baum by saying “you helped to keep alive not only the spirit of the Second Vatican council, but also the authentic teaching of the Council.” What does that say about Fr. Rosica’s views on what Vatican II really meant?

Then there’s this tidbit:

During the interview, Fr. Rosica also sets up a dichotomy between what he calls those like Baum, who in his terms engage in “great theological search”, and those he calls “crusaders of orthodoxy.”

Baum’s idea of “great theological search” at the Council was to be free from Magisterial authority to be able to approve behaviours like contraception, same-sex “marriage” and fornication. That’s why, for example, he dissented from Humanae Vitae and was a catalyst in the adoption of the disastrous Winnipeg Statement in 1968. He also discouraged Marian devotion. Look, a Catholic theologian cannot take these positions without making some serious theological and logical blunders. Over the last 2000 years, many men and women like Baum have tried to make a theological case for these moral depravities, but they have all been debunked by the Saints and Doctors of the Church. Why? Because ultimately these attempts are merely rationalizations of sinful inclinations rather than honest reflection. So what does it tell us about Fr. Rosica when he lauds Baum as having engaged in “great theological search?” And who would those “crusaders of orthodoxy” be, if not the faithful bishops and the Popes?

This interview has provided some new insights into Fr. Rosica’s thinking. It’s not a pretty picture.

While it’s true that Baum has done tremendous damage to the Church in his life, I’m personally not too worried about him doing much more damage going forward. He doesn’t have the same popularity as he once did and he’s not as active. Besides, let’s be frank: the man is quite old and doesn’t have too many years left.

What is most disturbing here is that Fr. Rosica appears to be fanning the flame of Baum’s old views so that they don’t die out.

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I received this email from the CCCB publications office:

Economic realities beyond our control have led the Bishops of Canada to make a difficult decision. In the coming days, important changes will be implemented which will affect the manner in which orders are processed. We will no longer be processing orders on-site and will transfer these operations to an off-site location here in Ontario.

From 11:59 pm on Friday, October 26 until 12:00 am, November 6, 2012 our Order taking service will be closed. Neither live nor automated orders will be taken during this period. We regret this inconvenience. However, except for this brief period, no further difficulties should be encountered in this process. We thank you for your valued patronage and look forward to serving you for many years to come.

CCCB Publications

While this release is about as non-transparent as everything else the CCCB does, it appears they’re feeling some sort of money crunch, at least in the publications office, if not elsewhere in the bureaucracy. Perhaps the collection of the “Needs of the Church in Canada” wasn’t so good? ;-)

I take no pleasure in anybody losing their job, but sometimes it takes a bit of trauma to rouse people from their slumber.

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