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…all of it, including the Tiara.

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Bishop De Roo, one of the Den of Dissent speakers, gives us a taste of the kind of liturgy we might expect.

Never mind the three Jesus mega puppets in the background @ 6:00.  Whatever was behind the curtain should have stayed there, if you ask me.

Get down with the Bishop and the bongos @ 7:39

There are so many massive abuses here, there’s really nothing left to say, except to start weeping when you hit the play button.

Hey, ya think he’s gonna bring those bongos with him to Ottawa?  Maybe he’s gotta new tune he can bang out.

In the name of the gender neutral Trinity: Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier….

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Cordileone is currently Bishop of Oakland where he still celebrates mass according to the ancient Rite…. But Cordileone is the bishop – the only one among his Californian colleagues – to have campaigned in favour of the famous Proposal 8 which put a stop to civil unions between same-sex couples. The Proposal was subsequently declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court because it was deemed discriminatory. It seems he even contributed 6 thousand dollars out of his own pocket for the campaign and last autumn he wrote to Congress again, supporting marriage as one of the key principles of freedom….(Source)

This bishop is the real deal.  We’re use to the run-o’-the-mill conservative bishop who believes the right things and might venture out occasionally, but rarely do these few bishops actually risk anything or put anything on the line.

The “Lion Heart” is as good as his name suggests.  I really think that the Golden Age of the Church is right around the corner.  We don’t need many of these kind of men to make a huge difference. Just a few of them appointed to important places. Then look out!

Fun times ahead.

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When it’s time for Consecration, KNEEL before your Lord.

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I was at Show the Truth on Saturday. There were about 15-20 people.

It bugs me that small kids have to see these pictures. Many parents prevent their kids from watching violent movies or video games, but their kids have to see this stuff. We had a couple of parents passing by that raised a fuss about this, in particular a father who was opposed to abortion but was also very opposed to these tactics.

I’m sure the disturbance caused by these pictures can be justified under the principle of double effect, but that still leaves the kids exposed, which is a shame.

What are your thoughts?

I can see both sides. It’s a ghastly business, but it works.
I view it as collateral damage and invoke the principal of “just war”.  We are willing to tolerate undesirable side effects to overcome a greater evil. Also, I find that the parents are usually more upset than the children are. Not always but most of the time. And the bottom line is that those pictures are the quickest and most effective way of changing people’s minds fast.  I hear stories all of the time. The problem today, too, is that most of us really do *not* understand that we are in a *war*.  We really, really do not get it.  If we really did believe this was a war, we wouldn’t be questioning whether it was moral to kill a soldier on the other side…except in this case we aren’t killing anyone but only showing disturbing images to end a massive slaugher. This is a whole scale slaughter on an unprecedented scale.
Besides, every Sunday my kids have to look at a gigantic image of a man nailed to a Cross.   Some of these images of Him are quite disturbing too.  I don’t see many people asking to ban that image…except perhaps the village idiot-Atheist.
p.s. I saw a girl after Sunday Mass who is involved in those Choice Chains downtown.  She recounted one event of a man passing by one of the signs.  One of the participants asked him what he tought of abortion. He looked at the picture for a moment then looked up and said “I’m pro-life now.”  Zing.  Results.
I also asked her if she had experienced any violent assaults.
“Not yet, just minor things like people spitting at us.”
Minor things.  Didn’t Jesus call it?  “When people hate you and revile you because of Me, rejoice for great is your reward in heaven”

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Right back at you, Batman.

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The woman says her rescue effort began in 1972, when she found a little girl “lying amongst the junk on the street, abandoned.”

Aren’t these fourth trimester pro-aborters so…what’s the word I’m looking for…oh yes….metropolitan?!


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…not Government.

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Culture of death in full bloom.

Without Faith in God, we would be completely demoralized at this incredible evil.

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When a charitable organization such as the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) has given millions of dollars to help other organizations – such as the local affiliates of the various Alinskyian organizing networks – to become established and to expand their activities, one is shocked to see these networks turn against their benefactor in a manner designed to destroy it.  Such an action betrays the truth that the Church is not only unnecessary to these groups, once they have become established, but stands as a counter-principle to their real work.  It’s taken the bureaucracy of the Catholic Church in the United States a while to figure this out…(Source)
The only way out of this nightmare in the U.S. and Canada is for individual bishops to pull the plug, not only on these scam “Catholic” organizations, but maybe even on the whole National Conference bureaucracies.
“Unity”, after all, has its limits.  And that limit is reached when an unborn child loses its head or the Church is forced to pay for somone else’s perverse sexual appetites.
This is making me sick.

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We must pray to Our Lady and to Mother Mariana for guidance in these desperate times, so accurately prophesied by our heavenly Mother 400 years ago. The part we play is important because one chilling prophecy was that,

“In this supreme moment of need for the Church, those who should speak out will fall silent.” …(Source)

Yeah, like no kidding.  I guess many of these bishops really have not reflected on how exactly they will render an account before Jesus.

Pray that they repent now before it’s too late for their souls.

Seeking after human respect is what will cost them their eternal salvation.

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Don’t make me laugh.

Just more politics from men who are not serious about either the Church’s freedom or the Gospel of Life.

But they are sure good suckers to give Obama a photo op…to show everyone this little skirmish about religious freedom and contraception is not anything to get too worked up about.

Just another scandal. Scandal? Scandal? What is the meaning of the word anymore? Does anyone even know?

It’s smiles and backslaps all around.

Yuckity-yuk-yuk. Excuse me while I upchuck.


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…the proverbial pig has flown…a Jesuit celebrates the Latin Mass!

Let us pray that this is a sign of more militancy among the milktoast of that once great Order.

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…and not for the money.

Corporate sickos.

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I’m going to send in the Petition in the next couple of weeks.  By the way, we’re over 500 signatures!

That’s surely more people than will be at this Conference.  Great job everyone!

If Cardinal Turkson shows, fear not!  There’s a “Plan B” in the works.

It will be a cold day in Hell before Socon or Bust allows this pseudo “Catholic” conference to have the last word on Vatican II in our own backyard.

Stay tuned.

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A Catholic Woman’s Journey with Contraception.

The Catholic Church remains, as she has always been throughout her history, the greatest defender of women’s true dignity and “feminine genius”.

That’s why most of our saints are women.  From the most humble and pious and simple to the most brilliant…and everywhere in between.

The magic pill was a sham and trick to destroy women and their liberty in Christ.  The Catholic Church called it for what it was. She was maligned and laughed at, but She took the hit and persevered in that teaching when almost all the non-Catholic Churches caved on the question.  Everything she said would happen, happened.

But, in the end, She was right. She’s always right when it counts.

Contraception breaks ALL of the Ten Commandments. Everyone single one of them. But it breaks the Commandment against lying, first, before it breaks any Commandment.

Contraception is the BIGGEST LIE since the Garden.  It lies in what it promises and it lies to us when the language of sex is consummated.

St. Ann, most holy Grandmother and Mother of the Immaculate Conception, pray for us who have recourse to thee!

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…from the Muslims and from Obama.

Regarding that latter story concerning Obama, I would let Obama tax me, and then tell all of the employees whose fault it was that the company is now bankrupt.

Let it hit the fan, and show everyone just how very tolerant Obama and his pro-abort thugs really are.

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This is more than a coincidence.  I think that play time is over in the Catholic Church and it’s time to get serious about confronting the “tyranny of tolerance” in San Francisco.   It’s also good to have a last name like that, too.  It gives the impression that he means business.

Can we have a bishop like that here in Canada?  Where do we place our order?

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