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….as the New Abortion Caravan rolls into Ottawa. 

Happy Canada Day to You, Mr. Harper.



It won’t be a Happy Canada Day for 100,000+ unborn this year.

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I like Al Mohler, but Michael Voris is right on the money. You have to call out bad logic and the errant religion which leads to bad logic.

And this episode of The Vortex is precisely the reason why Michael Voris is not able to use “Catholic” for his shows:  he upsets the Bishops, many of whom have a very distorted view of Ecumenical dialogue which is supposed to be about bringing non-Catholic Christians into the Catholic Church.

No one should be barred from using the word “Catholic” for boldly telling the truth.  The Archdiocese of Detroit needs to reconsider.

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Ah yes, abortion…the great emancipation for women where no evil is ever, ever committed and no regulation is ever, ever tolerated.

Talk about an opportunity for massive abuse against women…but hey, doncha worry about a thing, the Feminists are looking out for you!

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Subject: JULY 2 Come show your support “The New Abortion Caravan” hits OTTAWA, COME AND SHOW YOUR SUPPORT

 Final Stop of the Caravan” Come and hear Update and encourage all participants.

Dear 40 Days For Life friends of the yet unborn Child,

Please come and show your support for the New Abortion Caravan ……We Will End the Killing in our Lifetime.

Monday JULY 2, at 7:30pm at Greenbelt Baptist Church, 839 Shefford Rd, Ottawa, ON


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Don’t get too close to this alleged apparition site, Busters.

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Do it, Holy Father. We’re soooooooo with you.

Throw those candles down.


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…I no longer intend to prepare children for First Communion and Confirmation. There will no longer be First Communion and Confirmation classes. How and when will the children receive Communion and Confirmation? They will receive when they are ready. When are they ready? They are ready when they want the Sacrament. How do we know they want the Sacrament? When they understand it, can tell the pastor what it is and why they want it. If they are not in ongoing religious education and they are not coming to Mass on regular basis, they don’t want the Sacrament.

I am tired to distraction of having to chase young people down the aisles in church to retrieve the Blessed Sacrament because they have no clue what it is. A year or so back, I was offering a funeral Mass and a teenaged girl came up for Communion, took the host, looked at it, turned it over and began to walk away holding it in her palm. I followed her and asked, “Have you made your First Communion?” She said simply, “I’m Jewish.” I smiled and said, “Perhaps I should take that from you.” Quite a few of the mourners were furious with me for my discourtesy.
At another funeral not long ago I saw a passel of tattooed and pierced adolescents coming down the aisle at a funeral. It was a large funeral so a number of priests were helping with Communion. I had finished my line so I stood about ten paces from the celebrant, a visiting priest. The first of the young Goths received the host, looked at it curiously and as she passed me I asked, are you Catholic? She said, “no.” I said “Perhaps I should take that.” So there began a curious ritual, of clueless youths. One priest would say “Body of Christ and the second priest would say “I’ll just take that.”… (Source)
You go, Father. We’ll be fewer in number, but we’ll be one lean machine!

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…The bishops’ conference has encouraged people with concerns about D&P partners to bring them to the standing committee. But Casey said he did not know of any specific complaints by individuals. The issues discussed by the committee have come from bishops on the committee seeking clarification, something their brother bishops might want to know or something that may have arisen in their dioceses, he said…(Source)

OK Busters!  Here is your chance to write to the “The CCCB Standing Committee” and voice your concerns.  You can start with the two elephants in the room:

1) Where is the list of D&P’s new partners?

2) Why does D&P endorse Agenda 21?

Go on Busters. Ask them nicely.  Be sure to cc Socon or Bust and your local Bishop.

François Poitras
Senior Advisor for Social Justice, CCCB
2500 Don Reid Drive
Ottawa, Ontario, K1H 2J2
Telephone: (613) 241-9461 ext. 218
Email Form here.

Let us know how it goes. Shock us and tell us they’re really going to do something about your “concerns”.

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From Georges Buscemi’s amazing synthesis of what is really at stake here.

Thought Experiment : The pro-union organisation that promotes racial segregation

Imagine for a moment that a Honduran pro-union organisation, besides being a union organiser, was also known to promote black racial segregation, proudly displaying their “white power” banners in their meeting rooms, lobbying their government and holding round-table discussions on the legalization of racial segregation in their country, etc.

Now is there any doubt that D&P would never have even considered funding such an organisation, that they would have “smelled a rat” from the initial stages of their investigation into this potential partner, and that they would have without hesitation decided against giving any money to “those people”? 

Moreover, should it ever have been pointed out to them (say, by a website called or something of the sort) that one of the groups they had partnered with were promoting racial segregation, would they have spent months and months denying the allegations and shooting the messengers? Would they not instead have been grateful to those who had discovered the problem, and righted the wrong that had been occurring without their knowledge?

Would they not promptly have issued a press release apologizing for the mistake and promising changes, perhaps something along the lines of “In the past D&P has partnered with a group which engages in activities that violate universal ethical norms. We therefore have ceased our partnership with this group. We thank the concerned citizens who pointed out this problem for their vigilance, and we hope never to repeat the same mistake again, having implemented a new set of guidelines for determining partnerships. This new set of guidelines can be found at”

Truth be told, racial segregation, evil as it is, is less evil than abortion. Whereas the denial of basic human rights on the basis of race is an affront to a human being’s inalienable dignity, abortion deprives an innocent human being of his life, rendering the question of dignity moot. For the thought experiment above to be more accurate, we would have had to substitute “genocide” for abortion, since advocating for abortion is more equivalent to advocating for genocide, that is, the indiscriminate killing of innocent human beings based on their membership in a certain pariah class.

Is there any doubt in anyone’s mind that D&P, far from denying well-documented accusations of supporting groups that advocate genocide, far from smearing those who made the accusations, would immediately rectify the situation and thank those involved in uncovering it? But why then were they not so quick and thankful for being called out on supporting groups that advocate for abortion, an “abominable crime” similar to genocide?

The problem, most probably, is that the management at D&P, much less the regular employees at D&P, DO NOT believe that abortion is anywhere near equivalent to genocide; and that, I argue, is one of the major problems which D&P must resolve if this controversy is ever to conclude in a satisfactory manner. So long as the denunciation of abortion and other wrongs is dismissed by D&P as merely “catholic idiosyncrasies” unrelated to the “real problems”, the controversy surrounding D&P will NEVER die off.

What is true for Development & Peace is just as lickity split true for the Canadian Bishops. 

They need to sort out exactly where they stand on abortion.  Because, so far, all of their paper support means diddly squat.

Nobody believes they could withstand the political pressure by the general population if they let Racists get our money…which is quite revealing about who they follow, isn’t it?  If D&P were funding racism, it wouldn’t last 3 seconds with the bishops, let alone over 3 years and counting and counting and counting.  They would be sure to draw on courage when “fighting racism”,  but for abortion? Not so much.  That needs lots of deliberations and standing committees and dangerous liasons.

The Bishops follow what the Culture thinks is important, not what Jesus thinks is important. That much is crystal clear when seen through the lens of this example.  That’s an ugly and inconvenient truth…but it is a painful truth, nonetheless.  And the sooner they face it, the quicker we can be done with this controversy and even abortion in this country.

The bishops are not fully pro-life.  And without the bishops’ consent and FULL submission to Jesus and the Gospel of Life, we will never win this war.  Ever.

We must pray fervently for the conversion of the bishops to the Catholic Faith, whole and entire.

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For weeks Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace members have been getting their word in edgewise in the House of Commons….The funding crisis has woken up political instincts among D&P members, said McGuire. (Source)

Baha.  This must be the biggest overstatement ever.  D&P is as political as you can possibly get in a development and aid agency.  Harper did the right thing in cutting them off.  Keep them out of our pockets. 

If they want to survive, let them fund raise like every other bona fide charity and compete for the charitable dollar.  We know what would happen to D&P if they lost the collection envelopes in the Catholic Church, don’t we?  It would be curtains on their socialist show.

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Congrats to Colin on his new appointment.

I am very proud to have been a part of founding that school (was Director of Finance for first 2 years). It was one of the most productive things that I’ve ever done.

I hope to get back to doing productive things in the near future, instead of being the sht-disturber and bad-ass in the Canadian Church.

I expect now that the Homosexualist regime in Ontario will be plastering rainbows all over Catholic schools in September and being conduits for porn stars in Ontario, parents will start to pull their kids and look for other options.

I think the Archdiocese of Ottawa should honestly consider reviewing how it spends our money.  Yes, it is our money.   Out with social justice and in with Catholic education, I say.  And frankly, we shouldn’t even wait for the Archdiocese to make that decison.  Just stop giving as much to your local parish and put the money into your kids’ education instead.  Tough times call for touch action.   Deficient teaching over the past 50 years has consequences, and I fail to see why our children should suffer over the “Needs of the Canadian Church”.

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WINDSOR, Ontario, June 26, 2012 ( – A pro-abortion rally organized by members of the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) Local 444 as part of a protest against the “New Abortion Caravan” didn’t go as smoothly as planned, after a crowd of pro-life union members showed up at the event in a counter protest.  CAW rally organizers said the pro-abortion demonstration was also staged to protest Conservative MP Steve Woodworth’s motion in the House of Commons calling for Parliament to establish a special committee to consider when human life begins…

Whoa. Now that must have been a surprise.  I think we are getting much more bolder…in places where we would least expect it.  This caravan which rolls into Ottawa this July 1 weekend is going to shake things up.  It might be a watershed for the Canadian Pro-Life Movement.

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…With all these titles, Ma Yinglin is spending more time in Beijing than in his diocese, where most of the faithful turn away when they see him or leave the church whenever he shows up…

The laity are flexing their muscles.  The Social Justice Bishops might be next.  They’d better watch out.  Remember Honorius.

[Honorius] did not illuminate this apostolic see with the doctrine of apostolic tradition, but permitted her who was undefiled to be polluted by profane teaching. (10) [Honorius did not] as became the apostolic authority, extinguish the flame of heretical teaching in its first beginning, but fostered it by his negligence.” (11)  …he permitted the immaculate faith to be subverted. (17) – Pope Leo II

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…to catch more rays on his own dime and on his own time.

VATICAN CITY (AP) — The pope has accepted the resignation of an Argentine bishop photographed frolicking on a Mexican beach with a woman, one of several personnel changes announced Tuesday by the Vatican before the pontiff heads off for summer vacation.

Original Socon or Bust story here: Social Justice Bishop: Surf’s up with my beach babe.

The joyful inquisition continues!

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The disciples are abandoning the Green ship.  Apostasy! Heresy!  Call in the Global Warming Inquisition!

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Ooooh.  I got some traction in the mainstream Catholic Press about my little Crusade to get the Vatican to ditch the Theologian Kings of Vatican III.

Check out this article written by Deborah Gyapong.

Most of Clifford’s comments are about changing demographics in the Church.    What has that to do with what this conference is really about?  Shifting populations, Catherine?  Good grief. 

Oh but Ms. Clifford did mention this doozy which is sure to get a lot of back slapping laughs among the Faithful Catholics:

Another sign is the growing recognition of the dignity of the human person that is probably even stronger than it was 50 years ago, when the civil rights movement in the United States was gaining momentum, she said.

I’m not too sure what Ms. Clifford’s position is on human sexuality, contraception, or abortion, but this Conference is well represented by major dissenters on these central issues which have a mighty bearing indeed on the dignity of the human person and the Church’s – not the theologian Kings and Queens’ – understanding of it.

Clifford said things these theologians have said have been “taken out of context” and are “not a fair representation of the views of the people they are criticizing.”  “I think they misrepresent the work and damage the reputations of these people,” she said, describing them as “respected theologians and leaders who have given a life of service to the Church and I think in no way are disloyal to the Church and its teaching.”

Baloney.   The Star-studded cast appearing at your conference, Ms. Clifford, has positions which are hardly misrepresented.  They are absolutely notorious.  And critiques of your colleagues are not restricted to internet peasants such as myself, but by bona fide and faithful theologians.   So please, spare us the “misrepresentation” mantra.  It doesn’t work.  We’ve progressed way beyond the ’60s delusions and the Spirit of Vatican II. 

Your side lost.  And its days are numbered.  The perpetual “renewal” that the gerontology generation of Vatican II keeps floating is going to be sunk in 10 years, thanks be to God. 

The biological solution will take care of that.

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This is an absolutely fabulous article by Georges Buscemi of Campaign Vie.

It’s rather long, but I strongly encourage everyone who has been following the D&P soap opera to read it carefully.  It’s a thorough critique from Catholic moral principles on how the current development and aid approach by Development & Peace is completely at odds with Catholic moral teaching.

And that opposition to Catholic moral teaching and its application also sticks to the Canadian bishops who keep supporting that pseudo Catholic organization. 

There are two kinds of Canadian bishops involved in this scandal:

Group 1 – Those who demote Humanae Vitae to a minor Church teaching and refuse to apply it in their pastoral decisions, courtesy of the moral and pastoral legacy of that damn Winnipeg Statement.

Group 2 – Those who don’t have the courage to remove themselves from the yoke of the CCCB’s infernal social justice committees and pseudo Catholic development agencies (D&P is not the only problem area), ceding their authority given to them by Christ instead to the nebulous Church borg which makes critical decisions for them – decisions which ultimately lead to the dismemberment of unborn children and attacks on the Church in the Global South.


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God will call out leaders when we have none in the Church.

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A couple of female academics in womens studies have written a NY Times op-ed complaining the the Olympics using scientific tests to distinguish male and female athletes: …Second, when it comes to sex, sports authorities should acknowledge that while science can offer evidence, it cannot dictate what evidence we should use. Scientifically, there is no clear or objective way to draw a bright line between male and female. …Bruce Kidd, … “If the proclaimed human right of self-expression is to mean anything, surely it should protect the right to name one’s own gender,” he says….(Source)

Welcome to the world of gender identity politics…courtesy of…wait for it you will be shocked! — Women’s Studies.  I can’t wait until some transexual complains about the name of “Women’s Studies”.  Gender oppression and apartheid! 

The irony surely cannot be lost.

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Socon or Bust readers may recall in December 2011 our exposé on the Canadian Bishops’ “solidarity mission” to Haiti.  The trip was supposed to show Canadian Catholics what great work Development & Peace was doing and, at the same time, allay the fears of the Faithful that things weren’t all that bad and the bishops had everything under control.   But things were indeed all that bad and even worse during their trip to Haiti, as they were led around the island by pro-abortion feminists.   LifeSite News  picked up on the story and did their own investigation which was even more damning than what we had originally reported on, as hard as that is to believe – although, admittedly, in today’s Canadian Church virtually any alleged scandal is believable.  Everything is on the table these days and nothing can be summarily dismissed. Read the rest of this entry »

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