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Absolutely superb.  Let me tell you, folks, I’m just loving this!  Because I can feel the rumble coming!  I can feel…wait for it now….CHANGE. There’s a tingly feeling running up and down my leg and it’s not for Obama.  I can see the Winnipeg Statement falling in the distant future. I can almost taste it.  And the laity are the ones who are going to make it happen.  The bishops will have no choice but to RETRACT IT.

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, a devout anti-Catholic, infamously suggested last week that the Church has lost its right to conscience because it has failed to “enforce” this “rule” on contraception.

“Ninety-eight percent of women in childbearing age that are Catholic use contraception. So, in practice the church has not enforced this and now they want the federal government and private insurance to enforce it. It just isn’t consistent to me.”

Leaving aside the bogusness of her silly statistics and the absurdity that not forcing people to pay for something is enforcing a religious rule, Nancy has a point.

Since the Pope clarified the Church’s position on contraception and human life 40 years ago, the Church has collectively and willfully looked the other way when many or even most Catholics ignored it to their own mortal peril. Not only did they look the other way, but for 40 years the Church has collectively and willfully refused to teach on these hard subjects.

For 40 years, the Church has acted as if these critical moral teachings did not matter enough to teach and now they are saying they matter so much that they are willing to go to the mattresses and even shut down the critical Catholic healthcare system over it. This is the height of disingenuousness.

Now of course I believe that these matters are critical and worth every effort to stop government from forcing us to do something immoral. But the Bishops and their priests cannot have it both ways. If you say this stuff matters, you better darn well act like it matters.

So while you engage in the fight over this HHS mandate, here are some other things you could/should be doing. First, as the Speaker has suggested, start enforcing it. For those Catholic politicians who openly oppose the Church in this matter and on the life issues, act like it matters. Publicly excommunicate them, for their benefit and for ours—and you can start with the botox biddy. They decry our lack of enforcement, well give ‘em some enforcement.

Second, call for a one year moratorium on homilies and replace it with a year of sermons. Banish the weak sauce of the weekly milquetoast bible study and replace it with a year of sermons on the hard issues. Teach Catholics in the pews what the Church teaches on contraception, chastity, abortion and why the Church teaches it. Teach, for heaven’s sake teach. Act like it matters and teach, even if means you get angry letters and phone calls at the rectory and even if means collections go down. Teach.

I am forty five years old and I have never heard a sermon on contraception. Never. Bishops, this is your fault. Fix it. And ask about these things in confession. Stop deferring to people’s consciences and start forming them. This is the hard work of evangelization that has been neglected for 40 years. Get to it, now.

Act like it matters and a strange thing might happen, it will matter.



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…Fr. Guarnizo may have been forcibly denied the opportunity to expand on his conversation. A commenter on Deacon Greg Kandra’s blog, who claimed to have been “in a meeting with Fr Marcel and heard the whole story,” wrote: “The woman in question brought her lesbian partner into the vesting sacristy just before the funeral Mass and made sure to introduce her partner to Fr. Marcel, introducing her as her ‘lover’. He told her then that she should not present herself for Communion.” A commenter claimed Barbara’s partner “blocked his way out of the sacristy when he attempted to speak with her further.”…(Source)

If a priest does NOTHING else and utters not one word, but defends the integrity of the Eucharist in these days, he will be counted as the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven.  And woe to you, Bishop, if you rebuke your priests for doing so, and issue an apology to the propagandists for Sodom who unjustly provoke our holy priests! 

Have you all lost your flipping minds? That you would believe a practicing lesbian who thinks receiving the Eucharist is an indiscriminate right (maybe like Obamacare, no doubt) instead of a privilege to be received in the State of Grace!

Friends, do you think that this woman is just going to go away?  No. The rage of Hell is about to be unleashed on the Church. You can kiss away having public masses in the major cities in North America in the very near future.   The bishops are going to learn the hard way just what their go-along-to-get-along poison is going to do the Church and to them personally.  The clown days are about to end.  Sobriety is going to be the order of the day.  We’re all going to find out who are the true Catholics and who are the faux Catholics when the sword pierces Our Lady’s heart.

Back when I was planning the March for Marriage in 2005, I had a telephone conversation with 2 Canadian bishops. I told them that the push for “gay marriage” was a front for getting to the Eucharist.  They fell silent on the other end of the phone. They thought I was a loon.    I tried to explain it to them.  Marriage was ultimately about social acceptance, not about phoney “rights”.  That was their game.  And when the train from Sodom rolled over marriage, it looked at the last obstacle to total social acceptance: religion.  And in particular, the Catholic religion where partaking of the Eucharist signifies total acceptance in the Church and acceptance by God.

My friends, let me tell you how it is…or rather will be.  We will continue to fight against the hell-sent attacks on humanity to our dying breath, but we have to accept what is about to befall the Church and the coming persecutions.  Our victories in the future won’t be in politics or in front of a judge.  Our victories will be in suffering and dying for Our Lord.

Maranatha. Come Lord Jesus. We’re ready.  Anything to be rid of this poutine Catholicism once and for all.

Other articles:

D.C. archdiocese: Denying Communion to lesbian at funeral was against ‘policy’

Archdiocese of Washington sends apology to lesbian who was denied communion — UPDATED

Barry O has ditched religious freedom. He’s flipped us a bone and said we can keep religious worship, instead.  In light of this attack, just how long do you all think we’ll have before the Messiah of Health Care revokes our right to worship in public, as well?



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Details of Voris’s trip to Toronto….

Dear Friends in Christ,

Catholic Chapter House is hosting an all-day Catholic event with guest speaker Michael Voris. The theme of the event is “The New Evangelization: Living your faith with charity and boldness”. The topics being discussed will touch upon the challenges that the Church faces today, how we can respond to these challenges with charity and boldness, and how to deepen our faith and share it with others.

The event will open with the Liturgy of the Hours followed by three talks given by Michael Voris. Three Catholic artists will perform throughout the day: Critical Mass, Mags and Kathleen Dunn.

One week left to take advatange of the early bird ticket price – see below!

Event Details:
Date: Saturday May 26, 2012
Location: Canada Christian College, 50 Gervais Drive, Toronto, Ontario
Time: Liturgy of the Hours 9:45am Talks 10:45am – 3:00pm
Early Bird Tickets*: $25 General Admission, $20 Student
Regular Ticket Price: $35 General Admission, $30 Student

Tickets are available at, by phone (1-888-522-2070) or by email. For groups of 5+ people please call or email David using the above contact information.
*Early Bird Deadline (February 29, 2012)

If you have any further questions or would like a poster to put up in your parish I would be happy to help.


God Bless,

Theresa Gilbert
Vice President
Catholic Chapter House

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“Some blogs have coarsened Catholic dialogue in the past years: the anti-Obama Catholic blogs; the so-called pro-life blogs, that may be advocating pro-life, but they are decimating persons and reputations,” Father Rosica noted. (Source)

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Nevertheless Pera has made common cause with the Pope because he is convinced that Europe cannot survive as a free and democratic society without recognizing its cultural roots in Christianity. The history of Europe is inextricably entwined with the history of Catholicism, he argues, and to love Europe means to admire the Catholic faith. The Church is not without flaws, he concedes:

But in the end, how can we fail to see that without the Catholic Church, Europe would have disappeared not once but countless times, and the West would have lost its civilization.…How can we fail to realize that when other institutions, parties, movements, or systems—political, philosophical, juridical, economics—are in error, they simply cease to attract adherents or they disappear, but when the church errs, its very errors exalt the grandeur of its message, the noncontingent value of its words, and the spiritual reality to which it bears witness?

Because of their disparate interests and their well-established tendency to quarrel among themselves, Pope John Paul insisted, the nations of Europe could not form a stable union unless it was based on some fundamental principles. The Christian moral tradition furnishes such a stable foundation, he pointed out; economic interests do not. The late Pontiff warned that a European Union based on nothing more permanent than shifting economic interests would soon collapse. Less than a decade later, his prediction may already be coming true….(Source)

Exactly.  I’ve been saying the same thing about Canada and western civilization in general.  If you are tied by only “economic interests”, just what happens when your country or “continental union” falls on hard times?  I’ll tell you what happens, because it’s the same thing that happens within marriages:  splitsville i.e. divorce. That’s exactly what is happening with the European Union and Greece right now. Germany is making plans to kick Greece to the curb.  Just like in modern marriages today, it follows the same solemn promise:  “I promise to honour you during the good times.  Bad times? Not so much.”

A civilization must be based on substance and principles of solidarity, subsidiarity, and transcendance.  For the West, there is only one place for that and that is Christianity and Catholicism in particular.  When the tough times hit, we pull together as brothers and sisters in THE FAITH, but if you don’t have the Faith, then it’s everyone for themselves…as we are sadly seeing in Europe.  The only way that the European Union can stay together is if the wealthier countries are willing to sacrifice for the poorer ones, but that’s not likely to happen, is it?  And why is that?   Because modern man hates sacrificing for the good of the other (which is why it hates what the Catholic Church teaches).  And why is that?  Because they see no point in sacrificing for another country of people who are indulgent brats like they, themselves, are.  Paying someone else’s bills doesn’t really benefit them in this life, and for them, this life is all there is.  If you try and build a society and civilization on money without absolute principles which God has revealed to us, it’s going to collapse. It might take a few decades, but it does eventually happen.

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When you’re on the payolayou’re on the payola.

More reasons not to subscribe to the Catholic lapdog press.

Channel of Hope?  “Channel for Dupes”, more like it.

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24-year-old Tiffany Gillespie was pregnant with her third child when she was shot to death by her boyfriend Aaron Fitzpatrick, according to a police report. The murder happened on February 16. Police described the victim’s relationship with Fitzpatrick as being “troubled.” The police maintain that Fitzpatrick killed Gillespie because she was pregnant with his child and refused to have an abortion. The couple had apparently been arguing for hours when the shooting occurred…. (Source)

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From a friend….

Hey friends,
As some of you know, a few close friends and I are organizing The Justice Summit: Hear Truth. Take Action. It’s a one day conference, sponsored by the Met Church, which will inspire and equip Christians to combat human trafficking through prayer, culture, politics, victims care etc. We’re bringing in some of the very best speakers in Canada, and it’s going to be hugely helpful whether you’re new to the issue or already an involved expert. It’s $15 for students and $20 for everyone else. We’re aiming for 1,000 attendees, but we need your help in getting the word out. You can get more info and register at our website at

 And you can help by:Following us on Twitter:!/JusticeSummit

Mentioning us on Twitter or Facebook
And telling everyone who cares about stuff like this.
That would be awesome!
Thank you!

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Controversial plans to tax the childless are being proposed by German MPs to tackle a demographic time bomb. All adults over the age of 25 without children would be charged an extra one per cent of their income under the scheme. The tax would be halved for the first child and stopped when a second child arrived. The idea has been proposed by MPs from Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union. Supporters argue there should be no exceptions for those unwilling or unable to have children because childless adults have more disposable income and the money is badly needed to pay for social care starting in 2040 when a third of the population will be over 60. Merkel, who does not have children, said she did not want to create a divide between childless adults and parents. The opposition Social Democrats would rather end married couples’ tax advantages if they have no children. (Source)

I said the same thing a couple of years ago.  I called it a “sterility tax”.  Got the hoots and hollers from the feminist crowd.  I guess they thought my idea was loopy.

I guess it’s not that loopy anymore, is it?

Free advice for social conservatives:  never be cowed by a feminist cow who scoffs and laughs at what you say.  If your position is grounded on the facts and eternal truth, you’ll always have the last laugh — even in this world.

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You would think that when a cabinet minister of any political party was asked about a government body broadcasting pornography and using tax dollars to do that, they might be a little shocked and demand answers.

Not current Conservative MP and Heritage Minister James Moore:  He attacked the messenger.  “I know you’re in the business of just going after the CBC, but I can’t comment on something I haven’t seen,” Moore told QMI Agency reporter Kris Sims when asked about CBC’s French arm showing pornographic material on one of its websites.

First, he’s responsible for CBC, which is using tax dollars to import pornography from France to post on its website. As if the Internet didn’t have enough porn to begin with. By dodging questions and attacking the messenger, Moore is dodging responsibility.

Asking about CBC paying a private firm in France for the rights to broadcast porn on a government-owned website is a legitimate line of questioning.

With Wednesday’s response, he has shown that even when it comes to taxpayers funding smut, he’d rather attack a reporter and a private media outlet than question his cherished state broadcaster. (Source)

It’s a very sad day indeed to see the Conservative Party sink so low that they don’t even have the moral backbone to resist the open, tax-payer funded smut by the porn-pushers at the CBC. We know that Stephen Harper will never, ever open the abortion debate or tackle any social issue that is even remotely contentious.  But failing to deal with state-sponsored porn?  Just how limpy can you be, Steve?  Is this your idea of Canadian culture and fiscal prudence, Mr. Moore?  Blow jobs on our dime? Read the rest of this entry »

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…the writing on the wall.

Too bad that we’re going to the gallows largely because:

1) The bishops did not teach the Gospel of Life and condemn contraception.

2) The bishops did not discipline public officials when they went against #1.

 “I expect to die in bed. My successor will die in prison, and his successor will die a martyr in the public square.”

That’s very comfortable for you, Eminence.  But purgatory has a way of levelling the playing field, so to speak.

And frankly, if I were a bishop dying in the next 10-15 years, it isn’t purgatory that I’d be worried about.

And even now, the gravy train keeps on rolling with no end in sight.

If the bishops had just a modicum of decency, they’d sober up quickly and realize the hell their “no showing” ways are going to put our children and grandchildren through.

This isn’t a joke or some stupid movie.  It’s real life and real blood.

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It’s lights out for the progressives in La Belle Province. One day very soon, Quebecers are going to wake up and find their museum-morgue churches full of people and led by rotweilers.

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Story about it here.


“These blogs were not narrowly political, angry or philistine,” he said in an email interview. “They were well-written, by people who seemed to be alive in their faith, in their families, in their priestly and religious vocations.”

Narrow. Check.

Political. Check.

Angry. Checkerona.

Philistine.  Checkmate.

This explains why I didn’t make the cut. :)

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Teresa Pierre from the Parents as First Educators (PAFE) in Toronto will be giving talks in Ottawa the weekend of March 3-4.  The title of the talks is “Equity and Inclusion in Catholic Schools:  Maintaining Our Catholic Identity.”  Her talk is particularly relevant now, in light of Bill 13 (the Accepting Schools Act) which mandates Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) clubs, and the problems the governments broader Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy poses for Catholic schools.

Saturday March 3
3:30 – 5:00 PM
Our Lady of the Visitation
5338 Bank Street South

Saturday March 3
7:30 – 9:00 PM
St. Maurice Parish
4 Perry Street at Meadowlands
(West of Merivale)

Sunday March 4
2:00 – 4:00 PM
St. Patrick’s Basilica
220 Kent Street
(Between Gloucester & Nepean)

Teresa Pierre’s group PAFE has an interesting Web site containing current information: The PAFE site also contains links to media reaction to the Catholic Trustee document as well as other interesting and pertinent information.  See also Teresa Pierre’s interview with Michael Coren on the subject:

The Catholic Trustee Document dealing with GSA clubs is excellent.  It is available at the Catholic Register website here.
This article from Catholic Insight describes how the document was written by special task force of the Catholic schools of Ontario, set-up in the spring of 2011, with Bishop Gerard Bergie of St. Catharines as Chairman.
Please consider helping to raise awareness for the talks by forwarding this email to other concerned Catholics, and by asking your parish priest to post the attached PDF flyer on your parish’s bulletin board or mention it in the parish bulletin.

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IV. ITEM THE SECOND / HERMENEUTIC OF DISCONTINUITY. Carrying on with the fantastical world of blog posts at Canada’s “Catholic Channel of Hope”, there’s a recent commentary on Vatican II wherein we read [TH2 emphasis]:

It is important for Catholics today to hear this [sic] affirmation of the Second Vatican Council. It certainly was a great grace to the Church in the 1960′s considering, not only the many social and cultural shifts which had taken place globally since Vatican I (1869-70), but also the breaking of a long-standing mentality of authoritarianism within the Church itself. The result of the Council was a great paradigm shift in the Church’s relationship to the world and its peoples, emphasizing dialogue and communion. Today it may be worth asking why those documents, which are so revolutionary in nature and filled with the Spirit, have not been consistently and zealously implemented at every level of the Church over the past half century.[2]

Because the “revolution” that came out of Vatican II was from Hell and its spirit was nothing less than demonic, as anyone who is sober and still Catholic will tell you.  What is becoming increasingly obvious, however, is that Salt + Light is becoming Fr. Tom Rosica’s mouthpiece for furthering heterodox ideas about Catholic teaching and giving cover and promotion for theologians who are being blocked by the Vatican because of their liberal positions.

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…I have worked on and off in Africa, for “humanitarian” organizations, for some thirty years, during both Republican and Democratic administrations, and I have not seen that the U.S. Government’s efforts to promote the sexual revolution – with the willing cooperation of the U.S. bishops’ own overseas “humanitarian” organization, and of other “Christian” subcontractors – has varied much in intensity over those years. The “foreign aid” agencies of both the U.S. federal government and the USCCB (the latter a contractor of the former) are both “owned” and staffed by either secularists, or by fellow-traveling-sexual-revolutionist “Catholics” and other vaguely “faith-motivated” types. Regardless of the particular ideology of the sitting president or of the very-theoretical anti-sexual-revolution stance of the bishops, those agencies find ways to effectively advance the sexual revolution. Personnel is policy…(Source)

I bet you don’t know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie roll, do you?

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From a reader from his experience at Mass this past Sunday…

This morning, I nearly stormed out of the church. They had allowed a presentation by the communist subversive organization known as Development & Peace. 

We all know about their unholy alliances with pro-abortion groups, but this year it went much further. It was a 7 minute spiel about global warming and environmentalism.  Pure political propaganda cloaked with a veneer of “Christian” words tossed in.  If not for the fact that I was warned these nutjobs were going to speak after confession this morning, and that I prayed for self-control, I most certainly would have gotten up and walked out and possibly given them a piece of my mind.  Read the rest of this entry »

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Presenter: Denise Mountenay, Founder and President of “Canada Silent No More”, best-selling author and international speaker

Where: University of Ottawa (Health Science Campus), Roger Guindan Hall (RGN),  451 Smyth Road

2 DAYS only:
Monday February 27th @ 7 p.m. in Room 2029
Tuesday February 28th @ 1 p.m. in Room 2003 (Amphitheatre B) (Lunch will be provided)

Journey with Denise Mountenay as she shares her experience of pregnancy loss and abortion. Hear why women chose abortion, and how it can affect them for Life. 

Denise Mountenay has been sharing her experience of teen pregnancy, legal abortion and the aftermath in schools, conferences, prisons radio, Television and internationally.  The CBC- The National aired a documentary on her work and mission.

She also attends meetings at the United Nations in New York and Geneva and has a powerful testimony.  She wants people to know the whole truth about abortion and how it is damaging women physically and psychologically.

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