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Socon or Bust has been online for over five years now.  Three of those years have been substantially devoted to exposing the massive social justice fraud in the Catholic Church in Canada.  It’s therefore fitting that the final post here at Socon or Bust should offer a few closing remarks on Development & Peace.

As at the end of 2011, Socon or Bust and LifeSiteNews have uncovered 53 D&P sponsored groups which hold beliefs which are fundamentally opposed to Catholic teaching in one or more of the following areas: abortion, infanticide, contraception, homosexuality, Marxism, feminism, and even overt anti-Catholicism.  (A full diary of our posts on the abortion saga involving D&P can be permanently accessed by visiting our archived blog.)

After being elected as CCCB president, Archbishop Richard Smith asked us to “trust the bishops“, while seemingly being unaware that he was being hosted by feminists during his recent trip to Haiti.  This 53rd group, uncovered by a Socon or Bust reader, was also a beneficiary of George Soros’s largesse.  George gave APROSIFA a $9500 grant to translate to Creole the book “Where there is no doctor which has a chapter on how to self-abort.  And as if this was not bad enough – shocker of all shockers! – if you meander over to D&P’s website and access their Haiti page, you won’t see any groups identified.

It’s all part of their major problem with transparency which continues to this day, despite the so-called “reforms”.

The problem with Development & Peace is part of a larger problem with the Catholic Church’s global social justice industry which, in turn, is part of bigger problem of corruption in almost every area of Church life.  As an aside, this is also especially true about the so-called Catholic media who prefer to secure the good graces of weak and compromised bishops rather than to report the truth, so authentic renewal can genuinely begin.  The lapdog “yes men” press are no true friends of the Church.  I once told a homosexualist who was berating me for my alleged hatred of homosexuals:  “Does love always say yes?”  She never responded.

The imbroglio concerning Development & Peace is part of a larger problem with the Catholic Church’s identity.  Instead of doing authentic social justice, we farmed it out to the secular world.  And the tragic results are before us today.  It’s time for all Catholics to hit the reset button, relying less on the world to do charitable work and more on ourselves.

I want to thank all of you who have offered us support here at Socon or Bust throughout the years.  Your words of support and encouragement have edified and sustained Steve and I.

For Life and Family,

John Pacheco

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As I mentioned earlier during the month, Socon or Bust is folding up the tent.

The scheduled departure date is scheduled for Fri. Dec.23, 2011.

I’d like to offer a few clarifications, thoughts, and details about our imminent departure from the blogosphere. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tasha Kheiriddin of the National Post wrote a great article on the cost of day care for your child. Most people advocating for day care (or “Early Childhood Education”, as they call it) cite studies claiming that kids in day care learn more skills that will eventually be building blocks in their future jobs. This may in fact be true, because day care often has teaching sessions, almost like kindergarten, where kids are taught certain things. But even those benefits are being challenged by new research, as Ms. Kheiriddin explains. Moreover, the day care advocates ignore what is sacrificed in the process. Read the rest of this entry »

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One of first-wave feminism’s great achievements in the 1970s was to end the denial surrounding wife abuse in even the “best” homes. Resources for abused women proliferated. Traditional social, judicial and political attitudes toward violence against women were cleansed and reconstructed along feminist-designed lines.

But then a funny thing happened. The closet from which abuse victims were emerging had, everyone assumed, been filled with women. But honest researchers were surprised by the results of their own objective inquiries. They were all finding, independently, that intimate partner violence (IPV) is mostly bidirectional.

Every major survey has borne out this truth. In fact, the most reliable, like Canada’s 1999 General Social Survey, found not only that most male and female violence is reciprocal, but also that the younger the sample, the more violent the women relative to men. A meta-analysis of mor than 80 large-scale surveys notes a widening, and concerning, spread – less male and more female IPV – in the dating cohort.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has just published its National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey to great fanfare. The survey’s central finding is – yep – that men and women inflict and suffer equal rates of IPV, with 6.5% of men and 6.3% of women experiencing partner aggression in the past year. More men (18%) suffer psychological aggression (humiliation, threats of violence, controllingness) than women (14%). Feminists often define IPV as a “pattern of power and control,” but the survey finds that men were 50% more likely to have experienced coercive control than women (15.2% vs 10.7%).


The whole feminist power-play about “domestic violence” is just part of the whole attack on masculinity and paternity in general.  I am in no way dismissing true spousal and women abuse which has likely increased in this culture of death.  But one must be able to distinguish and delineate between the facts and the politics of the question.  Most of the “women’s violence” mantra is just dressed-up hatred of men, pure and simple.

If you watch commercials today on TV, the men are represented as being doofers and the woman is super-smart who can do it all. This is a consistent theme in commercials which my wife pointed out to me one day.

Many of D&P’s partners have this “violence against women” mantra as one of their central objectives, which only goes to show that it’s not just the “biggies” like abortion and contraception that are the problem with the social justice industry in the Catholic Church.  It’s many, many other areas of concern which attack the traditional family.

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One of the first D&P pro-abort partners which Socon or Bust outed in our investigation three years ago was a group called Fanm Deside.  Here’s what we found out:

Fanm Deside has a pro-abortion stance. In their PowerPoint presentation located here at Slide 16, the presentation mentions having organized a day of reflection on the decriminalisation of abortion. (Source)

Soon thereafter, LifeSite News published their own report on this group (along with another group). You can read that report here.

A few posts ago, we highlighted how the CCCB was being hosted by two other anti-life groups in Haiti. (There’s now 4 D&P anti-life groups in Haiti that we know of.)

And just when you thought our bishops could not be more clueless or flippant to concerns raised by the pro-life community, fear not, my dear friends!  The CCCB’s clueless campaign continues!  Yes indeedy. Read the rest of this entry »

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Funny how Development and Peace claims to be fighting poverty, but some of their actions just ingrain poverty.

Take for instance their efforts on agriculture.  As you can see on this page, D&P empahsizes the importance of “small-scale farmers”. In the Global South, small-scale farming barely provides a subsistence income with very little up-side for improving your lifestyle. Read the rest of this entry »

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Socon or Bust  wishes all of its readers a very Merry Christ-mass (it is, after all, a Catholic feast day ) and a holy and prosperous New Year.

We remind our readers to do the Catholic and anti-eco-worship thing:  desist from erecting artificial Christmas trees if at all possible.

Instead, cut one of these things down from Mother earth and put it up in your living room to celebrate Christ’s victory over paganism and false religion.

Who knows? Your days of being able to do it could be short, if David Suzuki and the eco-grinches have anything to do with it.

Merry Christmas!

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I pointed out a few posts ago, how Love One Another Magazine was one of the best Catholic magazines going.

I greatly encourage all Socon or Bust  readers to take out a subscription.  It’s the medicine that will help you keep your faith in a Church full of dissent and virtual apostasy.

One of the articles which I read over a year ago has been posted online. My eldest daughter was getting treatment with homeopathy for a skin condition.

We stopped after reading this article.

Don’t get sucker-punched by the Devil under the guise of authentic medicine.  And don’t be afraid to call out the devil for his incantations.

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A follow-up on how your children are being “freed” from Catholic teaching by our “Catholic” School Board.

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So now that the schools are “McGuinty Schools” who use the word “gay”, what’s the point of calling them “Catholic”?

Under the Constitution, Catholics have a right to educate our children with our own tax dollars.

It’s time for the Bishops of this province, beginning with Archbishop Prendergast right here in Ottawa, to draw a line in the sand and tell McGuilty that:

#1 – He should stop calling himself Catholic for his obstinate support of abortion and gay “rights”.

#2 – Make it very clear to everyone that HE (the Archbishop) is the final arbiter of Catholic moral teaching and HE will determine what gets into Catholic schools and what does not.

And if the School Board, its lesbian teachers and homosexual principals don’t like it, they can lump it.

C’mon, your Grace, we all know you can talk a good line.  And we commend you for that.

However, now we need more than wordsWe need to see some action.  You can’t avoid a public confrontation with that moral heretic forever.

Best to confront McGuinty on your terms instead of his.

We’re right behind you, if you do.

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A grandmother is going to bring down abortion in this country. You watch.

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This doesn’t affect social conservatives, obviously, who advocate and practice sex only within true marriage.

But, as far as the other side goes, well, it’s kind of hard to find out which side they will fall on.

On the one hand, the demented liberals will agree that such “persecution” should stop.

Then again, it’s their bacon on the line, so self-interest plays a big role too in getting full disclosure before any sexual encounter.

This is a perfect example of how liberalism and sin end up destroying its own constituency.

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A conversation between yours truly and an employee of Costco (location: Merivale Road, Ottawa) last Saturday:

“Holy smokes, you’ve spent a lot of money here, sir.”

“Well, yes”, I said, “we shop here for most of our groceries.”

Eager for an opportunity to plug American Express, the energetic young man proposed:

 “Sir, you really should sign up for the American Express Card. You get 2% cash back on your purchases.”

“Well, young man”, I responded hesitatingly, “I would gladly do it but American Express supports causes that I do not support.”

“Oh, yeah, I heard about that”, he conceded.

“Abortion”, I said. “They support abortion.  So I can’t sign up with them.”

Now, folks, by his last comment to me, this young man has obviously heard this rejection before.  This might seem to be rather inconsequential, but it’s not.  You see, not only is this young man confronted with the Gospel of Life in the context of a normal conversation, but Costco and then American Express also get the message because it means lost business for them.  In the past, a business could be pro-abortion and they might make money, but today, the momentum is going the other way. If you’re a pro-abort corporation, you’re going to lose money.  The suits who run these companies might still thumb their noses at their customers, but that only shows that their death-dealing ideology is more important than their shareholders. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

In heaven, you can do many things and enjoy all the joy and abundance God has to offer, just bring your Faith and Integrity because He doesn’t take American Express. 

Update:  Apparently American Express got out of the business of supporting Planned Parenthood many years ago. However, if that’s the case, they need to let people know about this change of direction because being a pro-abort corporation sticks in people’s minds.  How many people have been declining American Express at Costco and other places for years and decades because of their presumed support for Planned Parenthood?  I think a marketing strategy is necessary, don’t you?

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Your Excellency;

It is with regret that I find it necessary to write you during this busy Advent Season.  This past weekend I was quite upset by the initiative put out by Development and Peace.  As a convert to the faith in November 2006, I have been quite distressed by what I have been witnessing in the Church in regards to poor Catechesis but this past weekend was the first time I experienced grave concerns about D&P.   Although there are many positive points to the pledge put out in our Parish last weekend,  the fact that the initiative was linked in any way to Global Warming is very disturbing.  It’s bad enough I have to endure the secular media go on about this unfounded theory whose bottom line is ‘anti-life’,  but that I had it thrown at me in Church, in Advent, was over the top.   I had always been sceptical about the whole Global Warming nonsense when Al Gore’s movie came out in 2006, and I was greatly relieved to come across this wonderful Catholic Investigative Agency’s analysis of Global Warming.  It was comforting to have my suspicions confirmed once and for all.  I just happen to have an extra copy of this DVD and thought perhaps it may be of value to you.  There is also a computer resource CD that contains all the research data that went into this production.  I pray that our Archbishop, armed with this knowledge, will put a stop to further tainting our experience at Mass with more propaganda in regards to Global Warming, released by D&P.  To feel it necessary to educate the faithful about this nonsense with the HUGE crisis of faith is very upsetting.

 Please be assured of my prayers.  In fact, this past fall I had a Novena of Masses said  for your intentions.

Respectfully Yours,

Socon or Bust Reader


From the same reader…

Here’s a link to the garbage I had to look at last weekend.    Many people signed it and placed it in the offering tray as requested.  I wrote my name, mentioning I couldn’t sign it because GW was ‘anti-life’ etc.

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As John pointed out on Monday, another Development and Peace partner supporting contraception has been busted.

For those of you keeping score at home, that brings the total list of anti-Catholic, anti-life partners of D&P to 53.

Good grief. 53? Planned Parenthood must be jealous.

For some reason, this incident has disturbed me more than others. I think it’s because it was prefaced by Archbishop Richard Smith’s “trust me” message. If I was a bishop in this country trying to regain the trust of the faithful, I wouldn’t participate in any photo-op with a D&P partner unless a background check had been done to make sure the partner was clean. This obviously wasn’t done. The evidence we exposed wasn’t buried in a secret vault. It just took just 15 minutes and a search engine to dig it up. Somebody couldn’t be bothered for even that.

There’s a sort of flippancy about this whole affair on the part of the bishops. Even now, after all we’ve been through.  Even as they try to reform D&P and regain our trust, the whole thing smells of sloppiness, neglect and half-heartedness, as if being dragged kicking and screaming to where they’d rather not go.

“Trust me,” he says.

This is a bad way to start a 2-year stint as head of the CCCB.

Almighty God, how much longer?

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Contraception leads to abortion….


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