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Religion is not an option.  Either you have one or it has you.  That might make agnostics uncomfortable, but it doesn’t mean it’s not true.

When Europe figures out that it’s Christianity or bust, it will be too late.  It might already be too late.

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Well, we really should know what we are voting for.

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The feminist self-justification is losing steam.

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Ayman Nabil Labib, a 17-year-old Coptic Christian student, was murdered by Muslim classmates after refusing to remove a crucifix he was wearing, the Assyrian International News Agency is reporting.

The murder, which took place on October 16 in the central Egyptian town of Mallawi, took place after a teacher asked Labib to cover up a tattooed cross on his wrist. Labib refused, instead uncovering a cross necklace.

“The teacher nearly choked my son, and some Muslim students joined in the beating,” said Labib’s father.

“They beat my son so much in the classroom that he fled to the lavatory on the ground floor, but they followed him and continued their assault,” the victim’s mother added. “When one of the supervisors took him to his room, Ayman was still breathing. The ambulance transported him from there dead, one hour later.” (Source)

All religions are not the same.

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Too much truth for “social justice” to take.

Bloggers play an important role in the Church. They get at things that the lapdog press wouldn’t dreeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaam of covering.

And we all know it’s the truth too…don’t we, lapdoggers?

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Last week my wife had told me about a planned rally in Ottawa to protest the martydom of 28 Coptic Christians in Maspero, Egypt on October 9, 2011.  She had indicated to me that we really should attend to show our support.  As with family life, this sort of thing sometimes gets buried in amongst our daily routines, but we were reminded of it again last night at our parish’s “All Saint’s Eve” party when I saw a notice posted on the parish bulletin board.   When I mentioned it to my wife and asked her if she still wanted to go, she agreed. Normally, I’m the one pushing for this sort of thing and my dear wife is on the receiving end of having to deal with all of the sacrifices that go with it.  So I was ecstatic that I could fall back on the old “Well-you-wanted-to- go!” excuse as we struggled to get home from Mass, gobble down some food, and head out to the March before the 2PM start.  Although I was hoping to get some relaxation in this Sunday, there was something about this event that I really sensed was important.  And indeed, as I was making my way to join the March after parking some distance away, a reporter (who we think worked for the CBC) cornered my shy and evasive wife for a quick interview.  Providence works in mysterious ways.  “Well, you wanted to go, dear!” :) Read the rest of this entry »

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Many years ago, I saw a video conversation between Wayne Gretzky and his teammate at the time, Mark Messier.  At one point in their conversation, Messier was talking about how he loved the competitive nature of hockey and how possession of the puck often determined how the game would go.  Gretzky then made what appeared to me a most bizarre response, considering his stature in the game.  He said that competition was secondary.  What was important was his ownership of the puck.  It wasn’t that he wanted necessarily to take the puck away from his opponents as much as he didn’t want to give it up.  And then he made this memorable comment: “this is my puck, if you guys want to play go get your own puck“.  At the time, I thought that this comment was very strange, but it’s something that has always stuck with me.  Not sure why.  I guess it’s one of those silly remarks that just get implanted for future reference. Read the rest of this entry »

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I saw a notice posted on our Church bulletin board last night when attending our church’s All Saint’s Eve Party.

Apparently there’s to be a March beginning at Elgin & Catherine’s Streets today at 2PM and ending at Parliament Hill, where there will be speeches.

My family and I will be going, unofficially representing my parish, St. Maurice Catholic Church.  St. Maurice has an affiliation with Egypt where the Copts originate. (Click on the image to the left here to learn more.)

As the persecution of Christians continues to unfold around the world and in the West (due to secularizing and liberal self-hatred of our Christian heritage), Christians of all Churches and ecclesial communities need to stand up for one another despite our differences.  In recent years, the Catholic and Orthodox churches have made significant progress in talks towards full unity.  Suffering together and supporting one another in events like this will only hasten that blessed day.  Suffering together does far more for unity than ecumenical talks.

If you can make it out today, please come!  Also, bring your religious icons and symbols.  We Christians need to reassert oursleves and our rights in the public square, and start to force our politicians to play hard ball with tyrannical (Islamist) regimes and stop coddling them.  As I have recently said, if we don’t believe in our religious and moral principles and assert ourselves politically in accordance with them, it leads exactly to the situation we see today.  If Western leaders put enough pressure, the Copts can be saved.  So we need to put pressure on Harper to get the message across to Europe.   The Conservative Government has an office of Religious Freedom.  Let’s see if it’s just for show or if it’s the real thing…with real consequences for us and the Islamic thugs that are taking over the “Arab Spring”.

The Coptic Christian church is the world’s oldest church, founded by St Mark, who wrote the Gospel of Mark, between A.D, 42 and A.D 62.  Based in Alexandria, the church has an estimated 15 million members around the world, including 50 thousands in Canada.

UPDATE: Rally coverage here.

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Archbishop Charles Chaput painted a stark picture for the future of Catholic  social ministry work in America while accepting an award from Catholic Social  Services in Rapid City on Tuesday.

Chaput, a former bishop of the Diocese of Rapid City who was installed in the  Archdiocese of Philadelphia in September, was named the second recipient of  CSS’s Founder’s Award, which is named for the award’s first recipient and the  agency’s founder, Msgr. William O’Connell.

Speaking to about 600 people at the Rushmore Plaza Civic Center, Chaput  delivered the same theologically conservative message that he has given numerous  times before to Catholic social service agencies, hospitals and universities on  the dangers of losing their Catholic identity through accommodation of  government-imposed requirements on issues such as civil unions, health insurance coverage requirements and contraception.

Warning that the Obama administration is “unfriendly” to religion, he  predicted that “we’ll see more attempts by the state to interfere with the  church’s ministry.”

“And if our social work isn’t deeply, confidently and explicitly Catholic in  its identity, then we should stop using the word ‘Catholic’ to define it,” he  said. “It’s that simple.”…(Source)

Let the Canadian Bishops and all of their bureaucratic organs clean out their ears and hear!  We’re tired of watered-down Catholicism that seeks to saturate who we are and what we believe.  Too much ‘co-operation’ with the culture of death and its dupes in religion.  It’s time to cut bait and go against the tide instead of swimming with it.

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A nice story about some young adults getting together at St. Patrick’s Basilica in Ottawa to pray the Rosary every week. This gives hope for the future generation.

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From the “Isn’t abortion and feminism great” files.

Feminism has not led to the emancipation of women. It’s led to their enslavement…along with other putrid things.

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Good News: Bill C-304 Introduced to Reform Canadian Human Rights Act One of the first pieces of legislation in this new Parliament will be warmly received by many in the church community and all freedom-loving Canadians. Conservative MP Brian Storseth (from Northern Alberta), has introduced a private members bill  that proposes to delete Section 13 from the Canadian Human Rights Act. Section 13 makes it an offence to communicate any matter that is likely to expose a person or persons to hatred or contempt. Section 13 has been responsible for silencing Christians who say or write things that are deemed to be offensive. Although we should be the first to oppose hate, the reality is that when hate is defined by the Canadian Human Rights Commission, we as Christians are often seen as the hateful ones because the message of the Gospel is considered offensive.

Take Action: Click here to keep reading and find a video interview with Mr. Storseth as well as a new Easy Mail letter encouraging your MP, the PM, and the Justice Ministers to support this.

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A vigil participant was noticing that nearly all the  cars in the abortion center parking lot were parked in  the staff area — very few were in the area reserved  for those with appointments. And that was good. 

The volunteer was soon deep in prayer when the  abortionist drove up — with his wife and their  teenager. He got out of the car and headed toward  the building while the wife and teen drove away.

The abortionist’s wife pulled up next to the vigil  participant, rolled down her window and asked, “How are you doing?” The surprised volunteer answered, “Good! How about you?”

She responded, “I just wanted to tell you that I so  appreciate what you do and how you are always so nice  and respectful.” That simple response turned out to  be the opening line in a very lengthy conversation.

The wife expressed her gratitude for the way the  40 Days for Life vigil is conducted. In another city,  there is a group outside the abortion center that  yells at her husband.

Here, however, he’s been told that the vigil  participants are praying for him. “He just can’t  understand how you can be so against what he does  and yet so nice to him.”

She explained that her husband grew up in a home that  had no use for religion — the concept is totally  foreign to him. The volunteer promised to pray that he  would be able to grasp — and eventually embrace –  faith. The teen blurted out, “Please do!”

“I asked the abortionist’s wife to pray for me,” said the volunteer, “and she said she would.”

The wife said, “I’m really impressed that you believe in something so strongly and passionately that you’re willing to be here every week for years in every kind of weather.” 

“There is much to meditate upon from this conversation,” said the 40 Days for Life volunteer. “It confirmed the constant presence, the peaceful method, the prayerful attitude. It helped give me a renewed sense of dedication to continually trying to get people to sign up so that we can have a constant presence on the sidewalk. We never know who will see us and when they
will see us.

“God gave me an awesome story in order to ask once again for you to join us for 40 Days for Life. Please keep praying for an end to abortion and for ALL those involved. God is using us to help bring His children to Him — ALL of them!”

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Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, a top official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been arrested and charged with two counts of child molestation and one count of bestiality.

Dr. Lindsey, who joined the CDC in 1999, is currently the deputy director for the Laboratory Science Policy and Practice Program Office. She’s second in command of the program office.

Prior to that role, she was the senior health scientist in the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response, an office that oversees the allocation process for $1.5 billion in terrorism preparedness.

According to CNN:

“Authorities also charged Lindsey’s live-in boyfriend, Thomas Joseph Westerman, 42, with two counts of child molestation. 

The two are accused of ‘immoral and indecent’ sexual acts involving a 6-year-old …

The bestiality charge says Lindsey ‘did unlawfully perform or submit to any sexual act with an animal.’”

Between January and August last year, Dr. Lindsey and her boyfriend allegedly involved the child during sex, and DeKalb County police claim they discovered photographs of Lindsey performing sex acts on a couple of her pets.

Some of you may wonder why I’ve chosen to discuss this story. Some may think it’s in poor taste and doesn’t belong in a newsletter about health. However, I believe it’s relevant to be aware that someone in charge of your child’s health is allegedly engaged in child abuse. Her actions raise serious questions in my mind about her level of concern for the health and well-being of children in general.

Dr. Lindsey Played Primary Role in Bogus Swine Flu Propaganda Campaign

As you may recall, the 2009 H1N1 swine flu pandemic turned out to be a complete sham, with a fast-tracked and particularly dangerous vaccine being pushed as the sole remedy. Children and pregnant women were the primary targets of this dangerous vaccine. The H1N1 flu was a perfect example of how the CDC can brazenly distort reality, and often ignore and deny the dangerous and life-threatening side effects of their solution. As a result of this bogus propaganda campaign, thousands of people were harmed (and many died) worldwide.

In August, it was revealed that the 2009 H1N1 influenza vaccine increased the risk for narcolepsy—a very rare and devastating sleeping disorder—in Swedish children and adolescents by 660 percent….(Source)


Makes sense to me.

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Good read.

Next time, whatever comes out of Justice & Peace should be vetted by someone with a little bit of business experience.

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“The most outrageous injustice today is the attacks against the child in the womb,” said Smith. “If there is any example of injustice, it is that.”

This is a promising Statement and I commend Archbishop Smith for giving such an encouraging interview.

However, “if attacks against the child in the womb” are indeed “the most outrageous injustice”, just what have the bishops of Canada been doing on this front for the past 50 years?  They’ve been missing in action and their absence can only be described as massive negligence in the culture war of our time.  It’s better late than never that something is finally starting to move, except, of course, that D&P is still running wild.

What are our bishops telling us when they are taking such a cool attitude (let’s not get hysterical after all) to their own official “development & aid” agency which is at the FOREFRONT of enabling pro-abort groups to overturn pro-life laws?

If abortion is so outrageous as you say, your Grace, then please do something about what is happening in your own backyard.  No need to design elaborate plans or speak much, just don’t the cut cheque to Development & Peace.  With the stroke of a pen (or without one as the case may be), you can do more to defend the culture of life, then compromised preaching and milksop teaching would ever do.

How can you possibly preach to the Flock (the vast majority of whom are on the Pill or have a condom in their wallet thanks to the Canadian Bishops’ Winnipeg Statement), never mind those who don’t even attend church, when you have this massive “WE ENABLE PRO-ABORT PIMPS” sign stuck on your chasuble?

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Here’s the latest development in the D&P abortion saga.  LifeSite’s coverage is here.

OTTAWA – Canada’s Catholic bishops remain confident in the renewal of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP), despite concerns about “hysteria” and “misinformation” on both sides.

Off to a flying start!  It’s always a great thing to downplay a huge scandal by calling it “hysteria”.  Must be the new approach to communications at the CCCB!  Carry on. Read the rest of this entry »

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