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The Pope’s general intention is: “That World Youth Day in Madrid may encourage young people throughout the world to have their lives rooted and built up in Christ.”

His missionary intention is: “That Western Christians may be open to the action of the Holy Spirit and rediscover the freshness and enthusiasm of their faith.”

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There go the dividends in rubber manufacturing.

It’s never been about reducing the cases of AIDS per se.  It’s been about orgasm and keeping AIDS to a manageable level…at least for the U.N. and the rest of the condom cabal.

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Regarding Ireland, Weigel joins the ranks of those calling for “a wholesale replacement of the Irish hierarchy.” The idea has merit. But wouldn’t the same logic apply to the American hierarchy, which was found guilty several years earlier of the same gross mishandling of the sex-abuse crisis? (Source)

Indeed, but more to the point about Weigel’s article, where are these solid bishops going to come from?  Asia or Africa perhaps, because North America and Europe don’t exactly have a large pool to draw from.

Even today, what responsible Catholic father would trust anything any bishop in this country says about just about anything?   Need I remind everyone about Development & Peace (which is yet to be resolved and could be many, many years away after all of the socialist stick-handling in by-passing the controls is finished).  And of course, let’s not forget their complicity in promoting the gay sex clubs in our schools,  and that says nothing about the religious drivel our children are learning in these so-called “Catholic” schools.

Never mind Ireland, we need some solid bishops imported into this country.

I don’t think the bishops really understand how families work.  When dad’s so stoned or unable to defend the family, the kids pick up on that and start to look for someone to fill in the gaps.

Bishops:  you want to be fathers of the faith?  For the sake of your own salvation if not ours:  start acting like a father.

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TORONTO, Ontario, July 29, 2011 ( – The Coptic Orthodox Churches in Toronto are threatening to withdraw 4,000 families from the Toronto Catholic District School Board if it does not amend its controversial equity policy to protect Catholic teaching in the schools. According to one expert in Ontario education, if the threat were carried out, the board could lose upwards of $40,000,000 in annual public funding, and over 150 teachers….

God Bless the Copts!  At least they (who are not even Catholic) are sticking up for what’s right.  I’m loving this line too:

Fr. Attaalla wrote in his letter, which was addressed to Director of Education Ann Perron, that they will withdraw their children “if the requested amendments are not implemented.”  He said the amendments are “faithful to the teachings of the Catechism of the Catholic Church.”

Well, since our Catholic bishops who permitted this atrocity aren’t defending Catholic moral teaching and citing the Catechism like this Orthodox priest is, we can at least thank our brethren in the Orthodox faith to do it. 

Why aren’t the Catholic bishops of this province defending the Catholic schools against the homosexualist assault?

I think we are at a point where we, as parents, should be asking every bishop some very straight questions about where their sexual allegiances lie.  We should also be asking them, point blank, why they think that abdicating their responsibility to defend the innocence of our children still guarantees our allegiance to them.

If they aren’t going to defend the Catholic faith, then perhaps it’s time for them to examine their consciences and step aside, if necessary.

If the bishops are going to be merely figureheads and we can’t trust them to protect and teach the Catholic faith, then what’s the point?

Might as well go online to learn what Rome teaches about the Faith or check up on some solid bishop in the backwaters of Louisiana, from time to time.  That’s what it’s coming to.

Unfortunately our bishops haven’t figured this salient truth out yet:  just because you don’t rock the boat with McGuinty doesn’t mean there’s not going to be fallout.  There will be and the first victim of that fallout is something called credibility….something they don’t have anymore.

“But look, Buckwheat!  It says “Catholic School” right on the wall there. And since the bishop says so, it must be Catholic.  Who are you gonna believe? – The bishop or…some blogger?” 8-O

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I told you so. (Warning: vulgar and graphic image halfway down the page…you’re OK if you just stick to the article linked…just don’t go any further.)

To read about how this culture was allowed to infiltrate the Episcopacy, read it about it here.

You’ll never be that useful idiot again!

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There is not one bishop in this country who is doing what he should.

Not one.

There are some good bishops, no question.  Decent men who are doing what they can within “due limits”, but that’s not what we need. 

Not even close.

And we all know that, don’t we?

Actually, if you don’t know, let me fill you in. 

A very close family member (someone firmly grounded in unsensational reality and a moderating influence) told me this sometime ago, but I dismissed it as “conspiracy theory” talk, but now I am beginning to see it as virtually the only explanation left (along with the silent apostasy that the Cardinal refers to) with our bishops and high placed clergy:

They’re gay and they’re being blackmailed.

“Attack us”, they are being told, “and we’ll out you”.

That’s the only explanation left for what’s going on.

What Cardinal Sarah and the remnant of faithful priests and bishops don’t yet get is that the Church hierarchy and priesthood is gay.

The sooner we come to grips with this, the sooner we can get on the road to Calvary.

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…Looking at his Facebook profile, one immediately notices Breivik’s strong interest in Freemasonry and his photograph in full Masonic regalia. The apron identifies him as a member of a St. John’s Lodge of the Norwegian Order of Freemasons, the “regular” Masonic obedience in Norway. The circumstance that he was indeed a member of the Søilene St. John’s Lodge in Oslo has been confirmed by the Order, which proceeded to expel Breivik only after his imprisonment. St. John’s Lodges administer the first three Craft degrees and operate under the Swedish rite. Of course, no Fundamentalist would enthusiastically endorse Freemasonry as Breivik did. In addition, Breivik was a fan of online and offline role-playing games such as World of Warfcraft, Fallout and Bioshock and of the TV vampire serial Blood Ties, all anathema to the average Fundamentalist.

It is also true that, while endorsing in his book a traditional, patriarchal, male-dominated family, Breivik also mentions that in preparation of the attack “I have reserved 2000 Euro from my operations budget which I intend to spend on a high quality model escort girl 1 week prior to execution of the mission”, and explains that “screwing around outside of marriage is after all a relatively small sin”. No fundamentalist would subscribe to this theory, and all fundamentalists condemn abortion without exceptions. Breivik, on the other hand, is favorable to abortion “if the baby has mental or physical disabilities” and in some other cases, although he regards abortion in general as a negative phenomenon. On he boasts about his friendship with the developer of the website “, Norway’s probably the most profitable online communities despite the frayed moral concept”. Deiligst is a Web site devoted to promote casual sexual encounters….(Source)

Like I said in my earlier post, he’s essentially a deranged liberal who is honest about what is happening in Europe.

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Despicable and cowardly.

The Globe is so devoid of real arguments that they have to make borderline defamatory insinuations to put conservative commentators on the defensive. They’re basically saying that writers like Mark Steyn or anybody else who has used strong language to voice concerns about Islam in the West are somehow implicated in the shooter’s actions.

The Globe’s language is very subtle and carefully chosen so as to avoid any libel suit, but the implied link and the desire to put conservatives on the defensive is undeniable.

Read their junk here. Or better, don’t bother. Don’t give them the satisfaction of an extra hit on their website.

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Even if hell freezes over.

Ottawa is still the number 2 pick on Google if you search “40 Days for Life”.

How cool is that, man!

The Morgentaler Clinic is going to close one day soon.

And on that day, it will be one helluva street party on Bank Street!

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Aside from the typical liberal self-righteous justification that Ann Coulter had to endure from these poor souls, I thought she held her own and gave as good as she got.

Single motherhood should not be the ideal.  While no one can judge any person because of their own particular situation (and love, support, and compassion should always be offered to single mothers), that is a far cry from saying that the ideology of singlemotherhood is to be endorsed; that is, the idea that single motherhood is equal to or even greater than a normal two parent (i.e. father-mother) household.

To say that single motherhood (fatherhood) is just as good as the traditional family unit is to say we don’t need fathers (mothers).  Wait…isn’t that exactly what the homosexualist ideology says? 

The stats don’t lie, as Ann pointed out.

By the way, did you love how Ann put the smack-down on Fr. Cutie, the former Roman Catholic priest (who got caught on the beach with his girl friend) and now Episcopal minister? 

Yeow!  You go, girl!

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The Winnipeg Statement by the Canadian Bishops (which they have never retracted) is featured at the 23:30 mark.

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Remember St. Joe’s from last year?

Well, they’re back at it again.

There comes a point where faithful Catholics have to finally say “enough is enough”.   

All of this “wink, wink”, “nudge, nudge” garbage has got to end.  I don’t buy “the parish is not actually participating in the parade, just some University students are” baloney.

As for me and my house, St. Joseph’s community is no longer Catholic.  Period.

My prayer is that the Archdiocese of Ottawa finally has the gonads to call a spade a spade.

Socon or Bust calls on the Archbishop of Ottawa to end this sham once and for all…or as Cardinal Sarah warned, the judgement of Almighty God will fall on us.

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Now that’s a surprise.  You know those Fundamentalist Christians are so pro-abort, aren’t they?

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The CBC and all of the other anti-Christian and anti-Conservative media bigots never let a tragedy go without squeezing every little bit of bigotry out of it.

The problem is, the guy was a Darwinist and Mason (check him out on the left here in full Masonic rigalia) with nostalgic “Christian” culture roots who didn’t go to Church or consider himself “religious”.

Those media bigots, of course, never let the truth get in their way. In fact, if you read what this guy was really about, he seems to fit the profile in many places of a Liberal Christian who doesn’t like immigration and who decided to take the next logical step in his skewed and warped form of Darwinist religion.

It is therefore essential to understand the difference between a ‘Christian fundamentalist theocracy’ (everything we do not want) and a secular European society based on our Christian cultural heritage (what we do want).

Yeah, he sure is a Bible thumper all right.

Note for the ignorant baboons in the media: you can’t be a Christian and be Mason at the same time…at least not by any kind of historical standards.

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Make this man Pope after Benedict.

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An interesting article from a pro-abort feminist. Read it here.

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Here’s another instance of that familiar pattern where pride, prestige and riches have caused Catholics to fall away. We’re talking about the executives that run the head office of the Knights of Columbus, not the rank and file, most of whom are solid Catholic heroes.

Did you know that the Supreme Knight in the US earns $1.2 million in compensation? Did you know that his predecessor was given a retirement “golden parachute” of $2 million? Other current executives earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

But I digress. Anybody is allowed to run a legitimate business. The real problem is that as they rake in these big bucks, these professional Catholics at the top of the Knights are busy publicly defending dissenters and reprimanding faithful Knights. Check out the video below.

I think it’s time for the rank and file to start a revolution.

I also think we need to do some digging into the Canadian branch to see what’s going on up here.

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Tell me, honestly, are you really surprised by this story?

New York senators receive hefty donations from New York Mayor for gay ‘marriage’ vote


Tue Jul 19, 2011

ALBANY, July 19, 2011 ( – The four New York Republicans who changed their votes to swing the New York Senate in favor of gay “marriage” all received hefty donations from New York city Mayor Michael Bloomberg, according to campaign finance records filed last week.

State Senator Mark Grisanti was the first of the four to file his report last Wednesday, reporting a $10,300 contribution from Bloomberg.


According to a City Hall News report, Bloomberg had promised before the Senate vote to financially support any Republican who voted in favor of gay “marriage.”(Source)

Two of the switcheroo Senators were actually Knights of Columbus…

This story highlights two things:

  1. As long as we stupid voters continue to elect such callous politicians, they will continue to press the envelope to see how much they can get away with. Much of the blame lies with us.
  2. It’s hard to count on anybody these days. So many people in positions of influence are eventually corrupted and fall away. Don’t let it happen to you. Stand up with a backbone. And don’t get discouraged at these things, because God doesn’t need large numbers to work his miracles. He just needs a small remnant of faithful.

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McGuinty’s views are a far cry from those of his father, a devout Catholic whose sterling reputation the future premier built his political career upon.

In December 1988, in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Canada’s abortion law, Dalton McGuinty, Sr., who was the MPP for the riding of Ottawa South, which his son would later take over when his father died of a heart attack in 1990, issued a strong statement in which he insisted that “an abortion at any stage of pregnancy is a direct attack on the life of the unborn.”

“The baby the woman is carrying is a baby. And everybody knows it!” the late MPP wrote.  “The measure of a society’s morality … is reflected in its attitude towards the most vulnerable – the poor, the elderly, the infirm, retarded, insane – and the unborn.”

“The unborn must be fully protected from conception until birth, except where the life of the mother is threatened,” he added. “Anything less is unworthy of a society which considers itself to be civilized.”…(Source)

 Dalton didn’t like that I compared him to his father back in 2003

Like I always tell people: Mr. McGuinty won’t remember much about the campaign issues in 2003, and he won’t remember too much about that all-candidates debate, but he won’t forget what I told him about how his abortion views were so diametrically opposed to those of his father.


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