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Dolan told reporters that he was feeling down after the legislative loss. Please. Any pity for him is unearned, given that he and his team have had years to prepare for this struggle, and to educate lay Catholics and the wider public about what was at stake in this issue. And yet they fought with a half-heartedness that is simply stunning given the vivid, calamitous language the archbishop used to describe the threat. comparing America under gay marriage to life in authoritarian China and totalitarian North Korea. No man who really believes those things would have confronted the challenge with such bizarre maladroitness, skittering off to a bishops’ meeting in Seattle when crunch time came in Albany.

A decade ago, I reported a story for National Review about how the Netherlands went from being a bastion of bourgeois Christian virtue to a showcase for hedonistic secularism in a single generation. In one of my interviews, a Dutch academic said that when the countercultural gale began to blow in the 1960s, the country’s religious leadership swiftly surrendered because it had lost confidence in the truth of its own teaching on sexual morality, and, in turn, faith in its own ability to persuade others. (Source)

Exactly. There it is, folks.  In “red letter” for you.

The bishops don’t believe the Church’s teaching.  

It’s easy to regurgitate Church teaching.  It’s quite another to be crucified over it.  That’s why the Catholic Church honours martyrs…because they actually died for what we believed.  We don’t honour paper Catholics for reasons which are self-evident.

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From the Canadian Catholic Civil Rights League:

 A story that is relevant to BC, and especially in Burnaby at the moment, is outlined at  Also a connection to Vancouver at Does not appear that the mainstream media is interested in following up with the Ministry of Education or the Attorney General.

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So who are you all going to believe?  The Archbishop or the facts?

Where have we heard that chorus before?  Trusting an Archbishop based on his say-so alone?  You must be daft.

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…“If the name Catholic is attached you have to be 100 per cent in favor of the cause of life,” he said. “If they want to go off and have a group that doesn’t have a Catholic character, let them go off and start something else.

“But let the Church’s outreach be evangelically motivated,” he said.” We do this for the sake of the Gospel, therefore we cannot have a contradictory message.

“We have to be engaged in loving the poor and seeing in them the dignity of the human person,” he said. “That dignity of the human person is found in the child in the womb and in the person on the deathbed. Anything that mitigates against total protection and the support of their dignity from conception to natural death we can’t have anything to do with.”…(Source)

Cudos to Archbishop Prendergast for finally bringing the hammer down on the pseudo-Catholics at Development & Peace. (See also LSN coverage here.)

But to be brutally honest, that hammer should have been dropped years ago when this scandal first broke.  Instead, we kept hearing that D&P’s critics were “advocating something stupid“, were engaging in “malicious reporting“; and were declared to be “not part of the Church”.  Worst of all, we were told throughout this disgraceful exercise in gross Episcopal negligence and obstruction how faithful Catholics should continue to “support Development & Peace” (i.e. keep funding pro-abort groups) when loads of damning evidence was available for years at their fingertips (quite literally, I might add). 

Development & Peace has become like a government needle exchange program for the Bishops of the Canadian Church.

But, folks, it goes beyond all of this.  We have to start asking the Bishops about the real issues. Yes, folks. The real issues here are not about Development & Peace or even about abortion, but about…

1)  how the bishops of this country allowed this rogue organization to operate for 40+ years and half a billion dollars later, all the while funding questionable and anti-Catholic causes and without proper Episcopal oversight…


2) why the membership and executive of Development & Peace is so very anti-Catholic and socialist in its approach in all of its social engineering causes.


Let’s not take our eyes off the ball here.  The abortion scandal at Development & Peace is about lost fatherhood.  #1 is about stewardship  and #2 is about instruction in the Faith.  Those two duties are central to being a Father. 

To get at the root of the problem, Catholics should not permit the bishops to simply hang the abortion scandal on the management of Development & Peace, solely.

No way, José.  Not so fast.

There needs to be some serious repentance among the hierarchy of this country.  Faithful Catholics should not accept the buck being passed to D&P Management.  The buck stops with the bishops.  If they insist on passing the buck and not taking responsibility for their grievous role in this abortion carnage, frankly they should resign, individually or collectively, and let serious Catholic priests take over.  This world has never seen such a disastrous generation of bishops like this one.  It is really quite staggering and a very instructive lesson for the priests today who will one day be our bishops. FOR GOD’S SAKE, DON’T BE LIKE THE “BOOMER” BISHOPS!

If the disaster of the Winnipeg Statement is any indication of Episcopal repentance of what we might hope for, however, it will be bupkas for us.

Oh, yes, and one more thing…we got that long, overdue comment above from the Archbishop in a chain of events that went like this:

D&P Supporters Blog Entry —> Big Blue Wave Tip –> Yours Truly  —> Steve G —> Socon or Bust Blog Entry —-> LSN report —> Deborah Gyapong Report —> To you, dear reader.

The bishops of the Canadian Church will never, ever be able to pull a fast one again (like they did with the Winnipeg Statement, for instance), now that the internet is here.  They wouldn’t even dream of it. The abortion saga of Development & Peace proves it.  Thanks be to God for the internet and the wider Catholic blogosphere, the scourge of heretics and pseudo-Catholics.

Once again, Socon or Bust thanks +Prendergast for being 1) a real man and 2) a faithful Archbishop.  Things are finally going to change in the Canadian Church, not just with Development & Peace, but everywhere.  And that’s in large part because of all of us Catholics who have made a difference on the internet where darkness and error have no place to hide.  Everyone has a part to play in the Cyber Church of Christ, whether you’re a blogger, a reporter, or a reader who acts on the information being reported on.

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A few weeks ago, Socon or Bust reported about sportscaster Damian Goddard who was fired by Rogers for tweeting his support of traditional marriage.

A new development has occurred in this case:

TV personality Damian Goddard, who was fired after tweeting his support of the Catholic church’s stance on gay marriage, will file a complaint with the human rights commision against his former employer, Rogers Communications Inc. (Source)

Ha! I couldn’t help but smile on this one. Read the rest of this entry »

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Big Blue Wave asks.

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There is a book called the Pink Swastika.  It’s written by two Jews.  You should all read it because it’s what’s for supper in the coming years here in North America.  It recounts lots of jaw-dropping similarities of what’s happening now in the homosexualist movement in North America to what happened in Nazi Germany back in the 1920s and 1930s.  I read it a number of months ago, and I was soiling myself as it compared in great detail how the Homosexualist progression took place in Nazi Germany with how it is advancing here in North America.  The book was first published back in 1995.  In 2011, it has turned about to be spot-on in its predictions.

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In Central America.

You can thank that God-damned Winnipeg Statement & The Canadian Bishops for contributing to this state of affairs. Contraception first. Then Gay “marriage” is just a stone’s throw away.  Then the hunt is on.  And then..? Use your imagination.

So far, no apologies or repentance after 40+ years of begging by Canadian Catholics to stop the Episcopal dissent and treachery.  Just crickets and milksop like this:

 “Nothing could be gained and much lost by an attempt to rephrase what we have said in Winnipeg. We stand squarely behind our position but we feel it is our duty to insist on a proper interpretation of that position.” (Source)

Where is the repentance?  Where is the acknowledgement of the consequences of what their betrayal has meant?

Where is it?

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What Fellay actually did say, however, was that this was something mentioned in the Vatican halls by Vatican officials, which he repeated:

We will continue to say that there is a crisis in the church. Sometimes it’s really frustrating because in Rome they give the impression that everything is fine, and the next day we talk to them it’s not. These are the words from the Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith: “But you know, it’s the priests, it’s the bishops, it’s the Catholic universities: they are full of heresies!” That’s what the the Secretary of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith told us in June 2009! (Source)

Yawn.  Didja just figure that out now, your Grace?

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Get used to it.

All of the happy, clappy, “we are the world”  sing-a-longs that have dominated the Church over the past 40 years is about to come to an end.

This will be a good thing for the Catholic Church because it will give the cowards among the episcopacy some clue as to where we are heading.  It’s best to start getting serious about the Catholic faith, instead of trying to be  everyone’s pal.

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OTTAWA, Ontario, June 24, 2011 ( – According to a new report, a series of talks by the priest-head of a former Development & Peace partner were cancelled in April by Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa after the priest refused to sign a statement saying that his group “supports the cause of life from conception to natural death.” According to the report, Fr. Luis Arriaga, the head of a Mexican group called Centre PRODH, claimed that such a statement would be a “violation of basic human rights.”

LSN picked up our earlier report. 

Catholic Bloggers and the independent Press. Where would we be without them?

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Touching on the current controversial issue of education around topics of homosexuality, the bishops stress, “Parents have the principal moral responsibility of educating their sons and daughters in matters of human sexuality.”  Addressing teachers, catechists and other educators, the document says, “you play a role insofar as you carry out your responsibilities in the name of the parents and with their consent.” (Source)

It’s a sound teaching document.  We can all rejoice in a clear presentation of Catholic teaching.

However, now that the bishops have reminded parents of their responsibility in educating our sons and daughters on human sexuality, let this parent remind the bishops on what THEIR responsibilities are in upholding Catholic education, in light of the Gay Sex Clubs that have their full endorsement:

Can. 803 §1 A catholic school is understood to be one which is under the control of the competent ecclesiastical authority or of a public ecclesiastical juridical person, or one which in a written document is acknowledged as catholic by the ecclesiastical authority.

§2 Formation and education in a catholic school must be based on the principles of catholic doctrine, and the teachers must be outstanding in true doctrine and uprightness of life.

§3 No school, even if it is in fact catholic, may bear the title ‘catholic school’ except by the consent of the competent ecclesiastical authority.

Can. 804 §1 The formation and education in the catholic religion provided in any school, and through various means of social communication is subject to the authority of the Church. It is for the Episcopal Conference to issue general norms concerning this field of activity and for the diocesan Bishop to regulate and watch over it.

§2 The local Ordinary is to be careful that those who are appointed as teachers of religion in schools, even non-Catholic ones, are outstanding in true doctrine, in the witness of their Christian life, and in their teaching ability.

Can. 805 In his own diocese, the local Ordinary has the right to appoint or to approve teachers of religion and, if religious or moral considerations require it, the right to remove them or to demand that they be removed.

Can. 806 §1 The diocesan Bishop has the right to watch over and inspect the catholic schools situated in his territory, even those established or directed by members of religious institutes. He has also the right to issue directives concerning the general regulation of catholic schools these directives apply also to schools conducted by members of a religious institute, although they retain their autonomy in the internal management of their schools.

§2 Those who are in charge of catholic schools are to ensure, under the supervision of the local Ordinary, that the formation given in them is, in its academic standards, at least as outstanding as that in other schools in the area. (Source)

 If the Catholic bishops want to restore their credibility on the issues of human sexuality, they’ll need to do a lot more than issue press releases and papers. They’ll have to actually practice what they preach.

Position papers alone don’t cut it.  Leadership, pain, and suffering is required.

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Organizers of an ongoing protest against a hospital accused of performing abortions, which has links to the Archdiocese of Barcelona, say they will proceed tomorrow with their monthly demonstration despite claims that orders have been given to end the deadly procedure at the facility.

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While New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan recently made a strong statement against same-sex “marriage”, the senate of the State of New York ignored his plea and passed a bill to legalize gay “marriage”. Since the state’s Assembly has already passed a similar bill and the Governor is a huge supporter, it’s essentially a done deal.

Michael Voris, commenting on Archbishop Dolan’s statement, predicted that his efforts would fail. He turned out to be right. What was the reason for his pessimism? As he explains on (scroll to the video at the bottom of the page), the teachings of many clergymen on this issue ring hollow because the ranks of the clergy are filled with so many gay men or supporters of the gay agenda. If you don’t have time to watch his whole video, just start at 4:50.

Even the New York Times, an avowed enemy of the Church, saw this hypocrisy when it wrote: Read the rest of this entry »

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The Helpers of God’s Precious Infants is a group of committed pro-lifers who pray for and counsel women outside of abortion mills to keep their babies.  Here in Ottawa,  the Helpers choose specific days during the month to pray and counsel at the Morgentaler Abortion Mill on 65 Bank Street.  Today was one of those days.

Last Sunday, in my parish’s announcements, the parishioners of St. Maurice were encouraged to take up the 10-11AM slot for the June 24th vigil.

For some reason, I felt it was necessary to be there today, not only myself, but my whole family as well.  So I took the day off work and brought my whole family down to Ground Zero at 65 Bank Street.  We’ve never been there together as a family to pray.  We do the March every year on Parliament Hill.  We participate in the LifeChain at the nearest intersection to our Parish every year, too.  We’ve even been to Ground Zero during the 40 Days campaigns, but always at the midpoint or closing rallies.  But for whatever reason, we’ve never been outside of Morgentaler’s Abortion Mill for the sole reason of praying together as a family.

All witnessing and peacefully praying outside of these killing centres is obviously of immense value no matter who does it, but there is a special place for the whole family to stand and witness together.  The reason is, of course, because abortion is ultimately the destroyer of families.  Not only does it obviously destroy an unborn child, the member of the human family, but it strikes at the trust and love within the family unit itself.  As a husband and wife ultimately find out after an abortion in their relationship, the pain and suffering is an enormous wound between them, not to mention the unspoken pain their children have when they learn about what their parents did.

There is a very strong witness when a whole family shows up to pray. You can see it on the faces of people who recognize the witness. It’s hard to pin the “radical” label on a family, especially children.  I noticed today, for instance, that there was an extra pause, however slight, than there usually is when I’m alone.  Even a police officer who regularly monitors the site even quipped to us, “so you brought the whole family!”  Families establish trust with our society and with those in authority.  They also, by their very nature and moral authority, bring legitimacy to any debate. It brings another dimension to the debate in real life…as if to impart the idea that “abortion really does kill Canadian families”.  Is this something that Canadians really want to support?  The obliteration of the Canadian family, and with that all the tragic consequences which it entails? 

The profundity of a family witness evokes hope for the future.  And every human being needs hope.  If there is no hope, there is only despair and death.  The Canadian family is the personification that life is worth living.  It is the emphatic answer to the culture of death that sees human life and unborn children as an arbitrary “maybe”.   You were lucky to be born.  If not you, then someone else.  It’s a choice after all.  The whole fraudulent debate over “choice” essentially means stripping and separating the unique personhood out of each and every human being, so that we are merely “biological material”.  That’s why a pro-abort depersonifies an unborn child into a clump of fetal matter, and then arbitrarily assigns them “personhood” after they pass the birth canal.  The witness of the human family of mother, father, and children, however, stand as a rebuke to this thinking because each of them is their own unique person from their very conception.  They are not merely biological material, indistinguishable from one another, to be arbitrarily chosen to live or to die.  The fact that there might be multiple children in a family (as in my case, I have 4 daughters) also helps disarm the idea that conception is a “mistake” which needs to be “fixed”.  There’s no mistake when you have large families

There is no arbitrary life in large families.  You are not a “maybe” or worse a “no”.  You are a “yes” — yesterday, today, and forever.

The family stands together and united in one mind and purpose, without giving up their own unique personhoods.  This is the essence of our Trinitarian faith.  It is a living sign of love but also a rebuke to the act of abortion which seeks to separate and kill life and love.

What the enemy seeks to divide, we must seek to unite and show that living unity on the streets outside of the killing centres.

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