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Even Freud, who was certainly not a Christian and who many people considered to be too preoccupied with sexual matters, knew that contraception was a perversion. Read this quote:

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When the Church speaks of natural law, it means that such knowledge is accessible to all humans of all religions (or non-religions).  Contraception falls into that category.  Even a non-Christian like Gandhi understood what contraception meant.  Check out this juicy quote:

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Re: the bishops’ new pastoral letter on living a chaste life:

…Hille Haker, a professor of moral theology at Loyola University in Chicago, said she is worried that the advice to married couples is a reflection of more conservative sexual attitudes that pre-date the reforms of Vatican II. “Before the Second Vatican Council [in the early 1960s] sexual ethics would deal with all the sex acts that are possible,” Ms. Haker said. “They would be busy describing all the different sexual arousals just in order to say this has nothing to do with what we understand to be a permitted sexual life within marriage. It seems to me this passage from the Canadian bishops goes back to that time.” Vatican II changed the notion of “physical materialized sexual ethics” with an emphasis on love, she added. And once love was seen as the prime function of sex in marriage there was no need “to go into sexual details.”…(Source)

These are the kind of ignoramuses that are teaching university theology courses these days.  She implies that Vatican II loosened Catholic teaching on contraception.

What a stupid woman.  About 15 seconds on Google makes you look like a fool, Ms. Haker.  Read’em and weep:

These, based on the nature of the human person and his acts, preserve the full sense of mutual self-giving and human procreation in the context of true love. Such a goal cannot be achieved unless the virtue of conjugal chastity is sincerely practiced. Relying on these principles, sons of the Church may not undertake methods of birth control which are found blameworthy by the teaching authority of the Church in its unfolding of the divine law. (Gaudium et Spes, 51, Second Vatican Council)

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Thursday Feb 3

State of Catholicism: An hour with Michael Voris

Maybe he can do an interview with Salt + Light and Fr. Rosica after Coren’s program.

Now that’s a show that you could sell tickets to!

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Click on this link to get access to a six-part course of solid Catholic teaching on sexuality. A great resource for mature teenagers, young adults and, in fact, adults of all ages. Both Protestants and Catholics alike will learn from this.

You may need to create a free account, login and then click on the link above again.

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Watch the video below to learn how a real bishop is supposed to act in rebuking false teaching on abortion by a pro-choice “Catholic” politician.

Polite. Firm. Graceful. Clear. Decisive. No compromise.

Sweet music to my ears!

This video should be part of basic training for every new priest and bishop.

Notice how he emphasizes the importance for him to address this matter publicly because Nancy Pelosi was publicly spreading errors about abortion that could mislead the faithful. Doesn’t that make sense? Why don’t other bishops do it? Are they scared? Are they afraid of losing donations? Are they too cozy with the politicians? Only God knows, but regardless of the reasons, none are valid. Mere excuses for failure to fulfill their duty.

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On countless occasions, Socon or Bust has voiced concerns about dissenters in the Church. We’re all tired of hearing about it. Believe me, neither John nor I enjoy writing about it, but we must continue working until the problem is fixed.

In some cases, dissent is due to ignorance. That can hardly be called dissent because it’s not done intentionally.

In many other cases, however, dissent stems from a desire to make the Gospel easier and closer to worldly values. Weak human nature leads people to distort Christianity, to abandon the sound teaching of their ancestors in favour of a Catholicism lite, supposedly with all the Catholicism taste, but zero calories of effort. In reality, they just end up with a lot of gas.

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I think we can all relate to this, if we are honest….

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and ends with abortion.

If you don’t believe us, ask yourself what happens when (not if) contraception fails?

The U.S. Supreme Court knew it.  And so does Planned Parenthood.

That’s what keeps the business going.

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The lunatics are running the asylum.

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Nothing to get too excited about, but still…it’s an encouraging sign.

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This is an insightful piece by Michael Coren.  I think he puts his finger on the precise reason why lefties, who usually get worked up about “human rights violations”, can’t seem to get passionate about the regular mauling of Christians by Muslims:

To criticize an Arab government, to condemn the actions of Muslims, to side with suffering Christians, is seen as playing into the hands of the United States and Israel. It’s a distorted and disturbed logic, but it’s extraordinarily influential. Added to this is the neurotic smugness of a post-Christian society that sees Christianity as the religion of mum and dad, power elites and conservatives. Such people cannot, in the eyes of the typical secular and radicalized North American, be victims. It simply doesn’t fit.

If you want to know the true state of the soul of our society, consider how people get enraged at a professional football player mistreating dogs, but yawn at the news of hundreds of Christians being blown to shreds by Muslims. What does that reveal about the inner thoughts of these so-called progressives? It tells me that they suffer from “selective sympathy”, i.e. they only care for things they like. This might be a natural human inclination, but it doesn’t jive with their “official” stance progressive stance on human rights.

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Remember what I said about the bishops doing nothing about the Rainbow Groups forming in Catholic schools?  Boy, was I right. 

Check out the commentary below by the bishops and their bureaucrats on the lame excuse why they refuse to fight for Catholic education (emphasis mine): 

…“This is an issue entirely for the school board – the teachers, the trustees and the parents and all the parties concerned are those who have to make those decisions,” Monsignor Vincent Kerr, spokesman for Bishop Douglas Crosby, told the Burlington Post.  “It’s not a question of the bishop making a decision for a publicly-funded board; they should be making the decision themselves and standing by it.”

According to Lou Piovesan, general secretary of the Assembly of Catholic Bishop of Ontario, speaking to Canada’s homosexualist newspaper Xtra! last Wednesday, “The bishops don’t dictate to the school boards; they give advice.”

“This office has no jurisdiction over school boards,” he continued.  “The Bishops of Ontario give advice to school boards on various matters pertaining to morality and faith and religious education programs.”

Archbishop Thomas Collins of Toronto issued a statement on behalf of the Ontario bishops on January 14th, four days before the vote.  “The bishops of Ontario agree with a January 13, 2011 Globe and Mail editorial when it says, ‘It is not for the Church, by itself, to run Catholic education in Ontario,’” said the statement. “There are numerous partners involved in the formation of our young people, all playing critical roles in the educational journey: teachers, administrators, parents, trustees, government, etc.”

In our publicly funded Catholic schools, however, as bishops it is our role to help to weave the thread of faith in our schools by offering guidance, as well as pastoral leadership and support, to our partners in Catholic education on a host of issues relating to the faith foundation of our schools,” it added….(Source)

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Exhibit 45641654.

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It’s sad that many areas are experiencing a shortage of priests. Churches are being closed and parishes are merged. Priests are overworked and burnt out.  Many congregations have to settle for a Liturgy of the Word instead of the Mass. It’s not an easy situation.

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Yes it is.

That’s what Socon or Bust has been saying for years.

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GERMANTOWN, MD, January 25, 2011 ( – On the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, Kim Nichols, a former worker at an abortion facility, was the first to receive pro-life group Operation Rescue’s Whistleblower Reward of $25,000. The reward is awarded to individuals that disclose information leading to the arrest and conviction of abortionists breaking the law. Nichols had stepped forward to expose abortionist Rapin Osathanodh’s role in the death of one of his clients, Laura Hope Smith. Operation Rescue’s (OR) Whistleblower Reward, announced by the organization last January, encourages abortion facility workers, former patients, and anyone with knowledge of crimes committed in abortion clinics to come forward. The group says the reward money is not only to persuade people to report, but to help compensate those who speak out, who often lose their jobs or are hit with lawsuits as a result of the crimes they reveal…read the rest here.

I’ve always believed we should throw everything at them, including the kitchen sink, and hope something sticks. 

This is a great idea, and it’s high time we started to play this game with a little bit of grit and edge.

You know what I think?  I think abortion is going down. And I also think Banned Parenthood and the Poor Choicers know it, too.

Tock. Tick.

We’re winding back the clock. 

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Until we get rid of contraception, we’ll never be fully free of abortion. Even Planned Parenthood knows this.

The key quote in the video below reads as follows:

“Abortion and contraception are inextricably intertwined in their use. As the idea of family planning spreads through a community there appears to be a rise in the incidence of induced abortion at the point where the community begins to initiate the use of contraceptives.”

– Malcolm Potts, former medical director of International Planned Parenthood Federation, 1970

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By now, you’ve all heard about the atrocities perpetrated by abortionist Dr. Gosnell in Pennsylvania.

What are the pro-aborts saying about it? I’m inviting our readers to tell us what they’ve read or heard in the media and on blogs.

Over at Dammit Janet, they have just one story on the Gosnell file. They rightly deplore how women were mistreated at the facility, but not a peep about all those babies that were born alive and had their spinal chords snipped with a pair of scissors. I can’t say I’m surprised. As pro-lifers have been saying all along, there’s no difference between abortion and infanticide. The folks at Dammit Janet have inadvertently confirmed it again. For them, the babies aren’t even worth mentioning, it would seem. Read the rest of this entry »

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