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For a while it seemed as though the main stream media had given up on trying to blame the Pope for the sex abuse scandals, but the Associated Press has just relapsed.  Yesterday they launched another wet fire-cracker to try an incriminate the Holy Father.  This accusation is so fallacious and empty that I’m surprised the editors of the AP had the audacity to publish it.  Must have been a slow day.

Catholic Culture has great coverage below.  The accusation is so impotent that the entire article — describing the accusation and debunking it — only takes 2 paragraphs!  I’ve copied the article below. Read the rest of this entry »

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Previously known as the Society of Jesus.

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A couple of weeks ago, a journalist from the Montreal newspaper La Presse, Patrick Lagacé, wrote a scathing article on Cardinal Ouellet for this pro-life stance, even in the case of conception through rape.  Lagacé was the one who wished that the Cardinal would die a slow and painful death.

I just sent Lagacé an email in which I challenge him to examine a series of 12 logical propositions that progressively lead to the conclusion that abortion, even in the case of rape, is a grave injustice.  No need to refer to the Bible or any divine revelation.  I’ve challenged him to tell me which of these propositions is false.  I’ll keep you posted of his response.  The 12 propositions are copied below. Read the rest of this entry »

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A couple of weeks ago, Socon or Bust reported on the visit to Toronto of Fr. Luis Arriaga SJ, the director of Agustin Pro Juarez Center for Human Rights, one of Development & Peace’s pro-abort Mexican partners.  This group was featured in LSN’s initial report of the five pro-abort Mexican groups which Development & Peace has been funding. Read the rest of this entry »

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Newborn babies absorb knowledge even when they are fast asleep, according to the results of a new studies [sic].

Read the rest of the article here.

If a newborn can learn in its sleep, than certainly unborn children also learn in the womb.  I’ve heard anecdotes of mothers explaining how their newborn responds to music that was frequently played during her pregnancy, or to a lullaby that the mother would sing before the child was born.  Clearly, the baby was hearing it and was comforted.  This is yet another beautiful confirmation of the complete humanity and personhood of the pre-born child.

But it also raises the level of responsibility of the parents and others.  The unborn child can likely sense arguments and conflicts between parents or between people who are around a pregnant woman, which can leave early psychological scars.  What’s more, the baby will sense when its mother is anxious or stressed and will likewise be affected.  So when you are in the presence of a pregnant woman, be as gentle as if she was carrying a sleeping child in her arms.  The little one in the womb is aware of its surroundings.  We don’t want to scare or agitate such a precious jewel.

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PETERBOROUGH, Ontario, May 27, 2010 ( – The human rights complaint filed against Bishop Nicola De Angelis of Peterborough, Ontario over his decision to disallow an open homosexual from acting as an altar server in the diocese has been dropped without conditions…. 

I’m glad it turned out in our favour, but in my opinion, this is merely a deferral until the next homosexualist wants to use the “human rights” scam to impose acceptance of his lifestyle on free people.

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QUEBEC CITY, May 27, 2010 ( – “Currently, in Canada there is no real equality of rights because children, in the mother’s womb, are not at all protected: not at all,” said Quebec City Cardinal Marc Ouellet at the May 15 Congress of Campaign Life Quebec. “We are one of the rare countries in the world, in the whole world, where children in the maternal womb have no protection at all.”

The talk gained international media attention but only for one aspect – his remarks against abortion in cases of rape.

The Cardinal, who as the Archbishop of the nation’s oldest diocese is the Primate of Canada, acknowledged: “I’m aware that sometimes people think that on all these issues maybe I should shut up.”  He stressed, however, the urgent need for Christians everywhere – including in politics and education – to speak up on matters of life and family, since the current situation regarding life and family issues presents “worrisome scenarios for the future of man.”

Ouellet showed himself unafraid even to push the hot-button issue of the French language in Quebec, stating that man-woman marriages and openness to life have enabled the French language to survive in the province.

He called on the pro-life movement to intensify their action and grow, and said he sensed that such growth is already occurring in the province.

The Cardinal had high praise for the National March for Life, organized by Campaign Life Coalition. “The atmosphere was great, really outstanding: in fact people were full of enthusiasm, and full of life,” he said.

“When you commit to life you become more alive. You become more alive, and more joyful: happier, and that’s what I saw on the faces of the children, and also of the adolescents and the youth. There was a majority of youth in this demonstration, which is great.”

In the wide-ranging address, Ouellet also condemned the “neo-colonialism” of Western nations imposing on Africa an anti-life mentality.

“Africa has an extraordinary culture of life: an extraordinary respect for life, love for children, and families,” said the Cardinal. “And we want to impose on them our own schemes, our own conception of progress, specifically the progress of women. Well, let’s not fall into a neo-colonialism. Neo-colonialism: imposing our Western modes of living on cultures when we should have ourselves maintained respect for life.”

In his closing remarks, the Quebec City Cardinal raised concern about the positive presentation of homosexuality and homosexual ‘marriage’ in schools, calling it “dubious and perhaps even harmful to the children.”  With such questionable education, he said, “You are deforming conscience. You are also warping the processes of psycho-sexual and psycho-social identification processes of youth.”

1. How long do you think it will be before the speech taliban in Quebec figure out that abortion (not les Anglais) is a big threat to the French language in Quebec?

2. When was the last time that we have heard a Catholic bishop in Canada encourage the pro-life movement to “intensify our action and grow”?  Answer:  Like never.

Good times coming from the pro-life movement in Canada.  Good and exciting times are ahead.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mr. Gilles Duceppe (Laurier—Sainte-Marie, BQ) 

    Mr. Speaker, the Conservative government says it does not wish to reopen the abortion debate. Cardinal Ouellet candidly admitted yesterday that he was raising the abortion issue now because the Conservative government had revived the debate by excluding abortion from its maternal health policy for developing countries.

Does the Prime Minister realize that because of him and his refusal to include abortion in his maternal health policy for foreign nations the abortion debate is again raging in Canada and Quebec?

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Click here to watch an excellent video that will teach you some of the basics about angels and demons.  This is reliable Catholic teaching that is guaranteed to change your perspective on the spiritual realm.

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BANGKOK, Thailand, May 27, 2010 ( – A Thailand-based partner of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P), recently exposed for its promotion of a “reproductive health” (RH) bill in the Philippines that has been opposed by the country’s bishops, has scrubbed its site of references to the bill.

At the same time, Focus on the Global South (FGS), which is based in Bangkok but operates in the Philippines and India, has left up several articles with openly pro-abortion and pro-contraception statements.

The organization has admitted in the past that a significant part of its funding comes from D&P, the Canadian bishops’ international development arm.

But despite having scrubbed the site of references to the RH bill, FGS still has posted a March 2010 statement which it endorsed that asserts women’s “entitlement to public and reproductive services.”  The statement, issued in the voice of women, goes on to bemoan the fact that “the church” and others “choose to decide for us, and even worse, decide to deny us the right to choose.”

But the site no longer features an article by Dr. Walden Bello, FGS’s founding director, that accuses the Filipino bishops of a “massive campaign” of “systematic disinformation about the [RH] bill.”

According to Bello’s article, “One religious denomination arrogates to itself the right to speak for all religions and to veto the opinion of other religious organizations on reproductive rights.”

The Philippines Catholic Bishops Conference, which exercises great influence in the largely Catholic country, has vehemently opposed the RH bill because in their estimation it presents a danger to the unborn.  In a November 2008 pastoral letter, they declared that “the Bill in its present form poses a serious threat to life of infants in the womb. It is a source of danger for the stability of the family. It places the dignity of womanhood at great risk.”  They reiterated this position in a December 2009 statement.

Also now missing from the site is a statement on behalf of women’s workers that had been posted to the site of FGS’ Philippines Programme.  “We demand the passage of the RH bill,” it read.  “The RH bill answers the problem of high maternal mortality that is bound to escalate in times of crisis. Without the RH bill, reproductive health services will remain beyond the reach of poor working women.”

The FGS site still features, however, an article by FGS senior associate Nicola Bullard, which labels the Vatican’s pro-life stance as “reactionary.”  She states in a footnote that at the UN’s “women’s and population review conferences, a great deal of political energy was spent simply maintaining a minimal line on reproductive choice in the face of the reactionary onslaught from the US and the Vatican.”

This D&P partner’s problematic positions were first reported by the SoCon or Bust blog, which also first reported the missing pages relating to the RH bill.

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QUEBEC CITY, Quebec, May 26, 2010 ( – “The abortion debate is on and we must not be afraid of it,” declared Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Archbishop of Quebec and Primate of Canada, in a press conference today, jointly hosted with Archbishop Terrence Prendergast of Ottawa. The cardinal hosted the press conference following the overwhelming and hostile reaction from media and politicians to his comments at a pro-life conference in Montreal last weekend, in which he stressed the Church’s teaching against abortion in all cases, including rape. The reaction to his remarks “was completely without measure,” he said, adding that “only part of my message has been received and interpreted.” “From the outset, I want to emphasize that my comment in defence of the innocent child, even in cases of rape, was motivated by the desire to call to mind the dignity of women in all circumstances, and the respect due to all new human life,” he said. He explained that there’s “a real social malaise around abortion,” with a lot of suffering for women and families, which makes it difficult to speak about the issue.  But he emphasized that abortion must be addressed for the health of society. He decried Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s refusal to discuss abortion, insisting that “there is debate, and there must be debate.”  “I deplore this attitude of many of our representatives who do not appear willing to face up to the injustice our country condones in offering no legal protection for a child in its mother’s womb,” he said. But he said that given “the political and legal impasse,” he and Archbishop Prendergast are launching an appeal “for an awareness campaign and more programs providing assistance for women in distress in Canada.” “It is vital that more effective aid programs for women facing a difficult pregnancy be implemented at every level, governmental, medical and social, so that the largest possible number may avoid abortion,” he said. Archbishop Prendergast for his part insisted that “to be actively in favor of life is to contribute to the renewal of society through the promotion of the common good.” “It is impossible to further the common good without acknowledging and defending the right to life, upon which all the other inalienable rights of individuals are founded and from which they develop,” he continued.  “There can be no true peace unless life is defended and promoted.” “We cannot ignore the other great challenges faced by humanity today,” he added.  “But that is not our topic today.  For, the right to life is primordial.” The archbishop said that he and Ouellet are asking “governmental agencies [to] take on their proper role in affording help for pregnant women in distress — and others affected by new life in the womb — to reduce the extraordinarily high number of abortions in our country.” Cardinal Ouellet said that while many Canadians believe the country is at the forefront of promoting human rights, the fact is that “we have no lessons to offer to anyone in this field.” “We should even be more open to what is done elsewhere to have a clearer view of what we must improve to protect the voiceless children who wish to come into the world,” he said. He appealed to the conscience of his fellow Canadians “so that together we may one day call for a change in this unjust situation in our country – the current legal void in abortion matters.” “Let us not fear this debate that will shape the future of our nation,” he said. To sign a petition in support of Cardinal Ouellet, click here.

“The abortion debate is on.”

For forty years, the bishops of this country have stayed silent on this issue.  Now the Primate of Canada has ended that silence and the Catholic Church in this country is now in the game officially. That is a very encouraging sign.

The Cardinal’s approach is also a very positive and shrewd one, focusing on giving pastoral care attention to women who are seeking abortion.  In fact, he should go one step further and realize that there are many women in Church pews all across this country who are desperate to hear the words of mercy and forgiveness from the pulpit.  The single, greatest obstacle today in overturning abortion is the guilt and shame that these women bear.  We must breakthrough to them and release them from the silent prison.  If we are successful, abortion will be history.

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One way or another, the secularists are going to learn all about math.

Secular schools are dropping like flies.

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looks like this:

…I am launching an appeal with my Ottawa colleague for an awareness campaign and more programs providing assistance for women in distress in Canada. There is a great scarcity of information, support and financial assistance to enable pregnant women to make an informed choice. It is vital that more effective aid programs for women facing a difficult pregnancy be implemented at every level, governmental, medical and social, so that the largest possible number may avoid abortion…

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No one in the Church can act purely on his own authority, the Pope continued. He pointed out that this is especially true of the Roman Pontiff, who “cannot do as he pleases; quite the contrary, he is the custodian of obedience to Christ and his Word.” If they expect the faithful to follow their leadership, Pope Benedict said, bishops and priests should make it clear that they themselves accept the guidance of the Church. He explained: “No one, in fact, is truly capable of feeding the flock if they do not live in profound and authentic obedience to Christ and the Church; and the docility of the people towards their priests depends on the docility of priests toward Christ.” …(Source)

It’s a sad thing indeed that the bishops have forgotten this obedience to Christ.  I see that in the predicament that the Knights of Columbus finds itself in. It does not want to supercede the Bishops’ judgement on who is and who is not a Catholic.  That is a totally understandable position. On the other hand, any politician who is a pro-abort is not a Catholic, and therefore allowing them to pretend to be one is also a scandal for any Catholic organization.

If the bishops would clean up their act and obey the Gospel, a lot of things would sort themselves out.  Instead, their infidelity is largely responsible for the divisions that are being created.

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Obama administration supports Vatican over sex abuse lawsuit

By: Dan Bergin
Independent Catholic News

Posted: Tuesday, May 25, 2010 11:14 pm

President Obama’s government has taken the side of the Vatican over a lawsuit that is calling for the Holy See to be held responsible for the sex abuse crisis.

In a brief for the United States Supreme Court last Friday, the administration said that the standards for an exception to the immunity that foreign governments enjoy under American law have not been met in the case.

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This is an excellent video produced in the 1980s by a former abortionist and founder of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL).

Despite its title, The Silent Scream, the video is not sensationalist at all.  It is very scientific.  The doctor speaks as if he were teaching a classroom.

Starting at 7:00, he uses a plastic model to show, step by step, how a suction abortion is performed.

Starting at 12:45, he shows a real abortion as filmed through an ultrasound machine.  It’s not bloody or gory, but still very thought-provoking.

Any pro-choice person should watch this video in its entirety.

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Many of you probably already received emails of this article.  Melanie Philips is an agnostic but Barbara Kay in Canada is respectful and appreciative of what Christianity (and Judaism) has done for the West and fearful of what the loss of Christian faith is now doing.  Also like Kay she is a secular Jew.

KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ: What’s notable about the current “apparent mass departure from rationality”?

MELANIE PHILLIPS: What I have found so striking is that, in this supposed age of reason, there is such an implacable refusal, over a wide and disparate range of issues, to acknowledge the authority of factual evidence over opinion, or distinguish truth from propaganda and lies, or differentiate between justice and injustice, victim and victimizer. More than that, this phenomenon is confined to the supposed custodians of reason, the intelligentsia; and some of the most prominent of these often-militant “rationalists” propound assertions that are demonstrably irrational.

Even more striking is that this repudiation of reason is associated with the most fashionable and progressive causes — anti-imperialism, anti-Americanism, anti-Zionism, environmentalism, moral and cultural relativism, multiculturalism, scientism. Yet they promote not just irrationality but a return to primitivism, pre-modern levels of social disorder, and the persecution of dissenters.

LOPEZ: What does a self-described “agnostic” care about God?

PHILLIPS: You don’t have to be a religious believer to understand that if religion — more specifically, the Hebrew Bible and the Christianity that built upon it — underpins Western civilization and the codes of right and wrong — putting others above yourself, freedom and equality, and belief in reason — that form the bedrock of that civilization, then eroding or destroying that religion will erode or destroy those virtues and the civilization they distinguish.


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Less than three weeks ago, on May 6, John outed the 45th anti-Catholic, anti-life partner being funded by Development and Peace.  The group, called Focus on the Global South, is supporting a reproductive health bill in the Philippines that the Filipino bishops are staunchly opposing because it would push the use of contraception and endanger children in the womb.  On May 7th, also wrote an article on this group.

But something mysterious has happened: several pages from the group’s website that expressed their support for this bill have been deleted.  Funny how that works, eh?  Read the rest of this entry »

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Socon or Bust reminds readers that under no circumstances should anyone donate to Development & Peace.

Our official alternatives are:
1. Mary, Mother of the Poor
2. Chalice
3. CNEWA Canada

As it currently stands, Development & Peace is not a pro-life organization. They finance and aid the pro-abortion zealots and anti-Catholic bigots in the Global South.

They have made no admission of the facts. They have made no movement towards repentance. They have lied about their opponents.  They have sought to evade their moral culpability in order to cover for their toleration of abortion and the pro-abort groups who push for it.

Development & Peace will never again have a free ride from faithful Catholics in their funding arrangements with their partners.  Never. Ever. 

Oh, and by the way, unlike their pro-abort partners who pull material from their websites when they’ve been busted (more on this in a little while), Development & Peace can’t hide.

First page. 10th place….


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