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Soon to be a prerequisite in Ontario schools too.

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We’ve all heard of the phrase “preferential option for the poor”.  Well now it turns out that Bishop Nicola De Angelis of the diocese of Peterborough has decided to opt for another kind of preference – the option of permitting Catholics in his diocese to decline giving money to the pro-aborts in the Global South. While this is not the best solution, it is a good step in the right direction.  First of all, it means a loss of revenue for Development & Peace.  To what degree is yet to be determined, but even if it was a salutory percentage – say 20% – that is 20% less funds the pro-aborts will be getting from Peterborough. That is a small, but practical victory for us.  Secondly, the Catholic Church is now officially recognizing the thousands of Canadians who have previously refused to give to Development & Peace because of their Marxist slant.  Until Bishop De Angelis’s initiative, faithful, knowledgeable Catholics had no way of officially participating in the Share Lent campaign because all of the money was going to Development & Peace.  Now there is an option – perhaps we can call it a “preferential option of the unborn” – to redirect that money to truly life-saving and life-affirming efforts, perhaps even towards overtly pro-life causes too!  Thirdly, Bishop De Angelis’s action provides us with the critical momentum to keep on moving forward.  He is now the third bishop to take pro-active measures to address the abortion scandal of Development & Peace.  It is my hope that we use this momentum to convince other bishops to move to restrict the management decisions of Development & Peace, an organization which has never admitted to the facts of funding pro-abortion groups in the Global South.


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Folks, check out this site which another Catholic blogger has started.  (These damn trouble-making Catholic bloggers are revolutionizing the Church!)

The time is right now to ask your bishop to join the list of bishops restricting the enabling of abortion advocacy in the Global South.  We need to pick up on the recent momentum and finish the job

March 21 is the Lenten Collection here in Ottawa. For Ottawa residents, I ask you to write to Archbishop Prendergast and respectfully ask him to follow the lead of Toronto and Pembroke.   Ask for a public statement also.  Catholics have a right to know where their money is going.  So far, the bishops have not been forthcoming with this information despite the overwhelming evidence against Development & Peace.  Frankly, I’m not sure which is a greater scandal:  the fact that Canadian Catholic money is going to pro-abort groups or the fact that the bishops continue to keep Canadian Catholics in the dark about it!

It’s matter of trust.  Stress that fact in your letter to them. Once you break trust in a relationship, it spells a lot of pain and suffering in the future.  If we can’t trust them with something so basic as this issue, what right have we got to trust them on anything at all?

Write the letter. Do it today.

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…In a letter in the Canadian Medical Association Journal in 2009, Dr. Rene Leiva cites a 2006 Salvadorian Ministry of Health study. Until 1998, abortion was legal in El Salvador and the maternal mortality ratio was calculated to be 150 per 100,000 births. Abortions were no longer legally permitted after 1998, and by 2006 the maternal mortality ratio had dropped to 71.2, or by more than 50 per cent.

Guyana, with virtually no restrictions on abortions, has the highest maternal mortality ratio in South America. According to the World Economic Forum report, its maternal mortality rate is 30 times higher than in Chile, where abortion is illegal.

There is also research evidence that abortion can have a detrimental impact on a woman’s psychological health. In a 2008 study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, researchers linked abortion to “an increased risk of a variety of mental health problems (panic attacks, panic disorder, agoraphobia, PTSD, bipolar disorder, major depression with or without hierarchy) and substance abuse disorders.”…(Source)

Interesting times ahead for the Conservative Party.

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Re: The secret plot to destroy Britain’s identity

The originator of “multiculturalism” as a policy and ideology was Pierre Eliot Trudeau and his cadre.  Canada now has the highest per capita immigration rate in the world.   The multiculturalist ideology then spread throughout the Western world – our chief export. 

While the birth dearth of European peoples has since made large-scale immigration a virtual necessity the policy actually began before this was clear, back in the early 1970s.  It appears Trudeau wanted to weaken the bi-cultural (English-French) nature of the country and its Christian identity.  It had nothing to do with increasing the work-force.  Yet now everyone, including Church leaders, sing the praises of the success of this insidious ideologically driven program.  This reminds me of a quote from Dostoevsky: “It is not possible to eat me without insisting that I sing praises of my devourer?”

As we can see below similar not-so-innocuous purposes have been at work elsewhere.  The West is effectively fulfilling historian Arnold Toynbee’s observation that civilizations are not murdered, they commit suicide. And liberal/leftists have been our Doctor Kavorkians.

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When we resist this last move, we will be forced to go underground as a Church.”

Not far from realization.

I told them so. ..but they wouldn’t listen. And they’re still not listening.

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Maybe Al Gore’s been advised by legal counsel to lie low. He may be the leader of the anthropogenic global warming (AGW) movement, but he’s not defending it in public, not even when it’s falling apart and his new fortune is based upon it.

Mr. Gore and his financial backers earned millions of dollars in start-up “green” companies and carbon trading schemes. If the scam worked, he could’ve become the first “carbon billionaire.”

“What goes up can fall down” applies to ill-gotten gains in the stock market or “carbon trading” schemes. In such schemes, it’s foreseeable that trusting investors will (a) not only get hurt when the scam collapses, but they’ll also (b) pursue legal remedies and sue him for fraud.

Mr. Gore’s financial gains were based on the contradictory and error-plagued assertion that man’s release of the trace gas CO2 will fry the planet .

Once it becomes clear to everyone that the AGW theory is based on cleverly manipulated data twisted by rigged computer models controlled by several dozen IPCC politicians/scientists, we can expect that investors who lose millions by investing in these companies will eventually haul Mr. Gore and the insider IPCC scientists into court.

Over the years, American tax dollars were poured down the fantasyland AGW “rat hole.” Sooner or later, Al Gore needs to answer some hard questions. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait for lawsuits from private investors. Today, legal counsel will advise him to remain silent.

It’s impossible to predict how many lawsuits, or what kind, might arise once everyone realizes that the AGW scam dwarfs Bernie Madoff’s $50-billion Ponzi operation. New studies appear almost daily that further undercut AGW theory. The biggest daily newspaper in the Netherlands vindicated that country’s leading AGW critic in the article “Henk Tennekes — He was right after all.”

Dr. Tennekes was fired in the 1990s from a prominent research position and blacklisted for debunking AGW theory. He upset the same IPCC scientists who control the leading “peer review” climate research journals and who blocked the publication of all contrary research in those journals for decades.

As investors learn the extent of the scam, Mr. Gore’s start-up “green” companies will lose considerable value, like flaky dot-com companies lacking a real product. Investors in these “green” companies — who reasonably relied upon Gore’s alarming claims — may pursue several possible remedies:

- derivative shareholder lawsuits, disgorging from Mr. Gore and other senior officers in these companies any illicit gains from any insider trading that could be proven; and/or

- lawsuits against brokers who did not perform the SEC’s necessary “due diligence” research before peddling those shares; and/or

- civil RICO lawsuits against Mr. Gore and any IPCC scientists who participated in blocking the publication of contrary research, cooking the data, all of whose annual income skyrocketed from the public hysteria….


The thing about pushing a lie and making money out of it is that…it can come back to be really financially uncomfortable.   Lay low, Al and don’t flash that Nobel prize too prominently.

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PEMBROKE, February 22, 2010 ( – Bishop Michael Mulhall of the Diocese of Pembroke has announced that he is following the lead of Archbishop Thomas Collins of the Archdiocese of Toronto in placing restrictions on the disbursement of diocesan funds to the development arm of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops – the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P). 

In a letter to his diocese Bishop Mulhall identifies the reason for his action as “information … which raised questions regarding the work of certain partners of (D&P) in the area of abortion advocacy.”

That information, the result of a series of investigations into D&P partners by (LSN) last year, showed that D&P was funding numerous groups which advocate for abortion.  While the D&P funding ostensibly was intended for projects not associated with abortion, bishops and pro-life groups in those nations where the groups were active expressed serious concern that the Catholic Church of Canada would fund groups that actively oppose them on the issue of the right to life of unborn children.

Bishop Mulhall’s letter notes that he restricted last year’s contribution to D&P and also intends to restrict the 2010 collection currently underway.  The diocese is stipulating that its funding is to be used only for D&P’s emergency relief work. According to a 2009 ShareLife brochure from the Archdiocese of Toronto, emergency assistance makes up only 6% of D&P’s allotments. The lion’s share (71%) of D&P funding goes towards “strengthening social movements,” “democracy and participation,” and “women’s empowerment.”

The Diocese of Pembroke had previously given 75% of its Lenten collections directly to D&P to be used as D&P saw fit. 

Bishop Mulhall’s letter notes that in 2009 the 75% allotment, totaling $114,960.00, “was sent to Development and Peace to be forwarded to Caritas Haiti for immediate earthquake relief.”

The 2010 Lenten collection will be restricted even further, with an undetermined portion of the collection going to D&P and only for emergency relief work.

The bishop notes that the bishops of Canada are engaging in a ”broad study of the status and goals of Development and Peace” and he is awaiting the completion of the evaluation.

See Bishop Mulhall’s full letter here.

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Latest from The Catholic Legate here.

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…then it must suffer the consequences….

CHICAGO, February 22, 2010 ( – Last Valentine’s day, Feb 14, Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral offered married couples a chance to celebrate their spousal fidelity by renewing their vows to each other during Mass.  Yet in order to do so, couples had to pass through an angry crowd of “gay rights” protestors who marched by the steps of the cathedral, accusing Church hierarchy of hatred toward gays and telling parishioners to “stop funding the bigots!”  

Police refused to interrupt the demonstration, despite laws that prohibit protesting near places of worship while services are ongoing.

Chicago lawyer Nora Doherty, who was present during the demonstration, recounted via Renew America’s Matt Abbot how “one of the particularly angry protesters yelled at my three-year-old daughter, ‘Little girl, I hope you grow up to be gay so that your mother will disown you and you can know how I feel!’”…

When I was planning the March for Marriage back in 2005, I had the opportunity to speak to 2 bishops who were open to promoting the rally in Ontario. In the course of the conversation, I mentioned to them that marriage was not the end-game for the homosexualists and the leftists.  It was merely a stepping stone for their real goal of enforcing total and complete acceptance of the gay lifestyle in society.  There were many steps along the way. In 2005, the step they were about to land on was marriage. After that, it would be education. After all, if we have same-sex “marriage” recognized in law, then who can really object to these relationships being taught to our children?  Right now, of course, the next ascendancy is over control over our children. (If you haven’t heard Douglas Farrow’s speech on this, you should really listen to it…it’s a real eye-opener.)

And so my conversation with the bishops continued.

Your Graces“, I said, “All of this is about the Eucharist.  That is the end game for them. Because to receive the Eucharist is to reach the end and summit of acceptance:  Communion with the Catholic Church and God Himself.  When we resist this last move, we will be forced to go underground as a Church.” 

There was an uncomfortable silence. I sensed they did not get it.  I wonder if they are starting to get it now. Probably not.

Saying yes to sterile sex is a real bitch. It has pretty ominous consequences for the Church and all of humanity.

And why are we at this point? Fighting losing battle after losing battle?  It’s a simple answer, really:  the rejection of Humanae Vitae and refusal to teach it vigorously.

Teaching HV is the only thing that is going to turn this thing around.  But you know, I don’t have a funny looking hat or wear colourful robes. So I’m not qualified or competent enough to call out the elephant in the room…or at least that’s what my critics tell me.

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My friends,

If you have ever wondered why a man like this can still be a priest today in the Canadian Church, you will understand why after reading Suzanne Fortin’s deft and tenacious investigative reporting of the Diocese of Trois-Rivières in Québec which I have reproduced below this preamble.

I can attest to personal encounters with liberal diocesan bureaucracies on a professional level.  If you ever get a chance to get behind their doors and into their working spaces, be sure to pay special attention to the books and magazines they display in their libraries and conference rooms.  Also be sure to check out their bulletin boards.  You’ll learn all you need to know about what is going on in the Catholic Church in Canada today.

A very large number of bishops in Canada are basically feminists with mitres.

Next time a Canadian bishop opens his mouth to “defend the rights of the unborn” or to lament the moral state of our country, quietly point out to him that he protests too much. Gently instruct him that the real problem is him. He is the problem.  Just like David was….

“The LORD sent Nathan to David. When he came to him, he said, “There were two men in a certain town, one rich and the other poor. The rich man had a very large number of sheep and cattle, but the poor man had nothing except one little ewe lamb he had bought. He raised it, and it grew up with him and his children. It shared his food, drank from his cup and even slept in his arms. It was like a daughter to him. “Now a traveler came to the rich man, but the rich man refrained from taking one of his own sheep or cattle to prepare a meal for the traveler who had come to him. Instead, he took the ewe lamb that belonged to the poor man and prepared it for the one who had come to him.” David burned with anger against the man and said to Nathan, “As surely as the LORD lives, the man who did this deserves to die!  He must pay for that lamb four times over, because he did such a thing and had no pity.” Then Nathan said to David, “You are the man!”” (2 Samuel 12:1-7).


From Big Blue Wave….

As you know, for many months now, LifesiteNews and my friend John Pacheco have been assiduously following the Development and Peace story. Development and Peace, an organization created by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, gives money to pro-abort organizations (for non-abortion-related projects) thereby giving sustenance to pro-abort groups so that they can live for another day and promote abortion on the side.

But something has come to light that makes me realize why this is allowed to happen.

I was clicking around on the internet when I came upon the website of the Diocese of Trois-Rivieres.

It had several items listed under its pastoral category, including “women”. So I clicked on that.

I did not anticipate this kind of overt association with pro-abort feminism.

The opening paragraph explains the purpose of this particular “ministry”.

Through a feminist analysis, it encourages individual and collective action and contributes to other initiatives so to improve women’s place within the Church and in society, and to create equal relationships between men and women.

Feminism. Puah!

Now, you might be saying to yourself: feminism doesn’t have to be about abortion. (Never mind that the whole feminist infrastructure in Canada is pro-abort to the core, but whatever!)


At the bottom of the website, it lists the Table [de] concertation du mouvement des femmes de la Mauricie (TCMFM). They explain that this [diocesan Catholic pastoral] ministry belongs to this hard-core pro-abort feminist coalition [TCMFM].

Imagine, a self-proclaimed Catholic ministry admitting openly that they associate with people who are seeking to violate a fundamental Catholic teaching– that of the right to life.

How pro-abort are we talking about here?

On its documentation page, the TCMFM lists a newsletter issued by the FQPN– Quebec’s version of Planned Parenthood.

The newsletter denounces the 2009 March for Life and 40 Days for Life.

And oh, by the way, the head of the TCMFM, Maryse Lefebvre, works at the local abortion clinic (“Centre de santé des femmes de la Mauricie “). She’s listed as an “intervenante en sante”, which so far as I can tell, is a kind of nurse or “health care worker”.

Get that. A Catholic Ministry that belongs to a group headed by someone who works at an abortuary.

And note– it appears that abortions are all they do at this centre, according to the FQPN. They don’t give out contraception. The Yellow Pages Ad doesn’t list any other service. Quite fascinating. It even looks like the typical US abortion clinic. Non-descript building with no signage.

I did a little bit of investigative work. I figured out that Helene Dargis is involved with the “Women’s ministry” in Trois-Rivieres, and I linked her signature to an online petition opposing Bill C-484.

Clearly a pro-abort.

And what is the punchline in this whole deal?

The head of the Diocese, whose Women’s ministry works with a hard-core pro-abort group, Msgr Martin Veillette, is President of the Quebec Assembly of Catholic Bishops.

(And the Quebec Assembly of Bishops has its own network of women involved in “la condition feminine”. How entrenched is pro-abortionism in the Quebec Church?)

Now if he’s letting a pro-abort work under him, do you suppose he is going to be thorough in making sure that no money serves the interests of any pro-abort group?

I have reason to believe this is not the case.

How are we supposed to have an authentically pro-life agenda in this Church when the foxes are in the hen house?

Is it any wonder that Development and Peace, a group rooted in Quebec, has trouble understanding what the fuss is all about?

I will also note that many of the dioceses in Quebec have these feminist ministries, but they are strangely silent about the right to life. Hmmmm…

UPDATE: February 22

I did a little more digging. The website of the Assembly of Quebec Bishops lists Femmes et ministères (FM) as a group they consult on issues related to ministry.

FM overtly supports women’s ordination.

Not terribly orthodox, is it?

If the Quebec bishops are so overtly aligned with feminists, is it any wonder they’re not terribly gung ho to take fetal rights seriously?


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A reverse abortion – an amazing story .

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Shortly after the earthquake in Haiti, Socon or Bust reported that Caritas Haiti was “likely an abortion supporter” based on statements that were made on their website and other information gathered which is typically associated with anti-family activities. I later then amended my reporting and tempered my original assessment because a reader challenged me to compare my conclusion to the statements made by Caritas Haiti.

Today, another reader alerted me to a communication made by Caritas Haiti last week. Father Serge B. Chadic, the Director General of Caritas Haiti posted a denial of the allegations on their website. (The link is also located near the top of their homepage).

Read the rest of this entry »

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The so-called problem of overpopulation of the earth is partly real and partly unreasonably feared as an imminent catastrophe for modern society; but undoubtedly the rise of this problem and the continued failure to arrive at a solution of it is not due to some mixup or inertia on the part of divine Providence, but rather to disorder on man’s part — especially to his selfishness and avarice. With the progress that has been made in technology, with the ease of transportation, and with the new sources of energy that are just beginning to be tapped, the earth can promise prosperity to all those who will dwell on it for a long time to come. As for the future, who can foresee what new and unsuspected resources may be found on our planet, and what surprises may be uncovered outside of it by the wonderful scientific achievements that have just barely begun? And who can be sure that the natural rhythm of procreation will be the same in the future as it is now? Is it not possible that some law that will moderate the rhythm of expansion from within may come into play? Providence has reserved the future destiny of the world to itself. It is strange to find that the fears of some individuals are able to change well-founded hopes for prosperity into catastrophic spectre at the very moment when science is changing what used to be considered the dreams of wild imaginations into useful realities. So overpopulation is not a valid reason for spreading illicit birth control practices. It is simply a pretext used by those who would justify avarice and selfishness — by those nations, for instance, who fear that the expansion of others will pose a danger to their own political position and cause a lowering of the general standard of living, or by individuals, especially those who are better off, who prefer the greatest possible enjoyment of earthly goods to the praise and merit of bringing new lives into existence. The final result is that they break the fixed and certain laws of the Creator under the pretext of correcting supposed errors on the part of His Providence. It would be more reasonable and useful if modern society would make a more determined, universal effort to correct its own conduct, by removing the causes of hunger in the overpopulated or “depressed areas,” through a more active use of modern discoveries for peaceful aims, a more open political policy of collaboration and exchange, a more farseeing and less nationalistic economy; above all, by reacting to all suggestions of selfishness with charity, to those of avarice with a more concrete application of justice. God is not going to ask men for an accounting of the general destiny of mankind; that is His business; but He will demand an accounting of the single acts that they have deliberately performed in accordance with or against the dictates of conscience. As for you, parents and children of large families, keep on giving a serene and firm testimony of your trust in divine Providence, and be assured that He will not fail to repay you with the testimony of His daily help and, whenever necessary, with those extraordinary helps that many of you have been happy to experience already. And now a few words on your third testimony — words that may give new strength to those who are fearful and bring you a little comfort. Large families are the most splendid flower-beds in the garden of the Church; happiness flowers in them and sanctity ripens in favorable soil. Every family group, even the smallest, was meant by God to be an oasis of spiritual peace. But there is a tremendous difference: where the number of children is not much more than one, that serene intimacy that gives value to life has a touch of melancholy or of pallor about it; it does not last as long, it may be more uncertain, it is often clouded by secret fears and remorse.

Official Documents, Pope Pius XII
January 20, 1958 
The Pope Speaks Magazine

Catholic families live on faith in Jesus Christ…not through the secular messiahs of the U.N. with their population and environmental scams.

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It is very different from the serenity of spirit to be found in parents who are surrounded by a rich abundance of young lives. The joy that comes from the plentiful blessings of God breaks out in a thousand different ways and there is no fear that it will end. The brows of these fathers and mothers may be burdened with cares, but there is never a trace of that inner shadow that betrays anxiety of conscience or fear of an irreparable return to loneliness, Their youth never seems to fade away, as long as the sweet fragrance of a crib remains in the home, as long as the walls of the house echo to the silvery voices of children and grandchildren.

Their heavy labors multiplied many times over, their redoubled sacrifices and their renunciation of costly amusements are generously rewarded even here below by the inexhaustible treasury of affection and tender hopes that dwell in their hearts without ever tiring them or bothering them.

When there are many children, the youngsters are spared the boredom of loneliness and the discomfort of having to live in the midst of adults all the time. It is true that they may sometimes become so lively as to get on your nerves, and their disagreements may seem like small riots; but even their arguments play an effective role in the formation of character, as long as they are brief and superficial. Children in large families learn almost automatically to be careful of what they do and to assume responsibility for it, to have a respect for each other and help each other, to be open-hearted and generous. For them, the family is a little proving ground, before they move into the world outside, which will be harder on them and more demanding.

Even externally, a large, well-ordered family is a kind of visible shrine: the sacrament of Baptism is not an exceptional event for them but something constantly renewing the joy and grace of the Lord. The series of happy pilgrimages to the Baptismal font is not yet finished when a new one to Confirmation and first Communion begins, aglow with the same innocence. The youngest of the children will scarcely have put away his little white suit among the dearest memories of life, when the first wedding veil appears to bring parents, children, and new relatives together at the foot of the altar. More marriages, more Baptisms, more first Communions follow each other like ever-new springtimes that, in a sense, make the visits of God and of His grace to the home unending.

Pope Pius XII

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The Solidarity Sunday collection for the Global South is scheduled for March 21 with the proceeds going to Development and Peace, the official organization of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Development & Peace is the official aid organization of the Catholic Bishops in Canada. It is the national body connected to Caritas Internationalis, the international Catholic aid organization based at the Holy See.  When there are international crises—as with the tsunami in Southeast Asia and the earthquake in Haiti—there is immediate and sound transfer of funds to those who can assist.

The bishops’ conference has set up a special committee of bishops to assist Development and Peace in ensuring that every project sponsored with the donations of Catholics is in conformity with Catholic teaching.

We encourage participation through a positive approach to the collection on March 21.

(adapted from Archbishop Prendergast’s Letter to Priests, February 2010)

Well, folks, this is a sad day.  You’ll notice that the mandate of the bishops’ “special committee” is merely to ensure that every project sponsored by Development & Peace is in conformity with Catholic teaching. (Even here, without the direct funding of abortion programs, Development & Peace’s Marxist orientation is decidedly anti-Catholic, but that is hardly something that the bishops are going to move against.)

In other words,  it likely will be business as usual in enabling pro-abort, anti-life, anti-Catholic groups to continue their work.  Neither the bishops nor the management of Development & Peace have denied that they have been supporting pro-abort groups.  They have never denied it. Indeed, how could they deny it, given the overwhelming evidence? 

Instead, the Bishops are falling back to their true position which is that only the project or program itself cannot be directly promoting abortion.

Why didn’t they just tell us that from the beginning?  Why not just say, “we have no problem with funding pro-abort groups.”  It would have saved us a lot of expectation and faint hope.

To be honest, this is what I expected.  If you were interested in addressing the allegations, you’d have to start engaging with those who are bringing forth the evidence.  But when the evidence – even if corroborated – does not point to any problem, why bother?  The point is rather moot.

I will wait for the final resolution to this question.  I hope that I am wrong in my assessment. I pray that I am wrong.  But, if I am not, if the bishops of Canada agree in principle to prop up the pro-abortion juggernaut in the Global South, there will be ominous consequences to that decision.

Faithful pro-life Catholics WILL NOT ACCEPT IT.  Perhaps, since the bishops will have broken our trust in their pastoral judgement, a targetted yet comprehensive financial boycott of the Catholic Church is in order.  We shall see.

Socon or Bust continues to urge Catholics to boycott Development & Peace.

Catholics should neither directly give nor directly enable the political aspirations of pro-abortion groups.


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