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Phoenix, Ariz., Jan 13, 2010 / 12:11 am (CNA).- Using the example of St. Thomas More, Archbishop Raymond Burke exhorted legal professionals present at Tuesday’s Red Mass in St. Mary’s Cathedral to keep God before their eyes as they strive to administer justice amidst a “society which is abandoning its Judeo-Christian foundations.”

Archbishop Burke flew in from the Vatican to celebrate the Mass at the invitation of his long-time friend, Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix. The Red Mass is the only event on the archbishop’s short itinerary….read the rest here.

Archbishop Burke is our best ally in the Vatican with the exception of the Holy Father.  He is the prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, the highest judicial authority in the Catholic Church below the Pope himself.  He’s the guy who supported the critics of the Kennedy funeral quite robustly, I might add.

In the article linked above, Burke said the following:

In our culture, “the law more and more dares to force those with the sacred trust of caring for the health of their brothers and sisters to violate the most sacred tenets of their consciences, and to force individuals and institutions to cooperate in egregious violations of the natural moral law,” he said. “In such a society, the administration of justice is no longer a participation in the justice of God, an obedient response to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, but a façade cloaking our own selfishness and refusal to give our lives for the sake of the good of all our brothers and sisters.”

 “…to force individuals and institutions to cooperate in egregious violations of the natual moral law…”

That’s one stone throw away from sending Catholic money to support pro-abort groups.

I’m sure we can all guess what the good Archbishop thinks about the Development & Peace Abortion Scandal. 

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Fr. Jenkins,

Right now 88 pro-life activists (known as the ND88) are facing charges for “trespassing” onto the University of Notre Dame in May of 2009.

It is a source of the gravest scandal that this situation persists with the active cooperation of Notre Dame.

The ND88 were arrested for peacefully protesting the university’s decision to honor the most pro-abortion U.S. president in history at this year’s commencement. In many cases, their “protest” took the form of walking on your campus, praying the rosary, and holding pro-life signs. For this “crime” they were specifically targeted by Notre Dame’s security police, handcuffed, and dragged away and put in jail like common criminals.

Now these 88 peaceful pro-life heroes, many of whom are elderly, are facing up to a year in prison and a $5,000 fine, in addition to the many hardships and uncertainties involved in the trial process.

And yet, there is an easy and completely painless solution to this unconscionable situation. You, Fr. Jenkins, on behalf of Notre Dame, could publicly request that the charges against the ND88 be dropped.

Not only is such a request likely be heeded by the prosecutorial authorities, but it would go a long way to restoring Notre Dame’s tarnished image in the eyes of the pro-life and Catholic world.

Indeed, it is extremely shocking and disturbing that, despite repeated requests to do so, Notre Dame has not yet intervened in this way.

Our Lady’s University has no business cooperating in the prosecutions of pro-life individuals whose only crime is having prayed on the campus of a Catholic university, and standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.

Therefore we respectfully implore the University of Notre Dame to immediately and publicly request that the charges against the ND88 be dropped.


SIGN THE PETITION (click here)

Join the Facebook Fan Page here.


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should be careful about planning for recessions.

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Actually both Huxley and Orwell apply today….even at the same time.

The West is losing its freedoms to totalitarian influences in part because it is simultaneously masturbating itself away.

We’re too busy having fun to notice that our pleasure is enslaving us and giving control to the State.

The State doesn’t have to resort to thug tactics, for the most part and certainly not on the majority of the population .  In fact, most of our freedoms are being bought and paid for with sugar.  We give up our freedoms and the State gives us the sugar i.e. socialism.

In some ways, Huxley and Orwell represent two sides of the same coin, and they parallel capitalism and communism which also represent the opposite sides of the same coin.  While they are different in form, they share the same substance.

They operate under the same basic principle that man is not an end but only a means.  They operate under the principle that God does not exist.  And that man has no intrinsic dignity other than utility alone – an instrument to be used for manipulation and/or gratification, and then when their usefulness is no longer present, to be discarded like garbage.

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Received from a friend of Socon or Bust…
Sometime this year, Ontario taxpayers will receive an Economic Stimulus payment i.e HST rebate. This is a very exciting program from the Ontario government. I’ll explain it using the Q&A format:

Q.  What is Ontario’s Economic Stimulus payment?
A.  It is money that the provincial government will send to taxpayers.

Q.  Where will the government get this money?
A.  From taxpayers.


Q.  So the government is giving me back my own money?
A.  Only a smidgen.


Q.  What is the purpose of this payment?
A.  The plan is for you to use the money to purchase consumer goods, for example a high-definition TV set, thus stimulating the Ontario economy.


Q.  But isn’t that stimulating economies in Asia?
A.  Shut up or you don’t get your cheque.

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Check out Real Women’s new website….

This is a snippet of their little blog section on their home page…

I noticed the Wal-Mart ‘seasonal’ aisles are filled with diet and exercise stuff, vitamins, boxes of Special K, and lycra clothing this week.  Is that the type of New Year’s resolution you envisioned for 2010?

Maybe, but why not start the year off with something a little less narcissistic?  My goal for 2010 is to make the world a better place to live.  Because I am a stay-at-home mom, I don’t often get much beyond the white picket fence.  I am firmly convinced, however, that I can still have an impact on the world.

The first step in making the world a better place is to become more aware of the problems faced by Canadians.  Read newspapers, follow municipal/provincial/federal issues, and talk to neighbours about the news.  Narrow or broaden your focus. It is hard to be a “single issue person” with all the interesting news going on around us.

Second, for those young women what aren’t active in their community, join a group.  REAL Women of Canada is an obvious first choice.  But there are many groups out there, all “fighting the good fight” with many of their members having many years of experience in political life.  Join one….

click above to read the rest.


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It looks like Tricky Ricky is getting a rough ride down in Texas.

Read about it here and here.

I predict that, since he came to Canada, his life as a professional theologian will be filled with critiques and attacks of his dissenting opinions.

All you have to do is google “Gaillardetz” and you’ll notice that the third entry is Socon or Bust’s smackdown exposé on his opinions.

In the day of the Internet, you can run but you can’t hide.


Long live the Catholic Blogosphere!  And cudos to our Dallas brothers for standing up for the Faith.

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I see that CNN was on the ball yet again…which explains why their ratings along with the other liberal stations can’t touch Fox News.

Turns out that this fool had no idea that there were 250,000-300,000 people at the National March for Life while the pro-aborts were lucky to get a few hundred out to their rally (and that’s being very very generous).


What a bunch of clowns. I suppose they think they are being clever by ignoring what their eyes see — as if by tapping their shoes and closing their eyes is going to make the reality of abortion’s future demise simply float away.

It’s a joke, but it’s actually a good thing for us.  Why? Because when your opponent does not acknowledge the reality of living in the real world, he can’t fight effectively in it or have any real prospects of success.  Let the blind lead the blind. Eventually, one of their steps will be over a cliff…and abortion will be no more.


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as if we didn’t already know.

Folks, we are living in age of virtual apostasy from the Faith which has flooded all levels of the Church.

Do not drink the Koolaid offered by the mainstream press, “Catholic” or otherwise, or the various mouthpieces for the bishops or their national conferences.

Stick with the Pope, those priests and bishops truly loyal to him (in word and in deed), and the credible independent news services and bloggers.

Nobody else should have your confidence.

The days of assuming good intentions are over.

Catholic, you say? 

Prove it.

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It looks like the whole “charity” gig business is starting to go belly up. I’ve known about World Vision’s seedier practices for some time now…including its support for condom distribution to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS.

From Pro-Woman Pro-Life

Published by Andrea Mrozek at 10:53 am

Feel free to do the same. My continued support of World Vision definitely hinges on the answer here.

In today’s Globe and Mail, the question of how Canada does maternal health continues. I’m not only concerned if the government is working with abortion-rights groups like Action Canada for Population and Development, but also be concerned if aid agencies are:

Mr. Morley said his organization and four others – Care Canada, UNICEF Canada, World Vision Canada and Plan International – realized when they met last February that they were all thinking the same way and decided to work together to get the government onside. Along with two Canadian aid agencies – Results Canada and Action Canada for Population and Development – that joined the cause in recent months, they were delighted when it was announced on Monday that Mr. Harper would take the opportunity of the June gathering to press the issue.

Since I have been a supporter of World Vision for some years now, I just placed a polite call, followed up with an email, to ask this:

I’d appreciate it very much if you could get back to me on whether or not World Vision is happy to partner with the ACPD. The ACPD is an abortion-rights group, and this is in my view, violently opposed to maternal health. It is my hope that you can clarify this situation for me and confirm that World Vision would not now, and has not in the past, worked with ACPD.

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Today, a reader pointed out an old thread over at the feminist, pro-abort rant board known as Bread and Roses.  The thread in question relates to the complaint of the Peruvian Bishops to their Canadian counterparts about the CCCB’s funding of pro-abort groups.

The comments are most revealing.

This is the first comment in the thread. It reveals what we’ve all really suspected:

It’s looking like the Peruvian Catholic bosses are trying to control the Canadian Catholic Organizaton of Peace and Development. I’ve worked with CCODP folks and they are fantastic social justice workers. Many are pro-choice! This is appalling!!! 

 Read the rest here.


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THE Era of Peace—a heresy? Two more antichrists? Has the “period of peace” promised by Our Lady of Fatima already happened? Was the consecration to Russia requested by her valid? These questions below, plus a comment on Pegasus and the new age as well as the big question: What do I tell my children about what’s coming?


QuestionIsn’t the so-called “era of peace” nothing other than the heresy called “millenarianism” condemned by the Church?

What the Church has condemned is not the possibility of an “era of peace,” but the false interpretation of what it could be.

As I have written here on several occasions, the Church Fathers such as St. Justin Martyr, St. Irenaeus of Lyons, St. Augustine and others have written about such a period based on Rev 20:2-4, Heb 4:9 and the Old Testament prophets who refer to a universal period of peace within history.

The heresy of “millenarianism” is the false belief that Jesus will descend to earth in the flesh and reign as a global king with His saints for a literal one thousand years before the conclusion of history.

Various offshoots of this heretical and excessively literal interpretation of Revelation 20 also manifested itself in the early Church, e.g. “carnal millenarianism”, the added Jewish-Christian error of carnal pleasures and excesses as part of the thousand year reign; and “mitigated or spiritual millenarianism”, which in general retained the literal thousand year reign of Christ visibly in the flesh, but rejected the aspect of immoderate carnal pleasures.

Any form of belief that Jesus Christ will return in His resurrected body to the earth and rule visibly on earth for a literal one thousand years (millenarianism) has been condemned by the Church and must be categorically rejected. This anathema does not include, however, the strong Patristic belief held by many Church Fathers and Doctors of a “spiritual”, “temporal”, “second” (but not final) or “middle” coming of Christ to take place before the end of the world. —source:; nb. this is an excellent summary of the various forms of this heresy.

Read more here.

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Suit’m up boys, we’re coming with a full blitz.

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Readers of Socon or Bust  know that there is no love lost between me and Development & Peace and the rest “social justice” clique in the Church.  It’s not that I have anything against poverty alleviation or authentic development of the Third World, obviously. On the contrary, it has been my experience that, in general, we pro-lifers are the most generous people in this field because, quite simply, we have a consistent life ethic which encompasses the whole spectrum of human life – from its generation to its final completion.  Anything which attempts to subvert the sanctity of human life – from contraception to embryonic stem cell research to human trafficking to imposed poverty to abortion to euthanasia is an abomination to God and to Man.

While poverty relief and development of under developed societies remains pressing mission for the Church in the face of an unbridled capitalism which has lost its sense of balance and ethics, the Development & Peace abortion fiasco is showing us that those involved in this mission have lost sight of the reason why social justice is so important for the Church.  Instead of the dignity of the human person FROM CONCEPTION TO NATURAL DEATH being the focus to social justice, liberation theology’s focus on a marxist world-view of the human person has warped and stunted this focus to seek a facile, political (and largely illusionary) utopia of equality.  Truth be told, there is little to distinguish Development & Peace from the charity division of the New Democratic Party.

Let me focus on one example of how Development & Peace is essentially a political organization. Read the rest of this entry »

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Conditions under which it is acceptable to have sex:
  • If you’re in a stable relationship
  • If you feel emotionally ready
  • If you’re free of sexually transmitted diseases
  • If you have access to contraception
Conditions under which it is acceptable to have a baby:
  • If you can afford it
  • If you’ve finished your education
  • If you feel emotionally ready to parent a child
  • If your partner would make a good parent
  • If you’re ready for all the lifestyle changes that would be involved with parenthood
As long as those two lists do not match, we will live in a culture where abortion is common and where women are at war with their own bodies.
Considering the disparity between the two lists made me begin to see the level of damage that contraception and the mentality it produces have done to women as individuals and as a group. I thought of the several friends whom I’d helped procure abortions, how each was scared and caught off guard, overwhelmed with a feeling of “I never signed up for a pregnancy,” angry at a faceless enemy. They had followed all of society’s rules, yet still ended up in a gut-wrenching position. We hated the anti-abortion zealots because we thought they tried to take away women’s freedom; what we didn’t understand is that women’s freedom had already been taken, when society bought the lie that sex is primarily about bonding and pleasure, and that its life-giving potential is tangential and optional.

 Yes, yes!  “Women are at war with their own bodies”!  Did you catch that? Absolutely BRILLIANT insight.

H/T Suzanne.

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The chairman of the UN’s climate science body said he would not resign in the wake of a row about a mistake on glaciers that appeared in a key report.

Rajendra Pachauri told BBC News: “I am not going to stand down, I am going to stand up.”

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) admitted that it had made a mistake in asserting that Himalayan glaciers could disappear by 2035.

Critics say the mistake has damaged the scientific credibility of the IPCC.

“I was re-elected by acclamation, essentially – I imagine – because everyone was satisfied with my performance on the fourth assessment report,” Dr Pachauri said.

“I am now charged with producing the fifth assessment report, which I will do faithfully and to the best of my abilities.”…(Source)

Sit down, Raj.

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Unlike some fraudulent organizations posing as Catholic, Chalice is a real Catholic development and aid organization.  In fact, it even has a separate website devoted to prayer. You can check it out here.  (Imagine that! A Catholic relief agency devoted to the spiritual component of charity, instead of the dead letter of liberation theology and theological marxism).

You should check out their Annual report here.  You’ll read about a lot of inspiring things Chalice is doing.  In fact, right at the beginning of the report, they tell us a little bit about their values. The first value is:

“We are rooted in Catholic social teaching that affirm the sacredness of human life….”

This declaration sets the tone for the remainder of the annual report and, as you read the report, you can see why the activities of Chalice are reflective of its values. It’s very inspiring. 

On the other hand, we can contrast the activities listed in Chalice’s annual report with the one put out by Development & Peace last year.  The contrast could not be more stark. 

The other great thing about Chalice is that it is primarily a sponsorship charity whereby its donors are aligned with a child or an elderly person.  This helps create communion and personal bonding with the person who is the recipient of your charitable giving. You’re not giving it to some church bureaucrat who will dutifully forward it on to some communist, feminist skank whose life mission it is to push for abortion in a third world country.  Rather, your giving remains accountable and directed to where it should go. 

Since the Haitian disaster, Catholics have started to take notice of Chalice:

Over this last week, Chalice has received many calls, e-mails and written requests with questions and concerns for their sponsored child, family, our Sponsor Sites and Haitian communities. We thank you for your prayers and share your concern for our family members.  In order to provide better support services and communications we have put together a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) with answers to assist you. These can be accessed by clicking here. In addition we are endeavoring to update the News Board on the status every two days from our Sites so please do check back frequently.  You can access further information and previous News Releases here.

Socon or Bust is proud to have highlighted the good work Chalice has been doing.  We will continue to emphasize the distinctions between this fine organization and the one which funds pro-abortion groups in the Global South.

We also hope and pray that the Bishops of this country understand that the writing is on the wall regarding their laissez-faire attitude to “social justice”.

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