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Late-term Abortionist, George Tiller, was murdered today by a middle-aged white male who was reported fleeing the scene of the shooting.  By initial accounts received thusfar, the individual in question was not affiliated with any organized Pro-Life group.

Social Conservatives United condemns unequivocally the shooting death of George Tiller, and reiterates its insistence and respect for every human life, however heinous any individuals’ actions happen to be.  

The history of the pro-life movement has been overwhelmingly peaceful, as any fair and unbiased assessment proves.  In fact, considering the barbarity of abortion – and late-term abortion in particular - the overwhelmingly peaceful nature of the movement is all the more remarkable.

George Tiller, like many abortionists and abortion propagandists before him, might have one day turned and become a beacon of light in a dark world.  Bernard Nathanson, the famed abortionist who was the leading force in legalizing abortion in the U.S. and Norma McCorvey the famous “Jane Roe” of Roe v. Wade, both converted to the pro-life cause.  For all we know, we might have been deprived of someone who could have done the same thing with even more impact than Nathanson or McCorvey. We’ll never know.

Fighting abortion is not about fighting organizations or individuals, much less killing them. It’s about fighting a false idea of freedom and “rights”, and fighting for the recognition that unborn babies are persons too whose right to life deserves to be protected in law.   We are also fighting for the hearts and minds of those who oppose us.  We don’t think about that as much as we should.  They might have made it out alive themselves, being spared the abortionist’s knife, but spiritually, they’re dead men walking.  So it doesn’t make much sense in trying to kill the people that we are trying to win over. 

The Pro-Life movement is rooted in Christian redemption. We continue to insist that our hopes and prayers for our opponents are for their ultimate redemption through repentance.   It is only through the complete and thorough respect for every single human life that society will be able to turn its back, once and for all, on the culture of death that continues to drag it down.  All human beings have an intrinsic and inalienable dignity given to them by God in whose image we are all created.  Acts of violence against human persons – no matter how heinous the crime they perpetrate – remain forbidden under the moral law. Violent means have no place in seeking to transform this culture of death into a culture of life.  On the other hand, the pro-abort cliques that run the abortion butchery in the world, and the media in particular, cannot pretend to believe that the destruction of innocent human life – and in particular late-term unborn babies – will not occasionally provoke other violence. 

George Tiller was aborted today.  This is a tragedy, just like all abortions are tragedies.

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Pro-lifers better get ready for a media onslaught over the next few days.  The murder of late-term abortionist George ‘the killer’ Tiller will reinforce what the Department of Homeland Security in the United States already believes; that pro-lifers are potential terrorists.  We will undoubtedly see numerous pundits and talking heads say things like “maybe homeland security is right, ” or “we need to restrict the activities of these groups.”  The knives will be out, and this time there is an administration that may actually attempt to restrict the freedoms of peaceful pro-lifers.

Chris Beneteau

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By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman, Latin America Correspondent


MEXICO CITY, May 28, 2009 ( – A pro-abortion organization funded by the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (CCODP) has removed statements from its website expressing enthusiastic support for Mexico City’s law permitting abortion on demand for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.


The statements were originally reported by LifeSiteNews (LSN) in March of this year as part of ongoing coverage of CCODP’s support for pro-abortion organizations worldwide (see links following article). The CCODP is an arm of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops and claims to oppose the legalization of abortion.


Although the organization, the All Rights for Everyone Network (Red Todos los Derechos para Todos – TDT) has eliminated the material from its website, LSN has saved copies of the web pages, which also remain in the cache of the world’s largest search engine, Google. LSN is also obtaining signed affadavits from witnesses who attest that they have viewed and printed out the pages in question from the internet.


Anticipating a similar move on the part of other CCODP-funded pro-abortion organizations previously exposed by LSN, this news agency is also obtaining notarized affadavits from persons who attest the same regarding numerous other pro-abortion webpages on the groups’ sites that they have viewed and printed.


The documents removed include a statement by TDT that was issued on April 24, 2008 on behalf of all of its members, which praises Mexico City’s new abortion law. The law, passed in 2007, allows women to obtain abortions free of charge in public hospitals for any reason during the first twelve weeks of pregnancy.


“The law that permits the legal interruption of pregnancy in the Federal District [Mexico City] represents an advance for the human rights of women,” declared the group.


“The law that permits the legal interruption of pregnancy up to twelve weeks of gestation, which establishes preventative measures in the area of sexual and reproductive health, approved by the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District on the 24th of April, 2007, is a moderate and integral law that has contributed significantly to the exercise of human rights in women, both in the City of Mexico and in some other states,” TDT adds.


“We exhort the organs of government, particularly the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation, to consolidate the advancement that this law represents and avoid retrogressive actions in prejudice of the human rights of women.”


Although the statement has been removed, it can still be found in Google’s cache system, which saves copies of webpages that the search engine lists (see statement in Spanish in cache).


Members of TDT, on whose behalf the statement was made, include another CCODP grant recipient, the Agustin Pro Juarez Center for Human Rights (Centro de Derechos Humanos Agustín Pro Juárez – PRODH), which has published several pro-abortion statements of its own.


TDT also includes “Catholics for the Right to Decide” (Católicas por el Derecho de Decidir), an organization that advocates abortion as a “right” and falsely claims to be Catholic, as well as LGBT Agenda, a homosexualist organization (see membership list).


The group has also removed its own pro-abortion “agenda” from its website, which previously appeared as a .pdf file. In the document, the group proclaims its support for making abortion available in cases of rape (page 11 of pdf, page 29 of original).


The removal of the material follows the publication of a recent memo leaked to LifeSiteNews indicating that CCODP officials intend to continue to claim that media coverage of pro-abortion CCODP funding (which has been primarily carried out by LifeSiteNews and the weblog SoCon or Bust) is “false” (see LifeSiteNews coverage).


The memo, which refers to the recent visitation by Canadian bishops and CCODP officials to five of the groups in Mexico, suggests that the report issued by the visitation committee may seek to deny the charges, despite the evidence available to anyone with internet access.


TDT received $40,000 Canadian dollars from CCODP in the 2007-2008 year.

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By John-Henry Westen

MONTREAL, May 28, 2009 ( – Judie Brown, a member of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy for Life, has confirmed the accuracy of the revelations about the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P).  Brown, Founder and President of American Life League, the largest grassroots pro-life educational organization in the United States released a commentary today commenting on the scandal. 

“In order to confirm any concerns we might have, since we knew that the CCODP was accusing LifeSiteNews of reporting false information, we engaged the services of a researcher to independently investigate the reports that have all been posted on the LifeSiteNews web site,” explained Brown.

Brown notes that LSN, “provided direct evidence from the web sites of the abortion groups in question showing their advocacy. Direct links to the web sites of the groups allow for verification of the facts.”

American Life League is the second organization to confirm’s reports on D&P.  In late March, Priests for Life Canada issued a letter to all Canadian Bishops which confirmed as “facts” the revelations “that several ‘development partners’ of Development and Peace have been engaged in the push to legalize abortion in Mexico and distribute condoms in Africa, among other actions.”

The findings have also been verified and even expanded upon by numerous bloggers and Catholic activists throughout Canada and abroad, most notably John Pacheco of SoCon or Bust.  While several Canadian bishops have withheld funding from D&P pending the results of the investigation, none have yet publicly acknowledged the revelations as fact.  Two Canadian archbishops have however publicly alleged that the reports were “false” and “untrue”, basing their statements on false statements by D&P.

Given the ease with which the allegations in LSN’s reports on D&P were verified, Brown said she was “astounded” at a recent D&P letter insisting it was not involved in any wrongdoing, even after it conducted an “investigation” into five of its Mexcian partners.  “Something is clearly wrong; there is indeed a bit of double-speak going on and that does suggest corruption to us,” she commented.

Brown concludes: “At this point, one can only hope and pray that when the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops investigation is completed, LifeSiteNews will be vindicated, CCODP will be cleaned out and Canadian Catholics can once again donate to a truly Catholic charitable outreach to the third world.

“It would be reassuring to know that from now on, Catholic donations are not in the least way involved with any organization that promotes the vile act of abortion or provides contraception, sterilization or other such horrendous ‘services’ to the poor.”

See Judie Brown’s full commentary here:

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As an atheist and a secular kinda guy, I practice moral relativism regularly. Still, I always have struggled mightily with the ethics and politics of abortion. Apparently, I’m not alone.

A new Gallup Poll claims that for the first time since 1995—when the question was first asked by the organization—most Americans consider themselves to be “pro-life” rather than “pro-choice.”

After a life of being pro-choice, I began to seriously ponder the question. I oppose the death penalty because of the slim chance innocent people will be executed and because I don’t believe the state should have the authority to take a citizen’s life. So don’t I owe a nascent human life at least the same deference? Just in case?

Now, you may not consider a fetus a “human life” in early pregnancy, though it has its own DNA and medical science continues to find ways to keep the fetus viable outside the womb earlier and earlier. It’s difficult to understand how those who harp on the importance of “science” in public policy can draw an arbitrary timeline in the pregnancy, defining when human life is worth saving and when it can be terminated…. (Source)

Besides pointing out the remarkable sea change in public opinion in only three years surrounding the issue of abortion, this gentlemen shows how the militant fundamentalists have a very selective view of science. They’ll rage against the Creationists for being “anti-science” when discussing the origins of the universe, but they will fall back to their precious religious position on abortion when they deny what science tells them about human life in the womb.  They’ll deny what their very eyes show them in 3 dimensional scans of unborn babies in favour of their militant pro-abort dogma of  “choice” and “reproductive rights”.

They’re all for science when it suits them, but maybe not so much when it completely obliterates their selfish and perverse opinions.

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May 27, 2009 ( – A documentary called “28 Days on the Pill” has been released that seeks expose the abortifacient properties of the birth control pill.  The documentary explains that many forms of birth control pills contain progesterone, which thins the endometrium, the walls of the uterus, which in turn causes it to become inhospitable to a conceived ovum.  This inhospitality may cause a newly conceived human being not to implant in the endometrium and cause an abortion…

How many babies have been aborted?  2 for every surgical abortion

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By John-Henry Westen MONTREAL, May 22, 2009 ( – A leaked memo from Development & Peace (D&P) reveals that even after an investigation into its funding of pro-abortion groups, the organization – an official arm of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB) – still denies any wrongdoing.  The memo, signed by D&P executive director Michael Casey, is dated April 22, only days after the completion of the CCCB investigation of the initial five groups in Mexico, which (LSN) first identified with evidence as abortion advocacy organizations in receipt of D&P funds. (To read the complete D&P memo:
The memo calls news reports on D&P’s funding of abortion and contraception advocacy groups a “media campaign” by “an international anti-abortion advocacy movement active within the Catholic Church.” Notably, the memo completely avoids using the term “pro-life”, instead preferring to use the term “anti-abortion”, preferred by opponents to the pro-life cause. Says the memo: “Modern Internet-based communications technology and networks have rendered this a controversy without national borders, and engages us in a global Church-wide dialogue.”
LSN reports have provided extensive empirical evidence of abortion advocacy by some of the groups funded by D&P. LSN’s investigations have included interviews with spokesmen for some of them which have openly admitted to pro-abortion and pro-contraception positions and activities. LSN’s reports have also included extensive and readily available evidence from the groups’ own websites and in one case even included strong, on site photographic evidence (See the reports here: )
Nevertheless, D&P charges, as they did previously, that “misleading and false information” is “being spread relating to our work, our partners, and our involvement in international Catholic networks.”
D&P continues to claim simply that it is “not supporting, has never, and never will support abortion or any programs that contravene our foundational Gospel values and Catholic Social Teaching.”  As LSN has reported previously, however, D&P’s carefully chosen wording is deceptive, since LSN has never accused D&P of specifically funding abortion or pro-abortion “programs.” Instead, LSN presented evidence that hundreds of thousands of dollars of D&P funds are being awarded to organizations that are involved in pro-abortion and pro-contraception advocacy – many of them quite heavily – ostensibly for non-abortion related projects. However, since D&P funds are fungible, the organization’s sizable contributions to the pro-abortion groups have the effect of freeing up funds for their pro-abortion and pro-contraception activities.
Hence, D&P has avoided claiming it does not fund “pro-abortion groups,” but rather repeats only that it does not fund “abortion” or “programs” or projects that are pro-abortion, which of course no one has claimed.
The memo admits that: “The controversy has since spread beyond the five NGO partners in Mexico, as the anti-abortion advocates have published further allegations relating to more than 30 of Development and Peace’s partners in 17 different countries.”
The memo continues: “Hence, we are not responding on a case-by-case basis to the misleading and false information being spread relating to our work, our partners, and our involvement in international Catholic networks. Rather, we are engaging in a close dialogue with our bishops, our partners, our members, and with our colleagues involved in the international Catholic social justice movement.”
Since Casey played a central role in guiding the CCCB investigations in Mexico the memo’s content has pro-life leaders concerned that the upcoming report on the investigation will be little more than a whitewash. 
The CCCB investigation was conducted by a committee of inquiry chaired by Most Reverend Martin W. Currie, Archbishop of St. John’s, Newfoundland, and Most Reverend François Lapierre, P.M.É., Bishop of Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec. It also included Msgr. Mario Paquette, P.H., CCCB General Secretary, and Msgr. Carlos Quintana Puente, C.S.S., from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.  A report on the findings is to be presented first to the CCCB Permanent Council in June.

The D&P memo further states:

Hence, we are not responding on a case‐by‐case basis to the misleading and false information being spread relating to our work, our partners, and our involvement in international Catholic networks. Rather, we are engaging in a close dialogue with our bishops, our partners, our members, and with our colleagues involved in the international Catholic social justice movement to ensure that our work and our programs continue to respond in solidarity to the needs of our sisters and brothers among the poor and marginalized in the Global South.

Did you catch that?  Let’s repeat it again: “…we are not responding on a case‐by‐case basis to the misleading and false information being spread…”

In other words, they are choosing not to address the substantial and rather irrefutable allegations against them, but are merely asserting that the allegations are misleading and false without any meaningful rebuttal.  Some “dialogue” that is.  Wouldn’t that just be a great “out” for anyone who was accused of serious wrong-doing? 

Sorry, judge, these accusations against me are just false and misleading.  Let’s not go there.” 

What do you think would happen to our system of justice if that “defense” was accepted by our court system?  It would be a joke…kind of like what D&P is…a joke.  Then again, I guess their notion of justice fits perfectly well with their idea of social justice.  If you are ignoring the plight of the unborn in the dollars you’re spreading around to the pro-abort thugs in the Global South, then your respect for justice – any kind of justice – is also going to be skewed, distorted, and perverted.  It all makes sense now.

Fire. Them. All.


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OTTAWA, May 25, 2009 ( – Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff has issued a blunt response to Canadians who emailed him in the lead-up to the 40th anniversary of legalized abortion in Canada, concerning Canada’s abortion laws.In a response sent to several individuals who contacted him for comment on his party’s stand on abortion, Ignatieff stated: “It is the longstanding view of the Liberal Party of Canada that women must have the right to choose, and this party will take no step that limits, or opens the door to limiting, access to safe medical services for women across Canada.”…

I find it amusing that “the issue” is the “long settled issue” that just won’t go away.  Ignatieff sounds like he’s giving the proverbial endorsement that management sometimes gives the coach before the coach gets the boot.

I love it.

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Dear Ginny,

#1 – Most of the groups pushing for “gender equity” also include in this mandate “reproductive rights” – a euphemism for abortion and contraception. Do you deny this?

#2 – Why doesn’t D&P report that it helps promote “reproductive rights” as part of their support for “gender equity” programs?  What are they afraid of?

#3 – Tell us why D&P wouldn’t be caught dead promoting groups who have politically incorrect views on racism or other verbotten topics, for instance, but have no problem helping groups who push abortion and contraception? What does that tell you about how serious D&P is about their claims about being Catholic?

#4 – Why are D&P supporters so arrogant as to presume that if we don’t support D&P, we don’t support legitimate development and poverty relief?

#5 – Tell us why you believe that supporting legitimate development must include funding groups whose primary mandate is to push for abortion, contraception, or the emasculation of men? Please be specific.

#6 – Have you actually read the reports?  The pictures, the interviews, the websites, the third party reports?  What do you say about that?  Just, kind of, irrelevant for you?  Why don’t you address the indisputable fact that D&P is propping up and enabling pro-abort thugs?  Does this not bother, even just a little?

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‘Kumbaya’ Christianity really bugs me.  You know the ‘let’s all hold hands, find common ground and sing songs of peace’ for the global community tripe.  Oh yeah, and let’s just forget the ‘controversial’ issues of the day.  You know the one’s that divide us such as abortion, euthanasia, and gay marriage.  After all we wouldn’t want our neighbour to feel uncomfortable.  Why if we spread the gospel message, some of our Pagan friends may ‘gasp’ convert.

Most homilies are full of feel good platitudes with very little substance.  Over the past weekend I was fortunate enough to listen to a homily that was bold, brave, truthful but most of all refreshing.  Below is the text of the homily written by a local Deacon.  It’s main message is that not all beliefs have to be accepted or accommodated.  In fact, as Christians we are called to outright reject religions and their practises that are contrary to the Gospel.  Should we be rude and disrespectful?  Of course not.  But we should not be afraid to speak the truth.  In fact, we are obligated as Christians to label evil as evil.  It is not an act of love to let our neighbours wallow in sin.  Enjoy.

Chris Beneteau

Brothers and sisters in Christ 

Those of you who are students of the bible will know that St Mark actually ended his Gospel with Chapter 16, the last sentence of which reads, “They said nothing to anyone, for they were afraid.” He intended to challenge his listeners to do better. 

Our Gospel today is part of the longer ending which was added by the Church Fathers at a later date. It is no coincidence that we hear “Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature.” which is so similar to the Great Commission reported in Matthew’s Gospel.  

The Church Fathers chose to repeat the sentiment because they considered it to be of such high importance. Today, it is we who must obey and proclaim the Gospel to the world.  

However, sometimes I think we are too embarrassed to press the case for Christianity. Think of that! Our forbearers faced torture and death, for the sake of Jesus, and we worry about embarrassment! 

Perhaps we have been so taken with the notion of political correctness, that we are reluctant to say that Jesus is the way – and the ONLY way to God. Perhaps we think it is more “correct” to respect “other cultures” even if they are Heathen. 

Let me tell you a true story. 

 I used to belong to a prayer group, and gained a small reputation as a healer. 

One day we were joined by a young woman from
Africa who called herself Jenny in the
USA. She pulled me aside, and asked for private prayer.
It turned out that she had been married for 3 years, and had not become pregnant. Her husband’s family were becoming angry, and were talking about a refund of the bride price. Her self-esteem was very low. 

So we prayed together, and God was good. She conceived that very month, and later had a beautiful little girl. Jenny named her Omeleye, which meant “Peace in the family” 

I went to visit Jenny in the maternity ward, and was allowed to hold Omeleye in my lap, after Jenny informed the staff that I was Omeleye’s grandfather. This caused some confusion, I must say. 

Anyway, some three months later Jenny’s mother-in-law arrived in town, and to my surprise took Omeleye back to
Africa for a “holiday”. That holiday went on and on, and it was a year before Omeleye returned home.

Jenny brought her back to the prayer group, as a toddler, and she introduced me to Omeleye as her grandfather. Only when I took her in my arms, did it dawn on me what they had done to her. She had been mutilated, perhaps with a piece of a broken bottle, in a procedure that is illegal in every Christian country on earth. 

Whenever people ask me to participate in non-Christian rituals, I think of my poor Omeleye, and I refuse to grant such affairs any legitimacy.Jesus Christ is the only road to God, and we should never be embarrassed to proclaim God’s word. 

Saint Paul said we have duty to proclaim the Gospel, and should expect no reward. On the other hand, failure to proclaim the Gospel will be punished.

We say, “In the thoughts, and in my words. In what I have done, and in what I have failed to do.” Each step a little more serious! Jesus said, “Nothing is impossible for God”. He also said, “Nothing is possible without God.” 

It answers a question for me. I read from “Das Kapital” – the Communist manifesto – “From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs” and I think – that sounds like a good idea. So I ask – why did Communism fail? 

However, I also read in the same book, “Religion is the opiate of the people”, and that answered my question. 

It is this latter repudiation of God that explains why Communism is no more than a failed experiment, for “Nothing is possible without God” 

Yes, we know that communism failed miserably. All we have to do is to compare the different histories of East and
West Germany, or more latterly, North and
South Korea.

The Russians have abandoned the Godless philosophy, and so have the Chinese – although less explicitly. Communism is close to disappearing. 

Let us think about what we are saying. “Nothing is possible without God” Do you think that
Canada is slowly forgetting this basic truth?
I think the Godless in
Canada are pushing forward, and making gains.

Did you imagine when we were children that it would become legal to kill children? 

Did you imagine when we were children that acts of homosexuality would not only become legal, but would be given the protection of a legal marriage? 

Did you imagine that Catholic schools would be under attack? That prayer in school would be banned? That atheists and pagans would be allowed to push their agendas on good Christian people? 

That people would advocate killing the elderly when they become a nuisance? 

Did you imagine that pagan “First Nation” ceremonies would be celebrated in a Catholic church? 

I could go on, but you know full well what I am saying.How long before African immigrants are demanding the right to practice female circumcision?  So many groups think that their beliefs are as valid as Christianity. Let me be clear. They are not – even if it does sound non-Politically correct! 

Canada used to have a Christian, law-abiding and stable society. We took it all too much for granted, and have not been on our guard.
Read the
Toronto Star if you want to see how far we have fallen.

We must obey God’s call, and preach the Gospel.  And yes, move from a less than successful policy of defense, to an aggressive policy of expansion. 

I will be hosting a Parish Mission next week, starting at 7 pm on Monday. It is about the Call to
Saint Paul, and by extension the call to every one of us.

I encourage you all to come, to talk a little more about the wonderful Faith that we share, to lend your voices to the singing, and maybe, in some way, to think about what God expects from us!”

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LONDON, May 21, 2009 ( ) – British churches will be forced to accept practicing homosexuals or “transsexuals” in positions as youth workers and similar roles, under upcoming equality legislation, the government has said. The Labour government’s Equality Bill will prohibit churches from refusing to hire active homosexuals even if their religion holds such behavior to be sinful, said deputy equalities minister Maria Eagle. The legislation is due to come into force next year, and churches fear that it will force them to act against their religious convictions in a broad range of areas. Eagle indicated at a conference called “Faith, Homophobia, Transphobia, & Human Rights” in London, that the legislation “will cover almost all church employees.” “The circumstances in which religious institutions can practice anything less than full equality are few and far between,” she told delegates. “While the state would not intervene in narrowly ritual or doctrinal matters within faith groups, these communities cannot claim that everything they run is outside the scope of anti-discrimination law. “Members of faith groups have a role in making the argument in their own communities for greater LGBT acceptance, but in the meantime the state has a duty to protect people from unfair treatment.” The bill allows a religious exemption for roles deemed to be “for the purposes of an organised religion” but restricts this definition to those who conduct liturgical celebrations or spend their time teaching doctrine. The Daily Telegraph quoted Neil Addison, a Roman Catholic barrister and expert on religious discrimination law, who said that the bill will leave churches powerless to defend the fabric of their organization. “This is a threat to religious identity. What we are losing is the right for organizations to make free choices,” he said Equality commissioners include the homosexual lobbyist, Ben Summerskill, the head of the leading British homosexualist activist group Stonewall. Summerskill has called for churches to be forced to employ homosexuals and for the police to stop Christians who were peacefully protesting against ‘gay rights’ laws outside Parliament. Tony Grew, a homosexualist activist and the former editor of, wrote recently that the Equality Bill will “entrench gay rights in all aspects of public life.” Grew wrote on PinkNews that the bill will open unprecedented opportunities for homosexuals. The bill, he said will cover central government departments, local authorities, education bodies, NHS bodies and the police service, plus a wide range of other public and private bodies, including churches and church-run institutions. It will impose the “Equality Duty” on all organizations providing public services, he said, such as residential care homes that “would have to consider the needs of same-sex couples.”

It’s very sad that the Catholic Church in Britain (and soon to be the whole Western world) will have to go underground to be true to its faith.  Many of us have been sounding the alarm bell for years, but people just wouldn’t listen or get involved.

We did our best, but it wasn’t good enough. 

I don’t care so much for myself.  Being 40, my life is half over, if I’m lucky.  It’s my kids and my grandchildren that I fear for.  They’ll have to practice their faith in secret, like fugitives and outcasts from society.  Because they will not bend the knee to the Gay god and accept the homosexual dogma, they will be punished for not adhering to the State religion. The Sexual Jihadists will be marching around the country kicking down doors and terrorizing people of faith with their “gay rights” laws. They’ll even setup their secret gay police and hire informants to ensure churches are following the new sexual guideliness mandated by the government. Kinda like what happened in the old Soviet and Nazi days.  (I wonder if this law will be strictly applied to the Mosques as well. This, I have to see.)

Freedom of association is dead in Britain.   If you are a Christian, you will not be able to associate publicly with other Christians in any sort of organized way without accepting the gay passport to do so.  The next step will be to expand the inquisition and imposition from Church building to individual Christian homes. After all, why should they stop at Churches, when they know where influential Christians live?

The sexual liberation of the 60s has turned into the sexual tyranny of the twenty-first century. And the really pathetic part of it is that most Christians are still asleep. Where have our leaders been — the bishops and other Christian leaders?

Please. Don’t get me started.  They’ve either been asleep, on drugs, or in the tank for the Lobby.

And as for the parents who still have no idea of what is about to befall them, they will find out soon enough at their kids’ future Sunday School class.  The teacher is going to be teaching them about how great it is to have two moms, and that a father is really not necessary in the end.  But then it will be too late. On reflection, it’s not difficult to understand how feminism paved the road for the homosexual take-over.  Demote the father and reduce his role to being a mere option among many.

You can think about this while you are waiting for the knock at the door and your arrest.

The Charge? 

Conducting unlawful religious activities without permission of the Sexual Secretariat.

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The following membership numbers come from various sources. The numbers before the bracketed numbers represent new memberships sold while the bracketed numbers represent estimates on how the pre-campaign membership might vote.

Tim Hudak =  14,000 (2,500) = 16,500 [HRC Position: significant reform, Abortion Position:  Unknown] 

Frank Klees = 10,000 (2,500) = 12,500 [HRC Position: mild reform, Abortion Position: "Soft" Pro-Life]

Elliott = 6,500 (2,500) = 8,500 [HRC Position: no reform, Abortion Position: Pro-Abort]

Hillier = 3,200 (1,000) = 4,200 [HRC Position: abolish, Abortion Position: Not Pro-Life, But Funding Restrictions]

Based on these numbers, Randy Hillier might very well determine who will be the next leader of the Progressive Conservative Party.  If Hillier’s supporters vote overwhelmingly for Hudak as a second choice, Hudak might win. However, if Hillier’s supporters vote for Frank Klees as their second choice, it is likely that Klees will win, as Elliot supporters will likely support Klees over Hudak.

Most of Hillier’s supporters will likely vote for Tim Hudak as their second choice, but there will be strong minority of Hillier’s support coming from strong social conservatives who will choose Frank Klees as their second choice. It is entirely conceivable, therefore, that the social conservative, pro-life vote will determine who the next leader is.

Mr. Hudak and Mr. Klees should therefore start talking about how they are going to address the concerns of social conservatives.

Social Conservatives United continues to endorse Randy Hillier for leader of the Party as the first choice.

However, we have removed our endorsement of Frank Klees as the second choice.

Mr. Klees or Mr. Hudak will have to earn their second choice endorsement from us by indicating specifically what social conservative initiatives they will push for should they become leader of the Party.

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According to a memo to its members, REAL Women of Canada had some disturbing revelations about Frank Klees:

May 5, 2009 

Memo to: REAL Women Ontario Members

From: REAL Women of Canada – National Office

Re: Ontario Progressive Conservative Leadership Race

As you know, the former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party (PC), John Tory, has resigned. This is a great relief to REAL Women which strongly believed that he was unacceptable as Progressive Conservative leader for many reasons, such as his open support for same-sex marriage and his participation in the annual Gay Pride parade in Toronto.

There are now two candidates for the PC leadership who are of interest to REAL Women. They are:

1. Frank Klees (Newmarket Aurora)

Mr. Klees openly admits that he is pro-life and a Christian. However, he states that he will only support pro-life initiatives if he has the support of the PC caucus. Unfortunately, this is not likely to occur.

2. Randy Hillier (Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox, Addington)

Mr. Hillier is not pro-life, however, he would, if PC party leader:

 Defund abortion;
 Abolish Ontario’s Human Rights Commission; and
 Enact freedom of association and conscience legislation which would protect medical workers and marriage commissioners from participating in procedures that violate their conscience or conflict with their moral views.

If this is true, and I don’t see any reason why it isn’t considering Mr. Klees’ tepid pro-life record, it’s a very disappointing position to take from the perspective of pro-lifers.   He won’t stand up for life or advance pro-life initiatives on his own or with other parties’ members.   This would be bad enough if he were just an MP, but if he is leader then he is obviously not going to use his position to move the laws funding abortion one little bit. So, in other words, Mr. Klees is a theoretical social conservative who blows with the wind.  And just how, exactly, is that going to move the pro-family agenda forward?  Another disturbing report about Mr. Klees by the Globe & Mail says he will urge his followers to support Christine Elliot, who is the most left wing of all the candidates:

Another party insider also said the move is strategic on Mr. Hudak’s part. If Mr. Klees finishes in third place on the first ballot, he is likely to urge his supporters to back Ms. Elliott, he said. (Source)

If this is true, then it provides yet another piece of evidence which should concern pro-lifers greatly.  One must speculate as to how strong Mr. Klees’ pro-family views are, and how strongly they influence his politics.  Mr. Klees was also a little too comfortable in supporting John Tory’s leadership in the past.

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Below you will read a report by LifeSite News on D&P’s “Just Youth”, the youth Wing of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development & Peace.  The report flushes out even more remarkable revelations on D&P’s reproductive romp to Nigeria that Socon or Bust reported on last monthLifeSite actually got one of the participants to talk about the trip, D&P’s work, and the abortion issue. The really notable thing that struck me in this interview was the fact that this participant was upset at the coverage and attention which D&P’s group-sponsored, pro-abortion pushing programs were attracting.

“Your organization now, indirectly, has taken funding away from these people,” she said.  “Is that worth it, on your little, like, no offense, on your little moral high-horse, is that worth it?”… there’s a lack of sexual education, because people are starving to death, because people have no money, because in Canada organizations like yourselves are stopping Development and Peace from funding these organizations.”

Aside from the substantial issues themselves, it is more than somewhat disturbing that a D&P supporter would be upset that the full extent of Development & Peace’s support for the pro-abort organizations should come into the light and in front of public scrutiny.   It is more than apparent that transparency and honesty are not valued commodities for the D&P propagandists. They would have just preferred to continue bilking Catholics for millions under cover of darkness and ignorance.  What is this participant afraid of? That Catholics won’t see it the same way as she does?  Obviously, the reports are indeed worth it…at least to millions of unborn children.

What is more offensive to you, dear reader, the fact that D&P is using your money to fund pro-abortion, pro-contraception groups, or the fact that they are upset that you now know about it and might actually cut their funding?  What honourable person or organization takes money under false pretenses and then becomes agitated when the complete truth is reported? 

That’s pretty sick, no?

If you are operating above board, why are you afraid of coming out into the light? 

One of my favourite passages from the bible is this one:  Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. – Eph.5:11

Expose them

And that’s exactly what we’re doing! And by God’s grace, we’ll keep going even to the highest offices of the Church. 

By the way, where is that D&P report that we were promised on this whole abortion fiasco? We’re near the end of May, and it should be out by now.  What’s the hold up? What’s going on? 

I suspect a whitewash, but I guarantee you, if this report doesn’t come clean and gut the whole corrupt organization, there’ll be hell to pay.

Quite literally.


D&P Sent Canadian Young Adults to Work with Condom-Pushing, Population Control NGO in Nigeria

By Patrick B. Craine

May 21, 2009 ( – The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P), the official development arm of the Canadian bishops, is not only funding numerous groups in Africa involved in promoting abortion and contraception, but has actually sent a contingent of Canadian young adults on a mission to work with a contraception-pushing organization. 

In July 2008, the youth wing of D&P, Just Youth, sent a group of six women on a “solidarity and training tour” to Nigeria, primarily to work with the organization Youth Adolescent Reflection and Action Centre (YARAC).  According to D&P’s ad for the tour, YARAC “has found innovative ways to engage youth in community building and democracy, particularly in linking sports and democracy, and theatre and democracy” (see

According to YARAC’s website, however, their focus is not simply on building democracy.  Rather, their stated mission is to “empower young people through information sharing and transformative education about their reproductive rights and civic responsibilities.”  The evidence of YARAC’s pro-contraception activities, and D&P’s involvement with the organization, was first reported on by conservative activist and blogger John Pacheco at his SoCon blog (

In answering the question “What is YARAC?” the organization emphasizes their focus on reproductive education: “YARAC is the result of a workshop to conclude a three-year project with young adults and adolescents about their reproductive rights and behaviours in Plateau State, Nigeria.”  YARAC says that one of their organization’s values is to “recognise civic and reproductive rights of youths and adolescents.”  And one of their “specific activities” is to “develop and promote youth and adolescent friendly programmes,” including around the area of “basic reproductive health needs including HIV/AIDS awareness” (see YARAC’s ‘Full Organization Profile’,

YARAC describes something of their methods of reproductive education in a document on their website entitled ‘The Learning Process’:

“Whatever Health education activities you do, well chosen and properly used materials can help you do it better. For example, if you are teaching people about how the body works, a flipchart can make it easier to explain. If you are having a group discussion about sexuality, flashcards and games can help to stimulate discussion. If you are teaching people how to use a condom, they will learn better by touching real condoms and practicing putting them on a model, such as a bottle.” (See

According to a interview with one of the tour participants, who wishes to remain anonymous, the D&P group did not participate in any of YARAC’s programs related to population control.  “Unfortunately, being there for only 17 days, they didn’t have any of those things going on while we were there,” she said.  “We didn’t see any of that first-hand.  But I did read a lot of their publications and I know they [YARAC] do a lot of stuff on that kind of thing.  I think that’s actually one of their major components of their program.”

She informed LSN, however, that along with YARAC the D&P group did participate in the activities of World Population Day (WPD) 2008, which fell during their tour.  The theme of WPD 2008, the one the D&P group attended with YARAC, was ‘The Power of Planning.’  The WPD 2008 website decries the fact that “modern contraception remains out of reach for hundreds of millions of women, men and young people.” 

Explaining WPD, the D&P tour participant said, “The World Population Day celebrations was about gender equality, and human rights issues, and … sexual health issues, reproductive issues.  They want people to know that they have reproductive rights.”  According to the WPD website WPD 2008 aimed to “build awareness of the importance of family planning to a wide range of development issues.” (see the WPD website,

Interestingly, the D&P tour participant interviewed by LSN, who has volunteered with D&P for 5 years, admitted that she is hostile to the pro-life position. Responding to the reporter’s explanation as to how LSN’s investigations regarding life issues were helping people in the global South, she responded, “So what about women who are dying in back alleys?”  When the reporter explained that abortion is a fundamental moral issue, she responded, “Yeah, I’m not gonna debate that because I don’t think we need to do that.”

“Your organization now, indirectly, has taken funding away from these people,” she said.  “Is that worth it, on your little, like, no offense, on your little moral high-horse, is that worth it?”

She said she recognized that abortion, as the killing of “something that could be life,” is wrong, but also said that the issue of abortion is complicated.  “I would never want to get on the phone and debate the issues around abortion with you because I think that there’s always going to be issues around abortion.  Fundamentally and morally and all of those things, it’s always wrong to kill something that could be life. … But like, past that, I don’t think that’s what the issue is, about abortion. … I think it goes beyond that, … because there’s a lack of sexual education, because people are starving to death, because people have no money, because in Canada organizations like yourselves are stopping Development and Peace from funding these organizations.”

YARAC is straightforward and unapologetic about their support for a radical form of feminism as well as contraception.  Their website includes a plea for “all stakeholders … to begin to invest BY empowering the WOMEN AND GIRLS beyond the box of the kitchen by being a part of the 2008 International Womens day Celebration” (see  As has reported, International Women’s Day has become an annual push for radical feminism, including support for abortion and contraception (see ‘International Women’s Day,’ A Pro-Abortion Agenda in Disguise,

Further, in a document entitled ‘Implementation of Family Life and HIV/AIDS Education (FLHE) in Junior Public Secondary Schools in Plateau State’ (, YARAC includes amongst their objectives to “increase information about contraceptive use” (see section ‘Monitoring and Evaluation’, fifth bullet point).  At the end of the same document, they indicate that they found in a recent survey of students affected by their work that “61.7% students now have a better understanding on the use of contraception.” Additionally, in the same document they speak favourably of the work of the United Nations Fund for Population Activities, which advocates for both contraception and abortion (

YARAC is not only pushing contraception, however, but is also opposed to what it calls “rigid” religious norms.  In D&P’s ad for their trip to Nigeria to work with YARAC, they quote YARAC’s director Dr. Tor Iorapu saying: “We try to engage with youth beyond the boxes of religion and ethnicity” (  This statement, though seemingly ecumenical, is further explained by references to religion in the previously-quoted document on FLHE:

“Rigid cultural, religious norms or values; or failure to give reliable information is nothing but destroying the future of these young people especially with the HIV/AIDS pandemic. … Family Life and HIV/AIDS education for young people cannot be sacrificed to unchanging cultural or religious norms and values.” (see, section ‘Development of Scheme of Work’, first paragraph).

The tour participant interviewed by LSN shared similar views, expressing displeasure over the spread of Christianity to Africa.  “If you look at Nigeria,” she said, “fifty percent is Muslim.  Muslim is not an African religion.  That’s come over from the Middle East, or wherever Muslim comes from.  And Christianity is not an African religion either, but 40% of the population is Christian.  There’s only ten percent that have their indigenous beliefs.  Ten percent.  That’s nothing, you know, in comparison.”

YARAC’s mission is far-reaching.  Through the support of Development and Peace and other partners, YARAC is aiming to implement so-called “reproductive education” throughout their state.  They have begun to work with the Ministry of Education in their state to implement sexual education in the schools (  In their document on ‘Implementation of Family Life and HIV/AIDS Education (FLHE) in Junior Public Secondary Schools in Plateau State’, YARAC lists the objectives of their FLHE project, which included to:

- “Increase and improve young people’s knowledge, attitudes and practices on sexuality and reproductive health and right issues through mainstreaming FLHE in over 217 public junior secondary schools”
- “Enhance the capacity of 434 teachers and 217 school administrators to implement the sexuality education curriculum through training by 2008″
- “Increase knowledge based of young people by 90% on contraceptive use, transmission of sexually related diseases (STDs and HIV/AIDS) through popular education” (see, section on ‘The Need for FLHE’, first three bullet points).

D&P has developed a close partnership with YARAC since the Nigerian organization was established in 1999.  In D&P’s 2003-2006 report on their ‘Program of Support for Civil Society in Africa’, they listed YARAC as one of their seven partners in Nigeria.  Therein they describe YARAC’s activities as “training on issues of democracy, health, leadership development and constitutional rights; youth empowerment; counselling for parents and youth; civic education.” 

Despite the fact that YARAC is very clear about their emphasis on reproductive rights, in their description of the organization’s activities, D&P does not mention that emphasis (see, page 34).

Since the beginning of March has investigated approximately 20 different D&P partners, all of which are involved to some degree in promoting abortion and contraception, including actively distributing contraceptives and helping women obtain abortions. All of the articles by LSN on the issue can be found at:

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Pro-life free speech was suppressed
May 21, 2009

Re: Thousands hit Hill to protest against abortion, May 15.

I attended this year’s pro-life rally on Parliament Hill for the first time. I saw the thousands of people, but I sure didn’t see much media presence.

In the Citizen’s news story, the statement that there has been “snickering” at the Parliamentary Pro-Life Caucus’ “secretive” reputation in the mainstream media is really kind of silly.

Every year the pro-life caucus holds a press conference at the same time as the rally. A media advisory and a press release went out to the Ottawa Press Gallery before the conference.

Perhaps if some members of the media could have taken a few minutes out from their laborious duties of their round-the-clock coverage of Larry O’Brien’s trial or Brian Mulroney’s inquiry, they would have had a few minutes left over to cover the Pro-Life Caucus’s press conference and rally.


(Source: Ottawa Citizen)


Media can do better

May 20, 2009

Re: Thousands hit Hill to protest against abortion, May 15.

I brought my three young children to Parliament Hill to participate in the 12th annual March for Life. We stood drenched in the rain listening to excellent speeches and then took part in the peaceful march through downtown Ottawa. I was very pleased to see so many youth by my side standing up for the right of all Canadians to have a chance to live.

However, I was disturbed to see poor media turnout as this event was not covered properly by the media in Ottawa.


(Source: Ottawa Citizen )


We march in solidarity with our unborn brothers, sisters

Corrie Haas says people like herself participate in the annual March for Life on Parliament Hill because they believe that the right to life is foundational of all rights and it must come first.

Re: Want to get noticed? Stop traffic, March 16.

Columnist Don Martin advised the pro-life movement to stop traffic during demonstrations as the Tamil Canadians did to get noticed by the press and MPs.

After a day of demonstrations on Parliament Hill and a walk on Ottawa streets by 12,000 people, he’s right about the “number of questions raised in the Commons or headlines posted in the media about this campaign to save the unborn: Zero.”

Even if we stopped traffic everywhere, the silence in the media would be deafening. It is well known to pro-lifers that there is a powerful deliberate attempt by press, radio and TV, including our taxpayer-supported CBC to withhold information on any abortion-related matters. Whether it is because it is a big yawn to them or whether they have completely bought the pro-choice rhetoric and philosophy, the result is the same: No recognition of at least 50 per cent of the population who believe otherwise.

Source: Ottawa Citizen


Deserved coverage

May 21, 2009

Last Thursday, Parliament Hill was awash with people of all ages – thousands of peaceful, sincere and well behaved Canadian citizens supporting a cause they all very much believed in. It was the National March For Life. Media coverage? Barely a drop of ink.


(Source: Montreal Gazette)

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…What was surprising, and ought to be disturbing to anyone who cares about religious freedom in these United States, was the president’s decision to insert himself into the ongoing Catholic debate over the boundaries of Catholic identity and the applicability of settled Catholic conviction in the public square. Obama did this by suggesting, not altogether subtly, who the real Catholics in America are. The real Catholics, you see, are those like the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, who are “congenial and gentle” in persuasion, men and women who are “always trying to bring people together,” Catholics who are “always trying to find the common ground.” The fact that Cardinal Bernardin’s undoubted geniality and gentility in bringing people together to find the common ground invariably ended with a “consensus” that matched the liberal or progressive position of the moment went unremarked — because, for a good postmodern liberal like President Obama, that progressive “consensus” is so self-evidently true that one can afford to be generous in acknowledging that others, less enlightened but arguably sincere, have different views….(Source)

Well, when the bishops don’t lead, others will.

If the bishops don’t want to define and discipline, the new American Pope will.

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So Obama did his thing at Notre Dame. Here is the text of his speech.

He’s so slick and sounds so accomodating and gracious, doesn’t he?  Yes, we must admit that he does.  But behind all that smoothness is a lethal dogma of a pro-abort religion.  Let us not forget that. I’m sure his next Supreme Court pick will bring us back to the brutal reality of what this man has been about his whole political career.

However, there is was one glimmer of hope in his speech. Now, it’s just a glimmer, mind you, and perhaps a huge upheaval can be averted, or maybe it’s just more leftist rhertoric and lies…BUT…he did say…

So let us work together to reduce the number of women seeking abortions, let’s reduce unintended pregnancies.  (Applause.)  Let’s make adoption more available.  (Applause.)  Let’s provide care and support for women who do carry their children to term.  (Applause.)  Let’s honor the conscience of those who disagree with abortion, and draft a sensible conscience clause, and make sure that all of our health care policies are grounded not only in sound science, but also in clear ethics, as well as respect for the equality of women.”  Those are things we can do.  (Applause.)

It sure sounds like he is backing off of FOCA, the legislation that would force health care professionals to do abortions.  Maybe he’s reading the writing on the wall….or maybe not. We shall see.  But it does certainly appear that, at the very least, Obama is not as confident in trampling on people’s freedom and consciences as he once was.

Not because he doesn’t want to do it, but perhaps he just can’t do it without losing massive support.

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I’m not upset at the police. They are just doing their job. They were actually quite decent with the elderly priest.

As for Notre Dame and Fr. Jenkins, they are merely products of the last 40 years of liberal Catholicism or more particularly, lax Catholicism. If they can get away with honouring a pro-abort thug like Obama, why the hell not? Who’s going to stop them?

There were over 80 bishops who opposed the decision to honour Obama.

I say, “Big Deal”.

It’s just more “talk and no action” against so-called Catholics who thumb their noses at authority and scandalize the faithful.

Talk does not usually require any sacrifice. Action usually does. It usually means reprecussions and The Cross.

We’ve seen it time and time again. Whether it’s with priests, politicians, or other public figures, it’s all about passing the buck instead of picking it up for our bishops. Like the crisis of fatherhood in general, our spiritual fathers have forgotten what it means to apply a little discipline in the family.

When, I wonder, are our bishops going to discover their testicles and apply some manly and fatherly correction? Or are they all so thoroughly emasculated that they have forgotten what it means to be a man? Are they all just politicians and diplomats and bureaucrats and church managers?

Many of bishops think that by not acting, they are saving us and themselves from some great evil or unnecessary grief. But the thing about inaction, however, is that it comes at a steep price as well.

First of all, there is the credibility problem that they accept for themselves. How can they possibly be taken seriously when they allow such an assault on the Church and human life? How can we but not shake our heads in shame the next time they address the issue of defending the innocent unborn within the womb? They have a theoretical objection to abortion but that’s about all. They won’t use their authority and the power given to them by Christ to do something about it. What is even more amazing is that they have canonical recourse to do it because this grievance is being manufactured by a priest no less! It is not a secular issue, involving a non-Catholic, but one of their own!

Secondly, this whole scandal will only propagate to other venues around the country and probably around the world. If Fr. Jenkins can do it without any real consequences by the bishops, then why can’t other pseudo-Catholic schools do the same? That’s a very good question that the bishops need to address. In fact, it’s already happening now. And, sooner rather than later, not only will the faux Catholics start dismissing and ignoring the bishops, but faithful Catholics will too. There is, after all, a limit to what a sensible person can accept with mere figureheads making pious declarations who mouth their outrage but are short on actually doing something about it.

Thirdly, Catholics will start to seek out schismatic “Catholic” sects who will start popping up in order to fill the void left by bishops who are missing in action. Unlike what we have seen thusfar, however, these sects will not represent the wacky Left, but represent a reactionary Right with strong bishops, and otherwise solid doctrine, except for a few points of departure. But a departure is a departure, and that puts the searching faithful OUTSIDE of communion with Rome.

This is the patrimony that the bishops of North America and the West are leaving for us today.

They had better wake up fast and do something immediately, or the whole thing is going to go belly up.

We don’t need any more talk. Talk is cheap. Even “tough talk” is just talk.

Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk.

Jesus didn’t just talk. He bled, suffered, and died.

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Let me get this straight: 5,000 Tamils block a few lanes of Toronto traffic and it’s all over the news. Heck, a mere 50 Tamils demonstrate in front of the American Consulate in Calgary and we hear about it.

But when 12,000 people showed up Thursday on Parliament Hill to demonstrate their support for life from conception to natural death — something that affects us all — it’s not worth a picture? Twenty seconds of airtime? A paragraph at the bottom of Page J20?

You’ve got to wonder how many people have to show up before the annual March for Life is deemed coverage-worthy by the mainstream media. This year’s march broke all attendance records, drawing 4,000 more people than last year. There were at least 10 Catholic bishops in the crowd, another unprecedented showing of support from the men in pointy hats. Overflow crowds packed Protestant and Catholic churches holding pre-march services.

“We can’t cover everything,” editors grumble. Aggrieved ethnic groups cheesed off about something on the other side of the planet? Check. European animal-rights flakes moaning about baby seals in no actual danger of clubbing? Yup. Three cardigan-clad neighbours chained to a poplar they don’t want the city to cut down? We’ll send a camera crew. A good-sized town’s worth of pro-lifers on the grass of Parliament Hill? Move along, folks, nothing to see here….(Source)

Exactly. It’s the same load of bullkaka every year.  And every year, prolifers care less and less about the MSM. We just ignore them like they ignore us.  And in accordance with the law of demographics, sooner or later they’ll all just die off along with their overwhelmining liberalism and we’ll just step into their place.

We could have had 100,000 or 1,000,000 on the Hill and we still wouldn’t have had any meaningful coverage. 

But that’s OK.  The MSM is largely irrelevant now.  Let’s just move on and treat their work with the contempt it so richly deserves.

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A specter is haunting Russia today. It is not the specter of Communism — that ghost has been chained in the attic of the past — but rather of depopulation — a relentless, unremitting, and perhaps unstoppable depopulation. The mass deaths associated with the Communist era may be history, but another sort of mass death may have only just begun, as Russians practice what amounts to an ethnic self-cleansing….(Source)

Relax, man, it’s all about asserting our “reproductive rights”…. 

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