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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
For Immediate Release


Recently it has been revealed that Development and Peace, the social justice and development arm of the Conference of Canadian Catholic Bishops, has been partnering with a number of development and social action groups in foreign countries that have taken public stances and actions contrary to Catholic moral teaching. Specifically, it seems that several “development partners” of Development and Peace have been engaged in the push to legalize abortion in Mexico and distribute condoms in Africa, among other actions. These facts have been brought forward by journalistic investigations.

This raises a serious and urgent problem for Canadian Catholics. Lent is the time when most collections for Development and Peace across Canada are taken up. The funds gathered are assumed to be used for development purposes which are fully in line with Church teaching. If they are used for immoral radical legal and social goals and by lobbying groups which are directly opposed to Church teaching, no Catholic can in good conscience support such an organization. They also cannot contribute funds for such work or else they would formally and materially collaborate in manifest evil. Since the 2009 Development and Peace collections are even now being taken up, immediate action and reassurances are needed.

Priests for Life Canada would strongly urge all the bishops of Canada to follow the leads of several ordinaries who have stated clearly and unequivocally that these allegations will be immediately investigated. Priests for Life Canada would also strongly urge that such an investigation be carried out by outside lay Catholics so as to assure complete professionalism and impartiality, and in an open and transparent manner so as to restore confidence in the development initiatives of the Canadian bishops.

As well, we would commend the further action of bishops who have assured their people that no monies collected will be sent to any organizations that assist, promote, enable, or fund pro-death initiatives. Instead, any monies collected will be sent only to reputable development agencies who, and support such projects which, agree and concur with the total pro-life stance of the Church. We would call for all Canadian bishops to individually and collectively make this assurance to their lay and clerical faithful without delay.

Lastly, we would commend all those who have sought to assist the bishops in their stewardship role of appropriate use of goods and encourage them to continue in that effort.

The development work of the Catholic Church is an integral part of our constant teaching and call. The furtherance of this work in full and uncompromising accord with well known and immutable Catholic principles of social justice for all – especially the pre-born, defenseless and vulnerable – is essential.

Father Thomas A. Lynch, STL
National Director, Priests for Life Canada


For further information, please contact:
Michael Vande Wiel



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The controversy surrounding the distribution of funds to pro-abortion groups around the world has really struck a chord with me.  Thankfully, a number of Bishops have issued measured and cautious statements supporting investigations into the activities of Development and Peace.  Unfortunately, it has taken some courageous individuals and one news organization in particular to point out what the Bishops should have known for a long time.  It is no secret that D&P has not exactly been cheerleaders for the life of the unborn.  It therefore would have been wise for the Bishops conference to have employed at least one pro-life activist to oversee the activities of this organization.  In fact, any organization that receives funding from the Catholic Church should be subjected to regular reviews and oversight.  This would ensure that the funds are not being directed to groups that oppose the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Shepherds must ensure that wolves in sheep’s clothing do not mix with the flock.

In addition, we seem to have things backwards in the Church today.  The laity, in many instances, seem to be better teachers and shepherds than the Bishops.  The wishy-washy, lukewarm responses by many of these successors to the apostles are almost cringe worthy.  Yet at the same time when I read a story by or rebuttal by fellow Catholics, I find my self saying, “why don’t the Bishops say this stuff?”  When it comes to contraception and abortion, many Bishops, to put in politely, are missing in action.  Sure, some may release timid statements reaffirming the Church’s teaching on life and the family, but what I wouldn’t give to hear a Bishop shout from the rooftops that certain behaviours are intrinsically evil and that those who promote, encourage or practice such behaviours put their souls and the souls of their neighbours at risk.

Some of the Bishops seem to be aware of my concern and are starting to join the fight, but many others need to stop taking the Rodney King ‘can’t we all just get along’ approach when dealing with the culture.  It is not easy taking a stand, but I have little doubt that the Bishops would be surprised at the support they would receive if they would just boldly speak the truth.   

- Chris Beneteau   


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I’ve been a social conservative activist for over 6 years now.  In this time, I’ve seen quite a bit.  But doing the research on this whole Development & Peace scandal has left me nauseous.  I can barely tolerate reading about these so-called “social justice partners” and their reproductive “rights” campaigns any longer.  It just goes on and on and on.  The whole thing is one big hate-fest against men and the traditional family, not to mention the promotion of sexual license, “reproductive rights”, and abortion.  

We need to realize that we’ve been duped into funding these groups over 42 years with millions and millions of dollars going to traffic smut and death, or, at the very least, to enable it.  

I thought we had reached the rock bottom as far as D&P was concerned.

Boy, was I wrong. 

As I was doing some research on D&P this afternoon, I came across their Youth Wing.  I didn’t know they had a Youth Wing, did you?  Me neither.  But they do. They even have a website telling us a little bit about what they are about.

Now, in the past, an organization could operate in relative darkness and obscurity because exposing some malfeasance was relatively difficult, nevermind getting that information out quickly and widely to the public. The internet, of course, has changed all that, as D&P has discovered.  These groups try to hide what they are about by using euphemisms and being coy in their semantics, but they can’t do it completely with the internet. At some point and at some time, the beans get spilled.

Anyhow, D&P’s youth wing, “Just Youth Development and Peace“, sent some kids on a trip to Nigeria last summer to spend time with an organization called YARAC, their host partner.  From this poster, you can read about the trip and find out a little bit more of what they were doing: 

The bulk of our time will be spent with YARAC in Nigeria – Youth Adolescent Reflection and Action Centre. In a country with a new and fragile democracy, youth’s energy has often been exploited by political elites who have incited Muslims and Christians to fight each other. But YARAC has found innovative ways to engage youth in community building and democracy, particularly in linking sports and democracy, and theatre and democracy. “We try to engage with youth beyond the boxes of religion and ethnicity,” says Tor Iorapuu, YARAC’s Director. “We are first and foremost people living under one heaven.”

Sounds very peaceful and ecumenical, doesn’t it? Sure does. 

And what do you think the objectives of this trip are?  Solid Catholic ones, right?  Help the poor, feed the hungry, clothe the naked, build houses, plant crops, dig wells, develop irrigation systems – you know, useful work that we used to do as missionaries. 

Well, that’s not exactly what the D&P Youth are up to, these days.

Here are the objectives stated on the poster….

  • to meet with young people in Nigeria and learn about their reality
  • to observe how THEATRE and SPORT can be used to promote democracy and learn
  • techniques we can use back home with D & P
  • meet with D & P’s partners and learn more about their work and their role in the social movement :
    • to deepen our sense of social justice and analysis of the critical issues impacting on
    people in the north and the south
    • to relate the experience to the social teachings of the church
    • to experience the trip together as a small christian community

This list is not exactly what I would have in mind for a trip to a third world country, but then again I’m not in the business of planning these kind of trips.  After the past week, however, I have a completely different perspective on “social justice” projects that D&P – and most NGOs – are engaged in.  It went from little respect to virtually none.

In fact, as I was reading this poster, I could smell the scent of death and destruction a mile away and the aroma coming from them – reproductive “rights”, condoms, and abortion. So I decided to dig a bit further. And sure enough, YARAC did not disappoint. 

If you are standing while you are reading this blog post for some reason, it is best to sit down at this time.

Presented below are some real “eye-openers” for all of you to appreciate and digest. And when I say an “eye-opener”, you can be sure that, based on what I have read this past week, it truly is exceptional and deserving of a full round of applause. They come right from YARAC’s website.

The first post is a “Welcome” notice to D&P!  Yes, that’s right folks, they’re welcoming our Catholic children to their social action center:

YARAC to Host Development & Peace Canada


Meet Lori Ryan and Natasha Halpin of Development and Peace, Canada.

The highlight of the visit by the Canadian youth group is to learn and share experiences with Nigerian youth on varying areas of interest. Particularly, see how the strategies of theatre and soccer for democracy work in Nigeria. Lori Ryan the D & P Youth Animator will be leading the team of six other youth and young adults to Nigeria for two weeks.

So far so good. 

Just down further on the home page, however, you’ll notice another post about the “Status of a Woman”.  If the alarm bells are not going off by now, you must be in a coma or work for D&P. 

“You Can Tell the Future of a Nation by Looking at the Status of a Woman”
Jawaharlal Nehru. First prime minister of India

YARAC is calling for Action from all stakeholders, both Government and individual, who have a stake in the future of our nation to begin to invest BY empowering the WOMEN AND GIRLS beyond the box of the kitchen by being a part of the 2008 International Womens day Celebration.

International Women’s Day Celebration, of course, is all about promoting radical feminism including their staple diet of contraception, abortion, and sexual orientations, among other anti-family and anti-Christian ideas.

But wait, maybe that’s not fair. Maybe YARAC does a lot of other things too. Maybe the sexual stuff is down at the bottom of the list. 

Not quite.  This is what they say about themselves:

What is YARAC?

YARAC is an acronym for Youth Adolescent Reflection and Action Centre. This name emerged from a workshop to conclude a three year project with youth and adolescents regarding their reproductive rights and behaviour. The project titled ‘HAD I KNOWN’ (helping adolescents off the road to…) was a John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation grant for leadership development in Nigeria.

And that’s all they say about “what is YARAC”.  That’s it. Basically reproductive “rights and behaviour”.  It doesn’t even bother with the window dressing.

The YARAC Mission statement says this:

YARAC Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower young adults and adolescents about their reproductive rights and civic responsibilities through information sharing and transformative education. To achieve this, our activities are geared towards:

  • Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS Education;
  • Conflict and Peace Building for Transformative Change;
  • Education and Advocacy;
  • Leadership and Governance – Social Change;
  • Youth Entrepreneural Development Initiatives.

You want to teach who about their reproductive rights?  Adolescents.  Just how sick can you get?

So what does YARAC teach? They have a tab on the top banner of their website called “Reproductive rights” which tells us.  In fact, it’s so explicit, that it rates right up there with our public sex education system: 

The Learning Process

Whatever Health education activities you do, well chosen and properly used materials can help you do it better. For example, if you are teaching people about how the body works, a flipchart can make it easier to explain. If you are having a group discussion about sexuality, flashcards and games can help to stimulate discussion. If you are teaching people how to use a condom, they will learn better by touching real condoms and practicing putting them on a model, such as a bottle.

How do you decide what you need, and how do you develop and use it? The key is to link the materials to your overall plan. Think about what you are trying to achieve. Do you need to convey simple facts or complicated information, develop problem-solving or practical skills, or promote changes in attitudes and behavior? Who are you trying to reach? Once you know this, you can decide what activities to use and what materials you need to support these activities.

People usually learn more from doing something themselves than by watching someone else or reading about it. Materials that are produced by the people you are working with, or that can be used by them, are most likely to be successful

Imagine that!  As a faithful Catholic parent, you did your best to keep your kids away from being taught the filth and degradation in sex-ed class in school, only to hand them over to D&P so they may learn how to put a condom around a bottle.

So everyone who donated to D&P this past Sunday can rest assured that their money went to a really great cause. I mean, what could be better use of our money than subsidizing pornographic flipcharts and condom bottles?

Normally, when there is a serious problem at an organization, there is a change in programming and a change-over in management. The Catholic Church does not typically operate that way when it deals with people, however. But I cannot see how simply re-orienting the programs is going to make a difference to the thinking and the philosophy of the people who guide D&P. 

We just cannot trust them any more. And if you can’t trust someone, then the relationship is dead.

D&P needs to be shut down RIGHT NOW before any more abortion campaigning is done or before any of our children or others’ children are shown condom flipcharts.

The bishops need to decide whose side they are on.

Ours or Theirs Because it can’t be both.


If you thought that YARAC was just about giving students instructions about rubbers, you have been mistaken!  They are much more comprehensive about sex education than that, and they seek to expand their contraceptive horizons! 

Over the last five years, the objectives of the project have been to:

Increase and improve young people’s knowledge, attitudes and practices on sexuality and reproductive health and right issues through mainstreaming FLHE in over 217 public junior secondary schools.

  • Enhance the capacity of 434 teachers and 217 school administrators to implement the sexuality education curriculum through training by 2008
  • Increase knowledge based of young people by 90% on contraceptive use, transmission of sexually related diseases (STDs and HIV/AIDS) through popular education; production and distribution, of friendly IEC materials.
  • Reduce from 5% to 0.1% cases of female school drop out as a result of teen pregnancy by 2008
  • Ensure qualitative stakeholders participation and commitment to the promotion of sexuality education in schools through the establishment of state stakeholders action committee on young people’s sexuality education in the state
  • Increase partnership through networking with other groups working on sexuality and reproductive health.

To be able to get to this stage, YARAC took series of actions at different levels. The project started as “Bridging Gaps…” and today we are talking about “Beyond Gaps…” And to bridge the gaps, all stakeholders needed to appreciate the situation of young people by recognizing the realities of the moment regarding their social and health behaviors. Certain barriers needed and still need to be approached carefully; these disconnects have been reasonably bridged. The assurances helped us to look beyond the gaps: the teachers need training; preparing their comfort level to be able to discuss and teach topics that related to sexuality and reproductive health is simply unavoidable. Adolescents need every sincere information regarding their sexuality. Rigid cultural, religious norms or values (Editor’s note: like uh Catholicism or traditional values perhaps?); or failure to give reliable information is nothing but destroying the future of these young people especially with the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Not when many young girls get pregnant and are thrown out of school unlike their male counterparts; not when poverty is a contributory factor to why parents prefer to sacrifice their daughters to early marriage in order to keep the boys in school. Family Life and HIV/AIDS education for young people cannot be sacrificed to unchanging cultural or religious norms (Editor’s note: sounds like Catholicism to me); and values or lack of political will power.

Consequently, YARAC in collaboration with the relevant sections in Plateau state Ministry of Education, produced schemes of work for JSS 1, 2 and 3 as a guide to the implementation in two subject areas: Integrated Science and Social Studies. The objective for the schemes of work was to provide trained FLHE teachers with working tools to enable them deliver effectively the knowledge acquired during their training to the students.


It is important to recognize that the apprehension regarding the teaching of sexuality education in schools is world wide and normal. Nigeria is not an exception. The Federal Ministry of Education, NGOs, CSOs, the Media and international partners, must be commended for their tremendous contributions to advance the process to this stage. We are looking forward to an informed generation of young people that is sensibly aware and responsive. The implementation in Lagos , Cross Rivers , Niger , Enugu , Plateau, Kano states, have advanced remarkably. In Plateau State, other agencies such as the United Nations Fund for Population Activities (UNFPA), Faith based organizations are intervening at different levels. Also in Plateau training of teachers has continued take place by various groups. Recently, the Plateau State Ministry of Education organized a FLHE training activity for Primary School Teachers. This is encouraging and obviously a demonstration that the state is anxious about young people. And so in the last three years, over 200 teachers have received training to scale up the teaching of FLHE in public and private junior secondary schools. YARAC started with 20 private secondary schools, then 40 pilot public schools and now the scale up is in 217 public secondary schools. (Source: Implementation of Family Life and HIV/AIDS Education (FLHE) in Junior Public Secondary Schools in Plateau State)




Some Articles of Interest
Contraception: The Language of War
The Birth Control Pill is the Abortion Pill
Popping Balloons: 10 Reasons Not to Contracept

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Daily reflections 

Our Cambodian partner Banteay Srei works with the poorest of the poor, providing small loans to help them earn a livelihood and helping develop their leadership skills. Give. Learn more about Share Lent.

The above “reflection” was shown on D&P’s home page today.  Not sure how long it has been there.  But, as I was doing more research on their funding of pro-abortion partners in Asia, I happened to notice the name of their Cambodian partner, Banteay Srei.  The name jumped out at me since it’s one of D&P’s partners who holds workshops on “gender and reproductive” health, including but not limited to the distribution of condoms.

Here is the information I was able to find on them:

Banteay Srei
Listed as a Partner on CCODP’s
2006-2011 Asia Program, page 161  
Banteay Srei registered as a local non-government organisation (NGO) with the Cambodian Ministry of Interior in June 2000 and passed to full local management on 1st July 2000. Banteay Srei evolved out of the Australian NGO, International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA) that had been working in Cambodia since 1989….(p.3)

BS held a three-day workshop for 79 CGCs & VGPs [48 women] on gender and reproductive health, misunderstandings about using contraceptives, counselling skills, prevention and reducing spread of HIV/AIDS, reproductive health rights, abortion law and using Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials on RH. After the training the participants reported it had clarified the misunderstandings of using contraceptives, increased their confidence in disseminating information about RH and better enabled them to send clear messages to village women and men. Following the training condoms were distributed free of charge by Banteay Srei, these condoms were then further distributed among the community by the VGPs. (Source: FOOD, SECURITY, AND NUTRITION, Annual Report, p.14)

But here is my question:  why doesn’t Development & Peace feature the above information in their “daily reflection”, something like this perhaps:

Daily reflections 

Our Cambodian partner Banteay Srei works with radical feminists and reproductive rights activists, offering workshops on abortion law and reproductive health as well as distributing condoms free of charge to the community. Give.  Learn more about Share Lent.

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March 30, 2009 ( – The Development and Peace (D&P) fiasco has spiraled out of control in ways we at (LSN) could not have envisioned.   

Since LSN first broke the story that the Canadian bishops’ official development arm is funding pro-abortion groups in Mexico, there have been some who have accused LSN of pursuing a deliberate and malicious agenda to target D&P during their largest fundraising season. This, however, is not the case.

About a month ago, in the lead-up to the Lenten fundraising season, LSN was asked by a notable reader if D&P had cleaned up its act, in terms of funding groups that promote abortion. The question was raised because of the scandal in 2000, when D&P was found to have donated $135,000 to the March of Women, an organization which advocates for abortion and the homosexualist agenda, in addition to working for legitimate goals such as changing conditions that contribute to poverty.  (see coverage: and see letter from CCCB to D&P after it finally made “the difficult but principled decision” to dissociate from the March of Women –,eng/)

In response to the reader’s inquiry, LSN began its current investigations of D&P in Mexico, where we were disturbed to find solid evidence that at least 5 of the 11 Mexican groups that are listed as D&P “partners” are involved in abortion advocacy in the country. We certainly did not hope to find such evidence, but once it was uncovered, clearly something had to be done.

An interview with a senior representative of D&P confirmed that the Canadian bishops’ development organization has no official policy for or against abortion, an unacceptable situation that has led to the current scandal.

We then conferred with the top leader of the pro-life movement in Mexico, who assured us that he knew of the abortion advocacy of some of the groups and was astonished that they were in receipt of funds from the Canadian bishops. A subsequent interview with a representative of one of the organizations confirmed what we already knew from statements published on their website – that the group supports abortion availability in Mexico (See:
In the meantime our investigations have continued to expose incontrovertible and serious problems with D&P’s partners around the world, while D&P has merely intensified its denials and accusations against LifeSiteNews.

The initial reports on the groups in Mexico have been followed with evidence of D&P funding for abortion and contraception advocacy groups in Bolivia, Brazil, Nigeria, Benin, Guinea, Togo, and Haiti.  In the coming days we will be publishing even more reports on D&P-funded groups in other parts of the world.

While these groups also work towards other goals, pro-life advocates believe that there are other groups more worthy of Catholic aid in developing nations. Indeed, it is imperative that a Catholic bishops’ aid agency should not be financially assisting groups that are, to any degree, actively working against Catholic principles on the gravest moral and human rights issues facing our age. To do so would be to take one step forward and two steps back, to have our right hand building up at the same time our left hand is tearing down.

Despite all of the foregoing, in a letter to D&P members last week, its president, Pat Hogan, astonishingly stated, “It has been alleged on some internet sites recently that Development and Peace has been funding pro-abortion groups in Mexico. Nothing could be farther from the truth.”

The letter then goes on to specifically defend D&P against allegations of funding groups which “offer abortion services” or “offer abortion.” (see Hogan letter here:…).

However, LSN never alleged that D&P was funding groups that offered “abortion services,” but rather that the groups were involved in “pro-abortion” advocacy.  Moreover, D&P has persistently ignored in its communications that this issue has already spread far beyond the initial five Mexican groups. Additionally, D&P has continued to create the false impression that LSN’s allegations about the Mexican groups were based upon a single document signed by the groups, ignoring the plethora of evidence that LSN presented to substantiate its case.

Therefore, D&P can safely say that “nothing could be farther from the truth” about a non-allegation, a straw man that it has erected and attacked. This deceptive tactic avoids the real concern – that D&P funds numerous groups that are involved in abortion and contraception advocacy in parts of the developing world that are most under attack from anti-life forces. This uncomfortable fact has yet to be openly admitted by D&P.

Interestingly, however, D&P has also just recently announced that it is temporarily suspending funding of the Mexican partners implicated in LSN’s reports, and that it is sending “a delegation of senior staff to Mexico to meet with our partners for further consultation and dialogue.”

The question then presents itself: If “nothing could be farther from the truth,” then why has D&P found it necessary to suspend funding and initiate such an investigation? And if they believe that such an investigation is necessary, then isn’t it premature to unequivocally declare that “nothing could be farther from the truth”?

Finally, given the deceptive tactics that have been used by Developement and Peace in its defense, it would seem most appropriate that Canada’s bishops commission a totally independent investigation of D&P funding practices and policies.

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By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

HAITI, March 30, 2009 ( – The Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace (D&P), the international development arm of the Catholic bishops of Canada, is funding two pro-abortion groups in Haiti, LifeSiteNews has learned.

The current discoveries bring the total number of confirmed pro-abortion groups funded by D&P to twelve, including five in Mexico, two in Brazil, three in Africa, and two in Haiti. In addition, the National Catholic Register has reported that a Bolivian group funded by D&P is also pro-abortion (see links to previous LifeSiteNews coverage following article).  Several groups funded by D&P also defend or promote the use of contraceptives, with one group actively involved in the distribution of condoms.

The two pro-abortion groups in Haiti, Kay Fanm and Fanm Deside, are listed as D&P grant recipients in the organization’s 2006-2011 Integrated Program (…).

Kay Fanm (“What Women!”), an organization that says its purpose is the “promotion of the rights of women,” proclaims its support for abortion on its webpage entitled, “The State of Things: Women and Health in Haiti” (see webpage in French at…).

Kay Fanm complains that there is a “lack of access to information and training relative to reproductive rights” including “a very limited recognition of reproductive rights regarding the voluntary interruption of pregnancy (IVG). Given that abortion is illegal in Haiti, women and young girls facing undesired pregnancies sometimes have recourse to clandestine abortions practiced in dubious conditions.”

It also laments “a weak rate of contraceptive utilization,” explaining that “at the national level the rate of utilization of contraceptives (and consisting of condoms) continues to be weak (13.2%).  Coupled with the lack of sex education, this has as its result a high rate of growth of the population with a rate of fecundity of 4.8 …”   Kay Famn goes on to complain that the government isn’t distributing the “female condom” as well.

On another Kay Fanm page, the organization clearly proclaims its support for the “depenalizaton of abortion” (that is, to eliminate criminal penalties for the practice) in conjunction with Fanm Deside, another D&P grant recipient, in an alliance called CONAP.

On its own website, Fanm Deside (“Women Decide”) offers a PowerPoint presentation explaining the activities of the group, which include “organizing days of reflection and sensitization on the advancement of the state of women,” including one scheduled for September 17 on the “depenalization of abortion” (see slide 16 of presentation in French at

Although D&P does not report its contributions to individual groups, Haiti received $363,000 CAD in 2008.  Divided among the seven Haitian “partners” listed in the D&P 2006-2011 Integrated Program, each group received on average $51,857 CAD.

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I’ve been updating and changing around the D&P index page. Check it out and help spread the light.

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I hope I am wrong, but I’m seeing too much to ignore that we could be headed for very rough times in the Catholic Church.

Catholic Crisis as Austrian Hierarchy Rebels over Pope’s Selection

Church in uproar over rehabilitation of Bishop Richard Williamson

3 Portuguese bishops challenge Pope on condoms

Remember, folks, do not follow schismatic-sounding bishops. Stay with Rome and the Holy Father.

What is already here is coming out into the light.

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Past Scandals
Catholic Charity Development and Peace Lenten Calendar Links to Abortion Groups
Development & Peace invites Anti-Catholic, Pro-homosexual activist to speak
Archbishop Exner Releases Funds For Development And Peace
Canadian Bishops’ spokesmen line up with wrong group again

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Watch this video of Daniel Hannan, an English Member of the European Parliament.  He is addressing Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Great Britain.  Here is a portion of same clip followed by an interview with Sean Hannity of Fox News.  Hannity’s partisanship shows through but Hannan is just excellent.  I presently know nothing of him beyond this video, the Wikipedia, and a cursory examination of his blog.  I agree 100% with everything Mr Hannan says in these videos – every word.  I could kiss him. 

This has brought him to North American’s attention (including mine).  Below other videos of him commenting, especially as an MEP on the European Unions usurpation of power. He ends most of his speaches to the European Parliament with the Latin statement, “Pactio Olisipiensis censenda est,” or “The Lisbon Treaty must be put to a vote.”  The mandarins of the EU are systematically destroying meaningful democracy in Europe. Faceless bureaucrats in Brussels are becoming the rule-makers for all, imposing their will on all member nations and their citizenry.

Hannan asks at the European Union Parliament what is the purpose of the European Investment Bank?  XXX OOO XXX

Here he compares the EU members condescending attitude to national votes against their resolutions to China’s attitude to Tibetans.

Here he criticizes EU International law, here backfired EU policies, and the hypocrisy of EU being in favour of Tibetan self-determination but against national self-determination among its own member states.  On the EU Parliament’s inability to deal with other points of view, its dangerous departure from the rule of law, and its refusal to allow national referendums.  Bravo!  All excellent.  He is learned and courageous man in a world gone mad.

For those interested the Wikipedia entry on Daniel Hannan.

Here is his Telegraph blog.

- Fr. Elijah

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Ooops. Sorry folks, but this one nearly slipped away. I caught it when I was investigating another case. 

The tentacles are everywhere in “social justice”.


In a collaborative effort with CANTERA, a Nicaraguan non-governmental organization, FHI helped develop materials for workshops on domestic violence, gender, and reproductive health that were then used in a series of four workshops attended by representatives from nongovernmental organizations in Haiti, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua. (Source: Family Health International)


CANTERA (Central America)

In English the name of this organization is synonymous with “quarry,” meaning a rich or productive source. The work of CANTERA, which stands for Population Education and Communication Center, has indeed been a rich resource for the people it has served. This organization began its work on masculinity and gender with men in 1994. Since 1989 the organization has been a leader in popular education. It fuses gender relations and women’s personal experiences in its societal analyses. Nicaragua, where CANTERA is based, is a predominantly Catholic and male-dominated society.

Two-hundred fifty men in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua.

Through its workshops, CANTERA seeks to facilitate internal transformative processes by examining social attitudes, values, behaviors, and the social construction of masculinity using men’s own life stories as a starting point rather than theoretical frameworks. Ultimately, through introspection and the recognition of the contradictions and injustices related to gender roles, the program encourages men to generate their own proposals for specific change and to take responsibility for making these changes.
(Source: Men and Reproductive Health Programs: Influencing Gender Norms, USAID, p.11)


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As an investigation proceeds into Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace‘s funding policies, the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops is urging Catholics to continue to give to the development and humanitarian assistance arm of the Canadian church.

In the first statement from the bishops since an Internet site accused the Development and Peace of funding “pro-abortion groups” in Mexico, conference president Archbishop James Weisgerber invoked Pope Benedict XVI’s mission to Africa and the worldwide financial crisis as reasons to continue to give generously.

“By contributing to Development and Peace this year on 29 March, our gifts can bear fruit for the life of the world,” wrote Weisgerber in a March 19 letter to Canada’s Catholics. “To serve Christ, we are invited to follow His example — to give of ourselves that others may live.” accused five Development and Peace partners in Mexico of signing a document which advocates a national abortion law limiting legal abortions to the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Abortions in the first trimester are currently legal in Mexico City, but illegal in most other parts of the country except in cases of rape or incest.

The charge has since been supplemented by a blog entry on the National Catholic Register web site which accuses one of Development and Peace’s Bolivian partners of being pro-abortion. The Bolivian non-governmental organization, Centro de Promoción y Salud Integral (Community Preventive Health Centre), trains poor women on the outskirts of La Paz in basic health care and first aid. Development and Peace has helped fund the organization since 2003.

Weisgerber’s letter to Catholics does not say when the bishops’ investigation into Development and Peace’s funding policies will be complete or whether the results will be made public.

“The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops is working closely with Development and Peace to clarify these questions and to ensure that, if necessary, rectifications are made,” wrote Weisgerber. “At the same time, it is important for dioceses and parishes to recognize the tremendous importance of the Share Lent collection, held in most places across Canada on the fifth Sunday of Lent. Sharing temporal riches and giving to the needy have always been part of the threefold Lenten tradition for Christians: prayer, fasting and almsgiving.” (Source: Catholic Register)

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Gosh darn it. D&P now has a major credibility problem with those Tongolese condoms we’ve been talking about.

Socon or Bust readers may recall that one of the countries cited in my report on D&P’s partners was Togo. It was the last country featured in the report. Compared to some of the other countries’ groups who were pushing abortion, Togo had not yet been co-opted into abortion promotion. They were one step before that, pimping for the pharmaceutical companies by distributing rubbers.  Here is what I wrote:

FAMME (Forces en action pour le mieux-être de la mère et de l’enfant) – Listed as a Partner of CCODP’s 2006-2011 Africa Program, page 71 

Sale and distribution of condoms

Sale and distribution of condoms

The condoms are ordered through the local PSI office, which delivers them to FAMME. There is

an agreement between the two institutions to ensure that the expiry date of the condoms is

beyond three months. FAMME has a system whereby an initial donation of condoms is made to

the peer educators (PEs), enabling them later on to obtain further supplies. Once the condoms

are supplied, the FAMME project management team makes packages according to the sites and

The condoms are ordered through the local PSI office, which delivers them to FAMME. There is

an agreement between the two institutions to ensure that the expiry date of the condoms is

beyond three months. FAMME has a system whereby an initial donation of condoms is made to

the peer educators (PEs), enabling them later on to obtain further supplies. Once the condoms

are supplied, the FAMME project management team makes packages according to the sites and

Sale and distribution of condoms

The condoms are ordered through the local PSI office, which delivers them to FAMME. There is an agreement between the two institutions to ensure that the expiry date of the condoms is beyond three months. FAMME has a system whereby an initial donation of condoms is made to the peer educators (PEs), enabling them later on to obtain further supplies. Once the condomsare supplied, the FAMME project management team makes packages according to the sites and number of peer educators at each site. The packages are then pre-positioned with the PE technical supervisors, who then supply the PEs they supervise. The condom price is marked up by about 50% as an incentive for the PEs and supervisors. This covers their transportation costs when they go to distribute them. For instance, the female condom is purchased at 60 FCFA with PSI and sold on the ground at 100 FCFA each. After they’ve sold the first lot of condoms, the PEs go for more supplies from the technical supervisors. The expiry date is checked during the supervision visits, and if the date has expired, the condoms are systematically withdrawn from circulation. (Source: Promising and Best Practices in HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care for West and Central Africa, p.28-29)


Last  night I stumbled across one of D&P’s policy reports on HIV/AIDs.  This is what it said:

CCODP does not fund programs specifically designed to distribute condoms, nor does it fund elements of broader programs which involve condom distribution. (Source: DEVELOPMENT AND PEACE, HIV/AIDS Policy, June 2003, top of p.5)

So not only does D&P exercise any due diligence in ensuring our funds don’t go to abortion promoting organizations, what level of assurance do we have to ensure that its funding is not being used to fund these broader programs of condom distribution?

This is important because D&P is presumably now going to draft up its position on abortion and how groups who receive funding from them cannot be involved in abortion services.  Yet, even if this became one of their policies, as the condom distribution centers in Togo clearly demonstrate, what level of trust can we have in them that their policies will be policed and enforced? 

As we say in Portuguese:  nada.

CCODP Abortion Scandal Index Page

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Development & Peace seems to be digging in their heels and refusing to back down from the overwhelming evidence against them. The president of their National Council, Pat Hogan, wrote this letter which is on D&P’s website.  Here is my response below in blue:

Dear Friends:I am writing today as your new President to share with you some reflections on the events of the last two weeks. As you may know, it has been alleged on some internet sites recently that Development and Peace has been funding pro-abortion groups in Mexico. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Sorry, Mr. Hogan, but the truth is closer than you think.  Once again, I invite you to examine the actual evidence:

CCODP: More Evidence in Supporting Pro-Abort Groups

Canadian Catholic “Development and Peace” Funding Two Abortion Advocacy Groups in Brazil 

Pro-Abortion/Contraception Groups in Africa Receiving Development and Peace Funding

Hundreds of Thousands in Canadian Lent Collection Money Funding Pro-Abortion Groups in Mexico 

Let there be no mistake:

1. Development and Peace has never supported abortion services anywhere, at any time, and can NOT ever support such projects;

Please speak to the allegations that are levelled against D&P and not to the straw men that you are creating. No one has claimed that you were “supporting abortion services” – at least not directly.  LifeSite and SoCon or Bust have merely repeated what the evidence shows:  D&P is funding groups which advocate and promote abortion

Sir, you need to speak to our charges, not around them.

2. Development and Peace has never and will never enter into a partnership with any organization offering such services. Should any current partner change its mandate and begin offering abortions, they would be immediately cut off from our partnership support and funding;

Once again, please be so kind as to refrain from denying what we are not alleging.  We have never claimed that any of your partners offer abortion services.  Address the issue.  You are being evasive. Why don’t you come out and deny that you are supporting groups which promote abortion?  You can’t, of course, because….it’s true!  So you resort to denying something we never said. 

3. Development and Peaceis committed to remaining vigilant regarding any partner’s actions that would place us –by association- at variance with Church teaching. Should we fail to act on this information, we would lose our raison d’être and the support of our Canadian bishops and our Catholic supporters and donors.

Right. So based on the evidence that is plain for everyone to see, you have lost your raison d’être since, clearly, a large swath of your partners place you BY ASSOCIATION at variance with the Church’s teaching on abortion, contraception, and other life and family issues.  I would hardly describe your efforts as “vigilant” in maintaining the Church’s clear and unambiguous position on the protection of human life.

These allegations have attacked our very being- the trust and close relationship we have fostered over the past 41 years- with our bishops and our supporters. The timing of these attacks on the eve of our annual Share Lent collection is also troubling.

What’s troubling is that this has gone on for so long and has never been reported.  If your trust and close relationship with us has been based on a lie and enabled a crime against humanity, what allegiance, may I ask, do we owe you?

In response, our National Council and Management Team have put in place the following:

1) An immediate denial of these allegations posted on our website;

Anyone can deny. It’s quite another story to prove the allegations against D&P are false.

2) A continuing dialogue with the CCCB (Canadian Council of Catholic Bishops) which is the official voice of our Canadian bishops;

Dialogue on what? We’re not interested in your dialogue with the CCCB.  We’re interested in your rebuttal of the evidence presented. That’s it.  Everything else is a waste of your time and ours. Just speak to the evidence. That’s all we want you to do. Line by line and point by point.

3) An immediate inquiry with the five Mexican partners to get to the bottom of these allegations; it should be noted that none of them had been contacted by the writer concerned to verify the story. In short, inferences had been made and a “rush to judgment” had occurred which then made Development and Peace “guilty by association”;

There was no rush to judgement. There was hard, concrete evidence by multiple credible sources that was corroborated by pro-life organizations in Mexico.  By all means, get to the bottom of the allegations. Just be sure when you get to the bottom, you have something concrete to pull up.

4) Development and Peace then asked for and received written assurances from these five partners that confirmed our understanding of the situation;

Written assurances from the parties in question can hardly be considered any kind of proof against the allegations about them, especially when answering the “wrong way” can result in their funding being cut. Give me a break.

5) Development and Peace then released a statement addressing these allegations;

6) National Council (our governing board) at our meeting March 20-22, 2009 has initiated a process to develop a policy re-affirming our compliance with the teachings of the Church, including respect for all human life- including the unborn; this will make explicit what we always took for granted- our faithfulness to our Catholic roots, the teachings of the Church in general and Catholic social teaching as the foundation of all our work.

That’s great. But where is our money going and who is benefiting from it?  That’s the 10 million dollar question.

Other recent activities:

1) ShareLife and the Archdiocese of Toronto have put out a communication to all parishes in the area to re-assure them that all allegations would be fully investigated;

2) The CCCB issued a message to the Catholics of Canada regarding Development and Peace and expressing their support for the 2009 Share Lent Collection;

3) In the meantime, as a result of the publication of these allegations, many Catholics- including our own Development and Peace members- were continuing to express concern to us and to their bishops.

4) We have decided that an additional measure of re-assurance and due diligence is required and have decided:

    a) to temporarily suspend funding to all five Mexican partners and b) to send a delegation of senior staff to Mexico to meet with our partners for further consultation and dialogue. This measure is also supported by our bishops.

I encourage you to visit our website for more information as it becomes available.

On behalf of National Council, I wish all our members success on Solidarity Sunday, March 29, 2009 and the blessings of Easter.

In Solidarity,
Pat Hogan
President of National Council

Folks, while we’re doing this to end the slaughter in this country….


the pro-abort forces are playing us for the local village idiots as they rake in millions of our dollars, a good portion of which could be enabling pro-abort organizations to change the abortion and family laws of these poor nations.   We’re being used to foist their sick sexual imperialism on the most needy and innocent in this world – all to advance their perverse agenda of killing innocent babies.

And what is Development & Peace doing?  They are jet-setting off to Mexico to hear their pro-abort partners assure them that everything is just swell and the money is going exactly to where it belongs, and to secure an official signature on an official form with an official stamp which says their partners are A-OK certified and have nothing to do with abortion.  Indeed, what more evidence could we possibly need? 

And who’s paying for the trip to collect this “evidence”?  Well, that would be you…or it used to be you.

CCODP Abortion Scandal Index Page


From the Comments Section in another Post….this about sums it up….

Jeremiah 6:14 (New International Version)

 14 They dress the wound of my people
       as though it were not serious.
       ‘Peace, peace,’ they say,
       when there is no peace.

Pat Hogan,

Thank you for your reply. I am sure you will understand if I do not accept such a vague statement as “Nothing could be farther from the truth” without any detailed rebuttal of the accusations. I have read your statements. There was not a detailed response there either. Am I to believe that Lifesitenews just pulled this out of thin air? This was completely manufactured on their part? You do realize you have lost credibility, right? You’ll have to bother with specifics and proof… Lifesitenews has printed a number of very specific claims. Surely they can all be easliy debunked if they are not true.

Since Development and Peace has not taken responsibility in this matter and admitted fault, I can no longer consider it a trustworthy organization. I am more shocked and scandalized at the lack of responsibilty in this matter than at the wrongly directed funds. This is an outrage!

I will pray that the haze of confusion you are in will be pierced by the light of truth and that you will have the courage to stand up for it.


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Well, actually, she has.  And guess, what!?  Many women – most women – actually regret it.


Read the Ottawa Citizen Letter by Frances Wilkinson with picture here.

Here is the text of Frances’ letter….

I am one of the people who participates in the “40 Days for Life” campaign across from the Morgentaler Clinic at 65 Bank St. Letter-writer Evelyn Dormer was misguided about our peaceful prayer vigil.

Having had an abortion, and suffered the incredible devastation emotionally, mentally and physically, and spiritually, I know what I speak of.

There is such a deep hidden grief that must be addressed or the action of it manifests itself in so many ways impacting whole lives. For instance, it raises the risk of breast cancer, among other things, as well as infertility, not to mention anger, suicidal depression, work-aholism, alcoholism, drug addiction and problems with relationships.

I now seek to help other women who have been through this trauma, so they will not make the worst mistake they will ever make, for themselves and their child, and anyone else affected by the abortion.

We do not live in a vacuum. Our moral decisions whether to kill another human being or not do affect others. Fundamentally, it is not even about religion or politics, yet they are intrinsically involved in everything we do.

No one has the right to kill another human being.

But with no legal restrictions on abortions in Canada, we are permitting women to kill the most innocent human beings, for such reasons as that the mother doesn’t want an inconvenient pregnancy; doesn’t want to give the child up for adoption, or won’t seek out help that is available for both mother and child.

Or because they let someone else (parents, God forbid, or boyfriends and husbands) dictate to them that they must abort their own child.

In many cases, it is a woman’s decision that reflects a narcissistic and selfcentered view to not even care.

Might I suggest people take a look at

The Silent Scream video. It is an abortion filmed by a former abortionist from the United States. Or they should watch the video about Gianna Jessen, an abortion survivor. Both of these are available on YouTube.

Let us put our resources into promoting a culture of life , and saving those who cannot speak for themselves.


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Francis, I met you at the abortion site as you stood in the freezing cold in order to advocate for victims of abortion. Your courage to speak the truth around the harm done by abortion is commendable, thank you! On behalf of those whose grief is spared because you stand vigil and disclose the harm you endured, thank you! For the voiceless human beings whose lives may be spared because of your strength and courage to tell the truth about abortion, thank you!

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It was cold. But the babies were worth it!

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March 26, 2009

I prayed at ground zero last saturday march 21st and I just want to share this story.

Well… quite honestly, I had time between studying and meeting a friend so I decided to go pray for a little while at ground zero.  It was much of a struggle thow for I find it intimidating, and I fought myself with these feelings of fear of persecution.  I asked God for the strengh and courage, and kept walking towards ground zero for although I fought with the fear, I am also convicted of the upmost importance of this campaign as well as the power of prayer!

So anyways, after praying with a protestant, I started to pray a decade and asked God to use me, to be a vessel for Him and His Word. I offered myself to Him for whatever He may need me to do or say. That’s when a man walked across the street towards me, and he asked me if I really cared about this fight against abortion, secondly he asked me if I was religious. Now, I then saw that this man, in his mabe late 20′s just needed someone to talk to.  He shared about his persecutions because of his faith, then he shared about his grief in having lost his child to abortion. What awed me was that he called the foetus his ”child” not ”it” as so many call our dear children still in the wound. well… in any case, he was still confused on this matter for he questionned if it was mabe right that his girlfriend had an abortion because she was an alcoholic and was rationalizing this matter to the fact that ”the baby would have a hard life anyways, and it would have alot of problems because of foetal alcohol syndrome”. I do not have the knowledge to answer his question, but I did remind him of the greater plan of God and His will in the birth of every child as psalm 129 states… then I told him I would pray for him and left to go meet my friend.  It amazed me of the way God called me to support this man, and all this reminded me that sometimes, when things are the most difficult, that’s what God is calling us to do. I praise God for the opening of this man’s heart to the word of truth on our posters: I knew you before you were born.  All this also convinced me of the importance of stading at ground zero: to bring the truth of God to a lost people, to pray for the salvation of little souls, and for the healing of those who have had an abortion… so much so that I have gone back as much as I could since then.

Praise God!

- Hélène


Grace and I were present at Ground Zero from 9:40 to 11 o’clock relieving Pat who had stayed  to cover the nine o’clock hour. We went earlier because of your notice. While we were there a young man with a wispy white blond goatee and moustache came up in front of us with a small digital camera.He seemed to have a rehearsed speech filled with questions about women being held prison by pregnancy, did we not think  that de facto abortion was around for years and talking even faster he continued by asking us if we really thought making abortion (no longer ) legal would help change …anything. All three of us stood silent as he  took our picture and spoke..  He then just as quickly  thanked us in mocking way and wished us a good day.  Three other vigelers were present:  one from Our Lady of Fatima Parish two from Our Lady of  the Visitation Parish and one from St Theresa’s  parish. A women from New Wine Evangelical church stood at the corner of Bank and Queen She told me that the young man with the camera was accompanied by a woman who was taking pictures up and down the streets of which she stood on the corner confidently showing that part of the sign with the quote from Scripture which  she said would not go out without  accomplishing what it was sent to do.  The photographers disappeared into the 222 Queen Street Building. she said. We would have chosen to wear more layers as the wind was still cold.  Glad to have been there. There  was a security guard outside of 65 Bank.

- Mary

Letter-writer Frances Wilkinson draws on her own personal experience and her beliefs to urge women to reconsider their choice of having an abortion.

Dr. Bernard Nathanson’s film “The Silent Scream” referred to in the letter below can be viewed at:

The Gianna Jessen film can be viewed at: 


When I signed up for a slot for the morning of March 25th, the Feast of the
Annunciation of the Lord, I thought that I would be alone, as the calendar
indicated a solitary “1″. I was okay with that, as I have spent several
hours, or portions thereof, at different times, alone in prayer on the
sidewalk. Today was very different. When I arrived at 10am, two ladies were
praying the rosary together and another couple of ladies were walking with
signs. The gentleman in his electric wheelchair, whom I have seen before at
the vigil, was warming himself over the heating grate. I joined the ladies
praying the rosary, and then they had to leave. About ten minutes later,
several other women arrived, and two of them began to pray the rosary
together. I joined them in praying the rosary. Shortly before 11am, Frances
arrived with her sign and began walking back and forth, and before I knew
it, there were about 8 people praying at the vigil site, and nearly all were
praying the rosary. It was very encouraging to see so many people praying. I
left to do an errand and then went to Mass at St. Pat’s. One of the
intentions for the Mass was for the unborn, and there were special prayers
for the unborn. There were so many people at Mass…it was beautiful. I
thought I’d go back to the vigil site to see if there was anyone there, as I
had some free time to spend there before I had to head home. As I walked up
Bank St., I could see that there were several people in prayer at the vigil
site, and decided to go home. I had a sense during my time at the vigil and
at Mass, that the prayers of God’s faithful people, honouring His Blessed
Mother on her feast day, were having an effect. We might not know what kind
of effect, and we can’t judge the “success” of our prayers based on the
number of turnarounds. We just need to continue to be faithful and obedient
to the call of God to pray and to be a prayerful presence on the sidewalk in
front of 65 Bank St. Our prayers form a carpet of grace over which the
people walk as they go in and out of the doors – no matter what, they are
blessed and the Lord can touch their hearts.

Sue A.  


Last Thursday was a great feast for St Joseph and i felt called to head to Bank st. I signed in picked up my sign and began to pray.The ” Agony in the womb” popped into my head as I pondered about women who planned to come to the clinic this morning. As I was walking and praying , a young woman walked by and said ” Do volunteer work”. I continued to pray and walk. The dreaded lights came on in the offices upstairs and soon the third floor was well lit. “Scourging on the third floor” was part of my Rosary now . I turned and faced the building and a bus stopped to wait for the light. A young boy was reading my sign and soon he gave me two thumbs up. I acknowledged him and he turned to speak to his mom who sat next to him. She seemed to discourage him but he turned as the bus pulled away and gave me a big smile. I thanked God for allowing me to plant some seeds in our young people and continued to pray and walk.  Mercy Lord on all of us.

In HIM always

the JYS


Shame on the City of Ottawa and the Ottawa Police for allowing 40 Days for Life, a group that opposes abortion, to stage their protest in front of the Morgentaler Clinic in downtown Ottawa.

I work at the Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where volunteer escorts are needed to protect women from the taunts and aggressive tactics of the antichoice people.

Their only achievement is to humiliate and shame women who are simply exercising their right to a safe and legal abortion.

That city officials would sanction one group of citizens to legally harass and intimidate women seeking a legal medical procedure is both disrespectful and disheartening.

Protest if they must, but do it elsewhere.

JUDY BURWELL, Fredericton

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Judy, please permit me to say that I am one of the persons who stands vigil across from the abortion facility in Ottawa. Contrary to what your letter says, as vigil keepers we do not protest, humiliate or shame anyone, neither do we judge. What we do, is to pray for the victims of abortion. Specially trained sidewalk counsellors respectfully provide accurate information and supportive alternatives to would-be abortion clients. Additionally, because pregnancy is neither an illness nor disease, it is erroneous to say that to end it by abortion is a medical procedure.
You may not realize that as part of the 40 Days of Life Campaign, we stand by choice in prayful vigil across from the abortion facility and that we only make this choice because we believe that to end a human life in abortion is contrary to natural law. I would ask you then, to kindly refrain from labelling those who choose life as being “anti choice.” Make no mistake about it; our choice is to protect the lives of unborn babies. Thanks for reading my comments.
Jennifer of Ottawa

Source: Letters to the Editors, Ottawa Citizen


I’m not sure how to submit a report so I will send this to  you and you can submit it if you want. March 26 I often go to ground zero on Thursdays between 10am &11am then again between Pam&Pam. There was no counsellor again today which was too bad. A few men took pictures, one stayed across the street.? There was a woman who came out of the abortion facility and she was chatting on her phone, she made sure to come right across the street where we were praying and said to the person on the other end ” I  cried, it hurt, it hurt a lot but it was all worth it”. She said these words loud and in my direction then proceeded to Mc Donalds to wait for her ride.  I did for her what I could, I continued to pray. During my second hour there was a man talking to the guard who had a uniform on – it looked like a guard’s
 uniform- this man seemed very tormented. A large white van drove up and it  had Ontario on the side, the driver had a uniform on that was the same as  the tormented man’s. The mystery of the uniform was reveal a few moments later when a female guard and a pale young woman in a purple track suit wearing handcuffs emerged from the facility. I had to wonder how much of this woman’s choice was hers and how much was coerced? The male guard really seemed to be struggling so please remember him in your prayers. Thank you to the young
family that took the time today to pray, it was nice to see. 

- God Bless Cathy  S 


Yesterday, March 25th I was at Ground Zero for about 2 and a half hours, and there were a good number of young people going  into the clinic, as is the usual thing on Wednesday, but while I was there, at the prime  time between, -2p.m., I did notice that the numbers were still down, compared to what I had witnessed other Wednesday mornings.

We are having an impact. It is obvious in many ways. Thank You, Lord Jesus for letting us serve you.

I was especially Blessed to meet a lovely woman who approached me as I walked and we spoke for awhile,after she asked me about my abortion. She was in a wheel-chair and had the kindest most gentle compassionate heart. It was as if I was encountering Jesus strongly in this lady.

She shared how both her parents had wanted her to have an abortion, but she did not, and went  ahead and had  a daughter who is now 21 (I think..) and how said daughter is now pregnant and is going to have her  child. I thanked her and asked God’s Blessings be over her. We promised to get together and she gave me her address at St. Vincent’s Hospital, where she lives. Thank You God, for this amazing new friend!

Today, again I went down and was there from 11.A.M-2.p.m. and encountered more wonderful new faces at the site, as well as some Faithful regulars , beautiful souls, who are so dedicated in prayer and  God’s Love and being witness for the innocent. Each person ‘s yes to God concerning the Sanctity of Life means so much to Him! If people only knew.

This beautiful, humble soul (Leena? hope the spelling is correct) and I shared about, not compromising the Truth, and again, I was moved to tears at such dedication and Faith and boldness. and her fierce Witness to God’s Truth. She is such a bright light.

Truth is we should not be amazed at this when we encounter it. It should  be the norm.
Anyway, I’m speaking for myself here folks. I am so inspired once again by each and every person praying everywhere, as well as at the site.

We all make a difference and we have no idea just our far reaching our efforts are. But, I know God is doing BIG, Amazing things with His Faithful.

Was so happy to see a family with at least 4 children there witnessing, as well. They are such a powerful presence. I can see God smiling when they are there . It’s as if He’s saying “look at my beautiful creation won’t you let them  grow into these  Beautiful flowers! (the young children)- to all  the people across the street, guarding the  mill, and entering at their own  deceived peril. where the dark deceptoin hangs over 65 Bank like a dark polluted storm cloud , so toxic, only God’s wind of His Holy Spirit in His faithful witness through us can blow it  away so people see clearly His Truth, and begin to breathe again, without choking on the lie, that is abortion, and all its near distant relatives, contraception, common lae habituation,etc.

As a special treat, God Blessed me with meeting a beautiful young woman when I walked back to St. Pat’s after I left the vigil, and she approached me and shared about her mother’s abortion and how her Mother suffered great abuse as a child from her family of origin, and her Mother suffered from the scourge of alcoholism, and we shared and shared. She saw my sign, and that is why she appoached me, in the first place to thank me for being Silent No More.

One last thing, when I began my time there on Bank, a young Chinese lady called me over from a phone booth near our vigil and said that although she may not agree with everything I stand for (she may have read the Letters page in today’s citizen with my published letter}, she wanted to commend my courage and my standing up for what I believe in. Can I do anything else? I wanted to say, It’s all for His Glory and it’s all about the children, who have no
voice, and I desire to point to them and all  focus on these beautiful  innocent ones,  but please pray for them always and storm Heaven for their protection and to end this travesty , but I remained silent and prayed that, instead and thanked her. I think I should have tried to speak more, but she made it clear she was busy, and just wanted me to know that, so she repeated it twice to me.

I  will be back as soon as I can.

God Bless everyone,
to live in His Truth and Love

Yours for Life

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  • Canadian Catholic “Development and Peace” Funding Two Abortion Advocacy Groups in Brazil (LifeSite)   ***MUST READ***
  • Third And Fourth Canadian Bishops Say Development & Peace Funds to be Held Pending Investigation (LifeSite)
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    Because it will take a few weeks for the Share Lent collection to get to D&P, I am making a formal request to meet with the Archbishop.

    The purpose of the meeting is to present the evidence to him about D&P’s partners.

    I would ask that for this meeting he have available a computer with access to the internet. Failing that, I will bring the evidence in hard copy, but I need to know in advance.


    John Pacheco


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    Regrettably, the Archbishop of Ottawa has not yet been fully informed of what is transpiring with Development & Peace.  Here is part of the text of the letter to be read at all masses in the Archdiocese:

    You’ll notice I highlighted the above text. It gave me an eerie reminder of the phrase in the Winnipeg Statement:

    26. Counsellors may meet others who, accepting the teaching of the Holy Father, find that because of particular circumstances they are involved in what seems to them a clear conflict of duties, e.g., the reconciling of conjugal love and responsible parenthood with the education of children already born or with the health of the mother. In accord with the accepted principles of moral theology, if these persons have tried sincerely but without success to pursue a line of conduct in keeping with the given directives, they may be safely assured that, whoever honestly chooses that course which seems right to him does so in good conscience.

    Maybe it’s just a coincidence, but when I read the statement from the Archbishop, I could not but help immediately notice the phrase…


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