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Another blood-chilling quote from Obama on born-alive abortion victims, taken from this transcript of the IL senate, page 85.

This bill was fairly extensively debated in the Judiciary Committee, and so I won’t belabor the issue. I do want to just make sure that everybody in the Senate knows what this bill is about, as I understand it. Senator O’Malley, the testimony during the committee indicated that one of the key concerns was — is that there was a method of abortion, an induced abortion, where the — the fetus or child, as — as some might describe it, is still temporarily alive outside the womb. And one of the concerns that came out in the testimony was the fact that they were not being properly cared for during that brief period of time that they were still living. Is that correct? Is that an accurate sort of description of one of the key concerns in the bill?

And more on p. 86 of the transcript:

Well, it turned out — that during the testimony a number of members who are typically in favor of a woman’s right to choose an abortion were actually sympathetic to some of the concerns that your — you raised and that were raised by witnesses in the testimony. And there was some suggestion that we might be able to craft something that might meet constitutional muster with respect to caring for fetuses or children who were delivered in this fashion. Unfortunately, this bill goes a little bit further, and so I just want to suggest, not that I think it’ll make too much difference with respect to how we vote, that this is probably not going to survive constitutional scrutiny. Number one, whenever we define a previable fetus as a person that is protected by the equal protection clause or the other elements in the Constitution, what we’re really saying is, in fact, that they are persons that are entitled to the kinds of protections that would be provided to a — a child, a nine-month-old — child that was delivered to term. That determination then, essentially, if it was accepted by a court, would forbid abortions to take place. I mean, it — it would essentially bar abortions, because the equal protection clause does not allow somebody to kill a child, and if this is a child, then this would be an antiabortion statute. For that purpose, I think it would probably be found unconstitutional. The second reason that it would probably be found unconstitutional is that this essentially says that a doctor is required to provide treatment to a previable child, or fetus, however way you want to describe it. Viability is the line that has been drawn by the Supreme Court to determine whether or not an abortion can or cannot take place. And if we’re placing a burden on the doctor that says you have to keep alive even a previable child as long as possible and give them as much medical attention as — as is necessary to try to keep that child alive, then we’re probably crossing the line in terms of unconstitutionality. Now, as I said before, this probably won’t make any difference. I recall the last time we had a debate about abortion, we passed a bill out of here. I suggested to Members of the Judiciary Committee that it was unconstitutional and it would be struck down by the Seventh Circuit. It was. I recognize this is a passionate issue, and so I — I won’t, as I said, belabor the point. I think it’s important to recognize though that this is an area where potentially we might have compromised and — and arrived at a bill that dealt with the narrow concerns about how a — a previable fetus or child was treated by a hospital. We decided not to do that. We’re going much further than that in this bill. As a consequence, I think that we will probably end up in court once again, as we often do, on this issue. And as a consequence, I’ll be voting Present


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Readers of the 40 Days for Life blog are familiar with a notice I posted some time ago regarding Morgentaler’s Abortion Mill advertising for a “counselor”. You can read about it here. In that post, I expressed some doubt whether that ad had anything to do with our vigil. I figured it was merely routine given the date of the announcement.

Now I am not so sure.

I just got this message from Ground Zero…..

Great news! I heard that the Morgentaler Abortuary is now advertising for NURSES!!! It was on “Peters News”. A pro life nurse passed this on to one of our vigil participants, as she gets the job postings! She said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but you’re doing something right!” Isn’t that awesome!? Wow! Just wanted to pass that on! God bless!

To be honest, I’m quite shocked. Can a quiet, prayerful vigil really cause such havoc on the abortion industry?

If so, then I think we have just stumbled upon the next pro-life strategy to be implemented across this country.

We need to devote some resources towards the “micro level” option to fighting abortion. For too long, we have been focusing too much of our time, energy, and resources on the politics of the issue which is really a “macro level” strategy. That still has to happen, of course, but the actual results are happening on the ground, in front of the abortion mills. That’s where we can squeeze the life right out of abortion industry.

We need to duplicate, replicate, and multiply this strategy again and again in every province in this country where abortion is present.

A big part of defeating abortion is all about “supply side abortion economics”: cut the suppliers and the economics takes care of itself.

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This is an excellent commentary. Too bad it will fall on the deaf, dumb, and blind….  

The Ottawa Citizen – 2008.10.29 Stronger minority a qualified victory

By Rebecca Walberg

While it is clear that the 2008 general election was a disaster for the federal Liberals and a limited success for the NDP and the Greens, an increased minority government is at best a qualified victory for the Conservative Party of Canada and not in any way a triumph. The CPC is judged by Canadians to be the most stable party on economic issues, and yet, during the worst financial turmoil in a generation, with the left-of-centre vote split three ways (four in Quebec), and an opposition led by Stéphane Dion, Harper’s Conservatives managed only an enlarged minority. Under what circumstances, then, could they win a decisive mandate and a majority?

Some of the problems that were forecast never materialized during the campaign. Harper’s personal image, held by the conventional wisdom to be a liability to the party, was in fact an asset, with many campaigns featuring him as prominently as local candidates in their literature. Afghanistan proved not to be too contentious an issue. Fiscal conservatives were mollified by a solid track record of tax cuts and limited spending and promises of a similar second term.

Completely missing from the discussion were social issues. During his first government, Harper discouraged caucus from raising abortion or same-sex marriage, going so far as to do an end-run around the private Bill C-484, which sought to criminalize harm done to an unborn child in the course of an assault on its mother, just before calling this election. During the election itself, public debate about abortion and other hot-button issues was off-limits for candidates. It is unacceptable that a party built upon a merger of different strands of conservatism, including a strong populist movement, should muzzle its candidates and MPs this way. The reasoning behind this strategy is straightforward. Based on the assumption that small-government values voters will never vote Liberal, NDP or Green, the CPC believes that staying as close to the centre as possible will yield the best results, since such a course will gain moderate voters, while those to the right of the party have no alternative. According to this logic, social conservatives can’t win since they will gain few votes for their stance, while losing many to other parties.

Rod Bruinooge, the Conservative MP for Winnipeg South, clearly never learned this lesson. In 2006, he ran against Reg Alcock, the Liberal stalwart who had held the seat for more than a decade. Very few expected Bruinooge to win, since not only was he running in a riding considered safe for the Liberals, but he was also open about his conservative position on social issues, including abortion and same-sex marriage. He managed the surprise of the election then, winning by 111 votes. This year, he won by 4,000 votes against the best the Liberals could throw at him and proved the CPC’s conventional wisdom wrong.

Another problem with silencing social conservatives is that, as both parties in the United States have found, the base won’t keep voting for a party that moves away from them. When voters feel disenfranchised by a lack of candidates whose values they share, they tend to stay home, and this is part of the story of the 2008 election. Overall voter turnout was 59%, an unprecedented low for a federal election. The CPC lost 11 ridings by fewer than 1,500 votes, six of which had turnout below even this year’s dismal average. Potential Conservative voters who stayed home rather than support a party that does not support them played a decisive role in these ridings, and doubtless in many others.

In a perfect world, parties would let their MPs and candidates express themselves freely as a matter of principle. An increasingly informed electorate expects to engage its potential representatives on all issues, not only those pre-approved by the federal government. Since, in our parliamentary system, legislators are, at least in theory, answerable to their constituents, we should inculcate the habit of honest dialogue during campaigns, rather than wondering after the fact why politicians are out of touch with those who elected them. If principle won’t sway the Conservative party to adopt this philosophy next election season, perhaps the “Bruinooge effect” will. There is largely untapped support among Canadian voters for social conservatism and for politicians who defend traditional morality and aren’t ashamed to say so. If the CPC won’t court their vote, they will stay home until someone else does.

Rebecca Walberg is a Winnipeg-based policy analyst for the Frontier Institute for Public Policy. In this article, she is expressing her personal views; she is not speaking on behalf of the Frontier Institute.

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From a good friend of mine from the States…..

Exactly seven years and two months ago, the United States was attacked on its native soil by the forces of re-emerging Islamic orthodoxy, which seek to undermine and destroy our influence in the world.   Yet, who would believe that only seven years and two months later, the American people seem uncharacteristically  and imprudently poised to elect a person with the overt Islamic name of Barak Hussein Obama –a person who is not only lacking in any substantial executive experience whatsoever (indeed, who is probably the least qualify person to ever come within reach of the US Presidency), but who is largely a total mystery to the American electorate, aside from the glowing “dramatic performances” that he has given throughout this year’s presidential election –performances that were of course greatly assisted by the behind-the-scenes efforts and unwavering support of the liberal news and entertainment media: the chief architects and facilitators of the Obama mythos and “brand.”   

But, what do we really know about this man who would be our President?    We know that he has never run a city or state; that he has never run a business, been responsible for a payroll, or produced a good or service.   Rather, he is a life-long academic, if that.  We also know that all of his key associates are extremely radical Left-Wingers, one of which is a self-professed unrepentant terrorist; and another (who Obama himself called his mentor) is a zealous proponent of Black liberation theology and anti-American philosophy.   It was this later individual, we are told, who ‘brought Obama to Christ’ and who ‘baptized’ him and his children into their supposed Christian faith.   However, according to school records from Obama’s very murky childhood history in Indonesia, Obama’s religion is listed as “Islam.”   And even if we admit that this was probably a convenient designation based on the fact that his Kenyan father was a Muslim, there still remains the even more disturbing secular (or supposedly secular) heritage which Obama received from his Left-Wing hippie mother and her apparently permissive parents (Obama’s American grandparents) who, unable to properly cope with the cultural needs of a Black grandchild in Hawaii, supposedly introduced the young Obama to a certain Black poet who was an avowed and leading member of the Communist party with strong ties to Moscow, and who (as Obama explains in his book) became something of a Black father-figure to him.    If we add to this the very disturbing behavior exhibited by Obama, not only via his consistent associations with Communist and pseudo-Communist fringe elements (e.g. Ayers, etc.), but also his initial refusal to wear an American flag pin or to place his hand over his heart during the playing of the National Anthem, etc., a picture of who and what Obama really is begins to come into focus.   On top of this, there is the very disturbing treatment which Obama receives from the socialist elite of Europe.   Of special note are the Stalinist-like (if not Fascist-like) chants of “Obama! Obama! Obama!” that greeted him when he made the unprecedented choice to speak in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin –the former site of the Berlin Wall.   What American candidate is treated like this???   And why??    Why do the people of Europe (A.K.A the socialists) love and adore him so?   What has he ever done?   What has he ever achieved that should merit such praise and adoration?   Is it simply that he’s Black?   Is it simply that he speaks well?    Is it merely that he’s a socialist like them, and they know this?    Well, surely, there are and have been other American socialists and Left-Wingers.   But Speaker Pelosi is not treated this way.   Nor is John Kerry or Al Gore.   Nor even Hilary Clinton.   So why is Obama lionized and elevated to such heights?   Who is he??? 

In the past few weeks, the general American skepticism against Obama seems to have been shattered by the more pressing panic due to the banking collapse and the economic anxieties that go with it.   As is so typical of the irrational American electorate, the vast majority of Americans are foolishly blaming George Bush and the Republicans for the problem; when the reality, of course, is that the problem was created by Democratic mis-regulation of the mortgage and housing industries (i.e., Democrats like Barney Frank pressuring banks, under threat of racism, to grant unsound mortgage loans to low income persons who were likely to default on them).    In response to this crisis, President Bush foolishly listened to the advice of his Democratic Treasury Secretary Paulson (yet another reason why bi-partisanship doesn’t work –Bush should not have a Democrat serving in his Republican cabinet), who of course insisted that we needed an immediate $700 billion bailout to “save the economy.”   In my personal opinion, Paulson urged this to help drive the last nail into the Bush legacy and to help Obama’s election.   Of course, McCain’s response to the bailout didn’t help him.   He too was crucified on the cross of bi-partisanship, which has always been McCain’s imprudent weakness; and Obama (who just sat back and did nothing) amazingly emerged as the hero of this fiasco in the court of public opinion.    A religious person like myself cannot help but suspect something demonic at work here.   And this is especially true because Obama himself, as a lawyer for Acorn and the recipient of the most political donations from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, was a key player in the mortgage and housing collapse.   But, no one in America seems to see this.   No one connects it to Obama.   There is no blood on his hands.  He is immaculate and pure.   He can do no wrong.   Again, who is this man??   Why is he regarded this way? 

But, the reality is clear:  Our economy is in crisis and the black-and-white mentality of most Americans is going to blame the executive in power –that is, George Bush’s Republican administration.   Thus, the American people in their sublime wisdom (yes, I am being sarcastic) are going to elect a tax-and-spend liberal Democrat to “fix” our problems and save us from economic collapse.   To this, I can only say:  DEAR GOD!    How stupid are we???     As McCain economic advisor Carly Fiorina has pointed out, ‘If Obama does what he says he is going to do, he will plunge us into another Great Depression.’    Yet, apparently, Americans cannot see this or do not care to see this.   For what Obama proposes is trillions of dollars in new spending (this when the federal government is on the verge of bankruptcy) and raising the taxes on corporations and any individual who makes over $250,000 a year –a demographic which includes most of America’s small businesses.   As Obama puts it, he plans to fix our economy from “the bottom up” …which, in reality, means creating a welfare state.   His plan is to tax the achievers in America and to give their money to the 40% of Americans who do not even pay any tax …well, aside from social security tax, which he will still take from this 40%.     And Obama intends to do this at a time when he will have full control over both houses of Congress –that is, when there will not even be enough Republicans to filibuster and frustrate his plans.    And this of course means that he is guaranteed to get everything he wants.   Indeed, he will almost certainly go even further to the Left than he proposes, since he will have to give way to his Left-wing allies in Congress as well.    In short, we are in for a horrible period in our nation’s history if Obama is elected. 

So, for anyone out there who is stupid enough to cast their vote for this bozo, here is what we can expect with utmost certainty for the Age of Obama:

1) He will tax just under 50% of the income of anyone making more that $250K per year, which means most small businesses in America.  If a business makes $250K, then Obama will take about $110K of this $250K in federal taxes (not to mention the state and city and social security and sales taxes which must be paid along with this).   The only possible result of this action will be that small businesses all across America will have to fire one or more of their employees, increasing unemployment astronomically (i.e., small businesses account for the vast majority of jobs in America).    And the same effect will be seen with big corporations, who will continue to move their operations overseas.  

2) While Obama says that 95% of Americans will not pay taxes at all under his plan, he cannot possibly pay for all the government programs that he proposes without taxing the middle class as well.  So, like those making over $250K, the middle class will also be taxed.    While in Congress, Obama voted to raise taxes on anyone making over $40K per year.   He will almost certainly return to this position once elected.  But, even now, he admits that, while 95% of Americans will supposedly not be taxed, he WILL raise takes on social security, which means that all working Americans will loose money from their pay checks.   This will also serve as an incentive for small business owners to reduce their number of employees.   In short, Obama will be a job killer.

3) Obama also plans to increase taxes on capital gains, which is the tax that stock owners pay whenever they sell a publicly traded stock.   This is why our present Stock Market is in the toilet.   People are selling their stock now so that they will not have to pay higher taxes under Obama. 

4) In terms of foreign policy, Obama’s sophomoric mentality is sure to get us into trouble.  He is under the impression that all he needs to do is meet personally with our enemies and he will be able to “charm” them into submission, just like he does everyone else.   In regard to Iraq especially, my prediction is that, immediately after his election, the terrorists will launch a full-scale revolt there; many Americans will be killed, and Obama will have no other choice but to pull our forces out of Iraq, leaving that part of the world to the terrorists.    In other words, all the lives sacrificed by our servicemen will have been in vain.    In addition to this, we will see the growing influence of Iran, which will indeed have a nuclear bomb by the end of Obama’s 4 years.    We may even have a situation in which a nuclear bomb is detonated on American soil because of Obama.    Any way you cut it, his election will lead to the deaths of thousands, if not millions.  Mark my words.

5) In regard to abortion, the election of Obama will spell the end of the Pro-Life movement.  I am dead serious about this.  Not only will he be sure to replace Supreme Court justices with liberals, thus canceling out the nominations of Roberts and Alito, Obama and his Democratic Congress will pass the so-called “Freedom of Choice Act,” which will make it impossible to overturn Roe vs. Wade.   Abortion will be the law of the land for at least the next century because of this.   It will also be expanded to include partial birth abortion and other evils.   We will not be able to stop it.

6) Obama and his Democratic Congress will also pass the so-called “Fairness Doctrine,” which will essentially hamper Conservative freedom of speech by taking Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and other Conservative talk shows off the air.   Keep in mind that the age of Obama corresponds to the FCCs transition to digital broadcasting, which will make non-cable / non-satellite TV inoperable in the United States.  What this means is that if liberals were to take control of a major cable or satellite company, such as Comcast, they could take Fox News or other conservative content off the air and silence the conservative alternate media forever.   This is the stated goal of the liberals who currently control most of the new media.   When it comes to Conservative radio, the Fairness Doctrine will require that someone like Rush Limbaugh (who brings in millions of dollars in advertising) share his three daily hours of air time with a liberal commentator, who will be able to give the “liberal side” of things.    The result of this will be a reduction in advertising dollars (because no one listens to liberal radio in America –the failed “Air America” experiment proved that); and so radio stations will choose to play music rather than talk radio, since it will not be economically rewarding to have a talk radio station.   And this means that both Limbaugh and his liberal competitor will be out of a job –something that will be fine with the liberals, since they will have succeeded in silencing Limbaugh and other conservatives. 

In addition to these goodies, we can expect an increase a ridiculous growth in government and an even more radical liberal influence in our kids’ education and American society as a whole.  Health care will almost certainly be socialized, and, unlike Clinton’s attempt to do it, Obama’s all-Democrat Congress will be able to pass his health care program in the first two years of his administration.   So, we lost that one too. American medicine WILL be socialized now.  Welcome to Canada and the UK, and good luck getting that liver transplant. 

The election of Obama represents the ultimate victory of 1960′s liberalism over traditional American values, now packaged with personal charisma and protected by the shield of anti-racism (i.e., You can’t criticize him because he’s Black).   What we are about to see happen in this country (unless we are spared from it on November 4th by Divine providence and an unprecedented showing of common sense among the voters) will be the equal to the implosion of the Soviet Union in the early 1990′s.   America as we have known it is about to cease to exist.   The Reagan revolution is about to be destroyed once and for all.   And my sneaky suspicion is that there are much bigger elements at play here than just a smooth talking Negro.   I cannot help but suspect that this is all the work of the enemies of Reagan (including Putin and the KGB) who are now conspiring, perhaps along with certain Islamic elements, to “pay us back” for the defeat of the Soviet Union 20 years ago and the present “War on Terror” (read:  “War on Islam” and Islam’s “manifest destiny”).   We are now about to become a socialist nation and the equal, if not the inferior, of Europe.  At the bare minimum, it is going to take us at least 25 years to recover from the tragic decision that it looks like we are about to make on November 4th.   May God spare, us if at all possible. 

Mark B. 

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On December 10th, radical pro-abortion groups will present petitions asking the UN General Assembly to make abortion a universally recognized human right.

We have met the challenge and you can help.

We have initiated a petition drive that calls for governments to interpret the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as protecting the unborn child from abortion. Along with a coalition of pro-life groups from around the world, we will present our petitions at a press conference at UN headquarters.

So far, in only three weeks we have generated 46,417 names endorsing our petition; that is 15,000 a week! I now fully expect that we will present 100,000 names on December 10th, the 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In order for this to happen, though, I need your help and I need it now.

If you have not signed the petition, do so now HERE or by going directly to and clicking on the icon “UN Petition for the Unborn Child.” Then, after you have signed the petition, send this email or one of your own to ALL OF YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!

If you have already signed the petition, send this email or one of your own to ALL OF YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS and urge them to sign it.

What we are trying to do is create a real global internet campaign that will shock the pro-abortion radicals at the UN on December 10th! To help you, the petition has been translated into 11 different languages and each can be found HERE or
by going to

So, please act now. Go HERE or here and sign the petition. Then send this message or one of your own to ALL OF YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

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I got this from an American friend I used to work with in Catholic Apologetic circles…. 

Hi Everyone,

In light of the stories involving voter fraud, Acorn, Ohio, etc. I had to let you know what just happened to me today (October 22).

After entering an elevator at the doctor’s office, a caucasian man in his mid to late fifties raced in just before the doors closed. I noticed that he had a hat on with about a half dozen buttons pinned on it in various places. But the largest was an “Obama” button. The words “Democratic National Committee” were embroidered on the front of the hat.

I said simply to him, “That’s a lot of buttons you’ve got there.”

And then he followed with information that blew my mind. The following is close to a verbatim account of what he said:

“Yeah, well, I can’t do much campaigning here in the building so I wear the buttons and say a few words here and there. Really I don’t even want to be here right now. It’s not the best use of my time. I’m going to be heading off to Ohio very soon.”

I said in a matter of fact tone (although actually joking), “Oh, are you going out there to register and vote?”

He replied, “Yeah, exactly. I just put in my absentee ballot in Ware (a town near us) and some of us are going to be heading out to Ohio to register and vote.”

My jaw dropped, the elevator door opened, and out he went.

Guys, the stories of voter fraud are not just stories cooked up by conservatives. It’s really happening.


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…In past election years, a compromise like Faithful Citizenship would have been enough to maintain the public peace among American prelates. But this year the arguments among the bishops have been open and obvious. Bishop Zavala May not have intended a direct rebuttal to Archbishop Chaput, but that was the undeniable effect of his remarks.

Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, Bishop Joseph Martino of Scranton outdid Archbishop Chaput when he arrived unexpectedly at a recent parish forum and rebuked the organizers for allowing speakers to misrepresent Church teaching. Abortion cannot be considered as just one among many important political issues, the bishop said: “No social issue has caused the death of 50 million people.”

But Bishop Martino did not stop with his insistence on the importance of abortion. He also chided the organizers of the parish forum for handing out copies of Faithful Citizenship while ignoring his own powerful pastoral letter on the urgency of the abortion issue.

Whereas Bishop Zavala tried to advance a particular interpretation of the USCCB document, Bishop Martino distanced himself from Faithful Citizenship.No USCCB document is relevant in this diocese,” he said. “The only relevant document… is my letter.”

It seems reasonable to conclude that Bishop Martino is not terribly fond of Faithful Citizenship: not terribly fond of a document that can be cited by both sides in a heated debate; not terribly fond of a statement that leaves the central issue unresolved. For years the US bishops have sidestepped public disputes on political issues by crafting statements that will barely satisfy both sides. Now that compromise is breaking down. (Source)

Right on. Right on. Right on.

Admittedly, if a faithful bishop is to do his job, it is becoming increasingly apparent that he must oppose what the national conferences are peddling.  By necessity, since the strong conservative bishops are only a minority, they would otherwise have to accept a waterdowned version of the truth.  And to do that in the times that we live in is really inviting scandal.

I predict we will see a lot more of the dirty laundry being aired as the years go by.   There’s only so much a good bishop can take without calling out the elephant in the room.

When I read that red highlighted sentence above,  I nearly soiled myself with glee.

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Last week, I had an opportunity to head down to Ground Zero for a late evening shift.  During the evening time slots, I like to go over to the other side of the street – just outside of Hell’s entrance – to pray.  After saying one decade of the Rosary, I made my way towards the entrance to the abortuary and started to pray.  During this particular night, there was a pile of garbage bags just outside of the Abortion Mill.  I guess it was garbage night for the Mill. As I was praying, my mind wandered a bit and my gaze eventually fell on those garbage bags.   Normally, garbage would not be that remarkable, but in the context of the grizzly act of abortion and our vigil campaign, it could not help but take on an added level of significance for me.

Where, I wondered, do the “doctors” at the Mill deposit unborn children for “disposal”?  Are they burned in some incinerator somewhere?  Or are they simply added to the regular “medical waste” pile? Who picks them up?  Is there a company that specializes in disposing of aborted babies?   Do the Mill workers deposit the little bodies in some kind of  “industrial, medical garbage bag”, and let the collectors in from the back door? Have back alley abortions been replaced with back alley disposals.

Or, is it more lucrative than that?  We know there are big dollars in the abortion business.  According to research by the paper Le Droit in 2002, Morgentaler has grossed an estimated $11 million a year from his private, for-profit abortion facilities across the country.   I wonder how much the one on Bank Street scrapes in?  And that’s only on the front end. What about on the back end?  Are there buyers for unborn children’s organs or baby parts?  It’s not implausible considering the current state of embroyonic stem cell research.  I’m sure that if it’s not happening now, it could very well happen in the future.  It’s an emerging market, you know. 

As I sat there gazing at those garbage bags, and waves of grief and disgust blew over me, I wondered about the expression on their little faces as they were murdered.  The horror…the pain…the sadness.  What is it like, I wonder, to be unwanted and unloved to such a degree that someone wants to kill you while someone else profits from it?  Our elderly people will soon be finding out when euthanasia is legalized, no doubt. And even when the abortionists do it, they don’t afford you even the slightest human dignity, as your sacred little body is carted off like some piece of garbage, thrown to the curb, to await your final trip to the dump or to the incinerator or to some labratory or to God knows where. 

But you are not garbage, even if they treat you like you are.  As long as we witness to your dignity and worth, little one, they will never be able to completely erase your humanity or your personhood.  They’ll forget you, but we never will.

These 40 Days is a small reminder to that.

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MT. FREEDOM, NJ, October 20, 2008 ( – Researcher Dennis M. Howard, president of the pro-life group Movement for a Better America, who has been tracking the economic impact of abortion since 1995, has shown that the 50.5 million surgical abortions since 1970 have cost the U.S. $35 trillion dollars in lost Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

If the number of missing children includes those aborted by IUDs, RU-486, sterilization and abortifacients, the figure climbs to over $70 trillion.

Originally calculating losses in “downstream tax revenues as an index of the cost of abortion,” which showed only government revenue loss, Howard then turned to using lost GDP (GDP per capita per year times the cumulative number of abortions since 1970) as a measure of total economic cost.

“No matter how you slice it, aggressive ‘population control’ exacts a huge price in future economic growth that can never be recovered. Indeed, it is a loss that reverberates through all future generations. Without an enormous new Baby Boom lasting another 40 or 50 years, that growth is lost forever. We don’t have a debt crisis. We have a death crisis,” wrote Howard.

Howard mentions the collapse of the former Soviet Union as an example of a nation whose demographic implosion has contributed to its economic breakdown.

“The main reason for their collapse was internal – 300 abortions for every 100 live births for decades. Their future is still grim. Right now, there are not enough younger women to reverse their population decline. Indeed, they are expected to lose another 40 million people between now and 2050.”

Barry McLerran, producer of the film “Demographic Winter: the decline of the human family,” said Russia’s population is currently declining by approximately 750,000 people a year. Efforts by the Russian government to boost its population, including paying parents the equivalent of US $9,200 for every child after the first one, are failing.

Referring to current worldwide financial crisis, Howard recalled his 1997 report titled, “The Abortion Bomb: America’s Demographic Disaster.” In it he said, “I see little hope that we can avoid an eventual crash on Wall Street that will make the 1930’s look like cashing in your cards after a bad game of Monopoly.”

He also predicted, “It will last longer than the Great Depression, and if it takes a war to get out of it – as happened with World War II – America as we know it may not survive.”

The societal cost of abortion, both economic and moral, has been studied for years, but very little mainstream media attention is given to the findings.

In his book “The Cost of Abortion” (Four Winds, LaGrange, GA, 1995) Lawrence F. Roberge gathered and analyzed statistics on the number of abortions and the correlation between abortion and the decline in fertility and an increase in medical complications such as Asherman’s syndrome.

Roberge’s research showed the direct connection between the number of abortions and declines in GDP, which involve not only the lost potential of the aborted children, but the spin-off effects of, for example, the elimination of 950,000 to 1.2 million potential teaching jobs.

“There is a certain time and place for everyone,” Roberge says, “and what happens is that, when you remove a life, it has a rippling effect throughout society. And it has an effect on the growth and future prosperity of that nation. Unless we take good care of [our] future and cultivate it instead of destroy it, we will have no future for this nation.”

An article by National Right to Life (NRL) Research Assistant Laura Antkowiak published in 1998 titled, “What Do 40 Million Lost Lives Mean?” gave further evidence of the economic impact of abortion in the US. (

A 1998 feature on the cost of a child that appeared in U.S. News & World Report, declared, “A child, financially speaking, looks more like a high-priced consumer item with no warranty. It’s the decision to remain childless that offers the real investment opportunity.” Antkowiak, however, responded, stating, “The economic argument designed by pro-abortionists collapses when we examine children’s place in the economy as consumers, workers, innovators, and taxpayers.”

“The simple response to the abortion advocates’ case is that most children inevitably grow into adults. They work and pay taxes, or otherwise spend, save, invest, and innovate,” Antkowiak points out. “Economists attest that even before these children reach adulthood, their very belonging to a large and growing population spurs economic growth.”

In 2006 Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute (PRI), warned that the aging population will produce a dangerous imbalance between those who produce (GDP) and those are dependent on them.

“When you look at the projections that show our population aging rapidly over the next few decades, when you see our economy and government programs such as Social Security risking bankruptcy, you can see that the United States’ annual 0.9% population growth rate is not enough,” said Mosher.

“America’s baby boomers didn’t have many children on average, and as a result, our country faces a gray dawn. Even our currently high immigration levels haven’t made up the difference.”

Joseph A. D’Agostino, Vice President for Communications at PRI added, “According to United Nations figures, the percentage of the American population 65 or over will rise from 12.3% today to 20.6% by 2050. The proportion of Americans 80 or over will rise from 3.6% to 7.3% of the population. Our worker-to-retiree ratio is already at a dangerous 3-to-1.

“Leave them; they are blind guides. If a blind man leads a blind man, both will fall into a pit.” – Matt.15:14

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October 21, 2008Canada is Now “Officially” a Homosexual Country
By Dr. Charles McVety
President, Institute for Canadian ValuesThe official seat of power in Canada is manifest in the office of the Governor General. The GG is Canada’s Head of State, Commander-in-Chief of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Queen’s representative. Governor General Michaelle Jean recently installed new imagery in Rideau Hall on September 18th, just in time to swear in the next Prime Minister. Following the October 14th vote, Canada’s representative of the Queen will conduct the ceremony inaugurating the nation’s next Government Representatives, Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers. This official ceremony will be conducted with the backdrop of a large homosexual mural called “Androgyny“, which means being both male and female.

The Governor General’s website describes the giant 20 foot mural as follows: “In the Okanagan, as in many Native tribes, the order of life learning is that you are born without sex and as a child, through learning, you move toward full capacity as either male or female. Only when appropriately prepared for the role do you become a man or woman. The natural progression into parenthood provides immense learning from each other, the love, compassion and cooperation necessary to maintain family and community. Finally as an elder you emerge as both male and female, a complete human, with all skills and capacities complete.” Does the Governor General actually believe that in order to be a complete human you must be both male and female?

The homosexual lobby group EGALE, has pushed this issue for years. During the 2004 election they circulated a questionnaire to all federal candidates asking the question, “will you commit to fighting the discriminatory practice of labeling children male or female at birth?” Of course, most everyone thought this was crazy however a few Cabinet Ministers committed themselves. Many universities now talk about “self identified men and women” suggesting that it is discriminatory to label someone male or female unless they chose to identify themselves as a specific gender. Such political correctness has slithered all the way to the top, and now a mural depicting this insanity adorns the official seat of power of the Country of Canada.

This concept is not new. Adolph Hitler’s Nazi Party appointed Dr. Carl Jung as their head of the International General Medical Society for Psychotherapy. He taught the concept that in the uncouncious of man is anima (femininity) and in the uncouncious of woman is animus (masculinity). Dr. Jung westernized this concept from the teachings of the Dali Lama in the Tibetan Book of the Dead.

Some would suggest that “Androgyny” is only a mural. However, when you consider that the Governor General will officially invest governmental power in the Prime Minister and Cabinet Ministers in the shaddow of this homosexual background, the only conclusion is that Canada is “officially” a homosexual country.

- 30 -

I’m sure Harper will be all smiles too. Morality?  That’s a chumps game. 

Smile, for the picture, boys, we’re gonna rule the school.

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Make photo slide shows at

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Let ‘er rip.

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…I suspect that the 40 Days for Life team in Spokane, Washington is having a similar impact. Why else would Planned Parenthood send eight of its own employees outside with signs promoting “choice”?

“Two or three more joined them within the next half hour,” said Inga. “They lined up on the curb on either side of our prayer volunteers, with an ‘in-your-face’ attitude, mocking us with their looks and laughter. This was the first time in either campaign that we have encountered this kind of persecution.”

Inga said only two people were signed up to pray at the vigil when this happened, but God had other plans. The people who were scheduled to leave the vigil stayed and kept praying — and other people kept arriving to join them until more than two dozen faithful believers were gathered in prayer outside of Planned Parenthood.

When 5 o’clock came, the Planned Parenthood employees gave up and went home. But the 40 Days for Life team continued to pray. (Source)

The above report came from one of the Reports from the American front on Day 23. 

If you ever want to know where this culture stands on any issue, you have to know what their underlying philosophy is all about.  The culture of death is built on one simple principle which binds and fuels its whole movement: the anti-sacrifice principle.  A couple of years ago, I wrote an article called “Brother’s Keeper” for Challenge Magazine.  Here is an excerpt from it:

These people hold to the same typical leftist causes, but few of us know the real reason for their unanimity on social issues. What is the connection, for instance, between the Left’s opposition to the war in Iraq and their support for abortion? In some respects, these positions are contradictory, but the Left has no problem with internal contradictions as long as they serve their self-interest and self-preservation. The reason why the social Left in this country is able to hold these seemingly contradictory positions is because of their collective abhorrence to sacrifice. A soldier laying down his life for his country or a woman accepting an unwanted pregnancy is anathema to these people. These two scenarios both involve individuals who sacrifice for a supreme good, yet they are rejected precisely because they put “the other” ahead of themselves.

And so when I read the above report from the 40 Day Campaign, my eyes naturally fixed on the last sentence.  When 5pm rolled around, the Planned Parenthood employees left and went home while the 40 Days’ vigilers stayed on.  That scene is so emblematic of the whole situation surrounding the two sides of the abortion issue.  Why didn’t these employees stick around past 5pm?  Don’t they really believe in their cause? Are they not willing to sacrifice for it? Even an hour on their own time?  No. Not really.  Because, there’s nothing in it for them.  They’re OK with showing up on the Planned Parenthood’s dime, but expect them to sacrifice a bit of themselves and their own leisure time?  No way. 

That’s what happened at the midpoint rally on Sunday as well. A couple of guys popped up across the street with hastily made cardboard signs with some pro-abort rhetoric written on it.  They must have stood there a whole 10 minutes and then left.  Sometimes I really wonder whether they even really believe in what they are doing. 

Earlier in the Vigil campaign, the following video was shot by some of our opponents during the October 13 evening vigil at Ground Zero.  You’ll notice at the 1:28-1:34 mark, the young man makes this statement after reading a sign which said “Abortion Hurts Women”,

“…but sure does make life more simple“.

Or, in other words, less sacrifice, more pleasure.

This should give us great encouragement since it shows that the desire for abortion is indeed vast but very weak.  And there are simply not enough people who support it who are willing to sacrifice anything meaningful.  That’s why we are going to win in the end.  We want to sacrifice for our cause, but they do not want to sacrifice for theirs.

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Discussion on the State’s fascist intrusion into education against the wishes of parents.  Click here.

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I ventured down to Ground Zero today to pray the Rosary.  There was supposed to be 1 person there according to the official registration. There must have been closer to 10 people praying when I arrived shortly after 9AM.  That’s the amazing thing about this Campaign.  People just show up and there is very little risk of at least one person not being there, at least during the daylight hours.  Most of the vigilers were across the street from the abortuary (as is our custom), but there was one man on the side of the Mill.  He was kneeling in prayer, about 8 feet from Hell’s entrance itself. He must have stayed kneeling for about an hour on the interlocked sidewalk.  When he finally rose to his feet, he sat down on the bench for awhile, probably because his knees were so sore to walk.   For most of the time he was kneeling, he kept his head down low, fingering his rosary beads. He had a roped sign around his neck which read, “Women need Support not Abortion.”  Sometimes he would raise his head ever so slightly but rarely did he make eye contact with people as they passed by.   Anyhow, I thought it was quite interesting how people reacted, as they walked pass. Some people didn’t notice him.  Others quickly glanced and kept right on walking. Still others would walk by with their friends and colleagues. There were furtive glances, and some discomfort I think. One of them was likely pro-life; the other pro-abortion.  There were people who would slow down to see what he was doing, but then quickly picked up the pace and moved on.  Still, others would almost stop, perhaps wanting to engage the man but none of them ever did.  There were a few of them like that.  You have to wonder what was going through their minds.

We should ask ourselves what kind of spiritual tsunami have we unleashed in side of them?  In the case of the pedestrians, no doubt many of them were rather shocked that a man would be kneeling outside of a building in broad day light while behind him stood another 10 in silent prayer.  How fitting is this passage from St. Luke:

 “This child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel, and to be a sign that will be spoken against, so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed.” (Luke 2:34-35)

This child…will be spoken against.  What an appropriate passage for our times!  That even a little baby, life itself, would be spoken against!  And that the very existence of an innocent baby in the womb and, particularly, those that publicly bear witness to her would cause the thoughts of many hearts to be revealed.

As I pondered these reactions, I also thought back to the violent attack on Suzanne Poulin by the well-groomed 30-something year-old woman.  Do not suppose that this incident is finished. It is not.  There is the woman herself, of course. We pray for her healing and deliverance. Maybe she had an abortion. That would explain her violent reaction.  It’s a reaction from her pain and guilt.  But then there is her immediate family.  They will have to face the consequences of her violent assault and work through why she did it, and hopefully get to the bottom of her issue with abortion.  But then there is Joe Public who watched the assault. There were many people who witnessed the violence. A few male bystanders had to restrain the woman until the police arrived or she would have continued on her rampage.  What do you think was going through their minds and those other people who witnessed it?  Maybe some of them were mildly pro-life; others ambivalent towards abortion; others still pro-abortion.  What power and effect did our vigilers and their reactions have on them?  Pretty significant, I should think.   What about the woman’s co-workers?  Imagine the kind of chattering going on around the water cooler in the afternoon when they found out that their co-worker wouldn’t be coming back to work after lunch, or even in the succeeding days or even weeks.  And the cops? The Abortion Mill security guard?  The McDonald’s employees? The Abortion Mill Manager? The Abortionist? And on and on it goes.  While the violent act is finished, the effects of the spiritual tsunami are still rippling around Ground Zero and well beyond. 

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The liberal media is just having apolyptic fits over this guy. They are trying to dig into him as much as possible. But they don’t get it. It’s not about him or the Natural Law Party, it’s about Obama’s flub. This guy comes across as a normal American.

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This might be equivalent to when George Bush Senior tripped up in a debate with Bill Clinton back in 1992. I think Obama pulled a George Bush: not attuned to what the person was saying. This, of course, means that you are not listening and are not “like me”. Personally, I think that’s a crappy criteria for choosing a president, but I don’t make the rules. I just point out when there has been a transgression of them and, hey, that’s just happened with Obama and Joe the Plumber. By the way, if Obama loses, I find it deliciously ironic that a common man was responsible for bringing him down. :)

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So last night near the end of my shift at midnight, one of the clients of the Gay Bathhouse, which is located next to the Abortion Mill, approached me and another vigiler. He had frequented the establishment about an hour earlier, left and then came back for another go.  On exiting the building this time, he crossed the street and stood by my male companion.  I was sitting down on a lawn chair about five feet away.  He came right up and stood beside him and mocked him.  Then he brushed his arm, trying to provoke a reaction from him.  He taunted us and let us know that he had a good time with his sexual exploits.  

It was not a particularly peaceful night so I wasn’t in the mood to take much more of this abuse, especially when our opponents began to physically intimidate and mock us.  My first natural reaction when the provocation started was to stand up and challenge this fool, but I know if I had done that, it would have potentially escalated into an ugly scene. So I sat there praying and my friend bore the mocking and insults, and we both accepted it with resignation and humility, powerless to do anything, lest any action on our part would give our opponents an excuse to shut us down.  I thought of Suzanne Poulin the day before who was violently assaulted and did not raise her hand even in her own defense. I thought even of Our Lord, God Incarnate, who accepted the humiliations of his persecutors in order to defeat Sin.  I thought of other pro-lifers who have had to endure much worse. That gave me strength. Their example showed me what true strength was, but it also showed me that I had a long way to go in dealing with what is surely to transpire in the coming years.

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The 40 Days for Life Campaign has not been particularly spectacular for me thusfar.  Not, of course, that I was expecting there to be fireworks, mind you, but I was expecting to spend more time at the Death & Dismemberment Dive, affectionately dubbed as “Ground Zero” by vigil participants.   It’s Day 23 and I had spent about seven hours in total before tonight.  That’s not even near the number I was anticipating at this juncture in the campaign.  I just have not been able to do it  — mostly because the administration of the Vigil Schedule has taken up too much time for me to justify more time at the Abortion Mill.  It’s really frustrating for someone like me who likes to mix it up on the front lines.  Of course, this is not because I am particularly effective, but there is something in my bones that just wants to be there.  I know many people feel the same way.  So I have had to offer my silent frustration and my “office work” to God, and hope that he will use this small sacrifice somehow.   So far, it’s really not been that satisfying to be honest, but last night I got a little reminder that all sacrifices offered for the Vigil count.  A good friend of mine phoned me to make a donation to the 40 Days for Life Campaign. He said he’d been working for Elections Canada for the past month, but felt disappointed he couldn’t make it out to the Mill as much as he would have liked.  So he’s going to pony up $2000 instead!  This should be an important lesson to all of us out there who just can’t make it out as much as we would like.  Keep offering those daily sacrifices and humiliations to further the Work. God honours it. It all works towards the cause.

But tonight, I did have a chance to venture out to Ground Zero.  I stood there and prayed fervently that the abortion juggernaut that has ridden roughshod over our nation would be tripped up and derailed.  With virtually no hope in the political scene, it’s really in God’s hands now. We’re coming as beggars with no human hope to change things.  Our hope must be divine. It must be supernatural. It must surpass the despair and the brutal reality we face in this time and place in history.  Hope is the means for us to face this present darkness and desolation. And we must hold on to it, or else we risk being suffocated by this overwhelming and relentless evil.  Yesterday, that evil was unleashed on innocent people who were praying for an end to abortion. Here is an account of what happened earlier in the day:

One of the participants told her that a woman came with some food and sat between two ladies who were praying. The lady was mumbling and finally she yelled out, “You’ve had your protest now I’m going to have mine.” Then she started attacking people by swinging at them. This is when Frances came upon the scene, she said the attacker was quite strong and she kept yelling and swinging at those praying. She also threw her food at them. The security guard from across the street came over and tried to block her, but she was very aggressive and strong. The security guard didn’t really know how to deal with her. Someone, Frances is not sure who, called the police and some police cars came. One of the police officers told the prayers not to sit on the cement wall. They put the screamer in a car and she was still yelling insults out the window as they took her away. The people at the vigil were quite shaken and one woman was visibly trembling and crying.

Here is another account of the same incident by another vigil participant: 

She became verbally abusive, then quickly became physically abusive. She pushed her lunch onto the front of one of the ladies praying, as she pushed her back and shouted at her. The attacker became hysterical, screaming obscenities and swinging fists, at one point even kicking one of the ladies. Several of the ladies asked the onlookers to call the police, and for the security guard at the facility to help. A couple of men from the gathering crowd and the security guard eventually helped restrain the attacker until the police came. A paramedic came and attended to the two ladies that had received the brunt of the attack. Although, even restrained in the police car the attacker continued to scream her obscenities, the prayers continued. Many people came forward to offer their testimony as witness to the attack. The two ladies most physically hurt continued to express prayers for the healing of their attacker.

We sometimes think of hell as a supernatural state. This is, of course, true.  But there is another kind of hell, a hell that we make on this earth for ourselves and for others.  It’s a prefigurement of the existence to come for many.  The effects of conventional war are sometimes described in such a way.  War is indeed hell.  It’s a hell that is born of sinful pride.  But abortion is hell too. It is the hell of lust and selfishness.  It is the hell of objectivization and abuse.  It is the hell of coercion and threats.  It is the hell of murder and unfathomable pain. It is the hell of the silent scream. It is the hell of guilt and remorse. It is the hell of barrenness and disease.  It is the hell of unforgiveness and self-loathing and despair.  And finally it is the hell of an eternal death.

Tonight, I looked across from hell. It wasn’t particularly mysterious or spiritual. It wasn’t particularly dark or shadowy. There weren’t any sounds emanating from it. No smoke was rising from the ground. Nothing ostensibly sinister about it.  It wasn’t hidden from sight. 

No, you see, it was right there on Bank Street, next to McDonald’s. It’s right in the heart of the city, among the government buildings and corporate offices, among the hustle and bustle of downtown and the legitimate business and work that’s going on.  It’s all so serene, so natural, so sterile, so ordinary, so accepted and so respectable.   But behind the veneer of slick marketing and inflated euphemisms is a deadly reality.  Few understand what really goes on in the dismemberment room.  No one sees the heinous crime. No one is bothered by the dead little bodies – or, at least, the pieces of them. Nobody hears their screams, except God and the other little martyrs that have gone before. The slaughter of the innocents – thousands upon thousands of them every year – are brought to the Bank Street Altar.  It’s the altar of the god of lust, money, and good times where the great anti-Sacrifice, the great anti-Eucharist of the age is offered.  For a price…of course. 

Nothing to see here, folks, move along.  And, for the most part, we do.  We live our comfortable little lives. Don’t like to rock the boat much. We go to church and, if we’re lucky, we’ll hear 1 or 2 sermons on abortion in the year.  It’ll go in one ear and out the other, and we’ll still vote for the pro-abort politician when the elections come around.  Because they protect our jobs, our health care, our environment, and our pensions. 

But God has other plans, friend. 

He’s going to overturn our tables, take the whip to our favourite money changers, and bring us to our knees.  And when the time of judgment comes, He is going to separate the sheep from the goats and ask us all one simple question, “What did you do, what did you say, what did you sacrifice to stop the murder of the innocent?”  And then you will hear God say to many,  “throw that worthless servant outside, into the darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” (Matthew 25:30)

My dear friends, hell is not just a supernatural existence. It exists right here and right now.  It exists because of our sexual sin, our complacency, and our worship of false idols.  Few of us understand or perhaps want to understand that hell need not be something epherial.  It’s real and present and physical. It even has an address and a door handle, which, when pulled, usually means that a baby goes in but doesn’t come out. 

In Ottawa, hell is located at 65 Bank Street.

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